Minecraft Bedrock Server Hosting

One of the main reasons for the huge success and popularity of Minecraft around the world is the wide variety of servers, game types, platforms, and devices that can be used for playing the game.

If you want to set up your own cross-platform Minecraft hosting server so that you and your friends can play from different devices and platforms, there are various solutions that you can choose from.

You can invite any friend with the Bedrock edition installed on their computer, phone, console, or another device compatible with the game version to join you and play on your Minecraft server. 

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Read on to find out how to set up your own Minecraft bedrock server and how to choose the appropriate hosting service for your needs.

More about the Bedrock edition

The Bedrock edition of Minecraft allows players to use various devices and platforms to play Minecraft together on the same server. Players using Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, mobile phones can all unite and play together on the same server. It is also known as the Pocketmine version of the game.

Although there are many similarities between the Minecraft Java Edition and the Bedrock edition, and even though they are both official Minecraft games, the two versions have their specifics, differences, pros, and cons.

Just like with the Java version of the game, you can play on the public servers, as well as join the private Bedrock edition server via mobile, Windows 10, and other compatible devices.

More fans and gamers contemplate setting up and running their own Minecraft server.

Here is what you need to know about hosting a Bedrock edition server.

The pros of owning and running your own Minecraft Bedrock Edition server

Owning and managing your own Minecraft Bedrock edition server will give you the power to have complete control of the configurations via the admin user rights, including your RAM, properties, user slots, and the version of your world or the Minecraft gameplay you have in mind.

You will be able to configure the settings, add worlds, reset worlds, create whitelists for users, opt for different modes, determine the life cycles, and more on your Minecraft server.

With your own Minecraft Bedrock edition server, you can enjoy playing with your friends, no matter what type of device they are using, as long as it is compatible with the Bedrock edition of the game.

Your own dedicated server will allow you to moderate and control who is playing and who can join the game for an enjoyable and safe playing experience.

Also, with your own Minecraft hosting server, you will have access to many other customization tools and options on your server, including the creation of new characters, then in the original Java edition of Minecraft.

And you can set up, run and manage your own Bedrock server even if you have little experience with it, especially if you choose to use the services of a hosting company that offers dedicated hosting plans for Minecraft and Bedrock servers.

How much does the hosting for Minecraft Bedrock cost?

Suppose you are planning on hosting your own server at home. In that case, you will need a powerful enough hardware setting and a reliable internet connection for your server, so if you already have these, then you are ready to set your own Minecraft server up.

Keep in mind that you will need to have some knowledge and tech skills to set your own server up and also to keep your computer running 24/7 if you want your player friends to be able to access your server at all times. Also, please note that your privacy and your cybersecurity may be at risk once you start running your own Bedrock server from your house.

This is why it is recommended to use a hosting company for your Bedrock edition server instead.

The hosting service price depends on the type of server you want, its RAM, the player slots, the storage, the control panel, the DDoS protection, the customer support, and more.

Most hosting companies offer hosting subscription plans of all types and ranges, suitable for beginners or players on tight budgets as well as for avid players who are looking to set up massive servers. You can find free servers and some servers with hosting subscriptions which start from a price of about $3 per month, and some which can reach up to 100-200 dollars per month or more.

You can choose among the different hosting companies and packages. The good news is that most companies offer free trials or money-back guarantees for their subscriptions, so you can try them out first before committing to them. Also, most hosting companies allow their customers to easily upgrade or downgrade their plans when needed.

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Features to look for when looking for the best hosting service

Apart from the price, when choosing the hosting service for your Bedrock edition server, you should look at the plans offered, the available RAM and storage, the max players allowed to join and play simultaneously, the availability of easy 1-click installation of the server, the uptime of the game server, the availability of easy to use management tools, the quality of the customer support and more.

Pick a plan and hosting service depending on the number of friends you will be playing with and the world size of your server. If you are a newbie, you can start small with a basic server plan and then upgrade if needed later on.

Installing your Bedrock server

If you want to install your own Bedrock server on your computer, then you will need some basic tech skills.

The server software is available for free download and includes a detailed guide titled “How to use the dedicated server,” which you can use for setting it up and configuring it. You will need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) in order to perform the installation and to run the server itself.

You can download the software files and guides here. Unzip the file content into a dedicated empty directory and run the server by clicking on the bedrock_server.exe command file for Windows 10 or with the command: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./bedrock_server on a Linux computer.

You will need to have an active account for Minecraft in order to run your own Bedrock server. 

Once you set the server up, you will gain the ability to whitelist the users you want to invite by making your own community whitelist file and enabling the whitelist in the server.properties file in the folder. You can also create a permissions JSON file where you can configure and save all your player’s permissions to ensure that your server is safe. You will need to add the XUID (Xbox User Identification) for each player you want to invite using an Xbox to the file.

You can also set the server game mode to survival, creative, or adventure. Depending on your preferences, you can also set the difficulty level from peaceful (0) to hard (3) settings. The settings and server software will also allow you to configure the world size, the version, the number of players and devices allowed, and toggle whether users in the community can use cheats or not on your Bedrock server.

Reasons to choose a hosting company for your bedrock server

If this sounds too complicated for you, you can pick a server hosting provider that will take care of the installation for you. You can pick a hosting plan with the suitable RAM side and the number of connections for gamers you need. There are also many other benefits of choosing a professional hosting service provider.

If you choose a suitable hosting service, you can skip the downloading and installation, as most hosting services that offer Minecraft server hosting offer customers instantaneous setups of their servers. In most cases, you will have your server set up in seconds with a few clicks of your mouse.

You can then use the control panel provided by the hosting services to configure and manage your server and configure your Minecraft world.

Also, the best Minecraft server hosting companies offer an option for easy-to-set 1-click modpacks, continuous uptime and low latency, DDoS protection, backups, customer support services, and access to all kinds of server plans, sizes, and types.

They will host your files and data on powerful servers located in data centers throughout the country or around the world.

Plus, most of the leading Minecraft server hosting companies offer easy and quick switching between Minecraft editions, so you can enjoy playing either one whenever you want to. You will also be able to easily reset your world, add plugins, and more via the server software.

You will also be able to easily upload and download files to your server host via the control panel or FTP client whenever you need to.

And you can ask customer support for additional help with any issues you have during the setup or the server software management.

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Final words

Setting up and running your own Bedrock server could turn into a frustrating experience if you are not experienced enough to do so yourself.

This is why it is recommended that you entrust the setup and management of your Bedrock edition server to a professional hosting company instead.

The best server hosting companies for Minecraft offer extremely easy setup, instantaneous activation, reliable uptime and protection, easy-to-use control panels, customer support, automatic backups, and more.

By choosing the best Bedrock edition Minecraft server hosting company, you will ensure that your server runs seamlessly 24/7 and that you have to spend as little time with complicated settings and as much time enjoying playing with your friends on your very own server as possible.

With your own dedicated Bedrock server, you can finally enjoy playing Minecraft according to your personal preferences and rules and be in control of who can play and who cannot play for the best gaming sessions ever.

So, good luck with your new Minecraft server, and enjoy being your own boss while playing your favorite game!

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