318 SEO and Digital Marketing Tools – 2023

You just found the biggest list of SEO and digital marketing tools!

I tested over 500 tools, and here is the “short” list of 318 excellent tools that will help you to grow your online business.

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Multifunctional Tools


Want to spy on your competitor’s keyword rankings? SEMrush can do it for you.

You can also use it to conduct keyword research and analyze the quality of the backlinks pointing to your site and a lot more.

Multifunctional – Free trial/Free version



Ahrefs has an extensive suite of SEO tools, including keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, keyword research, competitor analysis, content research, and more.

Multifunctional – Paid





WebCEO does a little bit of everything. Competitor backlink spying, rank tracking, and keyword research, to name a few. And yes, for those of you who do SEO for clients, WebCEO lets you generate branded SEO reports.

Multifunctional – Paid


SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite comes with all the standard protocols. Rank checking, backlink analysis, keyword research, etc.

Multifunctional – Free version



SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor touts itself as a better approach to SEO performance measurement. I can definitely say that they have an impressive suite of tools to offer.

Multifunctional – Paid




This multi-purpose SEO tool is very simple to use, but it still packs a lot of features. Site evaluation, social media monitoring, keyword spying. Sistrix is definitely worth a try.

Multifunctional – Free Trial


Monitor Backlinks

You can use it to track your backlinks, and keyword rankings and even get alerts when your competitors gain a new backlink. That’s something you can’t find almost anywhere else.

Multifunctional – Free Trial


Raven Tools

The thing I like most about Raven Tools is the deep analysis it gives after analyzing your site and content.

Multifunctional – Free Version



This is another multifunctional SEO tool I’m a big fan of. Backlink analysis, link prospecting, link monitoring, and influencer outreach. Kerboo is fully featured, definitely a good choice for anyone looking to increase their rankings.

Multifunctional – Paidsolutions-kerboo


Scrapebox is the “Swiss Army Knife of SEO.” And indeed, it does have a lot of handy features like a semi-automated blog commenter and a keyword scraper. I’m not a huge fan of their dashboard, though. It’s kinda clunky and hard to navigate until you get fully acquainted with it.

Multifunctional – One Time Fee


Technical SEO

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor digs through your entire site to find and audit every internal and external resource: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images, videos, and more. The tool also lets you crawl your site as Google, Bing following robots.txt instructions for any bot, so you can see and analyze the same pages of your site that search engines see.

All in One SEO Pack

With over 1 million active installs this is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins available. You can generate meta descriptions, meta keywords, and even block bad bots with this plugin. It also has a premium version that is loaded with a bunch of useful features like a Video SEO Module and advanced support for Woo Commerce.

Technical SEO – Freemium


Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser

The thing that sets Screaming Frog SEO Log Analyzer apart from other technical SEO tools is that it analyzes your site’s log files to give you insight on how search engine bots behave on your site. You can see the crawl frequency, crawled URLs, and identify broken links and errors. All valuable SEO insights, especially if you run a large site.

Technical SEO – Freemium


Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Made by the same company that created the tool above, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a desktop plugin that allows you to analyze your entire site’s content and it’s structure in real time. You can analyze page titles, meta data and even identify duplicate content.

Technical SEO – Freemium


Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools will help you understand how Bing’s search engine spiders interact with your site, and it will also point out any diagnostic issues. Their dashboard will also reveal a lot of useful info like the keywords that drive people to your site which can help you understand what’s working and what’s not working in your SEO efforts.

Technical SEO – Free




The strong point of Botify is their detailed site audit reports. If certain pages on your site are loading slow or you need to make HTML improves Botify will alert you.

Technical SEO – Paid



Clusteric analyzes your site from over 100 different on-site and off-site ranking factors then tells you where you need to make improvements to increase your search visibility.

Technical SEO – Free




DareBoost will audit your site and give you SEO optimization tips. Yes, it actually gives you tips. So for instance, if your site is running slow it will give you recommendations on how to improve your load times.

Technical SEO – Freemium



DeepCrawl is a website crawler that will scan your entire site and point out SEO mistakes like thin content, broken links, and pages that are underperforming in search engines. It will also make recommendations on how you can fix the SEO mistakes it finds.

Technical SEO – Paid



Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

Referrer spam can render your analytics data nearly impossible to draw firm conclusions from. Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer will clean up your Google Analytics reports by identifying and removing referrer spam.

Technical SEO – Free


Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile usability is now one of Google’s primary ranking factors. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly your rankings will be negatively impacted. So you have to test your site for mobile friendliness, and what better tool to do that with than Google’s own mobile-friendliness testing tool? Great resource.

Technical SEO – Free


Google PageSpeed Insights

How fast your site loads is another primary ranking factor. Google Page Speed Insights will analyze your website’s load times and point out where you can make improvements to increase your site’s speed.

Technical SEO – Free

Google Search Console

Google Search Console will alert you to server connectivity issues, and if Google notices anything that can get your site penalized. It also tracks keywords, crawls errors, search analytics, internal links, and a lot of other technical SEO factors.

Technical SEO – Free


Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is a WordPress plugin that will automatically generate SEO sitemaps for you. However, if you already use the premium version of All-In-One SEO or Yoast SEO it’s redundant.

Technical SEO – Freemium



This tool’s use is pretty straightforward. LinkPatrol checks all your site’s internal links and anchor text revealing spammy outbound links and over-optimization of anchor keywords. Very useful resource for avoiding a Google penalty.

Technical SEO – Paid


 Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator provides a 100% free way for you to validate your XML sitemaps. Will also notify you if any of the links within the sitemap aren’t working correctly.

Technical SEO – Free



OnCrawl provides daily monitoring and SEO audits for things like duplicate content, page depth, and other ranking factors.

Technical SEO – Paid


Open SEO Stats

The cool thing about Open SEO Stats is that it’s a Chrome extension will analyze a site’s Alexa Rank, backlinks, whois, and social media pages with the push of a button.

Technical SEO – Free


Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

Ghost spam can become a major issue that can render your Google analytics data almost impossible to gain insight from if you allow it to get out of hand. This tool will quickly filter out spam bots and traffic from spammy sites so that your data won’t be negatively impacted.

Technical SEO – Free



Seobility is a feature packed SEO auditor that you can set to automatically crawl your site and alert you of any new errors or problem areas via email.

Technical SEO – Freemium


Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer is a very robust website auditing tool that can help you identify key page optimization opportunities.

Technical SEO – Paid


Site Condor

Site Condor hails itself as the digital marketing tool for experts. I must admit, it has some pretty useful features like multiple site monitoring via email alerts, broken link checking, and other detailed technical SEO data. It will also recommend how you can easily fix any issues it uncovers.

Technical SEO – Paid



Siteliner is used primarily to find duplicate content and broken links on your site.

Technical SEO – Freemium



If you manage multiple websites this SEO audit tool is especially useful being that you can use it on 10+ domains at once. However, besides just being a technical SEO auditing tool you can also use Topvisor to conduct keyword research, track rankings on your site and competitors sites, and a lot more.

Technical SEO – Freemium


Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool will give you a detailed site audit that includes social media data at the push of a button. All you have to do is input your site or a competitors site URL into the search bar and click the test button.

Technical SEO – Free



Woorank will analyze your site’s pages and alert you to any problem areas. Will also give a general analysis of your overall site health.

Technical SEO – Paid


Zadroweb SEO Auditor

Zadroweb SEO Auditor will analyze your site’s Moz domain authority, page speed, tell you your top 10 keywords, and a lot more. It’s free to use and you can download a PDF copy of your audit report for later reference.

