Email Subject Line Statistics To Help You Maximize Your Open Rates

So, you see how your inbox gets flooded with millions of emails coming from different websites? Do you pay attention or push them to the bin or archive section?

Have you ever wondered what you would feel if you were experienced the same heir shoes? Sending thousands of emails to people to grow your business but getting ignored by each of them?

Well, if you own an eCommerce business and are tired of being ignored like others, we have many relevant stats in store for you.

Like the heading of a news article catches your attention in the first place, in the same way, the subject line of a business mail creates the same effect. You can appoint several people and combine your ideas to bring the best deals and offers for your target audience, but all the efforts will go in vain if they don’t open it.

To make the most of your email campaigns, you first need to intrigue your audience to click open the mail and read it to know about the offer. The only way to make them take that step is by creating catchy Email subject lines.

Need help to make the best email subject lines and implement them to garner customers? We are here to help you. The section below consists of 9 Email marketing statistics, which will help you understand why these statistics are vital and how they help you. So stay tuned to know more!

9 Best Email Subject Lines Statistics

Before your emails get marked as spam, look at these stats listed below and implement them soon. According to 86% of eCommerce professionals, emails are an excellent method to grow your business by staying in contact with your audience. So, let’s not wait and jump into the main section without any delay.

Subject Lines To Make Your Audience Curious

It is human nature that anything which looks fishy or builds up curiosity; people tend to visit that place first and figure out what happened. For example, you can see how people gather in large numbers to witness a road accident.

This email marketing strategy fetches up to 70% more conversion rates, and your email open rates boost up instantly.

How to use it?

Don’t cook everything rather keep some aspects hidden. A catchy and teasing email subject line leads to a higher open rate and is an excellent strategy. An email subject line stirs curiosity inside the email recipient, and so they get intrigued and curious to know what you mean by sending them that email.

This strategy works and provokes the audience to click on the email, open it, and check what’s inside. If you use interactive and attention-grabbing content for framing your email subject lines, you win half the battle.

Frame the subject line such that the entire message is not revealed, and the recipient has a reason to open it. The more consumers open your email, the better your website’s clickthrough rate will be. To bring your businesses to the limelight and rule the industry, make sure that you use this marketing strategy.

The Fear of Missing Out Subject Lines

Missing out on a crucial offer, deal, meeting, outing, etc. makes you sad, and you repent for not being a part of it. This fear of missing out (FOMO) is a general characteristic found in all humans, and they find it scary when that event isn’t going to come around.

56% of email recipients are affected by the fear of missing their awaited event, and this weak point can be used for your advantage. Experts say that if you send emails triggering urgency, those subject lines get 22% higher open rates.

How to use it?

Use words to show urgency and scarcity like ‘last chance,’ ‘now or never’ or give your audience a deadline and convey the message that they will never get it again. These subject lines get higher email open rates and are an excellent weapon to be used in your email campaign.

Some data reveal that 68% of people have purchased products online due to their reaction by seeing someone else’s purchasing experience. This reactionary purchase is one of the best email strategies that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

The essential word that should be used in these subject lines’ content is ‘tomorrow.’ Words like this gain more clicks, and stats reveal that they boost your click-through rates by 10%. Hence, if you want to increase your site’s conversion rates and garner more customers, ensure that you use these fearful words and grab your audience’s attention.

Offer Some Value to your Customers

Why should people click on your email? What benefit will they gain by doing so? You should ask these questions while framing the email subject lines. We bet that you like getting gifts, products for free or at discount and you should not forget that your customers like offers as much as you do.

No one in this entire world wants to pay a considerable amount to purchase an item. The lesser the price, the more subscribers you will get. Do you think that the OTT platforms should reduce their subscription prices? Let us know what you feel about it.

Coming back to the discussion, people like to see offers, discounts, and items on sale. Including such words in your sentence line increases your email open rate by 10%. The metric also shows that 66% of people make their online purchases considering the type of email marketing messages they get. So, giving away products for free won’t affect your digital marketing.

How to use it?

You can create high-quality content around special promotions, discount coupons, free samples, etc. and then frame an email subject line. Remember that your customers will open your emails based on the subject, making it attractive, and don’t go overboard.

You can also experiment with the sentence case and the title case to grab the attention. Changing and playing with the title case won’t land your email in the spam folder; instead, it will increase your click-through rates.

Many email marketers use ‘FREE’ in their subject lines, which results in higher open rates.

You should include these email marketing statistics to gain more subscribers and successfully carry out your email campaigns with excellent click rates.

Customized Subject Lines

When someone gifts you a coffee mug with your photograph on it or a pen with your name written in an attractive font, you feel so special. Ever thought that you can do the same to surprise your subscribers and get your clicks on your email in no time? Your thoughts are now ready to come to life.

Customized email subject lines are heart touching and make your subscribers feel like they are addressing only them. This way, you can effortlessly connect with your customer and build an excellent marketer-customer relationship.

