DreamHost Web Hosting – Review 2022

For many, the process of picking a web host can be daunting.

Not knowing which company to choose, how much it will cost and what you get for the price is enough to make your head spin.

But worry not! This comprehensive guide will help take some of the confusion out of finding a good hosting provider and show you that DreamHost has everything you need at an affordable price.

We’ll explore not only the reasons why DreamHost should be but the reasons it shouldn’t be your first choice when it comes time to find web hosting solutions!

Overview of DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost Web Hosting

In our opinion, DreamHost does a fantastic job of simplifying the complexities of website hosting. Their intuitive control panel is designed with newcomers in mind and they do not require any complicated knowledge. You can get started without a steep learning curve.

You can also outsource website building to DreamHost, utilizing the site’s easy-to-navigate web builder with more than enough themes.

There are many different platforms for blogs, but WordPress is fully compatible with all hosting plans from DreamHost. The company is one of WordPress’s approved web hosts.

DreamHost is committed to maintaining above-average speed and uptime so that you can work on your website without having to worry about performance.

Furthermore, you will find various apps and plugins that will improve the functionality of your website. Look for solutions like Shopify, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal, etc.

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DreamHost Pricing

DreamHost provides a range of hosting options for organizations of all sizes. When it comes to web hosting, there is a solution for every size of an organization.

Shared Hosting

One of the best features of DreamHost’s shared hosting plans is that they can be acquired on one-month, one-year, or three-year subscriptions. The three-year bundle will give you the highest price economies.

If you’re just beginning and want to spend less than three years with DreamHost, each of the shorter plans would probably work out well.

If you choose the month-to-month option, you’ll have to purchase and register your domain name. When choosing a longer-term hosting package, free domain names are included.

A shared hosting plan is an ideal option for novice webmasters because it’s much simpler and more affordable.

DreamHost implements a user-friendly interface. The company offers a wide variety of plans, including hosting for blogs, businesses, or stores.

This host has a selection of flexible templates and compatible plugins that make it easy to use without any previous expertise in website design.

DreamHost’s regular updates and 24/7 support for their customers are two of the most important features.

You will be more than satisfied with the convenient admin panel, free email addresses, free domain name, one-click installation, and free privacy protection.

Backups happen automatically and the free SSL certificate makes your website traffic safe.

With the DreamHost shared hosting plan, you can access various advanced tools and extensive MySQL databases.

Among their amenities is secure shell access, a full Unix shell, and support for Rails, Python, and Perl.

DreamHost Shared Website Hosting

Starter Shared Hosting

  • If you subscribe for three years, you get one website plus one free domain at $2.59.
  • Also, DreamHost grants unlimited traffic, and you get SSD storage along with pre-installed WordPress.
  • With an additional month-to-month payment, you can add an email for $1.67

Unlimited Shared Hosting

  • This plan starts at $3.95 per month when signed up for three years. However, this price is only for the first year, and after that, the cost goes up to $7.95/month.
  • This package includes a number of features. Website owners can host an unlimited number of websites without charge, as well as receive unlimited visits and emails.
  • If you select the month-to-month hosting plan, your monthly fee will be $8.95 per month

VPS Hosting

DreamHost offers VPS hosting as an upgrade from its shared hosting.

You are provided services that are dedicated exclusively to your website. This means improved speed, performance, and metrics (e.g., site speed) for your website.

The interface is easy to use and you can set a website up and running in a matter of minutes.

With the VPS hosting, you can easily scale up for more RAM or storage and improve your website.

You’ll get all the features you need with these VPS packages like email, SSLs, SSDs, unlimited domains, and many other features.

DreamHost VPS Hosting

Basic VPS Hosting

  • This hosting plan is for the starting websites. DreamHost offers 1GB RAM, 30 gigabytes storage(SSD) for your website data, and unlimited bandwidth or traffic.
  • If you start with a 3-year subscription, you’ll have to pay only $10/month. With the one-year subscription, the taxes rise up to $13.75/month. For the month-to-month subscription, the price goes to $15/month.

Business VPS Hosting

  • This small business package includes 2GB RAM and 60 GB of SSD storage, plus the unlimited options which the Basic VPS Hosting Plan covers.
  • Here for a month-to-month subscription, the price starts at $30/month. With the one-year plan, you can lower the costs to $27.50/month. Yet, with the 3-year subscription, you can save much more and lower the price to $20/month.

