52 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2021 (Expert Pick)

When you’re launching a WordPress site, you’ll want to find a free WordPress theme that has a responsive design.

However, there are thousands of highly customizable free themes for WordPress. Each WordPress theme in the free ecosystem is intended for a different purpose, and not all page builders have the same needs.

We’ll help you to identify a handful of theme options that you can use for free. If you’re not sure which theme to pick for your blog layouts, we’ll help you pick the best free layout for your blog so that you can focus on your content.

Launching Your WordPress Site

Before you browse the theme offers, you’ll need to launch your website, install hosting, and deploy WordPress to your server. Installing WordPress can be difficult, but there are many resources that can help you.

Likewise, purchasing hosting for your site may be challenging, but with the help of your hosting company’s customer service, you’ll be in good shape. After your website is live and your WordPress is configured, you can start to browse for a WordPress free theme.


If you’re looking for a minimalist and fully customizable WordPress theme that’s great for enterprise customers, look no further than the blog theme called Sparker. Sparker also has e-commerce integration, blog highlight functionality, extensible widgets, and built-in SEO tuning and analytics.

For some applications, however, Sparker may not appear personable enough, so make sure that the aesthetic fits your brand.

Bold Photography

Bold Photography is a theme intended to feature its striking background images to evoke emotions in website visitors. From a technical standpoint, Bold Photography is formidable, as it allows for adjusting of the images at the centerpiece of the theme.

You will also find that Bold Photography is light on fields for text, as are most other image themes. This means that while its modern design is beautiful, the page layouts may not be the best for some post formats.


Journal is a minimalist WordPress blog theme that’s easy to set up and simple to configure at a glance. Journal is especially effective because its front page includes a large featured posts reel as well as an image panel. Theme free wordpress in Journal also comes with a multiple color scheme set.

You will also find that the Journal themes have a handful of typography options to highlight beautiful typography and your featured image. Journal’s weakness is its social icons, which are hard to find in this free theme.


Interserver is a theme that emphasizes simple but responsive design. As with many WordPress themes, you won’t have a million different widget areas or extensive theme features, but you will have a blogging theme that works out of the box for mixed e-commerce and blogging applications.

In terms of its WordPress aesthetics, Interserver’s blogging theme is clean and cute. For blogs about home goods, cooking, childcare, or even addiction recovery, Interserver is a great free theme.


Infinity is a flat design theme for blogs, complete with a custom logo maker. The high-contrast color choices are professional but not especially aesthetically pleasing themes. With this theme, you’ll have a full-width layout, a large header area, a few typography options, and limited online store functionality.

Infinity’s minimal design doesn’t leave visually-inclined people with much to work with, however. The header image is a bit difficult to implement for the few theme options that there are with this theme.


Balanced is a simple yet effective WordPress blog theme that is great for personal fitness sites that need a mix of blog widgets. The header layouts are highly constrained, but the right sidebar with article suggestions is an effective way to leverage your SEO once someone is on your site.

Balanced is also easy to set up for a blog theme, fully responsive for free WordPress, and fast to load. Other themes should follow Balanced’s lead.

Queens Magazine

This theme and other similar themes is perfect for larger blogs with several different types of content. Using the drag and drop functionality, you can arrange elements on this WordPress blogging theme. The Queens Magazine theme is also perfect for fashion lifestyle blogs or food blogs.

The one issue with the Queens Magazine format is that it offers multiple page templates to work with, and some users may be confused by all the options.

Blogger Era

Blogger Era is a WordPress theme designed for personal blogs with sticky headers. With the Blogger Era theme, you’ll get a personal highlight box where you can include your photography or an image of your choice. Blogger Era is easy to use, and its blog themes are elegant for a free WordPress theme.

You’ll also get a blogroll with several sections, a high degree of control over your color selection, and a Google-friendly SEO package.


Creativ is packed with great homepage or landing page themes for your blog thanks to its ease of navigation, excellent typography choices, and uniformity of presentation across mobile devices. Creativ themes for WordPress free also comes with other WordPress themes, so you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Creativ’s box template is difficult to populate with widgets, but if you want to incorporate photography, blog posts, snazzy headers, or a large video element in the background or the header, it’s a great WordPress theme for free.


Blogstart is a free WordPress theme that is so highly customizable that it eclipses many paid themes. At the core of Blogstart’s advantage is that it has easy to use featured images, image headers, and drag and drop page builder.

Blogstart’s only blog theme problem is that its social icons are lacking, so you’ll need to be more aggressive with your social links. Most free themes have a similar drawback, so it isn’t a big deal for this WordPress theme.

