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Meet Danny Donchev, an SEO professional with a proven 18-year track record. Since 2004, he has dedicated his craft to unraveling the mysteries of SEO, understanding its intricate patterns, and mastering what truly gets results.

Throughout his illustrious journey, Danny hasn’t just brought success to his websites and propelled businesses worldwide to the top of search results, from budding family-run businesses to well-established giants.

His expertise spans beyond basic SEO. While he offered comprehensive SEO solutions for nearly two decades, he has refined his focus to specialize in critically important SEO audits and consulting.

If you’re looking for genuine, effective strategies backed by years of hands-on experience, reach out to Danny today and take the first step towards dominating your niche on Google.

SEO Success Stories


Here you can find several examples of my work.

A big brand in the entertainment industry

100%+ traffic increase in 7 months.

A video overview of growth in Google Analytics


Google Analytics Realtime Overview

Digital Media Website

Result: Doubled the traffic in 4 months

U.S eCommerce Business

SaaS Startup

I help with the overall marketing strategy. SEO works better with synergy with other marketing channels. This is what happens when a piece of content goes viral:

Affiliate and Advertising Blog

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