The Cheapest Website Builder in 2023

Time and technology have changed drastically, and you have no reason to pay hefty prices for building your own website. You can pay a developer a reasonable amount to get your required website.

We have included some suggestions for the cheapest website builder in this article, which can be a good option if you consider building your website using the builder.

Cheapest website builders in detail

Specific tools are used to create low-cost websites and save money simultaneously. You can use these advanced tools to make websites for SMEs, personal projects, and other businesses.

WordPress Website Builder

WordPress undoubtedly is the most popular platform throughout the world regarding website builders. Almost 35% of the websites available are using this platform for their efficient working. This popularity is mainly due to the free, open-source version, which is often regarded as

There are certain drawbacks too for the very famous platform like the website builder is not entirely free because, in the end, you will need somewhere to host the site.

Thus, we discuss the site in detail, making web hosting all the more exciting and more comfortable. You are provided with web hosting and a free custom domain name for the very first year at a reduced price at the app market.

The plans at WordPress begin at $4 per month in the personal plan. The method comprises the features like 6 GB storage along with unlimited storage of the pages.

The only drawback is the ad in the foot sitter of the site, which has a description of ‘Powered by”. One can customize the ad only to display “” or display the WP logo, which is very tiny. The plan also delivers you access to more than 100 free templates and with help with personal support, which is fantastic.

But does not provide their customers with monthly plans, so that is why you will have to pay for the whole 12 months, which can be an issue for some users. If you are looking for a pricing plan that you can pay month by month, you should check out Weebly.


  • Personal plan for $4 a month
  • A premium plan for $8 a month
  • Business plan for $25 a month
  • eCommerce plan that is for $45 per month

The Website builder plans are also available with some discounts if you agree to pay in advance for the first two years. Websites

If you wish to create a website on a minimal budget, then will be the best choice for you as it is the cheapest website builder.

The prices at begin at $2.49 per month if the website comprises five or a few pages. If your website contains more than five pages, you will have to consider paying $7.48 per month, which cannot be termed cheap.

The other platforms offer better packages; for example, you should consider websites like Wix and Weebly. These packages are so much different from just the website builder; they have included hosting.

One can also integrate the content from WordPress or anywhere else from the content managers. You can visit their website for more information.



  • Standard: The standard package begins at $2.49 a month, comprised of the beginner plan and the standard website builder plan.
  • Premium: The premium packages begin at $7.48 a month, including the beginner plan and the premium website builder.
  • Online shop: The prices begin at $16.99 a month.

Customers can get some discount for the first year.


The Weebly platform is straightforward to use. They also offer a wide range of quality templates that can adapt automatically for all devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

The blogging platform is quite flexible to build a website, and all the other useful features present with bloggers like the tags, categories, post scheduling, etc.

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Weebly provides its users with some advantages like the pay website plans can be paid month by month. This feature will charge you with a small premium, but you should look at the brighter side they are at least letting you pay per month.

The other low-cost website does not provide such an offer as Weebly.


  • Personal: The price begins at $6 a month.
  • Professional: The user will have to pay $12 monthly.
  • Performance: The user must pay $26 a month for the site.


Ucraft Free Website Builder

The designs this fantastic cheap website builder provides are unique as they give a very modern look along with the storage space and are unique compared to their competitors for stars.

That is the main reason why we are eagerly waiting to have a look at their latest templates and web design. The UCraft is an incredible platform where one can create an easy-to-use website at a low-cost price plan or even an online store.

UCraft stars also provide customers with yet another fantastic feature of a landing page builder. This is the ultimate way to collect all the email signups, and the user can also have the same free domain name that they had earlier for the other website already, so it is also user-friendly. If you consider building more complex websites, then the UCraft site will be recommended to upgrade to the pro website plan stars, which will begin for $10 per month.


  • Pro Website: The basic plan costs $10 a month.
  • Pro Shop: The price for the basic plan is $21 a month.


Webnode Free website builder

The e-commerce Webnode is the best website builder for the free website in google even though some significant features are lacking in the best website builder present in the other builder, for example, eCommerce.

You can also create websites with a multilingual interface, which is an incredible feature. The solution is also straightforward, along with the latest modern website design pages that can be automatically optimized for mobile devices or smartphones. You can also check out their site for detailed information on pages.

