Best Shopify Stores to Inspire Entrepreneurs in 2023

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Shopify is a fantastic way to turn a small idea into a big dream. You can create an online shop with a few clicks and start selling everywhere. You don’t have to be a design expert to create a beautiful online store. There are plenty of Shopify stores out there that are gorgeous and easy to replicate. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Shopify stores and what makes them stand out.

1. Urbana Sacs                                 Created With Shopify

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Urbana Sacs sells a durable and unique leather-like paper fabric that can be washed like other fabrics. Bags are designed to organize and store all your favorite items and accessories. These organizer bags contain salt, sugar, wipes, cosmetics, and more.

2. Staples                                         Created With Shopify

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Traditional retailer of stationery, furniture, and computers. Staples has become a trusted ally motivated to support its customers with its expert knowledge, unique products, and innovative services that meet the ever-changing needs of modern entrepreneurs, teachers, parents and students.

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3. Harper Wilde                              Created With Shopify

Harper Wilde aims to be a company and brand that women proudly wear and support. It is a Bra store managed by women and directs on what women really need in bras.

4. All Birds                                      Created With Shopify

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All Birds is a retailer that makes comfortable shoes from materials such as wool, sugarcane and tree bark. They are trying to take a natural approach in existing men’s, women’s and children’s shoes.

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5. Luxy                                            Created With Shopify

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Luxy offers the best quality hair extensions in colors and lengths for any woman looking to get the desired look. Luxy has breathtaking human hair extensions in various colors and lengths to meet any woman’s needs, perfect for a formal occasion or a more rugged affair.

6. Maiden Home                            Created With Shopify

Furniture that’s made with quality construction and a progressive style – Maiden Home offers modern and crisp products. With a wide selection of designs that are made with locally sourced American materials, your home will be constructed with quality craftsmanship.

7. Toy Shades                                 Created With Shopify

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Toy Shades is an amazing sunglass retailer with a huge selection of sunglasses accessible for all age groups. Their collections range from a vintage yet modern design that is affordable, but the quality is high.

8. Chubbies                                    Created With Shopify

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The Chubbies Beach line is designed for hot weather and is meant to be comfortable and breathable. There is a lot of variety in this line, with t-shirts and shorts both being offered.

9. William Abraham                   Created With Shopify

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While socks might not be the most illuminating and exciting topic at the moment, this product is so important for looking your best and feeling just right. With William Abraham, it doesn’t take much to dress up your feet in one of the many luxury styles for males. From classic ribbed men’s socks and dressy crew socks in every color of the rainbow and patterned designs to Cuban-style cuff crew, William Abraham has you covered!

10. Hauser                                       Created With Shopify

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Hauser helps to merge the indoors and outdoors by providing a wide range of furniture that fits any home environment. Sturdy, stylish, and comfortable designs that celebrate living and enjoying what’s near. Textured fabrics and environmentally-friendly fibers create a comfortable connection and a curated selection of strikingly beautiful woods compliment creations handcrafted in Canada.

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