15 Best Domain Name Generators to Help You Pick a Domain

Crafting the perfect domain name for your business is far from easy. You want a name that’s memorable and catchy and lets customers know exactly what they can expect from your business.

Of course, every other business owner is trying to do the same thing, and competition for the best domains is stiff, to say the least. Chances are, you’ll come up with a perfect name more than a few times, only to realize that the name has already been taken by someone else.

Thankfully, some excellent resources can make the arduous domain search much easier and less stressful. Read on as we cover fifteen of the best and most helpful domain name generators available, so you can focus on running your business and less on crafting your domain name.

1. Bust a Name

Bust a Name is an especially powerful domain search tool, and it’s perfect for finding some out-of-the-box solutions that other generators might miss.

To use this tool, start with your keyword. From there, choose whether you want your domain to start or end with your keyword and click search. Bust a Name will return hundreds of results to you that you can filter by domain extension and whether or not the name is already taken. At the bottom of the page, the generator will also suggest other keywords for you to try.

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t even have a keyword in mind, Bust a Name can also randomly generate domain names to help provide some inspiration.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap’s Beast Mode domain name generator tool is arguably the most powerful and comprehensive domain name generator we’ve found. This aptly name tool allows you to enter up to 5,000 keywords or domain name ideas into your search. From there, you can select the top-level domain suffixes you’re interested in, and filter your results.

There are plenty of filters available so you can get right to the most relevant results. There’s even an AI-powered Domain Hack feature that makes smart suggestions to help you find the perfect domain name without having to shell out thousands of dollars.

3. Namestall

This company provides a variety of helpful tools that can help you snag the ideal domain name. Their generator tool allows you to search by keyword, and it provides many different filters to help narrow your search, such as:

  • Popular keywords
  • Categories by industry
  • Grammatical particles
  • Basic words

Namestall provides additional tools, such as selecting where the keyword appears in the domain, adding a hyphen, or selecting which domain extensions you’re interested in.

Beyond the domain name tool, Namestall also provides additional tools, like domain search, brandable domain lists, and high CPC keywords.

NameStall also features a similar domain name suggestion tool, an instant domain search tool, a brandable domain name list, and a high-paying keywords search tool.

4. HostPapa

HostPapa provides a variety of different web hosting and design services, and they’re a one-stop shop for all your domain and web development needs. While they don’t have a domain name generator per se, their search function is the ideal resource for businesses that need to secure an impactful domain name for their brand.

Use the search bar to search for a particular name or phrase, or just start with a keyword, and Hostpapa will return a bunch of variations and alternatives. Sometimes, a service like HostPapa is the perfect resource for finding and securing a creative domain.

5. Shopify Business Name Generator

While the name suggests that this tool is for naming businesses and not websites, it’s surprisingly effective for domain searches. With this tool, simply search for a keyword you’d like to include in your domain, and Shopify will return results based on that name.

Shopify hopes you’ll use this tool to register a store with them, but there’s nothing stopping you from using their suggestions and registering one of their domain name suggestions somewhere else. All of the names Shopify suggests are available as a .com domain.

6. Nameboy

If you already have a solid vision of what you want your domain name to be, Nameboy is the perfect resource to help you refine your idea and get it ready for the world. To search for names, enter up to two keywords, and Nameboy will return a list of possible matches.

Nameboy also offers handy charts that let you know what variations of taken names are available, or if a name that would be a good fit is available for sale. There’s even a section for hyphenated names and rhyming words.

7. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is the best place to get started if you’re just sitting down at the drawing board. With this search tool, enter a single keyword, hit enter, and watch it work its magic. You’ll receive hundreds of different .com domain ideas, all available for use right now.

Lean Domain Search also provides a variety of helpful tools and features, including:

  • Filter by popularity, domain length, or alphabetically
  • Track your search history
  • Share search results
  • Save favorites

Since you’re starting with a single keyword, Lean Domain Search is an ideal place to flesh out your ideas until you can come up with a tangible direction for your new domain.

