WebHostingPad Review 2022: Pricing, Features & Verdict

Founded by many facilitating industrialists in 2005, WebHostingPad is a United States-based Web hosting company that everybody can afford.

The organization presently facilitates around 300,000+ domains.

Today, we have come up with this article where we will be present before you, WebHostingPad. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the review.

Pros – Why should you use WebHostingPad?

WebHostingPad Web Hosting


Let’s have a look at the WebHostingPad review to know the insights and its operations. This Webhostingpad review will provide you the details about its significance and how WebHostingPad can make a difference in your tech-savvy life.

Technical Simplicity

Most web hosting providers forget this. Their sites are full of jargon, buzz words, and many show-offs, but WebHostingPad, unlike any other web hosting provider, doesn’t let its customers dwell in scratch; its site is not that complicated. WebHostingPad has plans that are tailored to people’s desires and help make your website user-friendly.

Respectable Support Staff at WebHostingPad

Involvement with the tech support team in www.webhostingpad.com is very acceptable. Their “client first” plan of action is phenomenal, which implies that you’ll generally have excellent customer service. WebHostingPad is one of the dynamic website hostings that are continuously connected to help small business owners with live chat, email, and phone calls at all times.

The customer support page on this web host website gives admittance to help work domains where you can present a help ticket. There is also a vast information base which you can counsel for exhortation and client guides. There is a news page for organization declarations on its website.

Its Facebook and Twitter accounts look quite decent; however, most of its clients with queries are sent to other channels for any type of assistance. The staff does post declarations and other news-related articles to keep its customer updated about the latest information. However, not all are happy with the customer support provided by the institute.

As per the user reviews written by different people and the user rating, we feel that Webhostingpad. com is not able to make everyone happy.

Staggeringly Cheap 

WebHostingPad.com has one extraordinary thing making it work. They are quite affordable. They are among the least expensive alternatives accessible to you, for you get what you pay. WebHostingpad shared hosting plans that they follow, which makes them so successful.

 Solid Money-Back Guarantee

WebHostingPad has an unshakable, 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t discover their administration reliable. WebHostingPad hosting provider also offers an unconditional money back for both shared facilitating administrations and VPS administrations.

  • Common facilitating accompanies a 30-day refund. However, this doesn’t cover account reestablishments, extra things, administrations, or domain name enlistment.
  • The VPS unconditional money back is limited to 5 days and incorporates facilitating administrations. Different administrations, for example, WHM/ cPanel licenses, IP locations, and site developers are excluded.

WebHostingPad Security Enhancements 

The least expensive choices accessible are additionally restricted regarding other things like security options. Luckily, Webhostingpad isn’t! With Automated Malware Quarantine and Scanner facilitating their Word press plans.

Cons – Why avoid WebHostingPad Cloud Hosting and Shared hosting?

Exceptionally Low Uptime of 99 per month (Last 24-per Month Average) 

A site is acceptable to you when it’s accessible online for guests or clients to utilize. Likewise, the web hosts have to guarantee that it occurs. Here it is where Webhostingpad battles. Regardless of their site’s extreme cases of 99.80% uptime, they didn’t come anyplace close. They conveyed a less than ideal uptime of 99 per month throughout the most recent two years – this is a low number considering subsequent more than thirty other Webhosting pad companies.

Slow Load Duration

The other most crucial duty of Webhostingpad hosting companies is to ensure your site is conveyed appropriately to guests and clients. WebHostingPad hosting providers battle again in this part, posting a page stacking season of 1,019 ms. That implies that it takes over 1 second to stack a site page – which is off-limits in the present Internet world.

Caveats-‘Free’ Domain Registration 

WebHostingPad will serve you with a free domain name to record new information exchanges, like other Web for your domains. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of admonitions:

  1. You have to join with the “Free Domain” coupon to appreciate this free area name offer.
  2. Some other coupon refutes this.
  3. You should pay $14.94 every year to recharge your domain’s name.

Usually, you can purchase domain names for under $10 these days on different sites. These ‘additional’ future costs most likely won’t be worthwhile for themselves in quite a year.

Restrictive Backup Option

‘Free reinforcements’ are one more offer that Webhostingpad will toss in for its customer. By all accounts, they sound like a stunning arrangement to assist you with backstopping your site for any issues. However, look at what is to be hidden in the small prints of their Terms and Conditions. Here’s a snappy interpretation of that lawful drivel:

They will take reinforcements at their “sole prudence.” Your reinforcement can’t surpass 1GB (which, once more, is minuscule). They only backup web page documents. This does exclude messages or even information bases. They may charge a reclamation expense of $39.94 to reestablish your reinforcement (so… it isn’t free?!)

