DreamHost Pricing: Are These Hosting Providers Plans Worth the Money in 2023?

If you were looking for a reliable and useful web hosting provider, you might have come across DreamHost. Well, it surely is a gem in the web host world and is trusted by several businesses. 

If you want services from this powerful hosting provider, knowing about the pricing models is important. Knowing about different DreamHost pricing plans lets you make quick decisions and save money.

Through this DreamHost pricing review, we will help you know about different plans. Also, we will discuss whether these plans are good for you or not.

DreamHost Pricing Summary 

If you are selecting DreamHost, the popular web host, you can select four different types of web hosting services. These plans are available at different prices and offer domain registration services. That means DreamHost has something for every type of business. 

Scroll down to see the complete list. 

DreamHost Pricing Plans: Detailed Reviews

DreamHost is a reputed hosting provider that has been around for 18 years. It is known for simplifying the web hosting process so that users are not confused. 

By selecting this web hosting provider, you will get automatic WordPress updates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, a one-click WordPress install, and free SSDs. With these things on your side, your website will get a lot faster and better. 

This web hosting provider is officially recommended for better WordPress hosting services since it powers over millions of WordPress websites and blogs

Whether its reliability, features, customer support or performance, DreamHost never disappoints its users. Similarly, this hosting provider lets you save a lot of money with its affordable plans when it comes to price. 

While the plans are affordable, the services offered are excellent. Using these services and features, you can take your website to the next level ahead of your competitors. 

Below you can find complete details about the DreamHost pricing plans you must go through to find the most suitable one.

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DreamHost Shared Web Hosting

Whether you are a small business owner or blogger, you need a suitable hosting plan that doesn’t make you spend much money. And that’s where the DreamHost Shared Web Hosting plan enters! 

This one is the cheapest among the available price plans but offers multiple features. The offered features include SSD storage, free SSL certificates, WordPress pre-installed, automated WordPress migrations, unlimited traffic, and free domain name

In short, this plan has useful features that you require for starting a website. Below are two plans that you can find under DreamHost Shared plans. 

DreamHost Shared Web Hosting Shared Starter Shared Unlimited
Website One Unlimited
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered
24/7 Support Yes Yes
SSD Storage Included Included
SSL Certificate Included Included
Free Domain Included Included
Starting At $1.99 $2.99
Monthly Cost $7.99 $13.99

So you see, each of these plans comes with helpful features. But if you want to enjoy add-ons like unlimited email, you should select Shared Unlimited. Also, email hosting is not included in this plan. But you can add it by paying a small amount. 

DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting

As we have already mentioned, DreamHost is recommended for WordPress services. But did you know that it also offers DreamPress, a managed WordPress hosting service? This particular is designed to give a huge boost in performance to the WordPress website. 

This hosting plan is popular because it has 1-click staging and unlimited email. In addition, this one has better scalability than the Shared Web Hosting plan. That means your website can handle increased traffic without giving up. 

Here are three plans that are available under DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting. 

DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting DreamPress DreamPress Plus DreamPress Pro
Websites One One One
Visitors ~100k ~300k ~1M+
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
SSD Storage 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB
Customer Support 24/7 access 24/7 access Priority 24/7
Jetpack Free Professional Professional
Unlimited CDN Not included Included Included
Free Migration Included Included Included
1-Click Staging Included Included Included
Starting At $16.95 $24.95 $71.95
Monthly Cost $19.95 $29.95 $79.95

Each of these three plans is packed with interesting features to help you grow your WordPress web. But DreamPress Plus and DreamPress Pro come with a few extra features that can further simplify the website hosting work for you. 

Remember that domain registration is not included in monthly DreamPress plans when considering additional costs

DreamHost VPS Hosting

The third hosting plan offered by DreamHost is DreamHost VPS Hosting. VPS, i.e., Virtual Private Server, lets you completely control your website. That means you can easily modify how your website looks and behaves. 

Talking about DreamHost VPS Hosting in terms of performance, it offers better performance and features. This hosting plan is technically a shared server, but you don’t have to share any resources between other sites. 

Under DreamHost VPS Hosting, you can select from four plans. 

DreamHost VPS Hosting VPS Basic VPS Business VPS Professional VPS Enterprise
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
SSD Storage 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB 240 GB
Unlimited Email Included Included Included Included
Websites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate Included Included Included Included
Starting At $10 $20 $40 $80
Monthly Cost $15 $30 $60 $120

All these four plans can be easily managed. Also, they are packed with resources that are dedicated to you. 

DreamHost Dedicated Server Hosting

DreamHost’s dedicated hosting plans are different and better because they use the best software and hardware. This hosting plan is different and bigger from the previous plans. 

The Dedicated Standard plan by DreamHost comes with the below-mentioned options. 