Technical SEO – Free



With Onpage.org you can monitor keywords, detect optimization errors, and monitor your server performance all from one dashboard. It also comes with a useful text editor that will help you optimize your content for search engines.

Technical SEO – Free



Positionly is most useful for rank tracking, however, it does have some other handy features like competitor analysis and a site auditor.

Technical SEO- Paid



Input your URL and SEOptimer will return a detailed SEO analysis that is 100% free.

Technical SEO – Free


Solo SEO

Solo SEO will help you monitor your SEO progress, monitor brand mentions online, and give you step by step SEO tips that you can use to improve problem areas it identifies when analyzing your site and content.

Technical SEO – Paid


Structured Data Markup Helper

Structured Data Markup Helper is a free tool that was created by Google to help you create schema markup in a straightforward and efficient way.

Technical SEO – Free



Upcity will give you a free SEO report that shows you how you stack up against your competitors. The company presents itself as an all-in-one solution so you’ll find SEO, social media, and reputation management tools within the dashboard.

Technical SEO – Paid



Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

Searchmetrics Website Analyzer will help you monitor your site’s search engine visibility, backlinks, and other key SEO insights.

Technical SEO – Freemium


Find Broken Links, Redirects & Site Crawl Tool

The name of this tool describes exactly what it does. It will identify broken links, redirects, and comb your site for other errors.

Technical SEO – Free



Yellowpipe will help you easily generate a robots.txt file. If you’re not aware a robots.txt file alerts search spiders to which parts of your site they shouldn’t scan.

Technical SEO – Free


Structured Data Testing Tool

This site created by Google is pretty straightforward in what it does. Input your website URL or a code snippet and it will analyze it for errors. The tool uses live data so you can be assured that its analysis is up to date.

Technical SEO – Free


Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit will analyze your site and give you recommendations on how you can improve your site’s content and structure to make it more search engine friendly.

Technical SEO – Free


Rob Hammond Webmaster Tools

If you need a detailed off-site and on-site SEO analysis Rob Hammond Webmaster Tools can provide it.

Technical SEO – Free


Website Grader

Want to grade your website across a number of ranking factors? Website Grader is a great resource for that. It’s also owned by HubSpot so the analysis is trustworthy.

Technical SEO – Free



After you input your URL and run a test Nibbler will give you a detailed report that covers SEO improvements, social media standings, and other key web ranking factors.

Technical SEO – Free


Page Speed Grader

Page speed is a primary ranking factor. This site will analyze your site’s speed and highlight factors that may be slowing it down.

Technical SEO – Free


Beam Us Up

Beam Us Up’s SEO crawler will notify you of duplicate content and other common SEO errors. It’s also 100% free and has no crawl limits.

Technical SEO – Free


Xenu Link Sleuth g website visitors

Xenu Link Sleuth’s Windows only software application will crawl your website and notify you of broken links.

Technical SEO – Free



Need to generate some web code for a custom widget on your website? WebCodeTools can do it for you, plus generate code for almost any other function you can imagine.

Technical SEO – Free



Websites render differently depending on the user’s browser. Browsershots provides an easy way for you to check your site’s compatibility across dozens of browsers.

Technical SEO – Free


Analytics Tools

Google analytics

Google analytics is probably the most widely used web analytics platform in the world. Experts from all industries highly recommend it.

Analytics tools – Free



Kissmetrics focuses on user’s behavior when they’re active on your site. Monitor your funnel, cohort analysis and more. This analytics platform does a superb job of giving you details about how your visitors interact with your site.

Analytics tools – Paid



This software excels at advanced segmentation and data visualization. My initial test with MixPanel definitely exceeded my expectations.

Analytics tools – Free trial/Free version



Although HotJar is a suite of tools their most useful feature is their heat map tracking. It reveals your visitors’ scrolling behavior and the areas of your site that users interact with most.

Analytics tools – Paid



Apsalar’s analytics platform is made specifically for mobile apps, with a primary focus on ROI. It helps you track your return on ad spend, optimize your budget by partner, and create similar audiences for retargeting.

Analytics tools – Paid



LeanPlum is a robust mobile analytics tool. It monitors ROI, user behavior, and even lets you run A/B test.

Analytics tools – Paid


App Annie

The key feature of App Annie’s mobile analytics platform is the ability to monitor app store rankings, reviews, and keywords. It also gives you app usage statistics on user frequency, revenue per user, and market penetration.

Analytics tools – Free trial/Free version


Web SEO Analytics

Web SEO Analytics comes with a host of features that you wouldn’t traditional see in an analytics platform. Things like backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitor rank spying just to name a few.

Analytics tools – Free trial/Free version


Stat Counter

Stat Counter offers real-time data of user activity on your site. It’s a great analytics tool, however, if you already use Google Analytics it’s redundant.

Analytics tools – Free


Agency Analytics

As the name states, this tool is for digital marketing agencies. Agency Analytics will allow you to manage numerous clients data in real-time all from one dashboard. It also gives you an easy way to present the data to your clients in a way that’s easily understandable. All from a professional interface that’s fully brandable with your own logo and color scheme.

Analytics tools – Paid



If you’re marketing on Snapchat, you’ll definitely need Snaplytics, since Snapchat doesn’t provide analytic data to marketers. The software is fully automated and will give you the metrics you need to analyze how well your Snaps are performing.

Analytics tools – Paid



This full featured platform lets you integrate all your customer touch points so you can get a clearer picture of how people are interacting with your company. Whether it’s on your mobile app, email, website, or even your help desk, Woopra will track your customer’s interactions and build a unique profile around them.

Analytics tools – Free trial/Free version


Rank Tracking

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is the most customizable ranking tool you’ll come across. The best part is, everything is unlimited — including websites, search engines, and keywords to track.

Advanced Web Ranking

One of the first steps to knowing if your SEO tactics are delivering results is to track your rankings. Well, Advanced Web Ranking’s software will track them across the board. Desktop, mobile, and local searches.

Rank Tracking – Paid


AMZ Tracker

Do you sell on Amazon? Well, AMZ Tracker will give you valuable insight by tracking your product rankings for certain keywords on Amazon.com and Amazon’s International sites. You can also use it to spy on competitors sales which is the feature I like most about this software.

Rank Tracking- Paid

 Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker gives you comprehensive SEO reports that show you your ranking history on hundreds or even thousands of keywords if you choose. It will even show you keywords that you rank for that you don’t even know about yet.

Rank Tracking – Free trial/Free version


Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger monitors your rankings across desktop, mobile, and local search. It’s also bundled with some other pretty useful tools like a keyword research engine and a social media analytics and insights tool.

Rank Tracking – Paid


Rival IQ

This platform is all about gauging your effectiveness vs your competition. Rival IQ will show you your competitor’s digital activities across search and social media and let you know which one of you is winning the battle. The software will also spy on your competitors and notify you when they make a move that deserves your attention.

Rank Tracking – Paid



Fat Rank

Fat Rank is a handy Google Chrome extension that will show you the ranking for a particular keyword in Google’s search engine for the website you’re currently viewing.

Rank Tracking – Free Trial/Free version



SEO Rank Monitor

SEO Rank Monitor will show you your keyword rankings vs competitors. It will also show you mobile rankings, your Alexa rank, indexed pages, and page speed statistics.

Rank Tracking – Free Trial



Keyword position tracking, competitor research, backlink monitoring. SERanking is a robust rank tracking tool with a lot of advanced features.

