Wix Ecommerce Review 2022: Is the Online Store Any Good?

Wix eCommerce review

Wix.com is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that provides you with ease of use and enables you to develop and create your online website or digital online store without learning how to code. The user doesn’t have to purchase a website builder or download programs anywhere. The concept of this eCommerce website is out of the box and works online. It supplies almost all you want to create and operate your website. In a search engine, you easily create and maintain your eCommerce webpage via the Wix website.

This site builder is renowned for its easy web hosting, with apps for drag and drop and a dreamland of creation for absolute novices. With reasonable prices and functional designs, Wix eCommerce has seen some growth. The Wix eCommerce plan essentially allows everything from clothes to specialized cakes to be sold. Digital products, such as digital data and eBooks, are also supported.

The business basic has captured the area of eCommerce website builder by a hurricane, helping small businesses overtake over costly site design firms and invest their full time designing a sleek eCommerce website without paying the high costs.

Wix eCommerce has easy and intuitive tools, but that does not imply that the businesses’ e-commerce framework represents past accomplishments.

So, without wasting time, let’s quickly go through the Wix eCommerce Review and see how it works to make your life effortless and give new heights to your eCommerce websites.

Continue reading and find out when (and when not) to use Wix!

How to start an online Wix store?

Free Website Builder Wix

The finest way to get started is with a free plan. It doesn’t cost you a single cent, and even best, you don’t possess to install any apps on your desktop. Everything runs directly in your app, so you don’t require any tech knowledge. Whether you’re a newbie or a tech-savvy customer, it doesn’t matter! Wix eCommerce is intended for small to medium stores.

It’s also now feasible to advertise via Instagram and Facebook. Once linked, your tourists can insert your pictures to buy the goods from your Wix store.

Even if you can’t sell everything with the free variant yet, you could even perform with the store settings or choose a sense for the platform. Usually, you would choose a heart-catching e-commerce layout and add extra of your goods. You can insert as many goods as you desire.

Where was Wix Company Then?

Wix eCommerce was created in 2006 and had 2,000+ employees. It is among the most known eCommerce website builders. Wix eCommerce provides a relatively large customer base: about 3.8 million live sites are utilizing Wix eCommerce, as per Builtwith.com. Wix eCommerce even has branches in Brazil, Canada, India, Germany, Ireland, United States, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Israel’s headquarters.

Use the Wix app store to reach the zenith

You can use the Wix App Market online store to search for a function you didn’t locate in the editor.

You can find an apps store that can boost your e-commerce site with useful functions such as live chat, a voice mail button, or the ability to link the small businesses to an outside accounting and auditing solution or with your social media.

The Member Login application is handy and will attach the login feature to your Wix eCommerce store. When customers want to see their previous store orders, users will reuse their accounts.

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Wix Pricing

For online stores, e-commerce platforms and VIP packages are the only choices. Therefore, per month you have to spend either $17 or $25.

Wix Pricing

For 1 year, the e-commerce plan arrives with a free domain, a few unique ad vouchers for your website advertisement, 2 free plan bonus extensions, and 20 GB of space. VIP arrives with unlimited bandwidth, aid for VIP, priority reply, and professional site analysis. The VIP plan is not much changed from the eCommerce platform for online retail software.

Combo Plan

The customer package ‘Combo’ is paid for private usage.’ Crucially, it eliminates the site’s brand ads. The plan also permits you to attach a domain name to your website, i.e., your website will reside at www.yourdomain.com instead of a Wix address), and for the first year, it offers free domain name registration.

You get 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth on this package. As the software’s name suggests, you also have thirty video minutes ‘on this package, which implies you can post thirty minutes of video to use Wix.

Unlimited Plan

It is somewhat close to the ‘Combo’ one in specific features but offers you ‘Advertisement Vouchers’ for three hundred dollars. These can be paired with Google Ad words, Bing Ads, and Local Listing to charge for publicity.

The package also includes connections to the ‘Domain Booster’ app, an App Sharp third-party apps that accept search engines to your site, and an insights app (which lets you measure site traffic) (which enables you to measure site traffic). Finally, 10 GB of data, unrestricted bandwidth, and sixty video minutes are included in this Wix plan.


This package provides several more hours of data and recording than the other plans (20GB and 120 minutes respectively) (20GB and 2 hours respectively) (20GB and 2 hours respectively).

It often offers you affiliate links to a tool for logo creation, the opportunity to customize social media logos, and a calendar tool that enable you to access your site with event listings.

VIP support plan

The VIP customer support plan is close to the Pro Plan but offers you additional minutes of storage and recording (35GB and 5 hours, respectively); for user help, you also have a higher preference.

