Wix vs. BigCommerce: Which Should You Use To Build An Online Store?

As a business owner, you need to diversify your presence to get more clients. With a large client base, your profits will rise. The internet is one of the best areas to grow your business as it boasts massive traffic and high conversion potential.

You can immerse yourself into the online world by being present on social media and, most importantly, having a website. A website cements your online presence and is a mark of legitimacy. Also, it is easy for your clients to reach you and check out your catalog.

If you want a website, the logical move is to hire a professional to create one for you. The downside to outsourcing web creation services is that they may be expensive and lack a personal touch.

To beat such cons, you can create the website on your own. There are several tools at your disposal to pull this move. This piece looks at two such tools; Wix and BigCommerce.

We will review the tools to see which is best in various aspects. Before that, we will give you a brief introduction to the players.


Wix Website Builder

Wix is an Israeli firm that specializes in web development services. It has been around since 2006, the year of its inception. The platform is versatile and easy to use, which is why it is considered a top website builder.

As of 2022, Wix serves over 190 countries worldwide, with a user base in excess of 180 million. The platform keeps on growing and adding more features to its tools to make it even more effective.



BigCommerce debuted in the software scene in 2009 and went public in mid-2020. It is a fast-growing firm that seeks to provide the best software services at a friendly rate. Presently, it has a reach of 120 countries. Additionally, it has a rich portfolio, boasting over 60000 online store creations.

Some of the services that this Austin, Texas-based firm offers include online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, and more.

Store Set-Up Speed

The first facet we touch on in this debate is the speed of setting up an online store. Typically, the preferable choice is the tool that will have the results ready in a short time.

You need your online presence established fast to start recouping your investments.

Let us see which of the two will come top in this subject.

Wix Ecommerce

As earlier mentioned, Wix is a convenient tool for setting up your online store. The following features support this claim.

Quick-Start Templates

As a beginner web creator, you will have an easy time with Wix, courtesy of its quick-start templates. Wix has over 500 templates that you can choose from depending on how you want the online store to look. All you have to do is edit the templates to your liking.

You should pick a design that will represent your store fully and make it easy for your clients to navigate. The templates save you a lot of time, as you do not have to start from scratch when creating your site. You may also use the templates as practice tools to develop your skillset.

The Wix Editor

The Wix editor is a fantastic feature you will encounter when using Wix. You will use it most of the time when creating your ecommerce platform to develop the desired outlook. A thing to appreciate about the Wix editor is that you can use it on your desktop or mobile phone.

If you use your mobile phone most of the time, you can be certain of a steady workflow. The drag and drop feature makes the editing process a walk in the park. The other thing is that the results reflect in real-time. In short, you will see the changes you make on the site as you continue working. This allows for a personal touch as you can rectify any mistake.


When it comes to resources, Wix boasts of having several to guarantee you a remarkable user experience. Among the valuable resources is the Wix ADI, which is an artificial intelligence tool that helps with the initial stages of ecommerce site creation.

When using AI, you answer questions about your store, such as your business type and what you want to be featured on the platform. This tool will give you a web design depending on your answers.

It is a perfect beginner website creator that you can use for a small business with plans of expanding it in the near future.


Not So Quick Set-Up

BigCommerce does not go that big in setting up speed. It is a tool suitable for professionals who have an idea of setting up online stores. If you are a beginner, you will spend much time learning the ropes of this platform, but it will be worth every minute in the long run.

The good thing about BigCommerce is that you will receive any aid you need. After signing up, you get a support PIN. Additionally, you receive phone calls from the support team inquiring where you need help.

Integrating Products from Elsewhere

An excellent attribute of BigCommerce is the integration of products from other sites. You can import your product catalog and client list from other platforms when setting it up. This makes setting up your online store a walk in the park. You do not lose your trade portfolio when you decide to create a new store.

BigCommerce Theme Editor

Editing tools are crucial for setting up an online store. They aid in creating the site to match your taste and make products sell fast. BigCommerce has a fantastic resource in the theme editor, which as its name hints, is for developing a befitting theme for your site.

While it is an easy-to-use tool, it trails behind the Wix editor. First of all, locating it is quite challenging, and you need to use it for some time to get accustomed. A redeeming fact is that the results are impressive and will make your store stand out.