Rank Tracking – Paid



Serpfox is a very simple to use rank tracking tool. It doesn’t come bundled with other features like some of the rank trackers on this list, but it works well.

Rank Tracking – Free trial/Free version



This rank tracker comes with a keyword research and online reputation management tool. However, SERPWoo still does rank tracking very well. It will even alert you of new keyword competitors that are on the rise and give you their stats so you can gain insight into what they’re doing to accelerate their rankings.

Rank Tracking – Free trial/Free version



WordTail is very simple to use rank tracking software. Allows you to identify link opportunities, rank opportunities, and measure the impact of your SEO campaigns.

Rank Tracking – Paid



Wincher is a dependable rank tracker at an affordable price. You can track 100 keywords per domain, receive daily ranking updates, and export your data for only $8 per month.

Rank Tracking – Free Trial/Free version



Rankscanner touts itself as a rank tracking tool made by SEOs for SEOs. So, of course, the software comes with a lot of extra tools to help you optimize your SEO campaigns.

Rank Tracking – Free



WhatsMySerp is a simple but effective rank tracking website. It allows you to check, track, and reveal legacy ranking history for up to 500 keywords across 20 domains (25 keywords per domain.)

Rank Tracking – Free


AWR Cloud

If you need to generate white label ranking reports AWR Cloud is a good choice. You choose the keywords, and then the software monitors daily rankings across mobile, local, and desktop.

Rank Tracking – Paid



Accuranker is one of the fastest rank checkers I’ve tested. Besides just monitoring keyword rankings the service also allows cross-platform integrations with Google Analytics and all the popular social networks.

Rank Tracking – Paid



SERPmetrics monitors fluctuations in search rankings. If you notice a rise or fall in your rankings, this site will give you the information needed to determine if your site is the only one in flux or if the entire internet is experiencing turbulence.

Rank Tracking – Paid



Serps.com is for SEO professionals that manage multiple sites for clients. It comes with a suite of tools, but I must admit the suite isn’t as extensive as some of the other multifunctional SEO tools on this list.

Rank Tracking – Free Trial


Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used keyword tools on the market. It’s 100% free, and the keyword and search data comes directly from Google which is a definite plus.

Keyword research – Free



This is a really advanced keyword research tool. Unlike most others, SEMrush shows you your competitors keywords so that you can directly advance on their strongest ranking points.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version



Kwfinder.com is an awesome tool that will reveal long tail keywords with low competition.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 2.0

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 2.0 is the best keyword difficulty tool.  It gives you an estimate of how many backlinks you’ll need to rank in the top 10 for that keyword.

Keyword research – Freemium



Buzzsumo reveals to you the content that is performing best in your industry based on social shares. Just enter a keyword or domain, and it will show you the content that has the most social shares or what’s trending at that very moment.

Keyword research – Free Trial/Free version



SimilarWeb is ideal for spying on competitors keywords, traffic numbers, and other relevant insights.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version


Long Tail Pro

Every good SEO knows that long tail keywords are easier to rank for. Long Tail Pro will help you discover hundreds or even thousands of them.

Keyword research – Paid



Want to know the questions your target audience is asking online? FAQfox will scrape sites like Reddit and Quora for questions based on the keywords you enter.

Keyword research – Free



FreshKey is a unique keyword research tool that will scrape Amazon, Bing, eBay and other sources for keyword ideas you can use. This is an excellent source of buyer intelligence.

Keyword research – Paid


Google Correlate

Google correlate will show you the keywords that tend to get searched together based on Google search engine user trends. As an example: Google correlate might show you that people that search for “red dresses” tend to also search for “silk red dresses” and “short red dresses.”

Keyword research – Free


Google Trends

Is a keyword trending upward or downward in search engines? Does the keyword tend to rise or fall seasonally? Google trends will tell you.

Keyword research – Free



GrepWords is a really solid keyword research tool. It comes with a browser plugin, a keyword lookup function, and a few other useful tools. It’s also really affordable.

Keyword research – Free



HitTails biggest strength is long tail keyword research. It also shows you which keywords bring in the most traffic for your site, effectively eliminating the “not provided” problem. Great resource.

Keyword research – Paid



Want to see the keywords your competitors are targeting? That’s iSpionage’s greatest strength. But it doesn’t just reveal the keywords your competitors are targeting in PPC campaigns, it also shows you how much they are spending per month on AdWords. This service is all about analyzing your competitor’s data to gain useful insights.

Keyword research – Free Trial/Free version



Jaaxy is a basic keyword research tool, but it gets the job done.

Keyword research – Free Trial/Free version


Answer The Public

Want to know the specific questions your target audience wants to be answered? Just enter your keyword and Answer The Public will tell you what questions they’re typing in Google’s search engine.

Keyword research – Free


Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a pretty cool tool. It lets you gauge keyword competitiveness on Google, YouTube, and Amazon. It will also show you content that is trending right now. Keywords are sorted by color, indicating their level of competition and ranking difficulty.

Keyword research – Free Trial/Free version


Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a standard keyword research tool with a pretty handy “keyword brainstorming” feature that outperforms many other keyword suggestion tools.

Keyword research – Free Trial/Free version


Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is a web-based software that compiles keywords from numerous sources including Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Amazon. Unlike many of the other resources on this list, there’s no monthly subscription fee. You pay $47 for the software one time and receive lifetime access.

Keyword research – Paid


Keyword Tool Dominator

The thing that sets this long tail keyword scraper apart from others is that it scrapes real user data from Google, YouTube, Amazon, and other search engine autocomplete databases. That’s pretty valuable information to have.

Keyword research – Paid



You need to input several descriptive keywords in KeywordIn first.

Then it mixes and matches them together to generate hundreds of new keyword phrases. Take the phrases this tool comes up with and input them in Google’s Keyword Planner to see if people actually search for them.

Keyword research – Free


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free Google Chrome and Firefox extension that will reveal search volume and PPC data for the sites you visit.

Keyword research – Paid



KeywordSpy is a simple to use keyword research tool that will show you profitable keyword+ad copy combinations.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version



KeywordTool.io doesn’t come bundled with a lot of features, but it does its primary job of scraping Google’s autocomplete database well.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version


Power Suggest Pro

Power Suggest Pro pulls live data from multiple sources including Google, YouTube, and eBay to reveal long tail keywords that other tools might not have uncovered yet.

Keyword research – Paid



SECockpit is a pretty extensive keyword research tool. It has just about every feature of the other keyword research resources on this list and a few more like unrestricted keyword analysis data and keyword ideas via Amazon and YouTube suggest.

Keyword research – Paid


Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords uses your contacts to crowdsource your keyword research. You create a scenario for a search query then ask your friends what keywords they would use to solve it. The site gives you a link to pass out via email and social media to encourage your contacts to answer the query.

Keyword research – Free



Enter a keyword and SERPstat will return suggestions and other data.They also have tools for position tracking, backlink analysis, competitor research, and site auditing.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version



Soovle is a simple autocomplete keyword suggestion tool that pulls data from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other databases.

Keyword research – Free



Spyfu is one of the most well-known resources to spy on your competitor’s keywords and rankings. Besides just keyword research the software comes bundled with other useful tools like smart recommendations to improve your PPC campaigns and sales leads.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version



This software will help you discover hundreds or even thousands of profitable keywords. Just input a seed keyword and TermExplorer’s automated keyword discovery engine will give you a list of suggestions.

Keyword research – Paid



Cool fact: UberSuggest is the first tool created to scrape Google’s auto-suggestion database.

