FLP 7:Freelance Writing

Name: David Hartshorne

Exceptional Freelance Copywriter







Today I will introduce to you my good friend David Hartshorne who is an exceptional copywriter.

We work together since the middle of 2016. David is one of the best-paid writers I know.

Just check his rates for 1,500 words long article:

  • Bylined Content from $230
  • Ghostwritten Content from $300

It is stunning how he discovered his talent and dived in freelance writing in 2014 after spending 17 years in the corporate world!

If you are on the fence to dip your toes into freelancing listen to this podcast episode.

Freelance Writing Tips

  • Create a blog to improve your writing and to show your writing skills
  • Connect with other people in your industry. Networking will help you to find more clients.
  • Put testimonials on your website. This helps to build trust and get more customers.
  • Find what type of writer you want to be. Do you want to create blog articles for a particular industry, reviews, ebooks, etc.?
  • Have a safety net. You need to have enough funds to cover your monthly expenses for 3-6 months before you go all in.
  • Value your time. When your experience grows, it is a time to raise your rates.

Articles & Resources

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FLP 7:Freelance Writing

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