Site123 Review 2022 – All You Need To Know

Creating a site with SITE123, an online editor, is not hard. The process is essentially in three steps, from design to content and then to live. The title suggests this.

Designs may be divided into the portfolio, business, and online store categories. Then they get into smaller niches such as beauty salons, gardening, and law firms. The designing process is carried out in your browser, so there is no need for any complex setups. Additionally, it includes an online shop and blog, similar to what many other website builders provide.

Regrettably, their price structure isn’t apparent. You may get the impression that there’s just one premium plan available once you see their site. You can pick from several plans, but you need to make a free account first. It is possible to try on everything you wish and if you are happy, you need to opt in for an update. For the first year, you will get a free domain name and the option to create email accounts.

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Let us look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of the editor in our SITE123 review. Let us dig!

SITE123 Pricing


Good adequate to create a little website and also to check out the editor.


It shows a bit of SITE123 footer label but includes ecommerce, which can deal with ten orders/month with offline payment methods.


This plan is completely ads-free, with PayPal added to your store. Translation in another language is possible.


Ecommerce includes credit card transactions. As many as three languages are possible.


Everything is included: Ten Mailboxes, infinite orders, and up to five languages.

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Pros and Cons of SITE123


  • Site123 provides excellent SEO results for your website
  • SITE123 makes your site look good on all devices (desktops, laptops, and phones) with a responsive web design.
  • Ready-made Styles and Layouts – You can edit your site’s layout with ease. You can alter your website’s layout as many times as you like, and your website still has a professional look and feel.
  • It’s astounding the number of languages you can make use of to build a site: fifty-six! If you would like, you can create a page in any language.


  • You’ve absolutely no access to the source code
  • Site123 ads on the free plan – visible advertisements on the free subscription. You can upgrade your account to eliminate them.
  • Site123 wasn’t created to support big or complex e-commerce sites.
  • They don’t yet supply a user access area.

Rating Details

Ease of use

Even though not difficult, the editor is a bit clunky. For instance, you have to take an element with a photo and text and begin editing it. In preview mode, you will be able to see what the result will look like on your desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet.

A bouncing banner and/or footer tag will show up based on your chosen subscription. To get rid of SITE123 advertisements, you have to have a Professional plan or higher.


A highlight, certainly! It is simple to add up to five languages by utilizing a subfolder, individual domain names, or subdomain. You have to get a paid subscription for this to work. You just pick the language from the menu and add it to the system, and it will translate it for you. It could be edited manually, too, and it’s worked very well for the ecommerce checkout. SITE123 is available in over twenty languages.


Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)

A no-cost domain for the first year is provided in the paid plan. You can link your domain name with SITE123 in case you currently have a domain name. If you opt for a premium plan, you will get ten email accounts, which is a good extra.

Depth of navigation

It’s possible to just add one level – you can decide whether the links in your menu will open on a brand new page or scroll down on the same page. Not suitable enough for more complex site structures, but sufficient for smaller sites.

Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)

You can add features to your site through the App market. You can make customized HTML snippets and incorporate external widgets, but they’re not too many apps to select from. Nevertheless, you need to recognize that this isn’t a feature offered with the no-cost plan.

Mobile App

Site123 hasn’t a mobile app; however, the mobile editor is functional on all mobile phones. You can easily make edits using the mobile-optimized view.


The paid plan includes a web store to sell digital and physical items. Payment methods consist of cash, credit card, or PayPal. You may sell more, the higher your plan is, as the amount of orders is restricted in lower plans. You won’t be charged any added sales tax by SITE123. You could also get email messages to send out to your customers to secure repeated business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is not a problem whatsoever, including an SEO title and description. The SEO Advisor can examine your website for possible SEO enhancements. This’s beneficial for novices. For multilingual sites, the URL structure can be enhanced. They include unnecessary characters, like../t-en-us/ for United States English. It’s suggested you utilize the subdomain option.

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There’s just a basic blog accessible. We do not have a comment feature that will permit readers to comment on the post they’re reading.

Visitor statistics

With the internal statistics tool, you can get a simple overview of your traffic, which includes all of your most popular content. It’s additionally easy to integrate Google Analytics with your site.

Contact form

SITE123 provides contact form in various layouts. If you want some extra customization, you can include new fields.

Password protection & member areas

A member area with personal logins or a specific password could be created. When someone has a direct link, any videos or pictures are not protected.

Newsletter tool

There’s a user-friendly newsletter application. With the highest plan, you can send as many as 10,000 messages a month to your subscribers.

Add HTML code

Adding external code isn’t possible.

Storage space

You will obtain as much as 270 GB of storage with a premium plan.

Backups & Restore

In SITE123, there’s no backup and restore feature.


Use the live chat option found on SITE123’s support page if you’ve any queries or problems. We received a quick response from them, and you can find a list of the functions provided by the site builder in their FAQ section. Surprisingly enough, they also offer support with their free plans.

Fun Factor

SITE123 makes it simple to build a site even if you do not have a pixel-perfect layout in mind.

Overall Rating

For basic projects, such as business websites, or portfolios, SITE123 is the perfect solution. It could be a good solution as long as you do not have to create a complicated site. Their multilingual assistance and live chat are excellent features. For what it’s, it is a bit pricey.

SITE123 Alternatives

SITE123 Review: Conclusion

Creating a site has become quite easy nowadays, so finding a way to make it even easier is a complicated task. Site123 is in a good position to contend with other Internet-heavyweights such as Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace. The company was founded in 2016, so we think it is intriguing that it’s not following the trend of AI site builders.

Their site builder is similar to what GoDaddy provides, and it is known as a classic website builder. Because everything is clear and simple, you will not have many surprises. Live chat support is offered from their site if you do have any questions.

A great characteristic of SITE123 is multi-language management. Even though this ought to be something that all website builders should have, it’s something that many do not. Save yourself considerable headaches and time by utilizing SITE123’s user-friendly solution. We simply need to warn you that everything needs to be translated by you, and it is not always the best thing.

You’ll be pleased with the editor in case you do not count on it to create pixel-perfect layouts. Since the navigation menu is extremely limited, it is only ideal for small websites, and including some subcategories isn’t possible.

In a nutshell, you need to look at their free editor if you’re looking for a simple fix. Additional features will be unlocked with the various paid plans.


Is it possible to monetize my Site123 website?

You may make use of affiliate links as well as banner ads. Google Adsense is another thing that can be incorporated with this.

How can I cancel my SITE123 subscription?

It’s suggested you begin with a no-cost plan before you choose to sign up. Under “Billing & Products,” you will discover the settings in your dashboard.

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