Keyword research – Free



WordTracker is a sophisticated keyword research tool that maintains its own internal database of keywords. Which means that it has a lot of long tail keywords that Google Keyword Planner and other keyword suggestion tools can’t show you.

Keyword research – Paid




The focus of YTCockpit’s keyword ranking tool is YouTube, and it does an excellent job at it.

Keyword research – Paid



Impactana is all about revealing content ideas that can have a significant impact on your brand and search results. It does this by showing you compelling content that is already making waves in your niche. Armed with this knowledge you can create similar content that has a high chance of getting shared and linked to.

Keyword research – Paid


 MOZ Keyword Explorer

Created by the world-renowned SEO team at Moz.com this is an excellent keyword research tool. It will definitely help simplify your research by allowing you to prioritize the best keywords to target.

Keyword research – Free



Keyword Discovery has a very extensive database of keyword ideas compiled from the world’s top search engines. Besides just being a simple keyword suggestion tool, though, you can also use it to gauge keyword density, seasonal search trends and a lot more.

Keyword research – Free trial/Free version


LinkBuilding Tools

Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder

One of the advanced techniques to build backlinks is to find sites with broken links then email them and ask them to replace the broken link with a relevant link from your site.

But how do you find sites with broken links? One surefire way is to use Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder.

It’ll scour the entire web for broken links closely related to your field of interest, then give you a list that contains contact details for the sites that house the broken links and an archive version of the broken page.

Link building – Paid



DIBZ is a very solid link prospecting tool. It will tell you the quality of your prospects and help you find quality opportunities with its search function.

Link building – Paid



If your site grows large, enough there might come a time when you need to disavow spammy links. That’s where Disavow.it comes in. It will turn your list of bad backlinks into a Google ready disavow file.

Link building – Free


Free Broken Link Checker

Free Broken Link Checker is a very simple to use. Just input a URL, and it will return with a list of broken links on the site. Great tool for link prospecting.

Link building – Free


GuestPost Tracker

Guest posting is a great strategy for building backlinks. However, finding guest posting opportunities can be difficult. GuestPost Tracker maintains a database of websites that accept guest post. A useful tool that will save you hours of research.

Link building – Paid


HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is a service that allows you to connect with a journalist that need sources and expert insight for their content.

Reporters from ABC, The New York Times, and other major publications frequent the site.

It might take a bit of time before you score your first mention, but the links are only high authority.

Link building – Freemium



Linkstant is a great tool that will alert you when your site gains a new backlink. This allows you to contact sites that link to you and begin building a relationship that can lead to more link opportunities.

Link building – Paid


Marie Haynes’ Disavow Blacklist

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether to disavow a backlink or not. Marie Haynes’s Disavow blacklist will make the decision easier by telling you if a link is helping or hurting your site’s SEO.

Link building – Free



Muck Rack allows you to contact journalist and pitch stories and follow up ideas. The journalist typically works for high authority websites like Forbes and Fox News, so the backlinks you gain are worth gold.

Link building – Paid



Ontolo can help you discover hundreds or even thousands of link opportunities. The tool will also reveal contact info and other valuable data on your link prospects.

Link building – Freemium



Remove’em is a simple but effective tool that will help you clean up your link profile by removing bad backlinks.

Link building – Paid



Rmoov is a bad backlink remover with some pretty handy automated features like auto-generated link removal templates.

Link building – Freemium


Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch will scan your website and tell you the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your site.

Link building – Free



Want to know what type of content works best in your industry? EpicBeat will point out trends, tell you which content formats receive more engagement and other key insights that will allow you to make informed decisions in your content creation and marketing efforts.

Link building – Paid


Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is an excellent link analysis resource. My favorite feature is the “Link Detox” tool. What it does is scan your backlinks and alerts you to any links that put you at risk of a Google penalty so you can take action before it’s too late.

Link building – Paid





Wholelinkstome allows you to spy on competitors backlinks so you can learn from their failures and duplicate their successes. It also enables you to monitor your own backlink profile.

Link building – Freemium


Backlink Analysis

SEO SpyGlass

With SEO SpyGlass you find all links to any domain with the Web’s freshest backlink index, SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer, unique to SEO SpyGlass. The tool also lets you pull links directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console — an integration you won’t find in any other backlink checker.

Backlink Analysis – Free version/Paid


Linkody will alert you when you gain or lose a backlink. The software will also point out bad backlinks and give you insights on your competitor’s backlinks.

Backlink Analysis – Paid


Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a very popular link analysis tool created by the team at Moz.com. It allows you to find link opportunities, spot bad backlinks, and do backlink research.

Backlink Analysis – Free trial/Free version



CognitiveSEO is an extensive suite of SEO tools that includes backlink analysis, content audits, and rank tracking.

Backlink Analysis – Paid


Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a widely used link analysis tool that comes bundled with other helpful SEO features. One thing I love about the software is that it will tell you the reputation of your link prospects so that you don’t accidentally build spammy links.

Backlink Analysis – Free trial/Free version


Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler is a simple but useful tool that will analyze 200,000 of your site’s freshest backlinks or the links of your competitors. Hands down, this is one of the best free backlink analysis tools on the market.

Backlink Analysis – Free trial/Free version



Another creation from the team at Moz.com, MozBar will attach a toolbar to the top of your browser. The toolbar will show you page authority, domain authority, link metrics, and social share stats for the page you’re viewing.

Backlink Analysis – Free


SEO Tools for Excel

This is an excellent Excel add-in that will allow you to check a site’s backlinks, social shares, and other worthwhile stats from within your Excel spreadsheet.

Backlink Analysis – Free trial/Free version


SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker

SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker is very handy if you want to reveal the SEO metrics on a long list of sites all at once. Just upload the list of URLs to the site, and it’ll return a detailed list.

Backlink Analysis – Free


SEOGadget for Excel

SEOGadget for Excel will pull SEO data from Moz or Majestic into an excel spreadsheet. Very simple and easy to use.

Backlink Analysis – Free



SEOquake is Google Chrome browser extension that also has a Firefox and Opera version. It operates as a toolbar that will reveal the SEO metrics of the page you’re currently viewing. Traffic estimates and backlinks are just a couple of the stats it’ll show you.

Backlink Analysis – Free


 WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp Backlink Tool is used to analyze the quality of your backlinks. The company claims to add over 15 billion backlinks to their database daily, so their index is very extensive.

Backlink Analysis – Free trial/Free version

Link Prospecting Tools


LinkClump is a Chrome plugin that allows you to open, copy, or bookmark multiple URLs at once.

Link Prospecting – Free


Check My Links

Check My Links is a Chrome plugin that will crawl the webpage you’re viewing for broken links.

Link Prospecting – Free


 URL Profiler

URL Profiler allows you to quickly audit links and scrap content from web pages. Also integrates with Moz, Ahrefs, and other sources for data mining purposes.

Link Prospecting – Paid



Not only does LinkMiner check websites for broken links, but it also reveals relevant metrics like social share stats for the links.

Link Prospecting – Free



Scraper is a Chrome extension that will allow you to import data from webpages to your spreadsheet in a few clicks. Very straightforward and fast.

Link Prospecting – Free


Data Miner

Data Miner lets you easily scrape data from tables and list that you find on the web, then import the scraped information into a spreadsheet.

Link Prospecting – Free



Need to identify top influencers in your industry? AuthoritySpy will help you do it. The best thing about this software though is that it aggregates data from multiple sources including Facebook, Twitter, and Google search.

