Wix Pricing 2023: What Plan to Pick and What to Avoid?

Wix is a cloud-based service that lets you create beautiful websites. Best of all, you don’t have to know the technical side, like HTML or how to format for smartphones and laptops.

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As impressive as that sounds, is Wix worth the costs? We’ll look at the many price plans and pricing so you can choose before you get started on your chic new online home.

So, how much does Wix cost? As you will see, the cost of a  website ranges from free to out-of-budget for all but large businesses.

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A Quick Wix Pricing Overview

Wix Website Builder

First, you can get started with a free plan. So, if you are new to the Wix site, a free plan is the best way to try it out. Then, you can always upgrade, and the price for Wix ranges from as low as $13 up to $500 a month, billed annually, for a business site.

There are eight Wix plans, all with different Wix prices to choose from with a range of varying features.

If you’re not a graphic designer, the Wix website costs $22. The pro plan includes help designing a logo and formatting the logo for social media. You can start with a similar business plan for as low as $27 a month for those starting up a business.

Interestingly, if you are not technically savvy and anticipate needing frequent support, you can pay for VIP support. For larger business ventures, you can choose the $500 Enterprise plan.

This plan includes excellent features like a dedicated account representative and increased security.

Disclaimer: These Wix pricing plans are correct when writing and may appear different on Wix’s site. However, we will update our pricing information regularly as the prices Wix offers change.

Wix Premium Website PlanMonthlyYearlyStandout Feature
Combo$17 per month$13 per monthGet your own domain name and remove Wix ads
Unlimited$22 per month$17 per monthUnlimited Bandwidth and more storage at 10GB. Good for larger websites.
Business Basic$23 per month$28 per monthStart an online store with 20 GB storage

Eight Wix Websites Cost Plans

Wix Pricing

Here are the eight premium plans currently available at Wix. Note: The following Wix pricing plans don’t include taxes involved, so you can expect the price to be slightly higher.

Also, Wix occasionally offers special deals. They run a 50% off deal on VIP, Pro, and Unlimited website plans. Plus, they are offering the same deal for the Business VIP and Business Unlimited plans. These discounts are even better if you sign up for 2 or 3 years.

Even without the 50% deal, you can get a lower annual rate for choosing 2 or 3 years plans.

  • VIP plan: $47 a month or $39 a month if paid yearly ($19.50 a month with 50% deal)
  • Pro plan: $27 a month or $23 a month if paid yearly ($11.50 a month with 50% deal)
  • Unlimited Plan: $22 a month or $18 a month if paid yearly ($9.00 a month with 50% deal)
  • Combo plan: $17 a month or $14 a month if paid yearly
  • Enterprise plan: $750 a month or $500 a month if paid yearly
  • Business VIP plan: $56 a month or $49 a month if paid yearly ($24.50 a month with 50% deal)
  • Business Unlimited plan: $33 a month or $27 a month if paid yearly ($13.50 a month with 50% deal)
  • Business Basic plan: $28 a month or $23 a month if paid yearly

A Closer Look at the Pricing of Wix Website-Only Plans

Monthly price$17 per month$22 per month$27 per month$47 per month
Yearly price$13/ yearly$17/yearly$22/yearly$39/yearly
Two-year price$10.50 x 24 months$13.50 x 24 months$18 x 24 months$35 x 24 months
Three-year price$9 x 36 months$12 x 36 months$16 x 36 months$31 x 36 months

A Closer Look at Premium Website-Only Features

Get you own domainFree 1 year, then $15 - $30 a yearFree 1 year, then $15 - $30 a yearFree 1 year, then $15 - $30 a yearFree 1 year, then $15 - $30 a year
Wix email accountStarts at $6 a monthStarts at $6 a monthStarts at $6 a monthStarts at $6 a month
Wix ads removedYesYesYesYes
Video Hours30 minutes1 hour2 hours2 hours
Vouchers for advertisingNo$300 Ad Vouchers$300 Ad Vouchers$300 Ad Vouchers
Wix Logo MakerNoNoYesYes
VIP SupportNoNoNoYes
Technical SupportYesYesYesYes
Secure SSL Encrypted link (https)YesYesYesYes
Site Booster and AnalyticsNoYesYesYes

Can You Afford to Pay for a Whole Year?