Generate Press

Generate Press is one of the best free WordPress themes because it’s highly customizable and it has a handful of different theme options. The theme options include widget areas, a header image, color schemes, and several blog layouts.

Generate Press also includes unlimited color options, a page builder, and a custom logo design. Everything in Generate Press looks great, and the background image configuration in the page builder is especially easy to use.

The Writers Blog

The Writers Blog theme is a different page compared to other text-centric themes. As a WordPress blogging theme, as the name suggests, the Writers Blog is catered toward individuals who produce creative content.

Don’t let that dissuade you from using this theme or other similar themes if you are a news service. The focus of the theme is on being SEO friendly and effective at conveying text, but its clean and modern design makes it great for mixed media as well.


Blogasm is a theme that works great for lifestyle fashion blogs, thanks to its image collage design. The free version of the theme is fully functional, and the layout options let you decide which pictures you want to emphasize.

The primary color of this theme is white, so if you want something more colorful, you may need to look elsewhere.


Wisteria unites a timeless layout with compelling flat design and SEO optimization. While its page builders are not the most customizable, the theme options for color and typography are tough to beat.

Similarly, Wisteria is one of the best free WordPress themes because of how long it has been in development. Each widget area has been tested by thousands of people, so you won’t encounter any technical issues with this free theme for WordPress.


As the name implies, Ascend is an outdoorsy and lifestyle fashion theme for WordPress. Large panoramic images are at the heart of this theme, and it’s also great for personal blogs thanks to its small yet robust text content spaces. Free themes don’t get much better than Ascend.

Photoblogs and other photography-rich sites will benefit from using Ascend, but more technical blogs will have a harder time with their theme options.


Fury is a WordPress theme for e-commerce and online stores. Fury has Woocommerce support, and it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes as a result.

Using the live update function lets you push new products onto your store page very easily, and Fury offers multiple options for color choices and page templates.


If you have a blog that has text content, image content, and e-commerce, Agama is a great blog theme. Agama’s design is understated, but its translation ready text fields, clean design, and high-quality navigation menus are winners.

Agama is ideal for business websites, as the theme makes it easy to cross-link your featured content to other starter sites.


CityLogic is an image-heavy theme that’s a shortcut to providing a good user experience to your website visitors. In this free WordPress theme, you’ll get a ready-to-use homepage layout, several grid layouts, and a photography section that’s great for everyone, from food bloggers to law firms.

CityLogic also supports custom CSS, so if you want to make new navigation menus, search bars, accent colors, or social media integrations, there won’t be anything in your way.


For a masonry layout that has sensible accent colors, an effective block editor, and a price tag of zero, Conica is a powerful free WordPress theme.

When you use Conica for blogs, you’ll get a theme free for WordPress, several custom logo options, and a zesty front page.


If you want a horizontal WordPress website blog theme, Panoramic might be right up your alley. Panoramic lacks a featured images section, but it does have a handful of different post formats, color schemes, and other customization options.

When you use Panoramic, you’ll also get one of the best free WordPress customer support systems, so make sure to appreciate the help you have access to.


Magbook is a photography-centric WordPress theme that’s one of the best free choices out there. Magbook’s best feature is its featured images selection, each of which leads to the blogging theme pages.

Magbook also has a handful of theme options, page templates, and drag and drop customization suite.


For WordPress blog themes designed for fashion lifestyle and e-commerce blogs, there are few better choices than Vogue. Vogue’s blog layout also includes Woocommerce support, page templates, clean design, and unlimited color options.

Vogue’s design is rights reserved, so you’ll need to get a license if you use it outside of normal free theme parameters.

Responsive Mobile

For post formats intended for viewing on mobile devices, Responsive Mobile is a great choice. Responsive Mobile’s header layouts are easily rendered on mobile phones, and using the live update feature makes it easy to be pushing new content to all of your site’s pages.

Responsive Mobile’s theme comes with a custom logo, so if you want your logo, you may need to customize the header.


Avant’s flat and minimalistic design is perfect for e-commerce blogs that need a small selection of post formats and a large custom logo area. Avant’s WordPress theme has a stellar navigation menu, great social buttons, and an effective search bar.

You should be aware that Avant is also SEO friendly, so you won’t need to do much to get social sharing started.


Ignite has classic WordPress aesthetics with beautiful typography and a right sidebar that offers multiple ways for users to navigate your blog.

While Ignite is Woocommerce compatible, you should understand that it isn’t a free WordPress theme intended for e-commerce. Instead, this free blog theme is great for personal blogging or photography.