Link Prospecting – Paid


Citation Labs’ Link Prospector

Citation Labs’ Link Prospector will search the web for a variety of link building opportunities in your industry. Its range of search is very extensive, covering guest posting opportunities, chances for audience input, and writers that need sources or content like infographics.

Link Prospecting – Paid

Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus will crawl a webpage for broken links that you can use for prospecting opportunities. That’s more than enough to make this a great tool. But the software takes it a bit further and actually lets you know if the broken link’s domain is available for registration. Awesome.

Link Prospecting – Free

Outreach Tools


Buzzstream is a simple, but very useful tool to research and contact influencers. It lets you build prospect list, track emails, create outreach templates, and it has a lot of other great features.

Outreach – Paid


YourOutreach offers automated influencer outreach and content marketing. The company confidently states that their service can save you up to 80% time on your outreach efforts. That’s definitely a plus.

Outreach – Free trial/Free version


A marriage of link prospecting and influencer outreach. Pitchbox comes with a lot of features and is easy to use. Just input a few keywords and the software will scan the internet for prospects. It returns with a list of people and their contact details, from there you can make initial contact and track outreach performance.

Outreach – Paid

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an automated influencer outreach service. It will show you prospects engagement data, social media profiles, and a lot more.

Outreach – Paid


GroupHigh is an excellent service that allows prospect segmentation and even shows you SEO stats on your prospects content and websites. GroupHighs blog search engine also has over 15 million blogs listed, so you’ll likely find a lot of prospects that cover your industry.

Outreach – Paid

Inky Bee

Inky Bee is a simple but effective outreach tool. The key point of the software is that it allows you to search Twitter for influencers.

Outreach – Paid



JustReachOut.io will alert you when a new journalist that covers your niche pops up.

Also, plugs into HARO, Twitter, and other sources so you can streamline your search for a journalist that are currently writing an article and need sources to quote.

Outreach – Paid


Narrow is Twitter automation software that targets users that are currently talking about your industries topics via Hashtags, keywords, and location. This will help simplify the process of building a targeted audience on Twitter.

Outreach – Paid


Tomoson is a unique influencer outreach program that allows you to give away products to influencers to create buzz, word of mouth, and land reviews

Outreach – Paid


This platform has a focus on cold outreach emails. Mailshake comes with pre-built email templates for a guest post, content promotion, and more. Once you send your outreach emails, you can monitor opens, replies, and clicks via the platform.

Outreach – Paid


Outreachr has a very extensive database of contacts that extends across almost any niche you can imagine. Just input keywords that describe your niche in Outreachr’s search box, and it’ll hand you a list of PR contacts and link building opportunities.

Outreach – Paid


Traackr is a popular outreach platform used by some of the world’s top brands. Their software allows you to track conversations, build outreach list, and find top influencers based on Traackr’s custom scoring system.

Outreach – Paid

Content Optimization Tools

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool is very easy to use tool to generate hreflang tags.

Content Optimization – Free

 Yoast SEO Plugin

With over 1 million active installs Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins available. It provides real-time content analysis and other valuable on-page SEO information.

Content Optimization – Free Trial/Free Version


WebTextTool is all about keyword research and content optimization. Use their search engine to find relevant keywords to target, then write the content directly in their text editor to receive real-time content optimization advice.

Content Optimization – Free Trial/Free Version


LSIGraph is a simple LSI keyword generator. Input your keyword and it’ll return a list.

Content Optimization – Free


MarketMuse is one of the more advanced content analysis tools on the market. The software will alert you to content gaps and other relevant factors that might hold your content back in search engines.

Content Optimization – Paid


nTopic will scan your existing content and give you suggestions to make it more SEO friendly and relevant to your industry. It will also help you improve the content you’re creating by scanning it and suggesting relevant keywords and SEO improvements. nTopic comes as a Chrome extension or WordPress plugin. It also has a free writer app that you can use to write your content and receive real-time analysis.

Content Optimization – Free trial/Free Version

SEO Plugin By Squirrly

SEO Plugin By Squirrly enables you to do keyword research and analysis from your WordPress editor. It will also give you SEO advice while you’re typing and grade your finished article for its search engine friendliness.

Content Optimization – Free trial/Free version

Text Tools

Text Tools will perform a semantic analysis of your article and suggest the best keywords to include in the content.

It will also compare high-ranking competitors content to your content to let you know how you stack up against the competition, and also how they achieved their results.

Content Optimization – Paid


YoRocket is a WordPress plugin that will improve your blog post titles and descriptions for higher click-through rates by making some really smart suggestions.

Content Optimization – Paid


Copyscape will help you avoid duplicate content penalties by telling you if the content you pasted in their search box exists elsewhere online. It can also be used to track down sites that have scraped your website’s content.

Content Optimization – Free trial/Free version

Plagiarism Checker

Simple and 100% free plagiarism checker similar to Copyscape.

Content Optimization – Free


Plagspotter is a duplicate content checker. Enter a URL and it will search the web for duplicate pages.

Content Optimization – Paid


Zest is a Chrome extension that makes sharing and discovering marketing content easy.

It’s basically a social network for marketers. However, all submitted articles must be manually approved by the administrators.

Content Optimization – Free


When Google announced that they would be shutting down Google reader in March of 2013, we all scrambled to find a place to import our RSS feeds. Feedly emerged as a top alternative. You can sort all your favorite publications, podcast, and YouTube videos from their mobile app.

Content Optimization – Free

WP Smush

WP Smush will optimize your images by reducing the file size while maintaining quality. Not optimizing your images can drastically increase your website’s load times, which will negatively impact your SEO.

Content Optimization – Free

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a WP plugin that will optimize your images as you upload them. Increasing your site’s load times and lowering your bandwidth usage. It’s extremely affordable also at only $3 per 1,000 images.

Content Optimization – Paid

 Content Writing Tools


Ulysses has an immaculate interface with zero distractions. But one of the best things about Ulysses is that the editor is plain text, so you’ll have no formatting issues when exporting your writing to WordPress or another platform.

Content Writing – Paid


How readable is your writing? Hemingway has the answer. This simple text editor is designed to gauge the readability of your writing and give you tips to improve it.

Content Writing – Paid


Grammarly is a highly sophisticated web app and Chrome extension that will analyze your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes in almost any place you write on the internet. That includes email, WordPress, MS Word and nearly any other site that you might type out a few sentences.

Content Writing – Free trial/Free version


Wordable allows you to import post from Google Docs to WordPress in one click. The best thing about the software, though, is that it preserves your headings, italics, etc without any of the formatting issues, you would typically encounter when copy and pasting from Google Docs to WordPress.

Content Writing – Free trial/Free version


Quip is a word processor that allows you to create collaborative documents and spreadsheets. Perfect for teams that need a simple environment to organize and manage their projects.

Content Writing – Paid


Writerduet is script writing software used mostly by screenwriters. However, podcasters are now cleverly using the platform to outline their shows. Includes real-time collaboration and a very clean interface.

Content Writing – Free trial/Free version

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a simple tool that comes up with intriguing blog titles surprisingly well.

Content Writing – Free


Blankpage.io is a distraction-free content writing platform. Allows you to set daily word count goals with notifications.

Content Writing – Paid

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is a simple blog post title generator. Just input a topic, and the software will come up with hundreds of titles.

Content Writing – Free

Contentrow Tools

Want a title that’s a bit more controversial or shocking? Contentrow Tools is the title generator to use.

Content Writing – Free

 Social Media Tools


Awario monitors all corners of the web including social media.