Business Owners Basic

It is close to the VIP plan in characteristics but offers you additional capacity (20 GB vs. 10 GB) and allows further extended video hours (5 vs. 1). Its e-commerce capabilities, however, are a little on the restricted side. It does not allow you to view prices of digital products in several currencies, unlike the other Wix e-commerce plans; it encourages memberships, applies income taxes instantly, utilizes customer reviews.

Business Unlimited for Company

By incorporating logo creation software, social network icon tools, more accessible capacity (35GB), and more recording hours, the ‘Business unlimited Infinite’ plan expands on the ‘Business Simple’ plan (10).

Crucially, while one of them, the electronic sales tax, is very limited in scope, it provides substantially more e-commerce features (you can only run 100 transactions per month through it). And while on this program (via the Modalyst app), outsourcing is feasible, there is a limit on inventory size. You can only purchase up to 250 items per month.

VIP for Company 

Wix defines the Businesses VIP plan as the ‘full suite’ and offers more flexible storage options and video time (50GB and unlimited hours respectively) than the ‘Unlimited data plan.

You also have priority help and much more flexible limits on sales tax automation: 500 payments per month.

Wix Enterprise

As is more and more the trend with premium products such as Wix, an “Enterprise” edition of the service has become available.

It effectively provides you with the features included on the ‘Business VIP’ plan, but with negotiable provisions on products such as sales tax and product reviews.

Check our review for all Wix pricing plans

Wix-Pros and Cons

Wix Pros

  • It’s pretty quick to use the drag and drop interface.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • A broad variety of templates (400+) are given, which are of top standard and feature helpful sample material.
  • Although not as extensive, you nevertheless receive much value for the buck in terms of sale options.
  • In Wix, a constructed email marketing service is offered, and its usefulness is surprisingly high.
  • Wix offers a wide variety of images for usage on your website that is professionally taken.
  • Thanks to a wide variety of interfaces in Wix’s app market, you can quickly boost simple features.
  • There is telephone help, which is not the case for many other leading resources for creating websites.
  • Aside from the absence of responsive web development, its SEO characteristics are relatively decent.
  • Wix’s ‘ADI’ edition is very simple to use and better equipped for novices in online marketing.
  • A relatively well-stocked application online store is accessible to strengthen the features of your online store.
  • For most packages, a free domain name is provided with the first year of operation.
  • There’s an entirely free model accessible.
  • No affiliate commissions

Wix Cons

  • Once you’ve created, you can’t add another design to your web.
  • Without access to a third-party device, you cannot build a GDPR cookie permission banner for Wix.
  • Physical and Digital goods can’t be exported.
  • If you’ve created a website, you cannot change templates.
  • You can’t outsource material from blogs.
  • There is no chance of genuine multi-currency sales.
  • While workarounds are there on a mobile phone to allow a Wix website to show correctly, the websites you create with Wix are not completely sensitive.
  • AMP features are there for blog entries only.

