Best Squarespace Templates – Your 2023 Ultimate Guide

The design elements of Squarespace’s best templates are exceptional; according to them, these themes can even win awards. But it could mean something! It could also just be voodoo marketing ads. We then wanted to inquire about the best templates on Squarespace.

We learned the truth, and even a few Searches on Google later about the best template on Squarespace was also shortlisted and nominated. It received a handful of Webby awards, including for best graphic design, and it also avails excellent customization options.

Although our complete analysis of its website maker says, no other business or enterprise can better note how to analyze and have numerous customization options for improving its templates.

Squarespace’s best templates look cool, new, and flawless. Therefore the design templates are superb without any chance of error. However, with their variety, can you feel contended is the question to be answered. To figure it out, let’s go through several inquiries/responses.

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Total number of Squarespace Templates Available


The foremost thing everyone needs to consider when rating the best Squarespace template or, in general, any template is a great selection involving suitable site styles and impeccable style options and template options. But many users spend hours figuring out which is the best and most suitable choice. The selection process also becomes difficult as it has to be done through hundreds and thousands of templates, for instance, WordPress templates.

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The first positive thing is that the Squarespace template appears to find the right mark here. 110 models are available in 14 clusters:

  • Marriages
  • Photography
  • Music & Escape
  • Fitness & Health
  • Tourism & Transport
  • Person & CV
  • Online stores or Internet Stores
  • The Portfolios
  • Business Companies
  • Resources for Professionals
  • Non-Profits & Community
  • Blogs
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • The Events

It’s a number that is achievable. If you keenly look at it, there aren’t a lot of models per section. This is because each Squarespace template is sufficiently customizable and optimizable to be changed for different purposes. For professionals, portfolios, CV, and Personal divisions, for reference, the Sofia design template features. The point to consider here is that it looks like the Squarespace template catalog of families and models is still improvising. In 2018, for example, 8 new ones emerged.

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Point of distinction between Squarespace themes and templates 

Not really.

It’s exactly the same; however, it has a different label. There are template families as well.

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Best Squarespace Template Families

The main thing to note about many templates is that every single one has the same basic features that help us create a full new site faster.

  • Home page with banner image space
  • Different Layout pages with included text space and multimedia
  • Squarespace template collection page for a demo site, product, event or blog pages
  • Displaying and selling products with a call to action for purchasing
  • Contact form and customer support

However, Squarespace templates have the most loved family templates. All the families share the same/similar structure, unique features, as well as website design options. The first and foremost point to know is that all Squarespace templates and designs share the same fundamental elements, allowing adding all the features and functionalities.

  • Pages for layout (with text and multimedia).
  • Pages for sets and collections (for blog posts, events, product pages, or a blog page )
  • Pages on the cover or home page
  • Show and sell goods.
  • Modify the font and colors.

Again, the families also form the basis of Squarespace templates. Each family shares the same underlying web design layout, special features, and exclusive site style choices.

However, for example, the Opponent, Ginger, and Alex site templates are focused mostly on Marquee’s family. The unique characteristics of the family are,

  • You should address the site header on the top when browsing.
  • You Can’t Change the badge scale.
  • The sidebar will not be sponsored.
  • Scrolling parallax acts on banners.

All these points take you to the main pointer of consideration: selecting a suitable Squarespace template.

Many users have many questions and issues in choosing a prototype for the Squarespace template.

Since every family has different characteristic features, you need to consider how you’d like to conduct it on your website. Is a listing grid necessary for your blog posts? Are links of navigation necessary? Is the sidebar with content important?. This may sound a little daunting, yet conveniently, Squarespace comprises a helpful reference template map.

You may also easily search the Squarespace template collection and catalog to see which of them fits your narrative and suits your business’s needs. A search option in social icons also checks the website’s purpose.

Squarespace Families and Templates Examples

Squarespace suggests that the Brine template or brine family is a proper step to begin with. This is the most common and powerful one that seemed to make more than 40 templates. This has a Tab for Advanced Items, parallax scrolling, brine template, and an Index Page too.

Tudor-Squarespace Blog Template

Tudor is one of the best Squarespace templates. Of all the best Squarespace template designs, Tudor comes in magazine style, which is impeccably clean. It also comes in 3 layout column format, which avails you with the option of adaptation.

It also offers excellent touch typography, which is modern and can be accustomed to the latest designs and details with a minimum number of social media platform icon options. It is such an easy and beginner-friendly template that offers everything you need as a beginner and can yield great results.

York – Portfolio Squarespace Template

This is one of the best Squarespace designer templates anyone could ask for. York is a perfect template used as a designer and can be of great use for everyone who is very interested in creating visual content and can yield impeccable results.

The great advantage is that the pictures or images tend to become the showstopper by hovering. Everyone can get excess information that is useful, legit and suitable for case studies and project descriptions.

