The Best Dating Website Builders and Platforms

Everyone needs a little bit of love in this world. With love, you’d have just enough not to feel alone, lonely, and isolated. More than anything, it’s also innately wired within us to constantly seek companionship and a place to belong.

This is evident in the way we bask in the company of our loved ones, special friends, or even our significant others for affectionate and intimate moments. Such makes dating a kind of pleasure to indulge in time and time again, with people being okay with their constant love pursuits.

People search for dates almost everywhere — beyond universities, at cafes, sports games, and most especially online. The advent of the Internet has only birthed a new avenue for dating, which, until now, is very much alive, flourishing, and thriving. People’s constant search for friendship, company, and, ultimately, love leads them to look for it within social media spaces.

While this is usual on the Internet, particularly social media, people would often prefer being in specialized dating-oriented websites simply because they allow for a more fulfilling searching phase.

Now, with dating being a normative and widespread activity people often undertake, you can use this as a means to make serious business through online dating websites. You can plan, create and execute your dating website with the aid of the best website builders. In doing this, you’ll simultaneously provide a rewarding experience to your members in terms of helping them fill the missing gaps in their lives — one which you’ll also benefit from in terms of desirable and profitable revenues.

However, like any other business, this doesn’t mean that doing so will already bring you surefire success. Before anything else, you’d have to carefully think of the necessary steps to make sure that your website gets its much-needed accomplishment. Firstly, you’d have to invest a proper amount of planning into your dating website’s pre-development phase, especially since the business model alongside the website building tool you utilize will affect the kind of outcome you will experience later on.

Before diving deeper into helping you discover a few of the best methods to build a dating website, here are some ways that you can monetize it. These options also have ample significance in choosing what website building tool to use.

  • Paid memberships

The first idea you have probably thought of in creating your dating website builder is to opt for a paid membership-styled business model. However, if you want to ensure success in doing this, you’ll have to make a certain part of your customers’ user experience free at most. For example, many successful dating websites allow free searching, making it accessible to everyone across the globe. Despite this, users will need a premium account if they want to get the other person’s contact details or other necessary information.

If you particularly want to follow this route, you have to guarantee that the website builder you choose provides you with valuable features like support mechanisms, memberships, and payment gateway integration, among many others.

  • Affiliate programs

If your dating website is now well-populated with profiles, it can be great leverage for several other businesses like gift shops, apparel, flower shops, and restaurants. With this in mind, you can target affiliate programs from these businesses and then gradually begin earning profitable affiliate incomes due to the purchases made from various merchants because of your dating website.

Of course, you should never forget the fixed business model that Google had introduced. With Google Adsense, you can cleverly position certain advertisements and eventually make your website a source of passive yet steady income. Because of this, you must choose a builder that provides flawless Adsense integration.

Now that you know some important ways to monetize your website, you may think that you’re already a few steps away from making everything work. Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of things you need to go through. Creating your own dating website is not an easy task. If you want to make it a success, you need specific functionalities that include multimedia playback, advanced search options, match suggestions, profile creation, instant messenger, and more.

This is usually where tools like web scripts, themes, and free website builders become especially useful. Since you already have an overview of how you can earn income from dating websites, we will now be going in-depth regarding the various methods of website creation.

Dating Software and Scripts

Besides choosing the best online website builders, you can proceed in making your functionally convenient dating portal by utilizing a software package or script specifically designed for creating such online sites. Here, you’re opening up your considerations by allowing online dating website scripts to catch your interest, with which you could very well make a great deal through an exceptional script.

A couple of these scripts are typically open-source, meaning that you get unprecedented access to resources like themes and widgets. At this juncture, we will help you learn more about how scripts and software can help by introducing some of the best ones available in the market.

SkaDate Dating Software

While it’s cemented as a simple yet distinctly sophisticated website builder for dating sites, SkaDate is actually a top-notch solution for all of your dating-related ideas, especially regarding chat-based services or an out-and-out dating service website. Moreover, SkaDate doesn’t come with gritty coding exercises, so you can freely enjoy and explore your web page and blog creation experiences while you’re at it. Also, once your website is already jam-packed with profiles, it will become relatively easy for users to select the right one from them due to the profile search settings.

For adventurous users, the Speed Dating feature is a modern online dating method with which you can also use by leveraging video chat applications or text chat to provide the same experience to your users. Another feature like the Completeness bar also becomes a visual motivator for site members to input more personal information. At the same time, multiplayer games within the websites offer several incentives for users to consider the website a go-to dating space.

You can also easily add watermarks on images as well as email implicit contact forms, inventive smilies for more personable chatting, and flexibility of options between invitation-based registration or free registration for users. These extra additions only help maximize the user experience, making dating more enjoyable to navigate.