If you seek a cheap solution, both the limited and the Mini plans are fascinating for the audience. The small footer is still present in the limited plan, but the plan allows you to connect to a domain name. The mini package by Webnode does not show ads at all, which is a positive point. The package also comprises features in which it has a free domain name and storage space for one year. This plan is considered the best for a small personal plan and even for a professional website.


  • Limited: The basic plan can be availed for $3.95 a month for the site.
  • Mini: The pack can be availed for $5.95 for a month.
  • Standard: The features for this are available for a price of $11.95.
  • Profit: It costs $19.95 per month.


Wix Website Builder

Wix is the ultimate platform that offers the cheapest plan as compared to any other website builder. It has a combination of features like design and in terms of ease of use. The system of the Wix free plan is quite flexible so that you can drag and drop the elements wherever you like.

Wix also comprises unique tools that are very useful for freelancers and even for very high-yielding businesses and can also make your work easy with the free plans’ help. For instance, the Wix hotels, Wix bookings and Wix restaurants, etc.

However, Wix has one drawback, which is you cannot change the templates just like that. You will have to begin from scratch to make changes to the template.

Here are some of the plans offered by the company. The plans have different prices so choose the one that suits your requirements.


  • Combo: The transaction fees are $ 18 per month.
  • Unlimited: The ultimate plan can be availed for $ 23 per month
  • Business basic: The basic plan is available for $ 28 per month.

Wix cannot be termed as the cheapest website builder anymore as it has increased the premium tiers and the prices for the plans at the website builder changed dramatically. In the US alone, the reduced-cost connect domain is unavailable for users.

Wix is liked and appreciated by its users for its features and supreme quality, and bandwidth. So the price is not the criteria by which Wix can be judged.


Jimdo Website Builder

The prices for the Jimdo were massively increased after the Jimdo Dolphin was launched, so the Jimdo can also not be regarded as a cheap website builder anymore.

Jimdo has gained more focus on the ease of use of its platform, and there is a guide that has instructions for the customer on each step of building a platform.

The procedure and setup are still way cheaper than most other trial version web builder sites. This means that the web browser’s guiding method will eliminate the requirement of the web developer, which will, in return, eliminate the cost of the site and make it cheap.

But there is a drawback of using the Jimbo as it does not offer a monthly payment option because their mobile-friendly plans require the payment to be done before the 12 months.


  • Start: The beginning package with a feature set can be availed for $9 per month.
  • Grow: The advanced plan is available for $15 per month.
  • Jimdo also has a free trial so that the users can benefit from the required day free trial.

Template Toaster

TemplateToaster Website Maker

The Template toaster is an exception of not being a mobile-friendly website builder is based in New York City and provides customers with the cheapest plan and a very different approach.

One can easily download the software solution provided by the free plan website builder instead of downloading the cloud solution and then can easily create the website with your laptop’s assistance.

If you seek an offline tool, this can also be considered an exciting tool and an incredible option.

The templates are provided with a modern look and have features required by the website builders for the pricing plans to be cheap. The primary advantage is that the software can easily integrate with the CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, or even Joomla.

With the Template toaster’s help, one can easily access the CSS and the JavaScript Editor.

But It is said that this tool can only be used by Windows users, like Linux and Mac will not work a lot with some virtual machines, etc. The website builder tool has another downside: you will have to be alertly related to the software updates as the site will not inform you about any updates.

Also, you’ll need to hire a hosting provider to host your website.


  • Standard Edition: The price for the newbie is $49.
  • Professional Edition: The price begins at $99 for the online store website.


HostGator is well known to be a hosting giant that has successfully launched its cheap website builder known as the Gator.

HostGator is fascinating for customers as they have an exciting collection of mobile-friendly templates offered by the eCommerce company.

Such templates are being categorized based on the niches so that the process of finding a suitable template for your free cheap website builder company can become comparatively more straightforward. The editor provided by the Gator is quite flexible like that of the Wix, and it also comes with built-in blocks, which can thus make the downside of the online store seem cheaper.

The best cheap website builders deliver certain limitations as it is still a young product. For instance, one cannot schedule bloggers’ blog posts, and it does not provide any post categories as it only comes along with the tags.


  • Starter: The pack begins with a price of $9.22 for a month.
  • Premium: The pack has a price value of $12.29 for a month.
  • eCommerce: The pack can be availed for $19.98 for a month.