Each day it crawls over 13 billion web pages so it can provide you with instant mentions.

Awario also has a useful ‘Reach’ filter so you can sort by the most important mentions and respond to those first.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version




Dlvrit is a fully automated social sharing platform. Just link your RSS feed, and it will post your latest pieces of content to your social media pages. You can curate content and build a custom queue with your own auto post schedule also.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version


Buffer is one of the more popular social media management tools on the market. Schedule, publish and review analytics. Very simple to use. Comes with a mobile app and Chrome extension so you can easily add images, articles, and videos you find while surfing the web to your buffer queue.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version


Klear is a Chrome extension that when installed adds badges to your Twitter followers profiles that reveal key metrics about them like how responsive or popular they are.

Social Media – Free


This is one of the most widely used social media management tools on the market. You can schedule a post for later, post to multiple accounts, and a lot more with Hootsuite.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow will reveal who doesn’t follow you back on Twitter so you can clean your list of those accounts.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version


Quuu is a community of real people that will hand-curate content to post to your social media pages.

Social Media – Paid

Panda 5

Panda 5 is a news reading app that helps simplify content curation. Allows you to browse multiple websites at once and import your favorite RSS feeds.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version

Yotpo – Curation

Yotpo makes curating user-generated content from Instagram easy. Just use their advanced search function, and it will uncover a ton of content for consideration.

Social Media – Paid


Refind lets you save links you find around the web for later viewing. The site also has a pretty strong algorithm that will suggest content saved by other users based on your interest.

Social Media – Free


Rebrandly is a custom URL shortener that allows you to add branding to the links you share. This is definitely an easy way to make a long URL compact and memorable.

Social Media – Paid


Yala is a chat bot that will schedule your social media post based on its algorithm that identifies when most of your followers are active on the social network. Unfortunately, Yala currently only integrates with Slack, but Facebook Messenger and other integrations are on the way.

Social Media – Free



PostReach is a unique analytics platform that tells you not only how many social shares your blog post receive, but WHO shared your post, and how much traffic the share sent to your site. By the way, you can also use this tool to identify who’s sharing your competitors content.

Social Media – Paid


Reveal is a Slack Bot that operates as a digital marketing assistance. What it does is monitor your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and alerts you if you’re losing money, or if there are drastic changes to your Click-Through Rate.

Social Media – Free trial/Free version

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser allows you to log into multiple accounts from one browser window. Very useful if you manage multiple profiles on the same social network and hate wasting time logging in and out of multiple accounts to get your work done.

Social Media – Free


Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform designed to help you connect with trusted influencers to get reviews of your products. The focus of the platform is peer level influencers.

Social Media – Paid


Waaffle makes monitoring the effectiveness of your social media posts easy. It can also be used to track hashtags or even spy on what your competition on Twitter and Instagram are doing.

Social Media – Paid


Falcon.io allows you to connect with your audience on social media, engage with customers and publish content. The software also can create and publish responsive landing pages.

Social Media – Paid


Twazzup provides real-time monitoring and analytics for Twitter.

Social Media – Free


What are people saying about your brand overseas? Icerocket lets you monitor Twitter and Facebook in multiple languages for brand mentions.

Social Media – Free



Latergram is an Instagram publishing, scheduling, and planning tool. Also has an excellent bulk upload feature that connects to your iPhone storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Social Media – Paid

Social Rank

Who are your most loyal Instagram and Twitter followers? SocialRank allows you to identify and rank your followers based on their level of engagement, influence, and other parameters.

Social Media – Paid


How authoritative is your brand on social media? Klout attempts to decipher that question for you based on their custom ranking system that takes shares of your content, follower engagement and other criteria into account.

Social Media – Paid



Riffle will reveal your Twitter engagement and other detailed analytics in real-time. It’s also integrated with many other social media management tools including Hootsuite and TweetDeck.

Social Media – Free

Local SEO Tools

Microdata Generator

Having trouble creating local SEO schema markup? Microdata Generator will simplify the process. Just input your business details, and it will create the code.

Local SEO – Free

Imforsmb.com’s Bulk Keyword Generator

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with keyword ideas for your local business, then Imforsmb.com’s Bulk Keyword Generator is an excellent tool to help get you out of the rut. Just input a few details, and it will generate a relevant keyword list for your industry.

Local SEO – Free


GeoRanker allows you to track your local ranking for relevant keywords. The cool part is that it will only show you what people in your geographical location see, so you know the rankings are relevant for the area your business operates in.

Local SEO – Free trial/Free version


Whitespark is a powerful suite of SEO tools for local businesses. The platform includes a very detailed citation finder, a reputation builder that helps you gain online reviews, and a local rank tracker.

Local SEO – Paid

Bright Local

Just because you manage a local business website doesn’t mean it’s not important for you to run SEO audits to gauge your effectiveness and any mistakes you might be making. Bright Local was created specifically to perform SEO audits on local business websites, and it does the job incredibly well with extremely detailed audit reports.

Local SEO – Paid

Google Location Changer (SERPs)

Google Location Changer will show you the Google search results for a particular location. Just type in a keyword and the location you want to see the precise search results for.

Local SEO – Free

Moz Local

Moz local allows you to verify that your local business listings are error free.

Local SEO – Paid


FreeReviewMonitoring.com scans popular review sites daily to see if your company has gained any new reviews. If it finds any new reviews, you’ll receive an email alert.

A great resource for you to build customer communication and stay on top of your brand’s image.

Local SEO – Free

Landing Page Tools

Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is a very popular premium WordPress plugin, and there’s no secret why. It’s drag and drop visual editor is simple and intuitive, it comes with a full suite of optimized for conversion pre-built landing pages, and a lot more.

Landing page – Paid


Nearly every marketer knows the importance of A/B testing. However, it does take a bit of know-how to implement. VWO simplifies the process. With this tool can literally be running your first split test in just a few clicks.

Landing page – Paid


Optimizely is a very easy to implement A/B testing tool that a lot of top brands use. If you want ease of use, this is undoubtedly one of the best split testing plugins on the market.

Landing page – Paid


Convert is an affordable enterprise-level A/B testing platform. Allows unlimited projects, unlimited users, and has a strong suite of tools built into the platform.

Landing page – Paid


Instapage is a landing page builder with A/B testing built in. Comes with over 100 conversion optimized templates, and a seamless drag and drop editor amongst a host of other cool features.

Landing page – Paid


Unbounce’s landing page builder comes with a full suite of marketing tools including lightboxes, A/B testing, and targeted overlays on any page. All pages are mobile responsive, and the platform integrates with most email marketing software and CRM tools.

Landing page – Paid

Five Second Test

Five Second Test’s platform allows you to see what sticks out most on your landing pages by asking a real person what they recall after visiting your page for 5 seconds.

Landing page – Paid


AB Tasty

A/B Tasty has all the standard A/B testing protocols like a visual editor and segmentation. However, what sets this platform apart is its built-in session recording and heat maps.

Landing page – Paid


Perpetto provides conversion rate optimization for mobile shops. Also, has a full suite of tools including email automation and predictive recommendations.

Landing page – Paid


Leadpages is one of the more popular landing page creators used by marketers. It has a drag and drop interface, popup forms, built-in A/B testing, and conversion rate optimized templates that you can sort from highest to lowest conversion rate.

Can easily be integrated into WordPress via their WordPress plugin or used as a standalone that operates on LeadPages unlimited traffic servers.