RAM|Storage Monthly Price Paid by the Month Monthly Price Paid by the Year
4 GB|1 TB HDD $169 $149
8 GB|1 TB HDD $209 $189
16 GB|1 TB HDD $299 $279

The Dedicated Standard plan by DreamHost comes with the below-mentioned options. 

RAM|Storage Monthly Price Paid by the Month Monthly Price Paid by the Year
16 GB|2 TB HDD $299 $279
32 GB|2 TB HDD $349 $329
64 GB|2 TB HDD $399 $379
16 GB|240 GB SSD $299 $279
32 GB|240 GB SSD $349 $329
64 GB|240 GB SSD $399 $379

By choosing a DreamHost Dedicated plan, you can experience the best services and features. This plan is totally worth it because you can get 24/7 tech support and server monitoring. 

Managed WordPress Hosting 

DreamPress hosting plans are the only managed WordPress hosting plans that the company offers.

Which DreamHost Plan is Right for You?

DreamHost offers different hosting plans at different prices. These hosting plans are designed after considering the major hosting requirements so that you can enjoy the best features. 

Even though the DreamHost pricing is simple, there is a possibility that you might get confused. Thus, here’s a quick cheat sheet that you can go through. 

Are the DreamHost Shared Hosting Plans Suitable for You? 

Have you just started and want to launch your website? If so, you can start your journey with the DreamHost Shared Hosting plans. This one is probably one of the best and most affordable hosting plans that let you scale your operation in no time. 

The highlight here is that a single web server can host multiple websites. That means you share the server’s resources with other sites by choosing this plan.

You can understand this process with the help of a simple example. Let’s assume that you have your room, which is the website in this case, in a shared house. So, in this case, your landlord will deal with any maintenance stuff, i.e., complex techy stuff. 

People choose a Shared Hosting plan because it’s the cheapest option, and the provider handles the technical maintenance part. This thing makes the plan a better way for beginners to start a business with a small budget. 

An important point to consider about Shared Hosting is its slower loading speed. And once the traffic to your site increases, the speed gets slower. After your website starts to pick up, you can upgrade your plan. 

But the resources and storage you get are more than enough for starting without any hassle. 

Below are some features that you get by choosing a Shared Hosting plan.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: One impressive thing about the Shared Hosting plan is that you get unlimited disk space. So, even if your site gets viral, you won’t have to worry about the available storage space. 
  • Free email address: Shared Hosting plan offers you a free email address that looks professional. You can use this personalized and professional email address to create brand awareness. 
  • Automated backups: One thing you will absolutely love about Shared Hosting is that it has an automatic backups feature. The backups are created every day, which keeps the site safe. 
  • Free SSL security: We offer a free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate to encrypt your website traffic and boost SEO with Google
  • Powerful 1-clicker installer: Creating a powerful website from scratch might feel overwhelming. But you can use the 1-click installer to do the work for you. 
  • Advanced and easy-to-use panel: With the Shared Hosting plan, you can get admin access to everything that is helpful for your website. These include forward domains, the ability to create new emails easily, encrypt SSL, and instant WordPress install. 
  • Free privacy protection: You don’t have to pay any extra charge to get the best privacy protection. Each of its hosting plans offers privacy protection without asking you to pay any additional charges. 

Which DreamHost Shared Hosting Plan is Right for You?

Under the DreamHost Shared Hosting Plan, you get two plans available at different prices. 

The Starter Shared Hosting Plan is right for you if:

  • You have just started: If you have just started a business and want to create a website, this Shared Hosting plan is ideal. 
  • You have one website: Another reason to choose a Starter Shared Hosting plan is when you have only one website. The features that come with this plan are sufficient to handle a single website without any issue. 

The Unlimited Shared Hosting Plan is right for you if:

  • You want a personalized email: If you want an email on your domain name, you must consider choosing Unlimited Shared Hosting Plan. 
  • You have multiple websites: This plan is helpful when you want an affordable plan that can support multiple websites. In such a situation, you can set up as many sites as you want. 

Are the DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting Plans Suitable for You?

Whether you want to start a new WordPress site or an existing WordPress user, DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting plan is right for you. This plan brings you the opportunity for high performance. 

With this plan on your side, you can easily focus on your business’s growth without stressing the technical aspect. 

This plan is designed for WordPress users because it can optimize the site specifically for WordPress. Also, this plan can handle any server resources specific to WordPress installation. This way, the platform keeps running smoothly and it stays updated. 

Compared with DreamHost Shared Hosting Plan, the DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting plans have better scalability. So, even if your website is getting more traffic, it won’t give up. 

If your priority is the growth of your business through WordPress sites, you must consider getting a plan. Using an automatic migration plugin, you can also get the freedom to easily and quickly migrate any WordPress site to DreamHost.