Winner on Speed and Ease of Use: Wix Ecommerce

On the element of speed and ease of use, Wix ecommerce is the victor. It achieves this feat courtesy of its navigability, where it is easy to find the needed resources. Also, its tools are beginner-friendly, allowing you to guide yourself on their application.

Some features, like the Wix editor, have a high degree of functionality, with perks like real-time results and the presence of over 500 templates.

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Educative and Guide Tools

As a newbie to creating an online store, you need a guide to show you how to go about it. Both Wix and BigCommerce have a vast assortment of educative tools, but which one has the best?

Wix Ecommerce

Get Started With Wix

On Wix’s website, you will see the Get Started section, which is the hub to be if you are a beginner. Here, you get introduced to Wix’s various resources and how to use them. The information is short and precise, with understandable language.

You will know how to create, manage and grow your site for maximum returns on investment. Also, you find videos that show you how to commence your journey with Wix ecommerce. Success stories in this section give you the nudge to be resilient and bring your best in the journey you began.

Learn at Wix

The Learn section is a hub full of informative content, such as articles, webinars, and videos. They guide you on several aspects of online store creation, like using the Wix editor, photography for your site, and more.

Additionally, you may take advantage of online courses like coding, to give you the skills needed in web creation and management. After completing the course, you receive a certificate that you can use to source for more web creation work.


Still, under the Learn menu, you find plenty of tutorials. The tutorials guide you on site-building and management. Several categories touch on popular market sectors, for example, fitness, restaurants, and realty. It aids you in knowing what to have on your store’s homepage and other pages during creation.


BigCommerce has many educational resources, but we will highlight a handful of them to know what to expect when signing up for its services.

BigCommerce Product Tour

You can start by going on a product tour to learn more about BigCommerce. The tour features a video that touches on many subjects, as listed below.

  • BigCommerce’s SaaS platform and how powerful it is.
  • The performance of this store creating tool.
  • Product architecture.
  • Testimony from clients and how they use BigCommerce to their advantage.

The well-articulated presentation gives you an idea of BigCommerce’s mode of operation. You, however, have to sign up to join the 17-minute product tour. The registration process is fast, requiring you to provide your name, company address, and job designation. Registration reserves you a spot on the tour.

BigCommerce Resources

BigCommerce requires you to be patient to get the best out of it. A gem that you will discover on its website is the resource center. The following are some of the educational tools on the resource menu.


The informative articles that BigCommerce offers tackle essential topics like the origin and future of ecommerce. Such information is vital to optimizing your e-store to meet the changing times.

Other topics are B2B ecommerce, offline to online migration, and ecommerce hosting. Go through the pieces and furnish yourself with knowledge about e-businesses.

Ebooks And Guides

You can download plenty of ebooks and guides from the online platform to educate yourself on using the BigCommerce website builder. You will learn about sales generation and ad channels, rebalancing of investments, and back-end operations visibility.

Free Webinars

You may also join the various webinars that BigCommerce holds. From the online sessions, you learn the multiple trends in ecommerce and opportunities to take advantage of.

Moreover, you can listen to podcasts that feature renowned personalities in e-business.

Demo Store

The demo store is another amazing tool to enjoy when signing up for BigCommerce’s services. You use it to practice your web creation skills or refresh them. Also, a free trial will help you in your baby steps.

Winner of Educative and Guide Tools: Bigcommerce

BigCommerce takes the trophy of having the finest educational resources. It has more than Wix, giving you a vast pool of choices on the path to follow.

Furthermore, the simple presentation of the info makes it easy to grasp. The platform covers many subjects, and once you are done with the guide tools, you will be a pro in ecommerce.

Ecommerce Templates

Website layout may either make or break your online store. You have to pick a well-designed layout that upholds easy navigation by your clients. Your clients need to find what they want effortlessly, lest they get frustrated and leave without buying.

Wix Ecommerce’s Pre Designed Templates

Wix ecommerce is a darling to anyone who wants to develop online stores fast. It has over 500 predesigned templates that save you time that you would otherwise have been spent on creating your own.

You will find a suitable pick from the many templates and if possible, try more than one until you get your match. Most of the templates are free, but others are only accessible if you are a VIP subscription holder.