8. Panabee

Panabee is a one-stop shop for locking down the perfect name for your website, app, or business. Panabee asks you to choose two keywords that describe your business, and they take care of the rest.

In the search results, you’ll see a list of suggestions, followed by a list of suggested synonyms for your keywords to help inspire new search ideas. There’s also a handy feature that checks whether your chosen domain idea has already been registered as a user name on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

9. Domain Puzzler

We like domain puzzler because it’s simple and easy to use, but also provides some more advanced tools to help you find that perfect “needle in the haystack” domain. At its most basic, you simply type in the keywords you want and hit search. Unlike other tools that restrict you to one or two keywords, Domain Puzzler allows you to add as many as you like.

All told, there are four different search modes.

  • Easy – Basic keyword search
  • Advanced – This allows you to combine your keywords with other words of your choosing
  • Magic – Combines your keywords with popular words common to in-demand domains
  • Page rank – Compares your suggestions against each other

10. Name Mesh

If you’re starting from scratch, but you have a couple of keywords in mind that may fit the bill, the domain name generator from Name Mesh is going to be a helpful tool for you. Enter your chosen keywords into the search field, and create your list.

Name Mesh provides ideas by categories such as common, short, SEO, similar, fun, and new, and there are also several different filters available that can help narrow your search results. The Mix function is especially helpful, as it will combine your keywords with popular prefixes, suffixes, and portmanteaus to help you craft a memorable and of the moment domain.

11. Domains Bot

With Domains Bot, you can search for a domain you’re interested in to check if it’s an available domain. If not, it will provide you a ton of suggestions based on the keyword you search for. Once you complete your search, you’ll see a variety of different filters and alternate suggestions to help you narrow your search, or give you some new ideas for your next search.

12. Name Station

We first learned about Name Station from some favorable coverage they’ve received from the likes of Tech Crunch, Mashable, and others. Unlike most other sites, you’ll need to create an account to be able to take advantage of features like the domain name generator. This caveat is a bit of a pain, but their tools are quite useful, so it’s worth creating an account.

One interesting feature here is name contests. With the contest feature, you’ll be able to take suggestions for your next domain from Name Station’s community of users. This feature will no doubt come in handy during those times when you’ve racked your brain for hours on end and still can’t manage to come up with the perfect name on your own.

13. Instant Domain Search

IDS is the perfect tool to use if you already have the ideal domain name in your head, and you’re looking to see what your options are.

Type your domain idea into the search bar, and they’ll tell you whether the domain is available, and provide a link to purchase it from GoDaddy, or other domain registrars. If it turns out your domain idea is taken, they’ll provide you with a list of alternatives that may still be a good fit.

Another very useful wrinkle of this search engine is the expiring domain feature, which will show you a list of potential names set to expire soon. Depending on the registrar, you may be able to swoop in and score your dream domain for cheap.

14. I Want My Name

This site is quite similar to Instant Domain Search, and it’s another viable option if you already have an idea of what you want your domain to be.

Type your domain idea into the search bar, and the engine will show you every possible TLD available for that name, along with the price it would be to purchase it. You can also filter out any names which have already been taken.

This site doesn’t offer the additional tools that IDS does, so you may find that IDS is a better choice for you.

15. Webhosting Geeks

Another easy-to-use tool that’s a good starting point for businesses that are drawing a blank in the domain department, Webhosting Geeks makes it easy to secure the right name for your company.

Add the keywords you want into the generator, choose your domain suffix, where you’d like your keys to appear in the name, and set a character limit. From there, the generator will provide a list of potential names, as well as availability information as a domain and a social handle.

With the help of these powerful domain name generators, you should be well on your way to selecting a perfect domain name for your business. Do you have a favorite domain name generator we didn’t include? Let us know about it in the comments!

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