Weebly Pricing – 9 Important Things To Know

Weebly offers plans for both regular websites and setting up an eCommerce store. They offer plenty of flexibility with their plans, including four packages to meet the needs of general website builders, with online store customization as well.

Today, we’ll tell you how to save money while explaining domain and email pricing from Weebly.

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General Websites and Pricing Plans

Weebly Pricing

The first Weebly plan is their Free Plan, a solid deal for the price but far below the paid plans. The free plan uses some real estate on your website, placing a scrolling advertisement alongside your content.

While that ad is fine for a Weebly for student or casual use, it’s inappropriate for businesses. Another downside of the free plan for professional users is that it does not allow a custom domain name or a personalized “my.com” address.

You can, however, attach Google Analytics to any of these plans. Marketing tools for the free plan include SEO tools, lead capture, and an Instagram feed. Support includes a community forum of site and store owners, premium chat, phone, and email support.

Previously named the Connect plan, the next level is the Weebly Personal Plan, for a low $9 on a month-to-month plan or $5 per month when paid annually. This plan has perks for those wanting to use the custom domain name it offers to build portfolios.

It is the cheapest, though it offers almost the exact same package as a free Weebly plan—including the scrolling ad, which is a drawback. This budget “connect plan” also includes a free SSL certificate, site search, and advanced site stats, allowing you to add third-party embed code.

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The Professional Plan is $16 a month or $12 when billed annually. Weebly’s professional business plan is right for smaller businesses or those needing to show professionalism to build a company. Compared to the Personal Plan, this could be considered the Weebly plan for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals.

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Previously called the “starter plan,” it finally removes the scrolling ad and allows connecting to Weebly analytics for your site and Google Analytics, if you choose. It also connects to a custom domain, either your pre-existing domain names like one registered through WordPress or one found through their domain name search and registration tool.

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This starter plan allows unlimited storage password protection and removes the Square ads. It also allows video backgrounds and a free domain name.

The top-tier Performance Plan (previously the Pro Plan) offers the biggest advantage at $29 a month or $25 with annual rates. It has all the advantages of lower-tier plans without limitations.

Adding a ton of eCommerce business success, including receiving payments by PayPal and advanced insights, you also receive priority support. Both the Professional and Performance business plans support video backgrounds. It also allows you to send abandoned cart emails, perform shopping cart recovery, and review reminders to customers.

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eCommerce Features

Everything you need for your web store is available with every one of Weebly’s pricing schemes, including the free one. Square acquired Weebly in June of 2018 and has focused on creating a free website builder platform tailored to eCommerce functionality for online stores.

We’ll discuss the eCommerce tools available at each Weebly pricing group below. If you plan to run a business, we suggest using a paid plan.

  1. Free Weebly Plans and Personal Weebly Plans: For these Weebly pricing plans, customers receive bills from a checkout.weebly.com address, not your domain URL. For a casual online store website builder, the Free Plan offers these basic features: Shopping, Items, Item Options and Badges, and quick shop. Also, Weebly’s free plan provides in-store pickup, inventory management, an automatic tax calculator, coupons allowing you to have a sale or run deals, and Square gift cards. For Personal Plan prices, the options are the same. You may pay a transaction fee for purchases.
  2. Weebly Professional and Weebly Performance Plan: The Professional Plan is where the billing address that buyers receive is no longer from checkout.weebly.com, now using your free domain name. Also, this Weebly pro plan adds a real-time shipping calculator. Upgrading to Performance allows platforms to accept product reviews and PayPal payments. Weebly also offers shipping rates, discounts and shipping labels.

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Saving With Annual Plans

Weebly’s annual pricing is listed below for each 1-year plan. Weebly 12-month plan prices are paid in a lump sum, but break down to the following dollar amounts monthly. Starter websites can choose the bottom option, but you can save a lot with an annual plan.

PlanTermDomainPlan PriceTotalSavings

Weebly’s per-month costs are higher than their annual ones. Here, they are broken down by plan levels. The bottom tiers do not offer an email address, and the one-year prices are lower than monthly. If you are ready to create your brand, Weebly is known for being worth the money.

Weebly Price Per Month

Free Plan$0
Personal Plan$9

Using Domains & Emails

Weebly has partnered with Google’s G Suite for email hosting, giving Weebly website owners custom email addresses and email accounts. The custom email addresses are an upgrade, offered at G suite’s basic price.

Annually (Pricing not available online)Approximately $50-$60

There are free domain names with the top two tiers. However, Weebly costs for the domain name registrations for lower pricing tiers are higher than other domain registrar services.

They do have discounts for multi-year licenses. As your domain name is vital to branding, upgrading the top-tier plans is well worth it.

You can expect to pay $19.95 annually for a 1-year domain name. They also have 2-year ($16.95), 5-year ($14.96), and 10-year ($12.57) registrations. In addition, Weebly has free domain hosting when you purchase a domain. They also offer private domain registration for domain privacy and full DNS control.

Membership Feature

For Professional and Performance Weebly plans, you can use the membership features; however, you can only do this if you do not use their customer accounts feature. The membership features include allowing users to log in, accessing hidden content.

This option adds customer convenience if you want to turn your subscriber base into members.

Professional accounts have a limit of 100 members. Member registration must be added manually, though. For Performance online stores, you unlock unlimited members and a self-registration option. It allows the choice of manual or automatic membership registration approvals.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All plans from Weebly offer unlimited bandwidth for the money, but only the top two tiers offer storage without limits. At a time, storage was unlimited, so older accounts may still have that feature.

Currently, the Free and Personal sites have a 500 MB storage limit. However, you must log into your account to find out yours.

There are also upload and download file size restrictions for the lower tiers.

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Priority & Phone Support Features

Phone support is part of the deal with all tiers. However, priority support is only available with the Performance tier upgrade. If you have questions or need to find a solution or education, they can offer you an answer through email, chat, and a community forum.

Phone availability is helpful in the long run for decision-makers, knowing they’ll have access to a person.

Is Weebly Free to Use?

Absolutely, Weebly is free.

Weebly offers the basics needed to set up an online store, free. However, for things like a free Weebly domain name, abandoned cart emails, a shipping discount, no transaction fees, it’s well worth the money for higher plan costs. That custom domain name alone is quite a saving compared to the menu price.

Your ability to build a professional, branded website truly begins at the Weebly Professional and Performance pricing tiers, a detail not to be overlooked.

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Weebly prices are fair and give good value, per month, per year, and beyond, though, their domain name prices are a little higher than competitors like Squarespace and Wix. There are pros and cons, of course. Weebly’s pricing from free up includes SSL security but no security.

Their website plans also allow you to get started without breaking the bank, paying as little as nothing except Square’s transaction fees. The starting cost is low enough to allow new site builders to experiment with a store.

Using Weebly website building, you can sell digital goods, have an email address, use the site search features, and have password protection. Using email accounts, you can execute email marketing plans and email campaigns and also get unlimited products.

You can use site statistics, but some developers may find the site builder somewhat rudimentary, not offering all of the design options and only allowing a front page. Overall, Weebly is a good choice worth the money, and maybe one of the best free options.

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