The additional features that you get by choosing DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting include: 

  • Bulletproof backups: Any hosting plan not offering reliable backup is a major turnoff. Hopefully, you get a bulletproof backup service by choosing this plan. Your website will stay protected, and you can restore it with automated and on-demand backups. 
  • Built-in Caching: To ensure that your website never gets slow, the DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting comes with a built-in caching system. It makes your site faster without making you implement the caching yourself. 
  • 1-click staging: With this plan, you can confidently choose new WordPress themes, codes, and plugins before making any serious changes to your live website. 

Which DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting Plan is Right for You?

DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting offers three different types of plans, each designed to boost your WordPress site’s extreme speed and performance. 

The DreamPress Plan is right for you if:

  • You don’t want unlimited CDN: Among the three DreamPress plans, this one does not include CDN. So, if you don’t require this feature, you can select this plan. 
  • You have fewer visitors: If you have recently started a website and are experiencing fewer visitors, choosing DreamPress makes sense. Also, if your website does not require more visitors in general, this plan is helpful. 

The DreamPress Plus Plan is right for you if:

  • You require more storage: If your website requires more storage, then the DreamPress Plus Plan is ideal. 
  • You need unlimited CDN: If you wish to boost the speed of your website by offering useful content to your visitors, then you need CDN. And with the DreamPress Plus Plan, you can get unlimited CDN. 
  • Your business is growing fast: Also, you would need a plan to handle more visitors if your business is growing fast. Fortunately, DreamPress Plus Plan can handle up to 300k visitors per month. 

The DreamPress Pro Plan is right for you if:

  • Your business is growing VERY fast: This pro plan can handle up to 1 million monthly visitors. So, if your website is growing very fast, you should choose this plan. 
  • You need a staging site: If you require a staging site to create a development version of your site, you must choose this pro plan. 
  • You need priority support: In case you require priority support, you can get with this pro plan. 

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Are the DreamHost VPS Hosting Plans Suitable for You?

If you are experienced and can deal with the technical side of the website, then choosing DreamHost VPS Hosting is recommended. 

It is for users who know the right way to control a server. Compared with DreamPress, this plan offers better performance and scalability. 

In simpler terms, VPS hosting is the process where you share a server with other websites. And the resources of some of the servers are isolated for you. You might think that Shared and VPS hosting plans are the same but different. That’s because VPS hosting plans are faster and more expensive. 

By choosing VPS hosting plan, you get additional features like: 

  • Easy setup and management: If you choose this DreamHost hosting plan, you don’t stress about setups. That’s because the DreamHost control panel is powerful and can be set up in no time. 
  • Resources dedicated to you: With each VPS plan, you get resources made especially for your website. 
  • Total package: By paying one price, you can get different features, including emails, 1 click SSL, SSDs, privacy, and unlimited domains. 

Which DreamHost VPS Hosting Plan is Right For You?

DreamHost VPS Hosting offers four different plans, each available at a different price. These four plans are similar in almost all aspects. But they only differ in terms of RAM and storage. 

The first one, i.e., VPS Basic, offers 1 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD storage. On the other hand, VPS Business allows 2 GB RAM and 60 GB SSD storage, and VPS Professional includes 4 GB RAM and 120 GB SSD storage. Lastly, VPS Enterprise offers 8 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD storage. 

If you do not require more space, you can choose VPS Basic. But if space is your major concern, you can choose a plan that can meet your requirements. No matter what VPS plan you have selected initially, you can upgrade the specs with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do DreamHost Plans cost?

DreamHost is a reliable hosting service that offers four different types of plans. The cost of these plans per month are Shared Hosting from $2.59 to $13.99, DreamPress WordPress hosting from $16.95 to $79.95, VPS hosting from $10 to $120, and Dedicated servers from $149 to $399. This price renews after the first year. 

Is DreamHost hosting suitable for beginners?

Compared with other hosting providers, DreamHost is better. The main reason is its support team, which is available round the clock. This helpful and responsive team will help you if you ever encounter any technical issue. 

If you don’t have much technical and computer knowledge, you can choose DreamPress hosting solution. With its help, you can quickly run a WordPress site as this plan comes with all the features you need. 

Does DreamHost Offer Free Domain Names?

The good news is that DreamHost offers a free domain name. But for that, you must subscribe to either a DreamPress hosting plan or an annual Shared Hosting plan. Besides this, you can also get free WHOIS privacy protection that other hosting providers usually provide by asking you to pay money for them. 

Does DreamHost offer free trials?

Unfortunately, you do not get a free trial with DreamHost. But to compensate for this, its Shared Hosting Plan comes with a 97-day money-back guarantee. Similarly, the DreamPress WordPress Plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Is DreamHost better than BlueHost?

The hosting plans of DreamHost are designed for users who have a certain level of knowledge and experience. On the other hand, the services of BlueHost are targeted at total beginners. 

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