Landing page – Paid


InstaBuilder allows you to build landing pages fast. It comes as a WordPress plugin with built-in split testing and optimized templates. One of the best things about this software though is that you can own it for a one time fee instead of paying a monthly subscription like many of the other landing page builders on this list.

Landing page – Paid


Lander is a great landing page builder although it’s relatively new to the market. The software allows you to add your landing pages to Facebook, it also has all the standard features like A/B testing and a drag and drop builder. Very promising.

Landing page – Free trial/Free version


ClickFunnels does a lot more than landing pages. In fact, it’s a full suite of marketing tools.

Create sales pages, deliver digital products, set up email marketing campaigns, build your own affiliate network and a lot more. It’s clear that the goal of this platform is to be a complete digital marketing solution.

Landing page – Free trial/Free version


Landingi is a solid landing page builder packed with a lot of tools to help you optimize your landing pages. It also integrates with most of the major email marketing software and CRM platforms.

Landing page – Free trial/Free version

Lead Capture Tools


ThriveLeads is a very advanced lead capturing software that has an emphasis on building your list fast.

It does this by allowing you to add popup opt-in forms to the links in your content, exit popups, and even a content locker that will hide a portion of your content until a reader subscribes.

You can build just about every type of opt-in form imaginable with this plugin.

Lead capture – Paid


OptinMonster is an extensive suite of lead generation tools. Create opt-in forms, exit popups, floating bars, and A/B test it all to increase your conversion rate.

Lead capture – Paid


Wishpond is a very intuitive popup form builder. The software enables you to easily create exit-intent, page scroll and timed popups.

Lead capture – Paid


SumoMe allows you to create opt-in forms, smart bars, and scroll boxes to capture leads. However, it’s more of a full marketing and analytics suite with heat map tracking, social share buttons, and content analytics.

Lead capture – Paid

 Visual Media Tools

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a very simple to use visual editor that allows you to create stunning images, animated videos, and practically any type of graphic you can think of.

Visual Media – Free


Rocketium is a video creation tool that makes it incredibly easy to produce HD videos for social media and your website. The software is especially useful if you need to create videos with text overlay.

Visual Media – Free trial/Free version


This software allows you to create Gifs from the videos you find online. Just paste the URL from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or practically any other online source to begin.

The software also supports Gif creation from live video feeds like Facebook Live and Periscope.

Visual Media – Free



TinyJpg is a basic image optimizer that will balance image quality and file size. The software is so simple to use that even someone with minimum tech experience could optimize their images. Just drag and drop up to 20 images to begin.

Visual Media – Free


Kraken is an online image optimizer. Very simple to use with three optimization modes: Lossy, LossLess, and Expert.

Visual Media – Free

Free Image Optimizer

The name says it all. Free Image Optimizer allows you to optimize images for free. It also has a bulk uploader tool.

Visual Media – Free


Canva is software to create flyers, Facebook covers, blog images, and other graphics. Superb platform with a reliable infrastructure, makes amateur designers creations look shockingly professional.

Visual Media – Free trial/Free version


You can create your own infographics and share them with Easel.

Visual Media – Free trial/Free version

Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool allows you to resize images for social media and other web use.

Visual Media- Free

Meme Generator

Meme Generator is a basic meme generator. Free and easy to use.

Visual Media – Free


Designbold is a photo editor and design studio for amateurs who want to create pro level images.

Visual Media – Free trial/Free version


Desygner enables you to easily create graphics for use on your website, marketing materials, or social media.

Visual Media – Free trial/Free version

Adobe Color CC

This tool is a free color scheme finder created by Adobe. Looking for the perfect combination of colors for your graphics? Adobe Color CC will definitely simplify the process.

Visual Media – Free

 Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a visual content platform created by Google. It’s very powerful. However, it’s not the easiest tool to learn how to use effectively.

Visual Media – Free


PicMonkey is an excellent image editing website. The software has a lot of features like overlays and resizing. You can also use it to create Facebook banners and other social media images.

Visual Media – Free trial/Free version


Looking for a good Gif to add to your blog post or share on social media? Giphy has probably the most extensive Gif collection in the world; it’s also integrated with Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Visual Media – Free


Quickmeme is easy to use meme creation and export tool.

Visual Media – Free

Visual Analysis Tools


vidIQ was created to help you grow your YouTube channel. The platform gives you a much deeper analysis than YouTube’s built-in channel analytics. vidIQ’s team of strategist will also give you specific insights on how to grow your channel and your videos organic reach.

Visual Analysis tools – Free trial/Free version

Virool VideoSpy For YouTube

Virool VideoSpy For YouTube is a Google Chrome extension that will show you a scorecard of key engagement metrics for your YouTube videos. Great way to gain quick insights into how your content is performing.

Visual Analysis tools – Free


TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that will help you optimize your YouTube videos for maximum reach and engagement by showing you critical data and metrics. It also has some other useful features like bulk annotation updates and channel backup.

Visual Analysis tools – Free trial/Free version

Feedback Tools


This is undoubtedly one of my favorite quiz creation plugins. Qzzr allows you to easily create, embed, and share quizzes on social media.

An interesting and engaging quiz can drive a flurry of traffic to your website. Now don’t get me wrong, traffic is great, but it’s nothing without conversions. And that’s what sets this software apart.

Qzzr actually allows you to export leads to your email marketing or CRM software.

Feedback tools – Free trial/Free version


Surveying your audience is an easy way to generate product ideas by finding out exactly what problems your audience needs to be solved.

Typeform makes the process of creating engaging surveys simple.

Another great thing about this software is that it can also be used to create email sign up forms, payment gateways, and a lot more.

Feedback tools – Free trial/Free version


Easypolls is a simple poll creation solution. Not a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done.

Feedback tools – Free


SurveyMonkey is easy to use tool to create and deliver online polls fast. If you have a quick question you want to ask your audience, this is the platform to use.

Feedback tools – Free trial/Free version

Poll Maker

Fully featured and 100% free tool. They poll 1 million+ people every day

Feedback tools – Free

Google Forms

Like most of Google’s tools, Google Forms is 100% free. It allows you to create basic surveys, pop quizzes, collect email addresses and more.

Feedback tools – Free


With SurveyPlanet you can create polls with custom themes and branding. Really simple to use, after creating an account you could have your first survey online in minutes.

Feedback tools – Free trial/Free version

Webinar Tools

Webinars OnAir

Webinars On Air is an all-in-one webinar suite that utilizes Google+ Hangouts. It’s easy to use and has a professional feel. Also allows you to monetize your webinar by charging attendees an upfront fee or by flashing clickable banner ads during the broadcast.

Webinar tools – Paid


WebinarJam is a very solid webinar creation software with a focus on monetization.

Webinar tools – Paid


GoToWebinar is probably the most widely used webinar software on the market. Very simple to set up, comes with useful features like email automation, audience interaction via polls, and mobile support.

Webinar tools – Paid


AnyMeeting is a very easy tool to host webinars. The platform allows you to capture leads, run live polls, and record your webinar for replay viewing. The Pro version can support up to 2,000 attendees.

Webinar tools – Paid


ClickWebinar allows you to create custom branded webinars. Features include polls, whiteboards, and other presentation tools.

Webinar tools – Paid

Ready Talk

Ready Talk supports webinars up to 3,000 attendees. It easily integrates with most marketing and CRM software. Also, has very solid analytics and reporting.

Webinar tools – Paid


Omnovia streams your webinars in HD. Very simple to set up and use.

Webinar tools – Paid


Webinato is basic webinar software. Not as advanced as some of the other options on this list but will do the job.