Wix Features

  1. Ease of use: As the drag and drop editing is seamless, ease of use is a powerful field for Wix eCommerce. There are only some keys to pick from on the dashboard, helping absolute beginners who are new to the essential roles. It is straightforward to use, and your eCommerce website gets done in minutes. With a swift fall of your cursor, you can switch around any part of your homepage. You don’t need to think about playing with coding to make the modifications this way. You also get a nice taskbar at the top to upload or save your project, ensuring you don’t miss anything. You can change product pages, add elements, design objects, head to the Wix s app market, and mess about with your configuration using the 5 buttons on the dashboard’s left. There is also a specific key for the Wix store, which is immensely beneficial for rapidly testing orders, buyers, and inventory. Overall, the layout is simple, quite pleasant, and fast on the eyes. It is unique to e-commerce, with choices for your catalog of items, orders, online store display, and more. Ease of Use is thus a priority of Wix eCommerce.
  2. Templates: Wix eCommerce mostly succeeds in its template designs and configuration, earning 4/5 in our ‘design versatility’ classification, considering its excellent e-commerce features and impressive app store. In total, Wix eCommerce has over five hundred models, and over eighty can be found in the section of Wix “Online Store.” If you want to build from zero, you can also select blank Wix eCommerce designs, but with layouts as professional as Wix’s, that sounds like unnecessary work! Wix eCommerce has a wide range of technical models for creating online stores, filled with features. There is no charge for all Wix eCommerce models, so you don’t have to think about any nasty secret transaction fees. Suppose you choose to utilize all the customization options included in the eCommerce plan of Wix eCommerce. In that case, however, you will require to be on an eCommerce platform (more about these later on). Navigate the list to pick Wix templates, click Preview, make your preference, and start the process.
  3. SEO( Search Engine Optimization): In Wix eCommerce site builders, SEO( Search Engine Optimization) and marketing characteristics are surprisingly strong. It doesn’t depend on what site you’re on; just head to your web title, site overview, meta tags, keywords redirects, and more in the SEO settings. Through the add-on Wix stores, branding comes into effect so you can incorporate interfaces for items like email marketing and ads for search engines. In reality, the sales promotion and vouchers are handled right in the drag and drop Wix editor, allowing for an easy marketing method for your eCommerce business. Other than promotional strategies, Wix provides all of the basics. You can add customer feedback and build content via a website for your customers on all of your company websites. I appreciate the marketing campaigns and the direct connection with Google AdSense to expand your market. You can’t consider a more strong marketing tool than the one on this website, complete with Pinterest elements, display ads, and a full Etsy online store.
  4. Wix Inventory: Controlling inventory in this web builder isn’t all that hard, and that is why we are talking about it in this Wix review. You can attach the products, manage inventory, show how many products are left, have choices for the products, and sign-in on the purchases for sets, labels, online store promotions, social media marketing, and more. As the brand site layouts are built separately and prepared for you to add information, Wix is also suitable for marketing physical and digital goods. It has been quite efficient to handle the inventory as it heads over to customers. For example, Wix offers an excellent feature for measuring real-time shipping of the products ordered. To monitor your real-time shipping, you can also check barcodes and offer your customers a good sense of when shipments will be arriving. Real-time shipping tracking enables reducing the risk of burglary or piracy of the products.
  5. Intelligence at Wix Artificial Design (ADI): Even if you dislike technology and have minimal IT expertise, all the concept behind Wix ADI is to render it simple to create a website. Wix ADI generates your website by raising some simple questions and gathering whatever data is accessible from your company’s online search. Editing is achieved through a user interface that gradually lays out the sites for you through drag and drop (see video below for a demonstration). The best edition of Wix to utilize is possibly for total web design novices who just require anything easy.
  6. Choices for payment: PayPal and a good number of credit wallet processors (Stripe, Square) are endorsed. Even Wix possesses a payment portal named Wix Payments customers can verify on their own realm without getting redirected to an outer site. Offline transactions are also accessible (cash, cheque, wire transfer). Also (cash, cheque, wire transfer), the fee of Point of Sale (POS) mostly through Square is also backed. More data on Wix’s payment access points.
  7. Placing shipping charges: Shipping expenses are set by nation and can be categorized for every other region. If you are a U.S. merchant, you may even possess true shipping on the basis of the USPS measurement. It will create the measurement of shipping costs much easier and integrate service providers such as Shipstation, MultiOrders, and ShipBob. These applications involve Business Unlimited.

The Bottom Line

As a web retailer to be found on Google, SEO configurations are essential. Here, Wix does superb work. An individual image, definition, and URL name enable you to have each spec sheet.

There are also 2 cool things we haven’t thought about yet- the smartphone website for the Wix web retail store and the platform for the ShoutOut Email Campaign. The application enables you to use your cell phone to modify and control your Wix online store. For instance, you can attach new items or check the ordering process of your customer.

Shoutout’s friendly incorporation allows its product pages to be advertised from your retail sites. This means that it will explicitly insert the brand details into an email. As you wish, you require to change it and press the enter key. That makes advertising very easy.

The only biggest drawback is that using Wix is not ideal for very big supermarkets. The accessibility of the web is restricted to one sub-level and can be restricted as your store expands. Other than that, the bottom line uses Wix as an outstanding product at a very affordable rate.


Is Wix better than Shopify?

Wix is the all-rounder, while Shopify is the most acceptable alternative for constructing bigger retailers that offer 100+ products. Thanks to its simple editor, affordable prices, and pretty good sales tools, Wix is appropriate for recently identified and enthusiastic startups.

If you possess both Shopify and Wix profiles, you can insert e-commerce to your Wix site using the Shopify Buy Button. It is targeted at attaching the selling tools of Shopify to a Wix anti-eCommerce site and includes coding. But if you desire to utilize both of them, it is the only way of combining these two brand names! Using applications, you can also assimilate other platforms like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and the Wix store.

Is Wix good for e-commerce?

Wix company’s e-Commerce service enables you to trade products like t-shirts, mugs, or your paintings easily. With an attractive bow, new items can be illuminated. And that’s not everything: their modern electronic product function keeps track of the whole buyer journey for you as these purchases will be delivered to your customers instantly. For this, Wix doesn’t demand any transaction fees. Thus, its services are perfect!

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