Best Free File Hosting Services (2023)

You might have often been in a situation where you want to share an important file or doc with your friend who lives in another country. Sending a flash drive or sending an email is a limited solution, and this is where free file hosting or ‘cloud storage’ came into existence.

There are plenty of services available today, and almost every service offers file hosting for free. Hosting files for free lets you upload files to the internet, share files over them, and let the other person download them.

What are File Hosting Sites?

A file hosting service is an internet hosting service specially designed to host user files and personal data. The word ‘hosting’ determines that the uploaded files are stored in the backend storage space, which is then used for online facilities. The stored data belongs to one or more users.

As a user, if you want, you can later give access or retrieve these files through HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or FTP (File transfer protocol). With the free plan file hosting services, sharing files is a breeze. The uploaded files may include videos, images, e-books, tutorials, audio clips, software, manuals of 50 MB to 2 GB size, etc.

Different storage space providers offer file hosting services with a monthly or annual subscription fee. But there are also versions available, and you can use them to store your essential data under password protection on the internet.

Privacy is not the issue with these platforms as they care entirely about their user’s privacy. These file hosting services are also known as online file storage. This storage can be further customized into the sub-services that include:

  • Personal File storage

Personal file storage is specially designed to back up and store the users’ uploaded files, just like a network storage system. The files are all password-protected, and paid users can upload and share files with authorized users. These files are accessible via FTP or HTTP with full support from the respective platform.

  • Software File Hosting

Authors of freeware mostly use software File Hosting services to provide their software. Some of the service providers use delayed or intentionally slow-speed downloading options for free users. These file-hosting services are also used for marketing purposes.

Apart from this, there is another form of file hosting service known as one-click hosting. Different on-click hosting services are accessible for data storage via downloads. These enable you to download and upload data to or from their local hard drives with one click. These platforms are completely free and allow the user to create free accounts.

These hosting services are provided either through web-based apps or via URLs. Only one link is enough to get the homepage or interface that provides the platform for this kind of activity.

What are the common features of File Hosting Service?

File hosting services will let you upload your file or data with their drag-and-drop method (if they are user-friendly) or select it from your system. If you are looking to store critical business documents or family vacation images, only the free file host can give you security, protection, and peace of mind.

These products are excellent for both meticulous desktop organizers and digital file hoarders. They provide you the best budget-friendly way to share more than 2GB files via link and store information in a way that won’t contribute to the litter. Are you looking to share or store files or access them from another location on other devices? You can do it with ease with the finest free file hosting websites.

Today there are many free account services available out there. Each of them provides different amounts of free storage space and huge bandwidth limits. These products securely save your files, allowing you quick access to them. These files concur over all the devices so that you can have them handy whenever or wherever you want them.

Your image files, word files, spreadsheets, and PDFs all can be transferred to these file-sharing sites. Here, we list some of the best free file hosting service providers for you and your small business. These services will help you in file transfers, and you will be able to share files via link effortlessly at any time.

Here we are only going to talk about the best free file hosting service.

So let’s have a look at their features and comparison.

Sabercat Host

SaberCat File Hosting

Sabercat Host is very renowned and is one of the best free file hosting platforms. This host will provide you with a minimum of 5GB of cost-free storage capacity, and there are no bandwidth limits. Yet, this unlimited storage size is available for a specific period, but there is no restriction with bandwidth limits. Sabercat offers increased uploading and downloading speed to every free account.

The backend is relatively convenient, and it supports you in searching for what you are seeking. It is very instinctive to navigate, share, and upload. It is both mobile and web devices friendly. Their periodic improvements and upgrades show that they are regularly growing and attracting plenty of new users.

The incredible thing about using Sabercate is, you don’t specifically need to create an account to use it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Sabercat Host is also a defeater of the top file hosting brand award ranking. They ranked in the top three customer loyalty in the reputable brand keys in 2016 CLEI, Mediafire, and dropbox. This makes sabercat a very prestigious and highly demandable site for uploading and sharing files of big size.



Another name in the list of free file sharing is Dropbox. Although Dropbox is quite famous for providing free storage size but still offers just 2 GB of free storage space, downloads, and uploads. But still, it has a reputation for being reliable and simple for both storage and synced file accessibility. Recommending the service earns you additional space up to 18GB.

The bandwidth is limited to 20GB, but your online file can be streamed. The most prominent feature of its free plan is the entire range of operating systems available for the service. There is a premium option available to upgrade to 1TB (Terabyte) of storage size, but there is no unlimited option available with any of the accounts.

The pro version also offers you limited features like you cannot seeing your usage or other things. Additionally, you cannot use Dropbox without creating an account. First, you need to make the account by providing some details to use this for free storage.

It offers you a clean, intuitive user interface that is easily understood to secure file structure and expedient drag and drop capacity. There is a wide range of functions available in Dropbox. Most notable is the ability to use Microsoft office online files inside your browser for document updating.


MediaFire File sharing and storage

MediaFire is one of the extended-running file hosting websites. It is well known for providing the best and the most vital services and an intelligible file manager. It gives you 10 GB of free space when you sign up on the website. After successful sign-up, they increase the space to 50 GB. This only happens if you refer Mediafire to your friends or post on social media and ask your friends to share the post as much as they can.

Apart from this, MediaFire offers you limitless file uploads and ad-supported downloads. The given 50 GB storage space makes Mediafire one of the best free file hosting services. Yet, the backup of all your saved files is limited to 4 GB.

You will get one-former download links (which are best for important documents). All the download links are quantity limited and time-limited and can be limited to 30 days at most, and you will get 10 maximum downloads. After 30 days, the download link will expire, and you have to renew it back in the MediaFire portal.