Otography is an artistic and popular WordPress theme that’s optimized for SEO and highly responsive for viewing numerous images in maximum resolution. Otography is one of the best free WordPress themes for amateur photographers who care less about social sharing and more about generating business directly from viewers.

For personal blogs, Otography is best for people who like to include a lot of featured images.


For visual blogging themes, Virtue is a responsive and flat design option. Virtue also has e-commerce support, several widget areas, a blog area, and several customization options.

Virtue’s page builder is somewhat limited, but its blogging themes are good enough for most purposes. Social media icons are also hard to implement, but the theme’s online magazine format makes up for it.


As a free WordPress blogging theme, Responsive is a simple and no-clutter theme with a featured image panel and a one-page blogroll layout. If you’re looking for an extensive header area and a smattering of different page templates, look no further.

You can also integrate Responsive to Woocommerce. If you plan on expanding your audience to other countries, all Responsive pages are translation ready.

Natural Lite

If you don’t need many color options, but you would like wide formats to show off your best photography or images, Natural Lite might be right up your alley. Natural Lite is partially customizable, easy to navigate, and has a fully-featured site builder that you probably won’t need thanks to its template collection.

When you use Natural Light to make your WordPress blog, keep in mind that it works best when you use images as hubs for other content.


iFeature’s flat design makes it a visually pleasing blog theme for WordPress. You can easily layer a large background image behind a substantial top header, and it’s simple to add photo galleries to guide your subsequent development.

iFeature also has some e-commerce support, but its main strength is in its highly configurable social buttons and widgets.


Hueman combines the strengths of feature-rich flat design with the customizability of multiple blog layouts and SEO optimization. Hueman blogs have two featured item panels, a central blogroll, navigation in the top bar, and an understated top header.

You will need to play with Hueman’s color customization options to get it to match your brand, as by default, they may clash with a strong brand image.


Tempo is a minimalist and text-centric free WordPress blog theme. Tempo’s main colors are black and white, but there are also several shades of grey. The header on Tempo is large, but not colorful, so you will need to rely on its typography options if you want to excel.

Tempo’s layout is light on navigation and featured widgets, but it does have a navigation menu in the top right. You can customize the position of the menu and several other widgets from inside the site builder.


For reporters or literary producers, Author is a great personal blogging theme. Author’s sidebar includes an image for your profile, social buttons, a large header, and a search bar. Author also renders cleanly on mobile devices as well as desktop machines.

The area where Author could use more work is in its SEO optimization. While many people do just fine with its built-in tools, higher-traffic sites may need more analytics widget support.


Named after Paul Simon’s musical partner, Garfunkel is a modern and aesthetically appealing free theme that trades technical chops for a beautiful flat design out of the box.

Garfunkel’s social buttons are understated, as are its navigation menus. However, the default color scheme and typography are absolutely beautiful, so text-heavy blogs will pull it off perfectly.

Blog Diary

Blog Diary is an interesting free theme because it combines a standard biographical sidebar insert with a blog roll mediated by the header image as the anchor. This means that Blog Diary is great for people who want to capture viewers with a stunning image, then follow up with a discursive text on a separate page.

Blog Diary’s issue is that it doesn’t have much e-commerce integration support, so you will need to use a different theme if you plan on moving a lot of goods using your website.


Primer is a postmodern WordPress theme that has a flat design and a one-page layout. Social media buttons and integrations are light with Primer, but it makes for a highly professional website for consultancies and other service businesses.

Primer’s color schemes are tailored to make your blog look sleek and stately. If you want high customizability, you might be better off with a more complex theme.


Illdy is one of the most popular WordPress themes for free as a result of its one-page layout, multiple template options, and drag and drop site builder. With Illdy, you won’t need to think about the color selection of your buttons because they are tagged automatically to the theme you use.

If you want a website that displays perfectly regardless of your hardware, Illdy is a wonderful choice. On the other hand, if you want e-commerce integration, Illdy has that too, so it’s well-rounded as a free WordPress theme.


Phlox is a colorful and integration-friendly theme that’s great for artistic websites. If you want a personal portfolio site, Phlox might be the right theme for your needs.

The Phlox SEO optimization is robust, but you may find that it doesn’t have many options for displaying featured posts or other recurring media for your readers.


For a home-like and warm theme, Satori is a market-leading option even though it’s free. Satori isn’t about flashy navigation bars, moving elements, or sophisticated widgets. Instead, Satori focuses on providing an easy experience for your users as they navigate through your blog.