If you choose a Wix Yearly plan, you will pay the entire total for the whole year when you start. So, if you only want to pay per month, be sure to select a Wix Monthly plan. As you can see, you get fantastic savings by choosing a Yearly plan.

However, the total could be a problem for those with a tight budget, which is most of us nowadays.

Also, as with many smartphone plans, choosing the Monthly plan means you can cancel whenever you want without worrying about being locked into a contract. However, there are drawbacks to choosing a monthly plan that won’t be immediately apparent.

Drawbacks to choosing a Wix Monthly plan: You can’t get a free domain, use some premium apps, or receive vouchers for ads to market your site. Not only is the price higher in the long run, but you also miss out on these features.

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Free vs. Paid Plans

At this point, you might wonder, “Why not just stick to the free plan?” Although free sounds great, a free plan also has its limitations, as you probably expect. One of the most significant drawbacks of a free plan: You won’t get to choose a personal domain name. Instead, your site will have the address of “username.wixsite.com/siteaddress.”

If you’re starting an online business, it’s not a good idea to have a free domain name, including “wixsite” in it. Plus, it’s not easy to remember.

Thus, you risk losing customers right off the bat. Also, Wix will place advertisements on your site, which could lend an amateurish feel.

So, by upgrading to a paid plan, you get a more professional appearance. Thus, your website will end in an extension, such as:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .rocks
  • .pictures
  • .co.uk
  • .club
  • .space
  • .xyz

Regardless of the extension you choose, remember that you will need a business plan if you intend to have an online store.

Start With the Basics

The Wix Business Basic plan allows you to choose a free domain for a year. After that, it could cost an additional $15-$30 every year. The business plans’ features include more storage space, more room for videos, help to create logos, and VIP support.

If you intend to start an online business, the Business Basic plan should be a great choice for an eCommerce website. However, with the current 50% off deal, you could upgrade to the Business Unlimited Plan for significantly less. Then, you’ll get the Wix Logo Maker, which may or may not be useful to you.

On the other hand, if your site is not business-related, the Wix Combo Plan will most likely be adequate. (Current 50% off deal notwithstanding) Later, if you find you want to upgrade to the Unlimited, Pro, or VIP plans for higher data limits, storage, and other features, you can do so.

Note: If your website attracts thousands of visitors each month, then first of all: congratulations! Second, you may want to investigate ways to monetize your Wix site with online affiliate programs and sellable video content. In those standout cases, upgrading to more expensive plans makes sense.

A Closer Look at Yearly Plan Pricing and Savings

As noted, by choosing a Yearly plan, you unlock more features. However, you can save as much as 33 percent by paying all at once. With the Enterprise Business plan, you get the most savings, taking off as much as $250, or 33%.

On the lower end, you can save 17% on a Yearly VIP plan. The savings amount to $8, dropping from $47 to $39. Interestingly, you save a higher percentage with a Combo Yearly plan. In that case, you can save $4, or 24%.

As we noted, with special Wix discounts in effect, you can save considerably more for a limited time. For example, the VIP Yearly plan drops to $19.50 x 12 instead of $39.

Considering the savings for Wix Yearly plans, unlocking more features makes sense to do so if it’s in your budget. However, you can always start free and then upgrade later.

Website-Only Premium Plans

Sometimes, a business may also advertise and share information without upgrading to a more extensive business site. For example, a business plan may be unnecessary if your business provides services instead of selling goods.

The four Wix website plans give you a suggestion about their best uses next to their names.

  • VIP – First Priority Support
  • Pro – Complete Online Branding
  • Unlimited – Entrepreneurs & Freelancers
  • Combo – For Personal Use

While these suggestions are helpful, we’ll examine the differences and pricing.

VIP Plan

The relatively expensive Wix VIP plan unlocks VIP support if your budget allows. So, you get bumped to the front of the line when you experience problems. Ask yourself: Is waiting on the phone for less time worth paying as much as $47 a month or $39 a month yearly?

Unless you have an extensive and highly-visited website, this plan’s perks may not be worth the extra cost. However, that’s entirely up to you. If the extra Wix price isn’t a problem, you can go for First Priority Support.