Professional VPS Hosting

  • All the unlimited features in the previous two VPS hosting plans are covered here as well.
  • Here, DreamHost increases the RAM from 2GB to 4 GB and the SSD storage from 60 to 120 GB.
  • With this VPS plan, the prices continue to grow, and now, for the month-to-month subscription, you’ll have to pay $60/month. For one year subscription, the price lowers to $55/month. To save as much as possible you must go with the 3-year plan which is $40/month.

Enterprise VPS Hosting

  • This hosting option is designed for websites that require more in terms of resources.
  • With this plan, the RAM increases to 8GB and the SSD storage to 240GB.
  • The lowest price comes with the 3-year subscription at $80/month. For the one-year plan, the price rises to $110/month. With the month-to-month subscription, you’ll have to pay $120/month.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting option is designed for websites that need maximum performance.

With these enhancements, websites will be faster and more responsive, giving your users a better experience.

The reliability of these plans is evident through their 100% uptime guarantee and advanced DDoS protection.

Despite having a vast range of features at your disposal, the interface is still easy to use.

Customers have root shell access and can power cycle or reboot their server anytime they please.

Other features incorporate Ubuntu Linux, OPcache, RAID 1 storage, Node.js, PHP7, Ruby and Python, and many more.

DreamHost Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Standard Dedicated Hosting

  • With this hosting plan, you get a 4-Core, 8-Thread Intel Xeon server, plus 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD
  • Here the maximum subscription plan is for one year at the cost of $149/month. Yet, the month-to-month taxes rise to $169//month.

Enhanced Dedicated Hosting

  • With this plan, you get a 12-Core, 24-Thread Intel Xeon server, plus 16GB RAM and 2TB storage.
  • This should be enough power, even for a website that is expanding vastly.
  • Here the pricing starts at $299/month for the month-to-month subscription. The lowest these prices can get is $279/month with the one-year plan.

WordPress Hosting

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

You should definitely check DreamHost WordPress hosting if you are a WordPress user.

We should note that DreamHost is hosting, recommended by WordPress, and working with both should be a breeze.

The DreamHost hosting plans cover instant setup for new WordPress websites, a free domain, and a user-friendly panel.

With automatic WordPress updates, good privacy protection, SSL certificate, this is an affordable and reliable option for WordPress enthusiasts.

DreamHost offers shared, managed WordPress and VPS hosting solutions.

DreamHost also sells shared and VPS web hosting packages, which are the same as those listed above.

So, the managed WordPress hosting service appears to be the final option, which we will review.

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WordPress Managed Hosting

Here, DreamHost offers three tiers of managed hosting that cover your needs – DreamPress, DreamPress Plus, and DreamPress Pro – and can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis.

DreamPress Managed WordPress Hosting


  • This is the basic plan which allows around 100k visitors/month.
  • It delivers unmetered bandwidth for your website and 30 GB of SSD storage.
  • With the month-to-month subscription, the cost starts at $19.95. When subscribed for a one-year plan, the price lowers to $16.95

DreamPress Plus

  • This is an upgraded plan that highlights unlimited CDN
  • The storage rise to 60 GB and the allowed number of visitors per month is 300k.
  • Here the cost for the month-to-month plan is $29.95. With the one-year plan, the cost starts at $24.95

DreamPress Pro

  • With this plan, you get unlimited CDN. The storage rise to 120 GB of SSD.
  • DreamPress Pro allows over 1 million monthly visitors.
  • The price starts at $79.95 for the month-to-month subscription and $71.95 for the one-year package.

What place does Dreamhost take against the competition?

When compared to other web hosts, DreamHost performs great.

This indicates that you need to use Linux rather. For some people, this could be decisive!

DreamHost’s initial costs and regular prices are not significantly different.

One positive aspect of DreamHost is that you won’t be shocked when your promotional plan ends and you start paying regular wages.

Although you cannot always count on free website migrations being available, Dreamhost offers other hosting features that make up for it.

For a website on another hosting, it may cost you to move it to DreamHost.

DreamHost Customer Support

DreamHost support

DreamHost takes pride in being responsive to customers with customer support channels like email, chat, and tickets.

Yet, if you need to talk to someone via phone, this won’t be possible because of the lack of phone customer support.

The good news is the online chat works great, and the response times are, in most cases, less than one minute.

The ticket-based system has a vast knowledge base, and we recommend you try to find the answers you need there.


Dreamhost is a great option for those looking to start out and do not want the hassle of technical details.

While it might not be the best of the best, it’s still a pretty good value.

DreamHost offers great uptime and speed for the websites it hosts. It also has a website builder so easy to use that even a beginner can set up a domain they own or choose from any number of packages.

We hope this information helped make an informed decision on whether Dreamhost might be right for you as well!

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