X10Hosting Review 2022 – Is It Worth It?

With the headquarters located in Tilton, New Hampshire, x10hosting is one of the best privately owned American web hosting providers established in 2004. X10hosting comes with one aim in mind: to provide free web hosting to all webmasters in the world.

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The feature that sets the x10hosting apart from the other sites available in this field provides hosting for free. At x10hosting, there is a community with 750,000 members to answer and help you with the questions and doubts you have.

They believe that hosting should be accessible for everyone, and they provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space, which helps your website grow without any complications.

The business launched its x10Premium hosting services in 2010, considered more reliable and faster for hosting. The add-on benefits for using the x10hosting include the x10VPS virtual server service and the server solution dedicated entirely towards infinity+. The site x10hosting is available in English for customer support.

x10hosting Free Web hosting

Features and ease of use

Flexible web hosting

At x10hosting, they only use top-of-the-range server hardware, premium networks, private cloud software that will lead the industry, and the cPanel control panel to make your website available and visible to the entire world.

In short, web hosting is high-speed and entirely free for the user’s flexibility. x10 hosting plan has easy working upgrades as per your requirement. The overview for the website is that it is user-friendly at x10hosting.

1-click software installation

The servers available on this website have more than 300 one-click installers, which will help you set up software really quickly and very easily.

Their servers include word press, Joomla, and my BB. You never need to follow installation guides, documentation, or customer support, as their cloud product will help you with an easy setup. All popular third-party scripts are included, which can be installed by 300+ one-click installations.

x10hosting Web Hosting For The Masses

Advance web hosting tools

Many powerful features are packed in their control panel meant for x10hosting review to quickly manage your web host website and provide a straightforward rating for the users. They assist you with full access to all these latest cPanel X3 controlled and simplified in-house developed other x10hosting alternatives; those who have just begun their journey are equipped with x10HostingBasic.

The reviews or opinions include that files can be easily uploaded, edited, etc., via FTP. You can easily manage MySQL databases through PHPMyadmin. You can easily configure email inboxes and all the domains.

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Support and upgrades

While building your site, if you are stuck on a problem, they offer forum-based complementary support with their over-the-top professional social media community, including Facebook and Twitter, and webmasters for the website builder. Along with that, they also offer Prime and x10 premium upgrades of the accounts that assist you with immediate attention from their team, which is there for your full-time support.

You can review promotions at their support ticket system, including technicians who have more than 4 years of experience. The staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable. The English support team is available for you 24 hours a day.

The free cloud web hosting service provides access to :

  • 100% cloud-based SSD servers.
  • The site is built for free.
  • The software can be installed with one click by the host.
  • The control panel is cPanel or customer control panel.
  • The bandwidth is unlimited.
  • The disk space is also unlimited for x10hosting.

x10Hosting provides customer service with free pricing. It grabs the attention with its SSD storage features that are comparatively faster and more reliable than the HHD Storage.

The cPanel is also trendy as it simplifies website management. It is also effortless for you to switch to the x10hosting’s brand custom cPanel, enabling you to carry more tasks as it is a free service. The reviews state that the provider’s website has the disk space and the bandwidth unmetered still; some users report that it is allocated by default at 512 MB.

x10hosting Free Hosting For The Masses

There are also x10hosting reviews about the difficulty in signing up and logging in. So it is recommended to use the free pricing hosting as a vehicle to stay away and test the services before going in for a paid plan. It would help if you also read the vendor’s term of service reviews to eliminate any suspension through customer service.

The x10Premium infinity review is a shared hosting pricing plan paid and comes with these standard features.

  • It has a 99.9% SLA
  • The bandwidth, domain, and disk space are unlimited.
  • It has PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Perl, and Python2.6.
  • The daily backups are automatic, and it has a cPanel control panel as per review.
  • Inclusive of a site builder and Softaculous installer as per review.

This paid package for the web hosting company has several benefits as the data is automatically backed up many times in a day. This is all due to the R1 Soft Server Backup Manager. You can easily access the file and the archived databases through the user-friendly control panel. The premium packaging also has Attracts SEO tools to boost the ranking of the search engine.

Pricing and Support

The main thing about the free plan is that it is free. However, when discussing a paid hosting plan review, x10Hosting sells quality hosting plans at competitive prices.

You also get some free advantages like free domain, free SSL certificate, and dedicated IP Address for the free package if you are willing to pay for a two or three-year term. These long-term subscriptions are the best if you are looking to invest in a good deal.

You are also not eligible for a refund if you cancel early as the x10hosting has all rights reserved. The x10hosting has all rights to cancel the service at any point in time.

The terms of service include cases where your money could be refunded for the remaining subscriptions unless you have not violated any of the terms stated by them. You are also eligible for the credit if the uptime falls to 99.9%. If your website requires security, they have plans like SSL certificates for $9.95 and $49.95 per year.

The only support channel for x10hosting services is the community forum. The premium subscribers have 24/7 support via email services. It also has a self-help information base for small businesses.

How much does x10 hosting cost?

Their plans are between $4 to $7. The price depends on the hosting provider plan selected by you.

Which x10Hosting plan should I get?

It is recommended to start with a cheaper plan as you can always upgrade it later. x10hosting helps you to migrate to other programs easily. The increase in visitor rating numbers sometimes can take longer, so you should not pay much money until there is a requirement for it. You can consult an expert to adjust your plans according to your needs.

How good is x10Hosting’s customer support?

You cannot say that x10Hosting has one of the top web hosts as per the x10hosting reviews. But the reason behind that is the x10hosting is small and still under the radar and a provider for web hosting plans. As a customer, you are more important to their company, which is your advantage for a small business hosting company.

Final words

Though x10Hosting has the primary attention on its free hosting plan, the premium subscriptions are also quite stable and are available at introductory prices. We liked these features from the user reviews: 99.9% uptime SLS, SSD storage, SSL certificate, long-term contracts, and the free hosting service. The negative part could be unresponsive customer support ratings and the inability to cancel your contract.

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