If you are still unsure about using these statistics, you need to know that using a personalized subject line for your marketing emails increases your email open rates by 50%.

Besides, personalized subject lines for brand promotions fetch up to 29% higher email open rates. You see how remarkable these personalized subject lines are and what wonders they do to make your email campaigns successful.

Your email recipients open the emails customized for them instantly, and the open rate reaches its peak. Many eCommerce companies use this strategy, and you should not overlook it.

How to use it?

Customization can drastically impact your marketing emails and will be the only one to gather innumerable subscribers and increase open rates. Personalizing or customizing your email subject line is effortless. You need to do some research on your customer, and you are done.

Addressing the person by his/her name is the best way to achieve your goal. Most marketers incorporate phrases like ‘Hey sunshine,’ which don’t appeal to the readers enough to open the email. If you start the subject line with your email subscribers’ name, the impact will be more, and there will be more chances for your mail to get opened.

Besides the name, you can also use their birthdays, relationship status, browsing history, etc. Collect as much information as you can to frame your subject line accordingly. To make it more attractive, use emojis, a beautiful quote, etc.

Make sure that your marketing email is appealing so that you get reasonable open rates. Data show that by incorporating your service users’ names and giving them updates on their special occasions, increase your site’s open rates by 22%.

Subject Lines Consisting Of Recent Information

With the storybooks moving from the paperback design to a virtual book called Kindle, it is no wonder that the news articles are also becoming modernized and shifting to the virtual setting. Digital marketing is incomplete if you don’t justify your existence to your customer and tell them why you are the best one.

Only your brand name doesn’t help you win the battle. You need to think about an alternative which brings you more benefits. Here are the tips on using the recent headlines in your marketing emails to get more open rates and stay relevant amongst your subscribers.

People love breaking news even if it hurts their heart or their home; they love watching it. You will always see people gathering in groups and talking about who will be the next President. Email subject lines are no exception and have no reason for not incorporating the recent news data.

Before you skip this section, let’s quickly skim through some essential email marketing statistics. Specific data reveal that 40% of Americans rely on digital sources to learn about what’s happening worldwide. On the other hand, only 5% of the population seeks the physical newspaper with that fresh ink smell.

Emails consisting of breaking news attract more attention because everyone is curious to know what is happening around them. Let the readers see you as a reliable source and rely on you for every small thing happening worldwide.

How to use it?

The first thing on this list is to do an adequate amount of research and gather relevant data. Keep yourself updated to provide internet users with relevant information. For your emails to be seen, you need to use scary words like ‘alert’ and ‘breaking headlines.’ These two words are opened more often, and stats reveal that 61.8% of consumers opened the emails, starting with the word, ‘alert.’

You can select the title case and sentence case according to the taste of the people. It is found that email subject lines consisting of the word ‘tomorrow’ in upper sentence cases are more likely to get opened, and so far, it has been surveyed that it increases your open rates by 10%.

Create your email based on the recent developments worldwide and frame a subject line that captures the zest of the content and keep it half-cooked so that your consumers will look at it out of curiosity and excitement.

Subjects Lines with Emojis

An emoji is so adorable, and anyone who looks at it gets tempted to see what’s inside. The same goes for an email subject line for your email marketing. Emojis depict all types of emotions, and you don’t need to utter another word to make the other person understand your state of mind.

A study found that using emotional emojis and a sad subject line enhances your emails’ effectiveness and increases your sales up to 70%.

Emoji marketing is in vogue, and you should take advantage of it to increase your sales. The emoji expresses your emotions and tells the recipient what the content inside is all about.

Millions of emails will flood your subscriber’s inbox, and these emojis help your emails stand out from the entire email list. Using an emoji, you can quickly grab your customer’s focus and make him/her open the email sent by you. 

This email marketing statistics is highly effective and increases your emails’ open rates. You will notice that your open rates will increase up to an astonishing 75% after sending your emails in a brief span. Hence, you must incorporate emojis in your subject lines to double your open rate.

How to use it?

Your goal should be to incorporate relevant emojis wherever required but remember not to overdo it; otherwise, your email will become spam. So avoid using a lot of emojis in your subject line.

Since subject lines with an emoji help in getting higher open rates, many companies use these statistics. You can make out that emoji using companies get 56% more open rates than the companies who don’t use it by seeing the data.

Now you can see how essential it is to use relevant emojis in your email subject lines. However, restrict the numbers of emojis that you use, as stated before. So, the next time you create a sweet message for your subscribers, ensure that you use adorable emojis and allure them to open the mail.

An emoji is the best because it is heart touching and, at the same time, conveys your emotions and lets the audience get a hint of what is inside the mail.

Subject Lines Starting With a Story

Stories are the best way to entice your audience organically and increase your site’s conversion rate. Storytelling covers most of these email marketing statistics alone and gets you the desired number of open rates. Don’t believe us? Let’s check out some stats.