In the first year, Gator is providing the users with discounts for the cheapest plans for the Cheapest website builders.


DreamHost Website Builder

DreamHost is known to be amongst the cheapest website builders and is top-rated for being the best hosting provider. Their features are fast and quite reliable, and their customer support is also amicable. This is why at least 1.5 million websites are being hosted on the cheapest plan. These website options offer website builders for WordPress, which is also famous for making the site creation and the managing process easier.

The eCommerce platform is available with 200 modern-looking templates, with the help of which the user can easily select the template of their choice. The features included in the eCommerce site builder are text, sliders, buttons, images, maps, videos, forms, free SSL certificate, app store, google analytics, and the 14-day free trial.

The drag and drop editor also helps manage and customize the available styling options and padding, borders, shadows, and background images. The website builder is known for low and inexpensive prices, and the WordPress platform, a relatively technical platform.


  • Shared starter: starting at $43.95 per month for a single website.
  • Shared unlimited: starting at $9.95 per month of the custom domain name and complete websites.


Shopify Free Ecommerce Website Templates

The tools discussed in detail for Shopify helps in creating online stores. But if you seek some assistance for the eCommerce platforms and want to avoid complicated platforms like Woocommerce or Magento eCommerce. Shopify is the appropriate option for your eCommerce cheap online store builder, but it is not something you can rely on.

Shopify cannot be regarded as the most affordable online store builder but provides the best features. For detailed information, you can also check the review for the storage space, stars, google analytics, custom domain, email support, drag-and-drop editor and SSL certificate, etc.


  • Basic: The part of the package is available at 426.
  • Shopify: it is available for $71.
  • Advanced: The advanced part begins at $266 for a month.

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If you seek to create a free website with the help of an open plan providing platform, then, in that case, Weebly or Wix is the best for web design. But if you wish to create more complex platforms, you should try to spend more and save some of the best eCommerce custom domain stars.

WordPress is also not a website builder as it is a complex platform and requires technical knowledge for customer support. Although it has its perks, the software free plan will still have to find a service provider for hosting a WordPress website. WordPress is also supposed to create directories with a third party and the other social media networks, marketplaces, and complex websites.

Cheap Website builders Vs. Professional Website designers

It takes a lot of costs to design a professional website, and it also requires skills that only some professionals. The cheapest plan usually lacks some of the main features.

  • SEO:  The SEO does not work for providing optimized rankings. It is the best option to consider working on your website for the SEO-optimized platform for yourself.
  • Duplicate Content: Some sites reuse the content for so many purposes. The consequences can be massive for the SEO of the area and the content sounding way more artificial for the comparison table.
  • Low designs: Such designs by the site builders usually work along with the already made templates, which does not look good sometimes. They are also not flexible and are not going to suit your needs.
  • Hard to Update: If you wish to change the background color someday, you may discover that you need more knowledge about the HTML or the CSS code. The updates and maintenance of the site are unavoidable activities. You can be in contact with the programmer. For example, with the WordPress programmer’s assistance, you will be updated about the latest updates and more. The website builders are the ones who deal with all these tasks.
  • Security: It is often true that these offers also contain specific malicious code, which can also harm your business. For instance, malicious links can be added to other pages.

Pros and Cons

The website builders are not meant to be perfect, and they are also not the right solution every time. For the same reason, we would like you to quickly review the pros and cons of using the cheapest website builders so that you can decide for yourself whether it will be suitable for you or not. 


  • The web design is very cheap.
  • You do not require advanced technical skills to update it yourself.
  • You control all the content and the creation of the website.
  • You are also managing SEO optimization and content.
  • It does not require any technical maintenance.


  • The website creation process will take time, as you will be in charge as a blogger.
  • The projects are also very complicated.
  • If you are starting a big and complex project, then the cheapest website builder is not the perfect option as they are not easy to manage.

Final words on the cheapest website builders

As we mentioned above, there are so many ways to make the free plan the best website builders in the cheapest plans. You can also hire a professional who is not going to charge you much for the low-cost website, and you can even do the technical work by yourself with the help of the solutions easy to use discussed above.

If you want to be 100% sure that your website has superior quality and affiliate commissions, the best choice is to get involved in the creation process to yield maximum results.

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