Also, the Wix website builder’s templates feature essential add-ons to assist you in adding items like shipping information, price management, and payment modes.


BigCommerce lifts its weight when it comes to templates with plenty of themes to pick. It serves the interest of professional developers who do not want to go the lengthy coding path.

Templates to Help You Sell

You have over 100 BigCommerce themes to pick from when creating your e-store. While you might see the themes as being plain, compared to Wix’s templates, they still do an excellent job of representing your business.

A thing to appreciate about the themes is that they come equipped with trading features. Wix does not have the elements, and you have to drag and drop them on your selected template. It is a time-saving facet that is perfect if you want to start a business immediately.

The themes aid you in finding the inspiration for your store design. We are talking about photos and colors that you can add to make your site unique.

The stencil themes save time, and you can change them as you work on the project at hand. This is an area where BigCommerce has an advantage over its competitor, as Wix allows you to work with only one template at a time.

The discouraging thing is that free BigCommerce themes are a rarity. You have to pay for them, with some having extremely steep prices.

HTML For Themes

Did you know that you can tweak your BigCommerce e-store using HTML and CSS? Yes, you can, and it requires you to download the theme to your PC and tweak the code offline using the right software. You upload the result to the theme editor and weigh its outlook.

Winner on Templates: Wix Ecommerce

Wix ecommerce takes the top spot on templates. Wix has many templates, most of which are freely accessible. The predesigned templates are easy to work on and save you time.

This does not mean that BigCommerce is a weak contender. It has several themes to choose from, and they are perfect for a strictly ecommerce target. However, the cost of the themes is a discouraging factor, which further upholds Wix’s win.

Ecommerce Features

Ecommerce features are a crucial element that you cannot overlook when getting the perfect web builder. These are the resources and tools that aid you in creating your store. Typically, the more features a web builder has, the more effective it is.

However, you should also look at the value the resources add, as some may be useless. Let’s look at Wix and BigCommerce resources to find out how great they are.

Wix Ecommerce

As we now know, Wix ecommerce targets small and upcoming businesses. If you are a novice builder, you have plenty of ecommerce features at your disposal for guidance. The following are perks to enjoy when you pick Wix ecommerce’s services.

Hundreds of Clever Ecommerce Add-Ons

Wix has layers of add-ons, which come in handy when optimizing the online store. They give you an edge in functionality, tracking orders, factoring in shipping costs, and connecting payment modes.

For a beginner, managing all these functions plus more aids in boosting the platform’s usability. You may get more advanced utilities, though you may have to pay to access them.

The Best Apps for the Job

If you want more utilities for your store, you can visit the Wix App Market and pick the tools you need. The App Market has both free and premium tools, whereby your selection depends on your needs.

The top apps to choose from include Etsy, which is available for free. It allows you to integrate your created store with your Etsy store. You can conduct business across multiple platforms –  an excellent way of generating decent returns.

The PayPal button is a one-click payment function that supports over 20 currencies. It is among the most secure payment channels available today. This function has free and premium versions.

Another useful app is McAfee Secure for security. It assures your clients of safety when they visit your platform, with zero chances of malware attacks.


While BigCommerce does not have as many features as the Wix web builder, its few are highly functional. Let us see what this website developer has to offer.

Every Selling Tool You Need, Built-In

It is true that you should not expect much from BigCommerce themes in terms of design. Nevertheless, it compensates for this with functionality, where you get every necessary tool on the templates. There are tons of sale features that simplify the web building process.

The fantastic benefits that BigCommerce gives you include integration with popular store platforms like Amazon and eBay. It is ideal for sourcing a decent number of clients.

Also, the themes have inventory tracking, stock management, and coupon code creation resources. Check out more features from the theme editor menu.

Lack of Choice Can Mean Peace of Mind

BigCommerce’s App Marketplace is home to loads of apps that you can incorporate in building your e-store. You will find free apps, but you must pay to use others. Also, there are apps with a free trial period.

When you compare apps from BigCommerce and Wix, you realize that the latter has a broader catalog. It makes the platform versatile as you can find the tool you need to get your work done. BigCommerce has a smaller but precise collection of apps.