When included in the subject lines, unheard stories generate your audience’s curiosity and help to build up a personal attachment.

An entire story cannot be narrated in a subject line because there is a limitation on the subject line character length, but a teaser or introduction can be incorporated. Marketers use these marketing stats to spark emotions inside your customer.

You should know that emotions are highly helpful in marketing and sales. So, ensure that you use these email marketing tips while framing a sales-driving subject line. You will be surprised to know that many well-established businesses use stories to prepare impactful subject lines and intrigue their audience and improve their open rates and sales.

How to use it?

Start the subject line with your own story about what you did and how you came out with flying colors. Try to engage your audience and connect with you. Why should a person be interested to know what happened with you? Trigger their pain points, research to understand what your audience wants.

The excellent way to get your emails opened is by reminding the audience about their instances and struggles or some sweet memory. Don’t be interested only to convey your message. Think about them and provide them with what they want. Keep your email based on their requirements and needs.

Frame the subject lines such that it tempts the audience and intrigues them to click open the email they have received. After they click on it, unfold the story building up the curiosity but don’t convey the entire storyline.

Leave some links or messages to click on it if they want to read your entire blog posts or articles. Don’t go overboard; otherwise, your email subject lines will appear spam, which will be of no use.

These stats on storytelling are worth using because many marketers use them while marketing to increase their conversion rates and open rates. Your goal is to increase your subscribers, and there is no other effective method better than this to connect with your audience and tempt them to do so.

You can also play with the title case to show the story’s seriousness if you share any terrible or scary experience. The trick behind using an upper title case is that the bigger the letters are, the more eye-catching the subject line is.

Retargeting Subject Lines

The majority of the time, you will notice that there are plenty of visitors on your site, but the conversion rate is still less. The only reason for this varying ratio is fulfilling the desired goal like filling the form, making an account, or subscribing for further mails.

Many people don’t fulfill the desired goal, and so the conversion rate goes down.

It was estimated using data that 98% of people visiting an online store leave their carts abandoned or don’t complete the desired task. The email subject lines that keep updating your would-be customers to complete their actions are more used by the marketers to drive their sales and increase the open rates.

They are the perfect reminders and are very useful. In research, retargeting email subject lines are 48% more effective and are more likely to be opened by the audience.

How to use it?

One of the significant reasons why many people abandon their carts and don’t check out is the high price that they see. This expensive deal drifts them away from your site, and they start browsing the other brands.

If you don’t want to lose your audience and want to keep them connected to you, using these email marketing statistics is the most effective solution.

Study why your customer didn’t complete the required action and frame a subject line around it. Use other statistics, create an impactful email subject line, and remind the recipient to complete his/her order.

Start with the name and tell them to complete the entire process and give them some deadline. You can also include call to action (CTA) buttons in your emails and provide them offers or free shipping.

Many marketers influence their customers and provide them with a list of advantages that they will be getting to complete the action. Retargeting marketing helps as the audience gets what it wants, and your rates double.

Hence, emphasize what lines you use, how you make them impactful, and why your audience should be tempted to open it and complete the desired action. Become a reliable source and surprise your audience with the best services.

Subject Lines Which You Shouldn’t Use

While there are so many different types of subject line statistics for a marketer to use, certain types would be a big blunder if used. If you don’t focus while framing your subject lines and use the ‘not to be used’ words, boom, your emails’ open rates will decrease considerably along with the conversions. Besides, your emails will appear more like spam and not an actual email.

If you use the word ‘Newsletter’ instead of ‘alert’ or ‘breaking headlines,’ your email’s open rate will likely experience an 18% reduction. On the other hand, using another word in your subject line like ‘you,’ the click ratio’s decrease is 5%. Other words like ‘journal,’ ‘training’ etc. also need to be omitted.

Not only the words but the subject lines also need to be meaningful and should convey relevant messages. Let’s look at the unacceptable subject lines that should not be used in your marketing drive.

  • Simple subject lines should not be used because such lines don’t appeal to the audience, and they don’t click on the mails having a plain subject.
  • Avoid using only dates in your subject lines because they don’t denote any specific event. Instead, try to include information about the event taking place on that date. Don’t exceed the character count because long subject lines also decrease the click rates and are marked as spam.
  • While framing a subject line, ensure that you start it with the first name of the user. The last name signifies that you don’t know your audience well and hence are not genuine. The usage of the last name also marks the email as spam and the user doesn’t pay heed to it.

How to use it?

You should use all your marketing skills to attract your audience by framing creative and relevant subject lines. Ensure that you refrain from using words that don’t increase your website’s conversion ratio and open rates. Email marketing is fun until you use the correct strategy and implement it in your marketing drive.

Create meaningful emails with eye-catching subject lines. The posts should be informative, and the words used should be correct. Don’t make your email look like spam, which will eventually lead you to lose your consumers.

Use the first name whenever you are addressing someone and try to form a good relationship with your customers to come back to you whenever they need anything.

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