Webinar tools – Paid

 Cisco WebEx

Created by world-renowned tech giant Cisco, WebEx is a very dependable piece of webinar software that integrates seamlessly with Cisco’s other suite of tools. Allows up to 3,000 attendees, multiple broadcasters, and a lot more.

Webinar tools – Paid


OnStream has an advanced infrastructure, which makes it one of the most scalable webinar solutions on this list. The system is 100% cloud based, and your attendees can view your broadcast on virtually any device.

Webinar tools – Paid

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts isn’t really a full-blown webinar tool. However, for small meetings and chats up to 100 people, it’s a great option with a lot of cool interactive features like Gifs, photo sharing, and emojis.

Webinar tools – Free


Periscope is a mobile streaming app owned by Twitter. It’s mostly used to broadcast live streams to the world. However, you can set your broadcast to private and invite only to conduct webinars with only select groups of people. The great part about using Periscope to hold webinars is that it’s 100% free and you have virtually unlimited attendee capacity.

Webinar tools – Free

Email Marketing Tools


Undoubtedly MailChimp is a very simple solution to get started in email marketing. Why? Because it’s 100% free to open an account and you can build a list of up to 2,000 subscribers before you have to move to a paid plan.

Email marketing – Free trial/Free version


ConvertKit is a suite of email marketing tools that includes automation, landing pages, emails, and custom forms.


There’s no denying that InfusionSoft is an advanced platform for sales and marketing automation. That’s why it’s the go-to platform for some of online marketing’s most notable heavyweights.

Email marketing – Paid


Getresponse is an excellent choice for email marketers. It’s inexpensive, allows you to build custom forms and landing pages, conduct webinars, and recently they added sales and marketing automation to the fold.

Email marketing – Paid


Want to see what your emails will look like in users browsers before you hit the send button? Litmus will let you do just that. You can see how your email will look on over 50+ apps and devices. The platform also has tools to help you design emails, test if spam filters will flag your email and email analytics.

Email marketing – Paid

Reach Mail

ReachMail is an ultra affordable email marketing software that allows you to set up auto responders, automatically share your email content on social media

It also provides all the standard features you would expect in a professional email marketing platform but at a fraction of the cost.

Email marketing – Paid

Active Trail

After a few test, I found that Active Trail has a lot of premium features like PayPal integration in emails, a landing page builder, and powerful automation.

Email marketing – Free trial/Free version

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is a simple email marketing platform. I would recommend it to a beginner that wants to build a list and send emails with no hassle, or a person who’s a bit less tech savvy.

The drag and drop email editor makes designing professional looking emails a breeze.

Email marketing – Paid

Cake Mail

Cake Mail’s goal is to make email marketing simple for everyone, and it does a great job at that. The interface is really clean and simple. Sorting contacts only takes just a few clicks, and the email templates look elegant on all devices.

Email marketing – Free trial/Free version


The things Mailjet excels at are automation, A/B testing, and campaign comparison. In my first test of the service, it surprisingly exceeded all my expectations.

Email marketing – Free trial/Free version

Constant Contact

I like Constant Contact a lot. The platform is simple but very powerful. It includes drag and drop email templates, detailed analytics, and autoresponders.

Email marketing – Free trial/Free version


Aweber is one of the first email marketing software I ever used.

The platform includes just about everything you need to run a solid email marketing campaign, including autoresponders, a sign-up form builder, and subscriber segmentation just to name a few.

Email marketing – Paid


iContact is very reliable email software with a stellar deliverability rate. The platform is feature packed and priced very affordably for all that you’ll get when you sign up.

Email marketing – Paid

Automation Tools


IFTTT allows you to connect all the services you use in your online marketing.

As an example: You can Tweet your Instagrams as native Twitter photos, and the process is fully automated.

A good tool that can connect almost any service you imagine to create integrated flows.

Automation – Free/Paid


Zapier allows you to connect the various tools you have in your digital marketing arsenal to create a streamlined process of automated functions. Definitely, saves you time and does an excellent job of bringing order to your marketing operations.

Automation – Paid


Center brings together all of your sales and marketing apps including your blog, Facebook, PayPal, your CRM, and email software. From there it tracks your prospects and allows you to automate different functions.

Say for instance, if someone attends your webinar you can have Center automatically add them to your email sales funnel. The list of automation rules you can create with this software are nearly limitless.

Automation – Paid


Created by Salesforce, Pardot’s marketing automation software gives you a visual of your funnel and all the moving parts within it. This effectively gives you a bird’s-eye view of any deficiencies or gaps you might have in your sales process.

Automation – Paid


Cyfe is a simple solution that allows you to monitor all of your business data in one place. That includes social media, sales, and just about anything else you can think of.

Automation – Free trial/Free version


Customer.io is simple marketing automation software. It allows you to set rules to send customers the right messages at the right time, increasing engagement and business growth.

Automation – Free trial/Free version


Ad re-targeting can be a huge driver of business growth and revenue. However, it can be a bit difficult to implement. AdRoll simplifies and automates the process of setting up re-targeting campaigns.

The best part, with their software you can retarget your customer across all devices and websites including Facebook, Twitter, and even blogs and news sites.

Automation – Paid



iContact is stellar email marketing software and it also has excellent automation tools. In fact, it has every automation feature you’ll need to run a smart business.

Automation – Paid


Ontraport has a lot of features. You can create and publish websites, sell products, build opt-in forms, and send emails. Basically, you’ll have a fully integrated marketing system from top to bottom with no need to use any external software.

Automation – Paid

Email Discovery/Verification Tools


Enter a domain name and Hunter.io will show you contact emails for the site’s owners and operators.

Email discovery – Free trial/Free version

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a similar service to Hunter.io but a bit more detailed in the information you receive.

Input a domain and the software will return email addresses and other contact details including the social media profiles of the site’s operators.

Email discovery – Free trial/Free version


FindThat.Email proclaims itself to be “The Yellow Pages of Email.” Just enter an influencers name and the domain of the company they work for and the service will return contact information.

Email discovery – Free trial/Free version


MailTester.com is a basic email verification tool. Input an email address and it’ll ping the server to verify it.

Email discovery – Free


This site will guess a person’s email address based on their first and last name. I must admit, Guesser is a pure novelty. But shockingly it works sometimes lol.

Email discovery – Free


Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that will show you LinkedIn profiles right inside of Gmail. It definitely, comes in handy from time to time.

Email discovery – Free


AnyMailFinder will track down the email address of employees at companies after you enter the person’s first and last name and the company’s website.

Email discovery – Paid

Email Tracker

Email Tracker is a very useful Chrome Extension that will show you if your emails were read. The extension works for Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Google Inbox, and Yahoo Mail. Just install it and all future emails will be tracked.

Email discovery – Free trial/Free version

Online Mention Tracking

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is probably the most used mention tracking tool on the market. It allows you to monitor the entire web for a mention of any keyword or phrase.

Online Mention Tracking – Free


Mention is a powerful brand monitoring tool that covers not only the web but any mention of your brand on social media. Perfect for joining the discussion and growing your community.

Online Mention Tracking – Paid

I hope you enjoyed my “short” SEO and digital marketing tools guide.

And now it’s time to hear from you.

What do you think of the guide?

Is there was a cool piece of SEO software that I missed?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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    Reading one-paragraph description of over 300 different tools is just too much time investment for not enough concrete comparative data.

    Not trying to be an ass because you must have put in a lot of time in putting all this together. Hope this feedback is helpful, as that is how I meant it.

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