7 Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

With the world shutting down for months and the brick and mortar stores coming down to a close, eCommerce businesses witnessed a boom in their presence during these challenging days. Every business owner sold their products and services online. People came into the digital arena to satisfy their hunger for entertainment and fulfill their needs. During this crisis period, the number of social media users increased many folds because social media platforms offered them entertainment, provisions, services, and many other useful amenities.

Since their launch in the early 21st century, Social media platforms were not so prevalent back then. The number of internet users was less, and so were social media users, but now the tables have turned.

To find your target audience and increase your sales considerably, the best possible way available today is to use the social media platform. With a hundred million users around the world present on multiple platforms, it becomes easier for you to grow your business using these highly efficient platforms. If you want your well-planned marketing strategy to reap good rewards and help expand your business, you need to know what the recent social media statistics have to say.

Hence, let’s look at the recent statistics on social media, use them, and see the difference without wasting time. These small figures and reports will enable you to take your business to new heights without investing much effort and time.

Top 7 Social Media Statistics

Irrespective of whether you are a well-known entrepreneur or struggling to reach that position, you should have your presence on the social media platform. By social media usage, you can reach out to a large audience and intrigue them to use your services without putting in much effort.

For your successful social media marketing strategy, we have presented 7 incredible statistics about social media. Using these social media stats, you can plan out your business strategy and use social media to your benefit and expand your business.

Facebook Statistics 

You check every smartphone, and you will find a Facebook app installed on it. Does that app stay unopened? The answer is a big no! Facebook dominates the world of social media platforms with over 2.5 billion monthly active users around the world. Facebook demographics show that most Facebook users lie between the age of 13 to 34, which means that you are more likely to find your target audience from this social platform.

Studies have shown that 1.95 billion people from those 2.5 billion users, including teenagers and adults, can be effortlessly intrigued by your marketing campaigns. You will be surprised to know that 69% of adults use Facebook messenger and its website for maintaining their social networks out of the entire population of the United States.

Let’s talk about the usage of Facebook. The stats on social media show that internet users have made Facebook the third social media platform most visited after Youtube and Google. When anyone visits Facebook, that person is likely to spend an average of 11 minutes and 26 seconds, watching the contents and feeds present on this popular social networking platform.

Besides, 79% of people use Facebook through their smartphones because social media users find their mobile devices more convenient to stay updated with their social media activities and connect with others. 19% of the audience operates Facebook both from their computer and phone while 1.9%, which is a small number, uses only the desktop to access Facebook and use it.

The videos posted on Facebook have the highest engagement rate of all the other content available on this popular social networking site.

The next thing that needs to be mentioned in this section on Facebook Statistics is the stats on Facebook messenger. When surveyed, it was found that 64% of the business owners carry out their business conversations on Facebook messenger instead of calling the second party on the call. Another survey conducted in 2018 revealed that 56% of people are already present on the messaging platform of Facebook and developing business relations with other well-established businesses through Facebook messenger.

Twitter Statistics

When the recent social media statistics were brought out in public, it was found that Twitter gains 152 million users per day. Moreover, these new users who join Twitter per day are all monetized and paid to use this social media landscape. If you want to reap huge rewards out of your well-thought marketing strategy, use Twitter, and achieve your goals. You can approach more people on this social platform and intrigue them to use your services. Facts reveal that 22% of people from North America use Twitter, and hence it becomes more effortless for you to target these grown-up people.

Twitter’s demographics also support this fact and show that 20.4% of the people using social media end up on Twitter, and all of them belong to the US. Rest all the other users of Twitter belong to other nations. If we dig deeper into this social media user statistics data, we will find that the monetized user accounts on Twitter consist of 38% of women active users and 62% men users.

Talking about Twitter usage, these social media statistics reveal that Twitter stands in the sixth position on the list of the most popular social media sites. The people who visit Twitter spend an average of 10 minutes and 22 seconds.

If you are interested to know about the brands present on this social network and gauge your competition, we have covered that section as well as our statistics on the use of social media. You will be surprised to know that your content is likely to get a 100% more engagement rate by using a hashtag on this place. Also, people using social media sites like Twitter prefer to see brands that are culturally relevant and don’t provide information that can hurt someone’s sentiments. If you are interested in opting for Twitter for your social media marketing campaign, make sure that your campaign is culturally relevant.

Youtube Statistics

Youtube is the best social media site in terms of its popularity. It stands at the second top position in the list of social media sites, and many people use it worldwide. It is estimated that over 2 billion users use Youtube to stream online content. It means that around 33% of the social media network users are present on video streaming platforms like Youtube.

While this was the users’ statistics of using social media sites like Youtube, the demographics reveal much more useful data. The percentage ratio between male and female users of Youtube is quite significant. 55% of men worldwide watch videos on Youtube, while 45% of the audience comprises women customers.

Moreover, the popularity of Youtube is much more in the US as the data reveals that 15% of the Youtube Users belong to the US. If you want to find a customer from the US, make sure you have your presence on this social network. Also, 81% of that 15% of US users are individuals falling in the age group of 15 to 25 years. While many people from all corners of the world use social media sites like youtube to keep themselves entertained and gain knowledge, only 33% of the videos that gained popularity and are available on this social media site are in English.