You do not waste time comparing similar apps. Instead, you get a comprehensive one that is the best. As you avoid analysis paralysis when picking the required features, you have peace of mind.

Winner on Advanced Ecommerce Features: BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the winner in the advanced features debate. While Wix carries weight with plenty of apps, BigCommerce has less but more precise functionality. An agreeable fact is that both web builders have excellent features.

If you want to go straight to creating a store with all features provided, BigCommerce is your go-to choice. On the other hand, if you want to explore various resources, Wix is your solution.

Site + Store Security

You should ensure that your store has the highest security standards. Your information will be safe, the same as that of your clients. The result is more traffic as visitors are confident of zero harm to their device or leakage of their info.

With cybercrime being on the rise, you must implement the highest security grades. A peek at Wix and BigCommerce web builders’ security features will show us their dedication to giving you a good user experience.


Wix spares no effort in ensuring that your store is secure. The following are some of the ways it achieves that.

For Customers: Free SSL and HTTPS Encryption

Wix keeps up with Google regulations, and all its websites have TLS and HTTPS encryption. The data sent and shared by visitors on your created platform is in a scrambled form that prevents hackers and other malicious access.

Wix automatically switches on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for HTTPS functionality. Your potential customers can visit your store with confidence as everything is secure.

Keeping You Safe and Secure

Apart from your customers’ you should also secure yourself as you may be on the receiving end of cybercrime attacks. You have your credit card and other essential financial information on the platform. Hackers are after this, and it may cause you tremendous losses.

With Wix, you do not have to worry about your security, as this e-store creator has a robust architecture to keep off hackers. Additionally, the support team is available round the clock to help you in case you experience a security compromise.

To add on, the Wix anti-phishing campaigns educate you on avoiding spam emails that can trick you into providing your info.


A reason behind BigCommerce’s distinction as a professional-grade web builder is its security standards. We will look at some of the measures that this tool employs.

For Your Customers: Full Site Encryption and Automatic Backup

BigCommerce’s platform has a PCI DSS certification, which automatically applies to the site you build. With the certification, you are free from the costly ups and downs of getting one independently.

You may download a compliance certificate and display it in your store. It shows your site’s visitors your credibility, which is a plus for sales conversion.

In addition, BigCommerce provides you with HTTPS encryption to protect your visitors’ data. Another plus for this tool is the 3D security, which plays a significant role in securing your shoppers’ payment processing.

An automatic backup prevents the loss of your client’s data after a period of dormancy.

For You: Automatic Backups and Preventative Measures

The automatic backup feature also comes in handy for you as the store owner. Should there be a power blackout or any system hitch, your data will be safe. As such, you do not have to start from scratch if there is a malfunction.

Numerous preventative measures protect your info, more so financial. BigCommerce keeps up with the PCI DSS standards. You will notice its adherence to measures like automatic logouts at 15-minutes when working on your project.

The logouts might be a nuisance, but it protects your data from malicious parties. The good news is that you can change the logout intervals to a preferred duration.

Winner on Security: BigCommerce

BigCommerce takes the top spot in security. Its features stand out, and you can see its dedication to the client’s safety. An automatic backup that safeguards the site owner and visitors is a remarkable add-on.

Implementation of HTTPS encryption prevents data interception by hackers.

On the other hand, Wix has the same encryption, and on the clients’ side, it brings its best –  almost to the same degree as BigCommerce.

Customer Support

Web creation is a complicated affair. Even if you are not coding, it may present some challenges that require professional help. The customer support team should come to your aid in such a case.

How good is my web builder’s customer support? You weigh attributes like accessibility, response time, and the professionalism involved.

BigCommerce or Wix, which is the best in customer support? Hang on as we answer this query.

Wix Ecommerce

Wix has a strong customer support center that comes to your aid in several ways.

An editor full of tips and advice

If you are new to Wix’s platform, you may not understand many things. However, it should not be a bother as you can learn about them by floating the mouse’s cursor over the various menu items.

When you move the cursor over them, a message pops up containing info about the item you want to select.

Full Cover Customer Support

If you encounter any problem when using Wix’s web builder, the customer support team will assist you. On the help menu, you see different topics to find a solution to the issue at hand.