Pro Plan

With the Pro plan, you unlock the Wix Logo Maker. Although it’s not as great as hiring a graphic designer, you can get a professional-looking logo. The personalization options allow you to put your unique mark on it. Choose between Techy, Formal, Playful, or Hipster styles. Then, you can also order printed merchandise with your logo, including mugs, magnets, and T-shirts.

If the thought of having a logo that looks similar to another company makes you uneasy, this might not be for you. However, the Logo Maker is easy and quickly gets your brand off the ground.

Unlimited Plan

With the Wix Unlimited plan, you upgrade from the Combo plan to unlimited Bandwidth, 10GB of storage, and more space for video. Plus, you can remove Wix ads on your site. For growing sites, unlimited Bandwidth makes the site load faster as more people view your content.

At the same time, you gain access to the Site Booster App and the Visitor Analytics App. These tools allow you to optimize your site so that search engines like Google can find you. Thus, when people search the web, they are more likely to find you, bringing more visitors your way.

Is it for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers? Only if you don’t intend to sell your products online. However, the plan increases engagement as your website grows. Then, you may wish to upgrade to a business plan.

Combo Plan

Last, in the Premium Website plans, the Combo plan allows you to get your own domain and remove the tell-tale Wix ads. Thus, it’s a big step up from the free plan, with a more professional look. After all, they don’t need to know you didn’t hire a top designer to create your site.

With 2GB of Bandwidth, 3GB of storage, and room for 30 minutes of video, this is a great plan for a beginning website. Then, you can always upgrade as you attract more visitors.

Which Plan is For You?

The Wix Combo plan is an affordable upgrade for beginners, allowing you to pick your own domain name and remove the tell-tale ads. For more advanced users, the Unlimited plan will enable your site to offer a better user experience to your growing audience.

As for the Pro and VIP plans, it’s a matter of your budget and asking yourself if you will use the additional marketing and scheduling tools. It sure would be nice to get the VIP treatment, but for most, it remains a luxury.

Wix Businesses and eCommerce Plans

Wix eCommerce review

As we noted, some businesses may be better served by a website-only Premium plan. However, if you intend to sell merchandise from your online store, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the four Wix Business Premium plans.

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Thankfully, a Wix Business plan is not much more expensive than a website-only plan, at $23 a month for a Yearly plan or $28 for a Monthly plan. From there, you can upgrade significantly. Thus, if your business is large, with many sales, the Enterprise plan tops out at $500 monthly for the Yearly plan. Or, you could pay $750 monthly for the Monthly plan, which would be a poor choice for most.

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Once more, the way that Wix labels the plans suggests who will benefit the most:

  • Enterprise – End-to-End Business Solution
  • Business VIP – Get the Full Suite
  • Business Unlimited – Grow Your Business
  • Business Basic – Accept Online Payments

Now, let’s look closer at the details of each Business Premium plan.

Wix Business and eCommerce PlanBusiness BasicBusiness UnlimitedBusiness VIP
Monthly price$23 per month$33 per month$49 per month
Yearly price$23/ yearly$27/ yearly$49/ yearly
Two-year price$20 x 24 months$23.50 x 24 months$42 x 24 months
Three-year price$18 x 36 months$22 x 36 months$38.50 x 36 months

A Closer Look at Business Premium Features

FeatureBusiness BasicBusiness UnlimitedBusiness VIP
Video Hours5 hours10 hoursUnlimited
Unlimited eCommerceYesYesYes
Apps for BusinessesYesYesYes
Wix fees for salesNoNoNo
Transaction fees for Paypal, Wix Payments, StripeVaries from 2.9% + 30¢ per transactionVaries from 2.9% + 30¢ per transactionVaries from 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
Wix email marketing (Shout Out)3 campaigns and 5,000 emails a month3 campaigns and 5,000 emails a month3 campaigns and 5,000 emails a month
VIP SupportNoNoYes
Wix Logo MakerNoYesYes

Wix Enterprise Plan

If your business is already well-established and thriving, this plan could be a relatively affordable alternative to hiring an agency to handle your website. The average cost for marketing agencies can quickly rack up thousands of dollars. So, by signing up for this plan, you are hiring a team of Wix professionals for support instead. How they compare may be subjective, but checking out online reviews is always a good idea.