Coming on the brands that are present on Youtube, you will find Alphabet being the most dominant one. We want to mention the statistics for social media that Alphabet led to the breakdown of all Youtube Ads’ records in the year 2019. Also, irrespective of your social media marketing statistics, your ads will be shown to the target customers only if Youtube’s algorithm wishes to do so. Youtube’s algorithm controls 70% of all the activities happening on this social media site. However, this platform is the best out of all if you want to promote your business and make it big.

Instagram Statistics

Though Instagram is new on the chart, those who are addicted to social media use it fondly. You will be surprised to know that despite being new, it has 1 billion users from all the corners of the world, and many new people join per day, and the number keeps increasing. To expand your business, you can plan your social media marketing campaign on Instagram. Your business promoting ads and other content are likely to reach around 928.5 million people who use social media sites and are present on Instagram.

Besides, it is also estimated that around 500 million Instagram users watch Instagram stories, which increases your chances of being seen by your potential customer. If you want to know about the demographics, you won’t be disappointed either. Surveys reveal that 49.1% of the Instagram users are men, while the rest 50.9% of Instagram users are women who are more active on social network sites.

If you use Instagram, then you will be delighted to know that this social media site stands in the seventh position in the menu of the social networks available. The Instagram stories and videos have more engagement rates, and that is what you should target to reach out to your audience. 92% of lovers of social media use Instagram as their go-to shopping platform. They follow popular brands, visit their official website, and if suitable, then make a purchase too. Hence, if you want to grow your brands, no other social network will work as efficiently as Instagram as per the statistics of social media.

LinkedIn Statistics

Linkedin is another well-known social network that brands and businesses use to reach out to other people residing in different parts of the world. You will find many people either looking for a job or searching for a perfect candidate to hire on this network called LinkedIn.

Every month 675 million users step into LinkedIn. Out of the total number of people who use LinkedIn, 27% are Americans. If you consider the world’s entire population, you will find that 12% is present on Linkedin while the rest is present on other social networks like Facebook, etc.

Since demographics matter, we have found that out of all the LinkedIn users, 43% are women and 57% are men. Besides, 211 people from Northern Europe are present on LinkedIn, and others belong to different countries.

Focusing light on the brands present on LinkedIn, you will find that there are 97% brands of B2B marketers present for content marketing and 89% for lead generation. You will be astonished to know that 30 million countries are using LinkedIn currently, and there are many more to join in the future. LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for lead generation and employment.

Snapchat Statistics

According to reports of 2020, 218 million social media users use Snapchat for taking snaps and sending them to their dear ones. When a survey was conducted in America in the year 2019 to find out the most populated networks, it was found that 24% of American social media users were registered as Snapchat users. Out of the entire population of Snapchat users, 38% are men, while 61% are women.

If you stay in France, India, or the UK, you can successfully exploit Snapchat as the site for promoting your brand. If you want to target customers falling under a specific age group, you should know that out of the entire population of Snapchat, 82% of users are either 34 years or younger.

Every user present on Snapchat is likely to spend a minimum of half an hour on this social media site, and this timing is more than what people spend on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Snapchat has an incredible section called the discover section that attracts the attention of users. If you want your brands to grow further, exploit this discover area as much as you can because 35% of the entire time spent by Snapchat users is spent here.

If we take an insight into the brands on Snapchat, we see a great scenario. You can have a good time here in promoting your brand because the users make more impulse purchases on Snapchat, which accounts for 60% of the total users.

Pinterest Statistic

With 335 million users worldwide reported per month, Pinterest is another social media site used by many users with individual rights reserved. It stands on the fourth position in the entire list. Pinterest in 2021 is a new version of what it was back then in 2016. This new Pinterest is vaster and has more users who trust this site.

Out of the entire Pinterest population, 8% of users have not registered their gender, 20% are men, while a significant portion of 72% of users comprises women. Out of all the videos and images present on Pinterest, a survey conducted in 2019 showed that people watched videos on this platform six times more than any other content. Besides, many users have now moved to the smartphone version of Pinterest, and this figure is registered as 85%.

For the brands on Pinterest, people like to see new products emerging at regular intervals. This number of users forms 75% of the entire population on this site. If you launch any new product on this site, you can expect 29% of people to try it out and approach you within ten months. All the ads available on Pinterest that retail brands have published have received two times more return on investment and are happy with the results.

Some Final Words

If you are a brand owner and aspire to do something big, you should seek help from social media sites. These sites have many people worldwide present on these platforms, and hence it becomes quite effortless for you to reach them and convert them to increase your sales.

Listed above is the table of contents that provides you a list of the best social media sites that you can be present on. If you have your presence on these platforms, your business will be more likely to gain more customers and do well.

Sift through the numbers and think about how you can use these figures to your benefit. If you can successfully use these sites, nobody can stop you from achieving your dreams. Hence, waste no time and check these sites out to expand your brand and make it big.

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