Besides, there is also an additional download link generating option for both folders and files in Mediafire. The shared space in MediaFire is quite extensive, whether sharing via social media, emails, or your site. With the automated media file uploading process in MediaFire, such apps are accessible for both Android and iOS.


MEGA Protected Cloud Storage

Unlike other file-sharing websites, Mega is a great CDN. It allows you to share files, upload and download them temporarily without opening accounts. But once your session expires, your data will be lost unless you create a free account on it. Once you open free accounts on Mega, the file hosting service offers 50 GB of storage. Their users are free from limitations on file sizes, but Mega limits the bandwidth to 10 GB.

Although Mega’s premium plan gives you 500 GB and 2 TB of bandwidth, this can be restored after 30 minutes of interval. It means you can only use your 500 GB a few times and also allows you to share your data, which is impossible without getting an expensive plan.

The end-to-end encryption makes it a very steady host for storing or sharing files/data. It is not too practical to download folders or files with a large file size because of the small bandwidth allowance. You can view your files and update them on your desktop, browser client, or mobile devices.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive is a default online syncing and repository service for windows 10 or Office 365. Onedrive offers you a wide range of multiple activities, including media playing. It is fabricated into Windows 8 and Windows 10, yet it can be easily used and downloaded with other operating systems.

Microsoft OneDrive offers you 5 GB of space bandwidth in its free plan and more than 10 GB in its premium one. When you actuate OneDrive on your system, you can smoothly drag the files into it. Also, you can easily add them from your smartphone or tablet by using OneDrive.

Document editing can also be done quickly if you use online Microsoft Office in your browser and ask you to give permission. The users can edit your important official documents easily when you share them.

Video files and images are easily accessible on mobile apps (Windows, Android, and iOS), which come with robotic photo uploading functions. OneDrive is compatible and a complete cross-platform. It offers you support for sharing the links with users who are not even registered. The non-registered can easily see and edit your files.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is another pre-eminent name in the list of providing online free file hosting services. It is also a cloud-based file hosting storage solution that will help you save your online files/data. You can easily access them in any place from your laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Using Google drive as a file hosting solution offers countless advantages. It provides you ease for sharing your online files from any location and allows you to take a backup of your files. If you already have a free account on Google, it is evident that you already have 15 GB of free Google Drive storage.

Google provides you the authority to save and upload a range of files like – audio, photos, videos, and documents official/nonofficial on its servers or its wide cloud storage space. Google Drive will also provide you with a great backup solution, which is quite helpful for freeing up space from your device.

One of Google drive’s best attributes is its great integration with Google’s office suite of cloud-native applications. They are a bit similar to the Microsoft Office that you might have experienced.


SugarSync Cloud File Sharing

You can access all files on any device with file syncing, whether it is on your smart mobile or your desktop. You can choose and keep backups in the cloud storage space. This High-quality service is simple and reliable enough. It secures your data by configuring storage space, pricing, and other extra features.

Using or setting up a SugarSync is intuitive. The platform provides you with seamless access to your files across multiple devices. Like other free file sharing sites, you get an online backup, file sharing, and cloud storage services. Individuals and businesses can use these extras for syncing files, music, images, etc.

Additionally, it also provides you tools for the collaboration of teams. These tools enable them to work more effectively on their projects, read and share files online and download links, supporting the documents through the website.

SugarSync is a wisely integrated system that can easily connect with any software ecosystem. It is capable enough to sync and draw data without a hitch from the database. Its flexible pricing allows you to easily share images or any other document with your friends or your office colleges for both big or small teams.


ElephantDrive Cloud Backup

It is another online backup and cloud storage system that is affordable, easy, and secure. It offers features such as file sharing, data backup, multi-device backup and sync, file version mobile access, and more.

You can take different backup types of more than 2GB from multiple devices with just one ElephantDrive account. Additionally, if you have NAS, you can directly take backup to the ElephantDrive cloud.

Unlike other file hosts, free file hosting sites, or service providers, ElephantDrive is a simple but robust solution. It allows you to access essential business files from any browser without using additional software. This fantastic platform backs up and harmonizes all files and folders across all devices to build a consolidated repository.

It also allows you to use and share your ensured files with your friends and colleagues securely. You can use simple URL links to share files online and eliminate the need for a thumb drive or email sharing.



As the name says, iCloud is created by Apple. You can set up iCloud on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Windows computer. So to use iCloud, you need to develop or have Apple ID accounts. When you register or logging, you will need to accept plenty of terms and conditions to use it.

With the iCloud drive, you can easily access your files on the iOS app. Whenever, or whatever change you make to a file on your drive, the update will automatically get shared on all apple devices.

The personal information available on your Apple apps, like phone numbers in contacts, will automatically get saved in Safari and will quickly update across on all your devices as well. This cloud storage provider service is also well-suited with Windows PCs and the web, yet some features are only available on Apple devices.

Wrapping Up

After looking at the above options for uploading, securing, and sharing files, it is hard to say which one is the best to choose or which file hosting websites you should use to protect or share your stored data. Since all the file hosting websites are quite good and provide excellent free file host service in their way, the selection becomes more challenging.

Generally, a free file hosting service provides you with the simplest and the fastest service to transmit your files over the internet without even creating an account. You need to open the site and upload your files/data. Simple right?

There is one thing you need to give focus, before going for the best free file hosting services. You need to consider the file size of your zip files in your downloads, how much you will be transferring overall, and how long you need your files to stay on an online hosting platform. Keep all these things, and freely take your decision to choose a service among these file-sharing websites.

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