The Enterprise plan’s main focus is the support team, whom you can talk to directly. Aside from their help, you enjoy the same benefits of the much lower-priced Business VIP plan, which we’ll look at next. However, if you need help onboarding, planning, or scaling up an existing business, the $500 a month (Yearly) may save money in the long run.

The Wix Enterprise plan seems like a good bet for businesses rapidly transitioning to the next level. Otherwise, the pricing will be out of reach for most.

Business VIP Plan

If you compare the website-only VIP plan to this one, the differences are:

  • 50GB of storage instead of 30GB
  • Unlimited room for video instead of 2 Video Hours
  • Access to Google Analytics
  • No Events Calendar
  • VIP Support and Priority Response
  • Ability to start eCommerce

With 50GB of storage, your site is ready for heavy usage and many visitors. If you have any technical problems, support is standing by to help. Since you’re a Wix VIP, you waste less time waiting on the phone and can thus enjoy more productivity.

At $49 a month for the Yearly plan or $56 a month for the Monthly plan, this is far more affordable than the Enterprise plan for established businesses that don’t yet require help from a team of experts.

If this plan seems alright for you, we suggest you opt for the Shopify website builder dedicated to e-commerce.

Business Unlimited

The most popular plan for businesses, the Business Unlimited plan, has significantly less storage at 35GB. However, this should be sufficient for frequent usage for most smaller-sized companies. Plus, you can post up to 10 Video Hours.

The main difference is that you won’t be a VIP, so you can expect to wait longer for help with technical issues. You’ll pay more for access to Wix Logo Maker, which they say is a $50 value. Hiring a designer to create a logo often costs far more, so the savings could be higher.

Although this plan is the most popular, that may be because it’s only $4 more than the Business Basic plan.

Business Basic Plan

For most new businesses, this plan will be the most affordable. However, you’ll still get most of the features you need. Instead of 35GB of storage, you will have 20GB, which should be sufficient to start. Also, you’ll have half of the room for videos. The Unlimited plan offers at 5 Video Hours.

This plan will be a great way to launch your new business unless you want to create a logo. From there, you can always upgrade later. Again, it’s often best to start with the basics unless you are sure you’ll need more features.

Which Business Plan is For You?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are just starting. Thus, the Wix Business Basic plan will probably be the wisest choice unless you want to create a logo. If your business is established and you will need technical support, the Business VIP plan will save you time, making the overall cost worthwhile.

Wix Free Plan: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Do you get what you pay for with Wix? In the case of the Wix free plan, yes. Although it’s a great way to start, going free has limitations. On the other hand, you only need an email address to start. So, you can get your feet wet and learn the basics before you jump into a Premium plan.

Some of the drawbacks of the free plan are:

  • Wix advertisements appear on every page and favicon (a tiny logo appearing where you type the site address into any web browser)
  • No option to sell your products in an online store
  • Stripped down basic features
  • Maximum 500 MB of storage and Bandwidth
  • Your site name has the Wix extension: myusername.wixsite.com/siteaddress
  • Basic customer support

As you can see, your starter Wix website will instantly give visual cues to visitors that your site is a basic free website. So, your audience may think you are a beginner or novice. However, this won’t matter if you use the site for personal use only.

Next, we’ll look at examples of when you may want to upgrade to a paid plan.

When to Say Goodbye to Free

It’s hard to beat free, but here are a few examples of cases where it’s warranted:

  • You want to start selling products in an online store.
  • The website is used to market services or your brand.
  • You want the site to look more professional.
  • The number of visitors to your site is growing.

For some, it may not matter if the site has Wix branding. But if your site represents a business, it’s definitely worth paying more to have a custom domain without Wix ads appearing on the pages. Also, if your site attracts so many visitors that the site stops loading properly, it’s a sign to consider an upgrade.

Costs You Might Not Expect

Along with the charges for your either Monthly or Yearly plan, other costs could catch you off guard. We’ve already mentioned one of them, the cost for continuing your domain name past one year. Unfortunately, there are others.

Domain Name and Custom Email Charges

As we noted, having a custom domain name is necessary if you hope to use your site for professional services. As you might expect, it won’t come free. Many Wix plans give you one free year, but afterward, you can expect to pay around $15 – $30 annually.

