Hi, I’m Danny Donchev, and I’ve been mastering the art of SEO for the past 18 years.

That’s right. Since 2004 I’ve been perfecting what really works in SEO.

Once I’d worked out how to rank my own websites, I started helping clients from around the world to get traffic from Google as well.

I’ve worked with all sizes of businesses – from small family-run businesses to large corporations.

But do you know what?

They all had one thing in common. Not enough traffic and profits.

Time and again, I’ve implemented my proven strategies and brought them floods of traffic and higher profits.

SEO Success Stories

Example #1- Extremely Competitive Entertainment Niche

Watch the video below: This traffic is coming from 300+ different keywords:

You can see the results below: This website gets over 7 million unique visitors every month

Example #2 – Dating Website

Result: Doubled the traffic in 3 months

Example #3 – U.S SaaS Startup

This is what happens when a piece of content goes viral:

You can see the results: From almost no traffic to 3,500 visitors in just one day:

Example #4 – A Small Blog, Low Budget, and Little SEO experience.

Here’s what happened after implementing my SEO tactics:

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