Ishimoto-Best Photographers Squarespace Template

This best Squarespace template of the brine family is excellent and is also one of the best designers. Here the Ishimoto theme template allows the user to highlight and accentuate all the details into 1 large picture, which helps in the navigation of the gallery using navigation links instantly by the user. It is highly efficient and productive using a minimal and perfect full-width design.

Number of customizations on the best Squarespace template

We are already familiar with its Brine family; shifting elements and using the necessary customization options will entirely change the design. Site Styles achieve all this.

Squarespace site styles would allow you to change such items as:

  • Typography
  • Size
  • The aspect ratio of images
  • Context photo
  • Elements revealing and hiding

To make these improvements to the platform, use the options and choices present in the Design Panel. To achieve a cohesive look, you can modify global styles to make improvements that extend to the whole web, and then you can style-specific sections.

Exploring as many options and choices of designs as possible is recommended to enhance the appearance and change your website’s complete outlook. As you develop your platform, it is suggested that playing with the numerous design choices is better. Only then will you get an idea of feasibility and create a template by checking various fonts, colors, and page settings.

You may try to reverse or save the changes after making them. Squarespace also provides many functionalities and features.

Blank templates: 

Rather than using some demo with anonymous content, use a blank template, which might allow you more imaginative power.

Custom code: 

It’s a big Yes, as anyone can add HTML/CSS code to the web. You’re going to need a business strategy for making changes, and any assistance won’t come if anything unexpected happens.

Premium options: 

Based on your Squarespace plan, you can install premium features, including the program code and JavaScript injections.

Squarespace Website Builder

On the Company and eCommerce plans, premium features, and eCommerce solutions, are available. It lets you build a website or online store with content and system integration that helps your company expand with all these features. Mostly on Personal Package, premium features are not eligible. You can update at any point for using them if you’re already on this contract.

The last thing to understand is that all its Premium features will be readily accessible whenever users register for a free Squarespace trial. However, You’ll miss them if your scheme doesn’t help them later.

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Can the Squarespace best templates be changed later?

This is a massive bonus compared to other website creators, such as Wix, who do not provide this feature. You will have to change the content to make things functional. Modifying template designs later makes it possible to give the site a full renovation, including desired, including fully resetting our existing prototype.

Are the Squarespace Templates  Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile internet use has been up swinging as per estimations, and they indicate that more individuals would use smartphones to get online than computers. This consumer market has been growing exponentially, owing to the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones, amongst all others. For various location-based companies, such as restaurants and retailers, digital variants of sites would eventually become necessary. Mobile shopping has seen substantial progress in the last few years, so you must reach your online store on a mobile phone.

It is true by default and necessity. All other Squarespace templates have been built towards being sensitive, so on devices of any scale, the elements can reconfigure on their own for looking fine. Users can, therefore, need to adjust a few other features to make that web play good.

All Squarespace websites are planned to look fantastic from the beginning on mobile devices. Modifications you make, though, such as big media files, lots of content on a website, and small letter spacing, can create website launching and mobile display problems.

What is the cost of Squarespace Templates?

They are all free. So you can even directly buy tailor-made prototype templates from developers or designers. These appear to linger around the mark of $100-300.

Is it possible to get Squarespace Templates from somewhere else?

Always google for “Premium or customizable Squarespace templates.” You can find a few more developers engaging in the sale of most custom designs. Till the developer takes the assistance of the intended Developer Platform, it’s valid. And on certain websites, purchased design packages provide leap guidance for a configuration where one uses their guidelines to develop its design using Squarespace by themselves. This may sound a little confusing, but it might be helpful if you wish to change the site individually later.

If you actually want to copy its code directly, it would be beyond the reach of assistance for Squarespace. As for the other benefits and drawbacks of a Paid Squarespace template, the primary gain would be about the site platform, which stands out. Users probably see more places that look remarkably like yours, even with all the customized and optimizable options.


If you really want the right Squarespace template for your dream Squarespace website with a blog post and affiliate link, make sure you check one page of each template. Then, check the search bar for the most designer template page via preview post and profile feature.

Also, check the method to add affiliate links so that you are fully satisfied and don’t have to look for a way around. Moreover, keep in mind to use cookies to help your visitors be a part of your website team.

Pros of Templates from Squarespace 

  • Good versatility and choices for customization
  • You should apply a custom code to your account.
  • Elegant and aesthetically appealing
  • Decent preference
  • It is possible to change templates without missing data

Cons of Templates from Squarespace 

  • They focus on stunning, large pictures. The models quickly look less desirable if the content is not as excellent quality,
  • Templates, although also based on static grids, are flexible. As for other, more compact builders, you don’t get complete control over materials.
  • Need to review families of models for unique features.
  • Customization can require premium functionality.

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