The alternative to physical support through Control Panel isn’t there. You have to buy it to get it empowered. To put it plainly, this reinforcement offer isn’t acceptable from this web host. Also, they’re limiting your capacity to run straightforward manual reinforcements.

WebHostingPad Crisp Facts

Check out all these crisp fact details:

  • Free Domains: Yes.
  • Installation of WordPress and other CMS: Easy and Quick installation of famous apps
  • Signup Ease: Straightforward, one-page process.
  • Inclusion of different Pay Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Alipay Check, Money Order, Western Union.
  • Clauses for Hidden Fees: They charge $39.94 to restore backups. Clients must not exceed a disk space with a capacity of 150,000 files. After this file limit, one needs to buy another block of 150,000 files for $10 per month. If told about approaching the limit and not reply, they will themselves make a bill of $10 per month per addition of 150,000 files. Customers are restricted to use not more than 10 percent CPU and memory, and sessions must be within 10 minutes. There’s a limit of 300 emails every hour.
  • Upsells: High upsells.
  • cPanel or Dashboard: cPanel/ Control Panel.
  • Account Activation: Fast activation.

Web-Hosting Plans review

Given below are some of the reviews about their current pricing plans: including power plan plus free plan:

Simple Plan

WebHostingPad Shared Web Hosting

At present, there are two plans accessible; The power plan and the beginner plan. Both incorporate the basics, which ought to decrease confusion for clients. The more costly arrangement, like the power plan, which offers all the more impressive work, free reinforcements, and an SSL endorsement, so it turns out best for established web journals.

Every one of these administrations come at little expense, even at the higher reestablishment cost. However, contrasted with different web hosts, these costs are extreme. Even though the WebHostingPad website hosting does not provide infrastructure information to its customers, the 99% per month average of uptime demonstrates a high caliber of work.

Enhanced WordPress Hosting Plans 

WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting

In case you use WordPress, try Webhostingpad WordPress hosting, which facilitates all things concerned. There are a couple of plans in choices, so you’ll have to choose how much force and the number of sites you require. While it’s not exactly as affordable as shared facilitating, some advancements make your work simpler.

A WordPress-particular cPanel or control panel, uphold from specialists, and premium administrations like speed improvements, all sounds incredible. Web journals are regularly exposed to spam and malware, so there is additional security set up.

There is likewise a CDN to convey substance to global customers. However, there are a couple of downsides: You can’t make the same number of sites as you need, there’s no notice of the limitless data center transmission facilitating.

Overseen and Unmanaged VPS Power Plan

WebHostingPad VPS Hosting

If you need unlimited disk space to develop, you should consider a VPS hosting plan. This VPS hosting, specifically, is as amazing as a low-end committed server at a much lower cost. Pick the costly overseen server in case you’re not capable of the technical side of facilitating. In case you’re attempting to run a blog, nonetheless, the significant expense and profoundly technical nature of VPS normally isn’t that essential.

Email Hosting

Finally, the host gives its own “Pad Mail,” a genuinely modest arrangement if you need your own area name email accounts. It professes to no output messages for catchphrases, in contrast to Gmail and Yahoo!, and utilization channels to catch and impede spam. Limitless records and auto-responders are entirely included.

The best thing about these plans is that the main distinction between valuing is the host’s intensity or the incorporation of cutting edge uphold. You would be given access to cPanel, control panel, or other pivotal instruments since you picked the most affordable arrangement, and this truly epitomizes www Webhostingpad com’s devotion to reasonableness and trustworthiness.

WebhostingPad Honest Opinion and Review

Despite many achievements, the Word Pressing Hosting Plans are not an advisable option. Their customer service is excellent and includes live chat service, but their page loading times and uptime are not up to the mark. If you will see their Terms and Conditions section, it seems to be a neatly laid trap for people.

Even with their low affordable prices, you can look for better options available in markets for a Web hosting provider. So, we highly recommend you to stay away as their VPS hosting plans and hosting space are both false.

The Bottom Line

The last choice relies upon you! We have covered all the crucial details that will help in making it possible to make your decision regarding opting as your final choice or not!

Have a look at all the power plans plus the free plan to get an idea of what will suit your specific requirements in the long run. We are sure that it will aid in faster decision making and making it easier to analyze their service in a better way.

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