From a technical standpoint, Satori isn’t very customizable, but it’s great for blogs that need a little bit of everything.

The Columnist

The Columnist is a lighthearted and cheerful free WordPress theme that features sidebar support, simple navigation, flat design, and minimalistic social media buttons. Intended for e-magazines, the Columnist is great for blogs that need frequent and deep updates with new content.

Text content will be easier to work with than image content when you’re blogging with the Columnist, however.


Mesmerize is a flat-design blog theme for WordPress, which has standard widgets, an acceptable navigation system, and a one-page design capability. There’s a lot going on with Mesmerize’s navigation bar, and it may be too complicated for a personal blog.

On the other hand, Mesmerize’s customizability is substantial, especially if you want to alter your website’s flow from one page to several different pages.


Tracks is a theme for displaying large high-resolution images in the style of your brand. With Tracks, there’s custom logo support, one-page design customization, and several interesting photo display options.

Where Tracks falters is its social media support and its Woocommerce integration, so plan accordingly.


Hiero’s flat design is light on color but heavy on functionality. Between the search bar, the featured content sections, the social media badges, and a decent navigation suite, Hiero is great for magazines as well as personal blogs.

Businesses may find that Hiero lacks a central hub for newcomers to get situated, however.


Tailored towards fashion lifestyle bloggers, Ashe is a theme for people who want to show off their content at the top of their website in a header bar. With Ashe, you’ll have e-commerce integration, SEO optimization, and a functional blogroll without needing any additional configuration.

As a bonus, Ashe is compatible with Beaver Bar, so for people who are familiar with Beaver Bar’s website builder, it’s one of the easiest to use options in the free WordPress theme ecosystem.


When you need a landing page that captures the essence of your business or personal brand in a set of stunning images in a one-page design, look no further than Shapely. Shapely’s strength is its conversion-oriented default layout templates.

On the other hand, if you want to build awareness rather than funnel your users into conversion, you may find that Shapely doesn’t convey information in text as effectively as other themes might.


While its design is quite crowded, Admiral is a remarkable theme for people who want to provide an information-dense display to a large collection of readers or viewers. For online news blogs, Admiral is a perfect choice because it tags your most compelling stories to the images that people will click on.

Admiral is also great for social media integration and similar widgets, but its e-commerce integration is lacking.


If you run a cooking website and you want to match your pictures of food to equally luscious typography, Baskerville is a powerful theme. With Baskerville, page templates are the gateway to content production.

Everything in Baskerville is SEO optimized, and with the grid-format for the blogroll, your readers can navigate exactly to where they want to go each time.


If you want to pair long-form blog content with a compelling set of panoramic headers, Lovecraft will please you. While its configuration options are limited, Lovecraft more than makes up for its shortcomings as a result of its beautiful blog post rendering, complete with mobile-friendly design and a two-tone color selection.

Lovecraft’s templates are great for different types of blog posts that highlight different elements of prose and visual content. While the social media buttons are a bit weak, everything else in the theme makes it an easy pickup, especially because it’s free.


For an approachable yet elegant theme, try Kent. Kent may be one of the only themes that render the best on iPads and other similar layouts. Kent technically has two columns for content, but one of them is occupied by the author’s badge.

Kent’s best utility is to give your readers snippets to peruse before they dive into deeper content. The theme is configurable enough to add social media integration, but you’ll never get it to accept e-commerce widgets or anything similar.


Lifestyle blogs and e-magazines will flourish when they install Moderne to their WordPress site. Unlike other themes, Moderne’s central content display window has several panels, meaning that it can showcase a handful of different pieces of content with equal force.

Beneath the top showcase, Moderne also has a standard blog sidebar and a standard blog reel on one page. Navigation at the top makes moving from subpage to subpage rather difficult, but your users will figure it out.


Fascinate is one of the most popular WordPress blogs, thanks to its spunky yet elegant design. In Fascinate, the primary role of the landing page is to direct your users to the e-commerce or bottom-funnel marketing blog posts.

This means that Fascinate is very customizable when it comes to e-commerce integrations as well as blogging templates. If you want to display large photo albums, Fascinate can do it, but it won’t show off the beauty of your images as much as other themes might.


Writee’s iconic flat design makes it an enormously flexible WordPress theme. For everything from corporate landing pages to photography blogs, Writee has a solution ready to go. Especially for people with a conspicuous and wide logo, Writee draws attention directly to the places where you need it most.

Writee’s social media buttons are passable, but the central content display showcase is the crux of why it’s a good theme for your site.

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