If you like, you can also give secure usage to your customers by utilizing some of the security features in the software, like criteria-based IP blocking. SkaDate enables you to provide content in several languages, making it not only scalable but also globally relevant when it comes to online dating website creation scripts.


If you envision your website to be a full-fledged dating website with over a thousand profiles or a social networking website for singles alongside particularly bold adult content, DateMill is the best option to go for.

Unencrypted and an open-source script, DateMill offers advanced online dating website management features, including the leeway to tweak the code so that you can get more from your website. Here, you get a pool of fairly impressive features like cache-based website access, encompassing image watermarking facility, member profile backup, CSS-based design, and more. Furthermore, it also offers a top-class user experience, with exceptional functionalities like unlimited photo additions, photo commenting, saved searches, manageable mailbox, and advanced site usages like individual blogs, privacy options, and networking, among many others.

The website administrators can utilize the script in ways that fit best with their website goals. Its abundance of valuable features and encompassing functionalities make it a must-have for any dating website.


The typical hallmark of an impressive online dating portal creation script usually includes powerful admin features, with which Chameleon takes pride in. Through the control panel, admins can make respective site-wide alterations, approve and ban users, keep tabs on content, configure settings, and manage payments from the website members all in one, alongside several other features.

The Smart Profile feature can be considered Chameleon’s leverage over any other software or script. With this feature, users can freely make profiles they love, and it can be a big retention factor for your website. Additionally, Chameleon also empowers user experience with catchy games, which also helps keep your members. This script is also open-source and unencrypted, giving you enough opportunity to tweak and make changes however you see fit.

A Chameleon-empowered website will be convenient and safe for users. Moreover, it comes with a geo-networking feature that allows members to discover the geography of other users. Unlike other types, you can also find it particularly convenient to migrate to Chameleon from another script.

Online Website Builders for Dating Sites

Dating website builders provide you the unparalleled advantage of being a one-stop-shop solution for everything you like in one place, especially since you get to sort out all of your concerns from hosting until after the implementation support.

If you especially like going for an entirely convenient back-to-back solution, then stray no further — these impressive website builders may be just what you’re looking for.

WordPress Dating Website Themes

Popularly known across the globe, the WordPress craze is spreading rapidly with upgrade after upgrade to the platform. It’s also fairly accessible for users with minimal technical knowledge, which makes website creation as easy as it gets with WordPress. For this, you will be using the WYSIWYG-styled editor so that you can make your website quickly.

You don’t have to go through all the complex steps to make it work — here, adding multimedia is convenient as it can be alongside plugins that can add to your website’s functionality. Even so, you need to realize that WordPress proves to be insufficient if you’re aiming for a top-notch dating website. For this, you need some of the most exceptional dating website themes that can blend well with what WordPress has to offer, so you’ll get a fantastic online dating website.

Listed below are three of the most popular dating website themes that you can use with WordPress. However, keep in mind that these are premium themes that you can get at justifiable prices. Such methods can also benefit those who are especially on a limited budget.

1. Lamour – Dating Website

Lamour is a theme that’s specially designed for social or dating websites. Beyond being a template, it’s also a perfect application that comes with features such as Map Searching, Chat Messages, blogs, and more.

With Lamour, you get the opportunity to register and then convert your visitors into members of the sites. Moreover, its clean yet elegant design, filled with bold colors and aesthetic content blocks, is what sets it apart from other dating themes. With its strong interactive element, users can fully explore and have fun navigating through this website. There’s also a scrolling testimonial that displays customer feedback about the site.

2. Dating WordPress Theme

One of the most unique dating website themes for WordPress is the Dating Theme — a perfect blend of substance and style. Here, you can send private messages and gifts through built-in chat rooms, utilize the status indicator if you want people to know you’re online, and also the distance calculator so users can get an idea of members’ respective geographical locations. Such tools and features help enhance the user’s overall experience in your dating website.

Moreover, you can also monetize your site through this theme because it allows you to carry out a paid membership as well as an ad revenue-based model. Furthermore, you can keep your users immersed and engaged with certain actionable inputs regarding the site’s performance.

3. Sweet Date Dating WordPress Theme

With Sweet Date, you get level-based membership controls, integrated gateway payments, and the versatility of users logging in through Facebook. These features help position this theme as one of the many convenient things that you can get from WordPress.

Its unique matching system will especially help foster user engagement and aid in filtering the ideal match for them. You can also add customized fields into profile templates for a more worthwhile experience. Despite the profile page being swanky, the several convenient features brought together work just enough to provide users with a memorable dating experience.

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