Ubersuggest – The Full Guide 2017

Do you need help with keyword research? Ubersuggest is an awesome free tool which can find 100s of new long tail keywords in a few minutes.

It aggregates data from Google Suggest which provides keyword ideas similar and related to your searches on Google.

For example:

Ubersuggest also gets the related searches at the bottom of your Google’s search page:

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Using Google Suggest is a great way to find more keywords but it is extremely time-consuming.

With Ubersuggest it will take just a few minutes.

You need to combine the tool with Keywords Everywhere which is a free browser add-on.

It will add keyword data from Google Keyword Planner to the keywords Ubersuggest finds.

How to set up KeywordsEverywhere:

1. Install their add-on to your Chrome or Firefox browser. You can download the add-on for your browser at KeywordsEverywhere.com.

2 Sign up for a free API key here.

3. Add the API key to your add-on settings.

Here is a quick example how to do this in Google Chrome

You are set. Now you can see monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data.

Everything straight from Google Keyword Planner.

And you don’t need to spend any money on AdWords to reveal exact keyword data.

After the last AdWords update if you don’t have paid campaigns you can’t get exact monthly searches for your keywords.

Ubersuggest in action:

Visit Ubersuggest.io and type in your keyword in the search bar

Use  Search Filters

You can use different search filters which include location and search platform. Hint: Youtube is a must check because it is the second biggest search engine after Google.

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How to work with Ubersuggest

When Ubersuggest pulls all related keywords for your search you can now work with the data.

  1. You can filter the results using a specific keyword.
  2. The word cloud is an easy way to visualize the most common terms associated with your query
  3. You can browse the results which are sorted in alphabetical order
  4. Download your keywords as a text file

Let me know if you have any questions and suggestions!

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