Sadly, if you don’t pay, then you lose your domain, and the person who buys it could be your competition. Thus, it’s worth the cost, which is relatively inexpensive.

Along with renewing your domain, you’ll also pay to keep your custom email through Google G Suite. The cost varies from $5 to $12 a month.

Automatic Renewal

As you might expect, subscriptions renew automatically. Thus, you won’t risk losing your website. If you would rather, you can go into your Wix account settings to turn off automatic renewal. In the Billing and Payments sections, click on Plan Actions, and then click Cancel Now.

Although it sounds like you are canceling your website, you’re not. You’re just turning off auto-renewal. Yes, it’s a little bit misleading.

Premium Apps

Now we get to the part where you could pay quite a bit more. The Wix App Market has a slew of Web Apps that you can spend up to $20 for, and those will also renew automatically unless you turn it off in your settings.

Ascend by Wix

Separate from the Premium plans, you can choose an additional Ascend plan add-on. The robust app gives you access to a suite of marketing tools. The features include live chat to communicate with viewers on your site and send payment invoices.

Plus, there are significant social media tools to help make it easier to market your website on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Ascend offers many features in one, making it a real value if you have a growing business.

If you try it, you can upgrade within your Wix website dashboard. Notably, there is a free basic version as well.

The Final Word on Wix Pricing

For those who don’t want to delve into the technical aspects of website construction, Wix is an affordable lifesaver. We recommend starting for free and seeing if you like the easy-to-use features. From there, you can upgrade, depending on your needs. Unless you are sure, you’ll use the extra features, start with the basics.

With so many great plans, you are sure to find one that works perfectly for you. Just watch out for the extra costs that come your way should you start exploring the tempting world of premium apps.


Does Wix offer plans for nonprofit organizations?

Yes, plus Wix offers suggestions for creating the best websites for nonprofits. To find out more, send an email to billing@wix.com. Then, you’ll need to verify your nonprofit status.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Wix has a 14-day trial period for each Wix Premium plan. During that time, you can cancel and get a full refund with no questions asked. However, this trial period doesn’t apply to domain names, mailboxes, Wix Email Marketing Premium Plans, or App Market purchases.

How do I cancel my Wix account and website?

To cancel, Wix provides step-by-step instructions. From your account, go to Subscriptions, click Show More, then click Cancel Plan. To delete your site, you must take additional steps. After you cancel your plan, you can move a site to the trash inside your site dashboard.

Is hosting included with your domain?

Yes, Wix includes free and secure hosting for all plans. This allows you to create and store content on your domain, which is your unique address or URL.

Can I get a promo code?

It often pays to ask, and ye shall receive! Here is a link to a promo code offered by Wix. Currently, they are offering 10% on any Yearly Premium plan other than Combo. As we noted earlier, Wix sometimes runs other special offers as much as 50% off.

How do I schedule appointments or classes with clients?

With Wix Bookings, you can! It’s a premium add-on for business sites that starts free but runs up to $56 monthly for additional premium features.

Are there limits on how many products I can sell?

There are no limits to your online store. Sell as many products as you like. Plus, you can accept PayPal, credit cards, and offline payments. So, having an online store could be much easier than you thought.

I want to upgrade my Wix plan, but the price appears higher than expected. Why?

Remember that if you upgrade your plan, any premium apps you are using will automatically be added to the total. So, from the upgrade page, scroll to the bottom of the page, where there is a link to click if you don’t want to continue using the premium app.

Why do I need SiteBooster?

The short answer: it saves you time. SiteBooster automatically indexes your website on search engines as well as adds contact information:

  • business address
  • hours
  • phone number

Although you can do this on each site yourself, it takes lots of time. If you would rather manually create your listing on sites like Google, Yelp, and Maps, then you may not need SiteBooster.

Why can’t I get a 50% discount on a Basic Business or Combo plan?

As noted, Wix sometimes runs a 50% discount on certain plans while excluding other Wix pricing plans. In that case, you stand to save considerable money, especially if you lock in that rate on a 2 or 3-year plan.

However, when you reach the 2 or 3-year mark, you’ll need to change your plan, or the rate will jump up to the much higher normal rate.

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