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I personally tested 100s of SEO and digital marketing tools in my career. Today I want to focus your attention on one of the best All In One SEO Platforms available.

This is Serpstat which was originally founded in 2013 as a keyword tool and later evolved into all in one SEO suite.

Website Analysis

Let’s start with Serpstats’ domain analysis tool. It will help you to perform a professional competitors research.

You can also use it to analyze your own website.

It creates a short and handy stats which gives you an important overview for every domain or specific URL.

You can see:

1.The visibility of any given domain This is a relative index which indicates how often the domain is shown in search results. This data is based on the keywords your domain is ranking in organic search.

2. Search Engine Traffic – This figure represents the approximate number of organic visitors per month.

Serpstat makes search engine traffic calculations based on CTRs. They use SERP positions and keyword volumes to crunch the numbers.

They do a great job here. According to Serpstat gets 50, 435 visitors a month and according to Google Analytics, my actual traffic is 49,668 visitors.

No other SEO tool come so close to my actual traffic numbers.

Organic Keywords

This section shows the keywords a website is ranking in the top 100. This helps to spot juicy keywords quickly and improve your content marketing strategy.

Keywords Position Distribution

This graph shows the number of keywords the domain ranks in the top 10-100 Google search results.


Serpstat generates sleek visibility and keywords trends charts. This help to track a domain SEO growth.

 Pages with the highest visibility

This is one of the best features. Here you can find domains’ pages that drive the largest amount of traffic from organic search results along with the number of keywords each page has in Google’s top 50 search results.

Simply put you can learn quickly what content works best for your competition.

Competitors in organic search

Serpstat defines your online competitors as websites that rank in Google’s top 20 results for the same keywords as your website.

Here is what you get from each column:

  • All keywords is a column where you can find the keywords that website ranks for in Google top 100 results.
  • Common keywords section reveal keywords that both a competing and a queried website use in SEO.
  • Relevance – shows figures the percentage of similar keywords domains share. Higher relevance equals to more similar keywords these competitors have in common.

When you use you this tool, you can find even more content marketing opportunities and links.

Domain vs. Domain

Here you can compare several domains by their organic and paid keywords. This is a cool feature which can help you to find out where you need to invest more efforts to increase your SEO visibility.

Batch Analysis

With batch analysis, you can quickly compare all 9 metrics for up to 200 domains.

Keyword Research

There is no way to craft a successful SEO strategy without to conduct professional keyword research.

The overview dashboard is nice and clean and provides the most important data at a glance.

Search queries report provides you with all phrases from Serpstat database that match your keyword.

Keyword difficulty shows the evaluation of the level of competition for a specific search term. This can save you a ton of time to determine keyword difficulty manually.

You also get additional insights such CPCs, and level of competition.

Keywords Trends

This useful feature shows the interest over time. You should pick a topic which isn’t going to sunset soon right?

Competitors in organic search

This report shows a list of domains that rank for a large number of search queries associated with your seed keyword.

Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection returns all search queries associated with your search term.

The tool also shows any special elements in SERP such as a local carousel.

Serpstat also recognizes video results and pages in SERP.

This is a must-have feature for any premium keyword research tool.

Related Keywords

Related Keywords report shows all search queries that are semantically associated with the researched keyword.

Search Suggestions

Search Suggestion tool provides a list of suggestions related to your keyword.

These are also known as Google autocomplete suggestions you get below Google’s search bar.

Top Pages

In this report, you will find pages which drive traffic for the given keyword and related search quires.

You also get the potential traffic estimates of monthly visitors for every page if it was the highest ranking result in Google SERP for all keywords it is currently ranking in top 20 results.

PPC Research

Serpstat provides insights about your PPC competition as well. You will get a list of all paid keywords domains from top 100 search results bid on ads.

Backlinks Analysis

Relevant backlinks from authority websites are still the most important SEO factor. No fear Serpstat is here!

Backlink dashboard

I love the speed of the tool and the beautiful graphs it generates in a snap. You can see the number of referring domains, pages, IPs, etc.

Serpstat Page Rank and Trust rank are a nice addition which help us to determine the link profile strength of a page or a website.

Backlinks Overview


Surprisingly Serpstat found more links and referring domains than which claim to have the largest index in the industry.

Offcourse this is just one example, but the difference in the numbers is huge in favor to Serpstat. Ahrefs found 1,405 linking domains while Serpstat report 2,100.

Rank Tracker

Serpstat’s Rank Tracker kicks ass. It is packed with many features.

You can track your keywords even in different cities around the world.

Rank tracker competitors report provides insights into organic traffic distribution for the tracked keywords between your domain and the competition.

You can also share your rank tracking projects and give access to them.

There are two options:

  • – administrator (can edit projects, monitor positions and audit the site at the expense of
    your limits);
  • – user (can only view projects).

The number of guest access is limited by your tariff plan.

Site Audit

Serpstat’s Audit Summary gives you an overall SDO (Serpstat Domain Optimization) score out of 100%.

Scanning your website frequently helps you to keep track of your website’s stats and identify optimization errors. The data you get will show how to fix them.

The parameters are segmented into following groups:

  • Audit Summary
  • Pages Status Codes
  • Meta Tags
  • Headings
  • Redirects
  • Accessibility & Indexation
  • Links
  • Server Parameters
  • Website’s Loading Speed

You can export the audits for your SEO clients in PDF and Microsoft Excel formats.

Beta Tools

Serpstat also has 2 tools which are in beta stages.

Keywords Quality Control

You can check if Serpstat databases contain your keywords and its requests frequency for a month.

This means that you can add your own keywords to Serpstat’s database! This feature works only for at the moment.

The number of allowed keywords depends on your plan limitations.

After submitting the keywords, you’ll get an email notification on the added or rejected keywords, as well as reasons for not adding some keywords.

Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics

You don’t need to waste your time on grouping related keywords by hand.

Serpstat will create groups of thousands of related keywords, which you can always modify, update and edit.

Plans & Pricing

Serpstat is one of the most affordable SEO tools on the market. Especially for all in one SEO suite.

You will need at least Plan B to be able to use the full potential of all tools.

Keep in mind you can get 20% off if you sign up for the yearly subscription!


Serpstat provides awesome value for the price. By all means, this is the best all in one SEO platform for under $100 a month.

With Serpstat you can perform a competitors research, keyword research, backlink analysis, extensive website audit and even track your organic rankings.

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