If the problem needs urgent attention, you can call the support center. The team is available 24/7 via call and email. Additionally, you can reach Wix through its social media handles like Facebook and Twitter. You can also leave feedback on the social platforms to help other clients.

Furthermore, Wix has the Hire a Professional feature, letting a pro take control of site creation on your behalf. The professional takes on the task, which is an excellent concept if you do not have ample time for store creation or if the task seems complex.

The platform has over 100 web design experts, and you get matched with one fitting your descriptions when you request for their services. They can efficiently tackle maintenance, designing, web promotion, and more.


BigCommerce has an efficient customer support team. Let us look at what BigCommerce has to offer on customer support.

A Guided Tour

The BigCommerce’s product tour is a significant feature that we are touching on for the second time in this piece. As earlier mentioned, you schedule the tour via registration. The tour’s primary purpose is to introduce you to the platform and show you how to use it.

You have to sign up for it if you are new to BigCommerce, for a strong foundation when starting web development.

A Community of Support

For any queries or if you want to escalate an issue, you have plenty of options when using BigCommerce. You can reach the support center via live chat, where the response is prompt. Also, you can call the support team, which is available 24/7.

A thing to appreciate about BigCommerce is that you receive professional help. You get the solution you need in record time for you to get back to your project immediately.

Optionally, you can go to the question and answer section to see if there is a query covering your problem.

Winner on Help and Support: Wix Ecommerce

Wix ecommerce beats its competition in help and support. It has several resources targeted to help stuck clients. The support center is efficient, evident from the speedy response and 24-hour availability.

Trailing closely is BigCommerce, which also has an efficient support team. Features like the guided tour show you how professionally sound this web builder is.

You can access the support team via chat, email, call, and social media for both Wix and BigCommerce.

Integration with Payment Channels

A reason for owning an online store is making sales easier. Purchases should be simple, with automatic systems existing for convenience.

We will look at how each web builder fares in this aspect.

Wix Ecommerce’s Wide Range of Payment Methods

Wix nails the versatility aspect in many areas, including integrated payment channels. When you pick Wix as your web builder, you get plenty of payment channels; local and international. Also, it connects your e-store to a suitable payment mode depending on your location.

You can change this setting later on and integrate preferred channels manually.

BigCommerce’s Pre-Equipped Templates

BigCommerce comes to the playing field with pre-equipped templates and themes featuring popular payment modes like PayPal and Amazon Pay. With the prior integration, you do not have to go through the hassles of self-integrating the payment methods.

A downside to this BigCommerce feature is that you have limited payment methods to add.

Winner on Integration with payment channels: BigCommerce

While it may seem to be a draw, it is a close win for BigCommerce, due to the pre-equipped templates. Wix ecommerce is an excellent selection if you want integration to popular payment channels.

Value for Money

You have to consider your budget when looking for a reliable website builder. The online store creator should be affordable and offer the best value.

You consider the packages offered, the flexibility of payment, and discounts and offers.

Let us look at the pricing of Wix ecommerce and BigCommerce to weigh their value.

Wix Ecommerce

You can access Wix’s resources for free and even create multiple sites. However, to access the finest web creation tools, you need to sign up for a premium plan.

When you weigh the plans of this tool against its competitors, you’ll realize that they are friendly.

Advanced Ecommerce Tools for the Price of a Coffee

Imagine creating and fully customizing your online store at the cost of a coffee. That is the reality with Wix ecommerce. It presents you with many resources at a friendly rate. On the site, the plans are in two categories: website and business and ecommerce plans. We focus on the former.

As a novice website creator, you can start with the Connect Domain subscription, Wix’s basic plan. For $4.50 monthly, you get 500MB storage space and 1GB bandwidth. In addition, you have 24/7 customer support.

If you want more bandwidth and storage space, you can pay $8.50 per month for the Combo plan. Upgrades are 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage space. Plus, you get 30-minutes of video hours.

The other available plan is Unlimited. At $12.50 per month, you get unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage space, 1-hour video time, site booster, and visitor analytics apps.

If you are a high-roller, the VIP package is ideal for you. Some of the perks of this plan include unlimited bandwidth, priority customer support, a 5-hour video time, and 35GB storage space.

As you can see, Wix ecommerce has everything for everyone. After picking your preferred plan, you follow up by selecting a suitable billing cycle. This shows you how flexible Wix’s services are. Make the purchase and start creating your store.

If the plan you pick is not as impressive as you expected, you can request a refund. You will get your funds back within 14-days. Accepted payment modes are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and UnionPay. Be on the lookout for Wix promo codes as you may land a juicy discount.


BigCommerce services target professional and experienced e-store creators. It has plenty of features though the costs might be quite pricey. It is justifiable, though, when you look at the quality of what you get.

Investing in an Expert Ecommerce Platform

If you are targeting professionalism in your store’s outlook, BigCommerce will give you more than that. However, you should be ready to part with loads of cash. The good thing is that you have a ton of resources to make your online store stand out.

BigCommerce has four plans. If launching your store on a budget, you may consider the Standard plan. You pay $29.95 monthly for it. Later on, you can upgrade to the Plus package, which is ideal for growing your online business. This package will cost you$79.95 each month.

The Pro plan is an excellent package for scaling your business. You have access to comprehensive resources after a $299.50 subscription fee charged monthly.

You may consider the Enterprise plan once you have a stable online presence. It is an excellent pick if working with a team. You contact the sales team to get a quotation.

Listed below are some of the perks that BigCommerce has for you.

  • Zero transaction fees.
  • Unlimited product listing, bandwidth, and storage.
  • Unlimited staff accounts.
  • Mobile responsive site and a BigCommerce mobile application.
  • Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay integration.
  • Multi Currency support.
  • Product reviews and ratings.

BigCommerce has a 15-day free trial which you can take advantage of to see what it offers and pick the best plan.

Winner on Value for Money: Wix Ecommerce

The last attribute is quite a head-on as both parties have strong redeeming points. Wix ecommerce steals the show, with its low-cost plans working to its advantage.

BigCommerce has a strong presence in the availability of resources. However, a discouraging thing about it is that its plans are quite pricey and do not factor in the cost of getting themes and apps. You pay for them separately.

Wix vs. BigCommerce- Final Verdict

From this article, we can agree on one thing; BigCommerce and Wix are two of the best website creators available in the market. This discussion brings to light the respective features of the two online store creation platforms. They have plenty of appealing elements that uphold their functionality.

On which of the two is the best, we would love to say it is a draw, as both have an A-game. However, Wix ecommerce takes the day due to its convenience.

Summarizing the debate, look no further than Wix if you are a newbie and want an easy-to-use tool. On the other hand, BigCommerce is the perfect companion for professionals who wish to get plenty of resources for fulfilling results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build a professional website for free?

A professional website establishes your company’s presence online; thus, expanding its clientele base. You can build a website on your own if you have the right tools. If you want the right set of utilities to create an online store, you have to pay for them.

While you may find free web builders, the quality of services might not be satisfactory and the results may not meet your expectations. The free web builder will be an excellent starting point to refine your skills if you are a new creator.

Is Wix ecommerce worth it?

Wix ecommerce is a popular website creation tool that you can check out if you want to create an online store for your business. An element to love about Wix is its simplicity, which makes it the go-to utility for beginner web builders.

Coupled with reasonably priced premium packages, you have a worthy companion in website creation. On its platform are over 500 free templates; as such, creating an e-store is an effortless engagement.

Is BigCommerce legit?

BigCommerce is a web-creating utility that targets pros who want a highly functional online store. It is legitimate with excellent resources to help you become a pro e-store owner. While you may have to pay a lot for its plans, you will love how valuable the deal is.

Is Wix Available In The US?

Wix ecommerce is an Israeli company that deals in software and offers its services to around 190 countries worldwide. It has offices in countries like the US, Ukraine, India, Brazil, and Canada. The US is one of its primary markets with millions of clients.

How can I reach BigCommerce’s customer support?

If you have any issues using BigCommerce, you can reach the customer support team via live chat. If it is an urgent matter, you can call the support center through its 24/7 available contact. The response is prompt, and you are sure to get the help you need.

Which is Cheaper: Wix Ecommerce or Bigcommerce?

When weighing the cost of the service provided, you realize that Wix Ecommerce has friendlier plans. BigCommerce’s plans appear to be quite prohibitive, almost three times that of Wix. The appeal of BigCommerce is that you get several professional tools.

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