Volusion Review: Pros, Cons and Performance

Volusion is among the oldest and earliest creators of e-commerce platforms globally. Founded in 1999, with no imaginative frills, it helps you to cover the bills. Despite the problematic design and user interface functionalities or features, it has some excellent selling SEO tools.

The customer figures are reasonably decent, and about 30,000 online store retailers use the Volusion eCommerce platform. Since it was first released, it has trotted out its way through 185 million deliveries.

For the most detailed inventory of just about any website maker, Volusion relies far and totally on info. Even though you can run and expand your organization successfully and maximize your revenue through special advanced analytics tools, it is by no means the only option for e-commerce.

In the ecommerce website builder study, Volusion’s pricing options were the most expensive. That being said, the versatility of customization, strength, and business compatibility in all of them was impressive. While they’re relatively expensive, they all offer great in-built programs, and you can add some helpful software.

Pros and Cons of Volusion in a Nutshell


  • Various payment gateways (Volusion payments)
  • Suitable software for analytics
  • App for handheld computers


  • Unable to sell digital goods
  • No Blogging feature
  • Extra fees for SSL certificate

Updates of Volusion

Volusion Features Ecommerce Websit

Volusion has recently upgraded to ‘V2 platform’, a new operating system that carries specific UX enhancements (user experience). First of all, it has a much clearer and more straightforward inventory management system, so handling the inventory is very specific and easy to use. However, most notably, it offers lots of valuable info, visualization tools, and incentives for payment. And you’ll see where it now has its strengths.

Volusion has concentrated on putting together company features and site-creation capabilities to keep up with the competition and speed of giant eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, and many others. It has successfully done it by launching or initiating the customers’ experience and Volusion user ratings in the storefront editor.

Nevertheless, while commercial tools and devices are alright, they are not worthy of users’ interest. There is no niche option, and it will not allow the users’ blog to create your web. You need to switch and move continuously between the front and back ends. To sum up, it’s for data enthusiasts, not for design.

Is Volusion Easy to Use?

If you have little experience creating the landing page, layouts of a website, a site like Volusion makes your job much more comfortable and provides you the ease of use. However, it’s a major one, but it’s complicated and challenging to design and build a real website first. It was just too complicated for most users as per reviews to access the whole front end. It is just not the opinion of a single party or individual, but thousands of users feel the same way.

For instance, if you want to edit background images and text boxes, you need to locate an oddly discreet blue button which is on the right. Also, it is not so easy to perform basic tasks and simple activities.

Volusion’s Sales Tools and Features?

We’ve found that using Volusion is perfect for exclusively selling items. The resources needed for a business plan are robust. Let’s have a look at the preferred characteristic features of maximum store owners.


Everyone appreciates the video choice for the product. Incorporating useful videos is a beneficial feature that hardly any website creator or developer gets access to at any other place. So who needs to use it depends on the business owner’s requirements. Volusion offers fantastic graphics and visuals to small business owners like clothing store retailers, etc.

Suggested merchandise products functionality is another feature that Volusion offers. Inventory is indeed a significant lead over its competitor Shopify, which depends on third-party functionalities and integrations for the same element.

Therefore you will not sell digital products with Volusion. If you are one of the new store builders trying to sell ebooks, songs, or some kind of digital art, you might probably want to look for a different site. It further narrows down the types of companies that should do it.

Mobile Apps:

Through its excellent app found in a smartphone’s app store, Volusion enables you to access your online shop from your mobile device. Then you can search inventory directly from your smartphone, change prices and update costs, or snap product images from the comfort of a click on your smartphone.

Third-Party Apps:

Volusion wants its users to optimize and configure their online store according to their needs and requirements. Some may wonder how they are doing this, and the answer is Via Zapier’s sponsorship of 1,000+ applications, targeting everything, including finance and accounting, priority support, etc.

Transaction Fees, Payment, And Shipping:

A wide variety of payment gateway, namely Stripe and PayPal, are enabled by Volusion. Through digital wallet solutions like Apple Pay and Amazon, it also appeals to much more innovative consumers. Indeed, some solutions need to be combined with Zapier, such as Square, which provides ease of use to the customers.

There seem to be no exchange fee or transaction fees under any of the variant pricing options of Volusion. Standard credit card charges will be levied per bill.

Delivery and shipping are other things we can never afford to ignore. Through Volusion, using our text and logo, we can customize receipts, product descriptions, and packaging labels. The customized intimate contact will indeed be embraced by customers, accompanied by an effortless payment processing option.


The only concern regarding Volusion is that it does not have a blogging site. However, these days it typically comes as default from the website developers. The reason this is considered an issue can be justified by a handful of explanations. Not only would blogging encourage you to advertise goods and customer service, but it also enables you to appear at the top in search engine optimization.

The whole process is tedious and time-consuming, but you could still link or connect the blog via a sub-domain. We surely think that not a single person would want the extra pressure as the head of an online store and would not recommend it.

Volusion’s Templates Review

Volusion Beautiful Ecommerce Themes Free

Volusion provides 11 free downloadable template themes, alongside 34 paying template themes, each costing $180. Customers wonder how it competes with its contenders, and clearly, there is not much difference. Shopify and BigCommerce sell 50 plus premium customized design templates, priced between $145-235 and $140-180, respectively.

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What exactly do you think Volusion’s design theme templates would look like? They are recently upgraded and are polished. This is why they look far better than they did on the V1 platform, but they still do not reach the level of sleek and elegant Squarespace offers.

The theme design templates are often with too specific functionality. This requires us to select designs that are far related to industry types. In short, non-industry focused ones until and unless we locate a theme design to match our company. This isn’t an immense concern, but it is far from optimal. This is yet another win over Shopify.

Volusion would encourage users to alter design templates whenever they want, which implies that users can change their online store’s look without having second thoughts about content management. The organization promises to do everything to help and keep the user satisfied with their services.

Volusion’s Help and Customer Support

If you experience or face any minor problems at all, as in the technical area, you can immediately arrange a call with their support team. Since the beginning, the actual elegance and tactic of Volusion have been to keep their site user-friendly. Through 24x7x365 hassle-free personal phone service and live chat, each pricing plan except for the Personal Plan comes with 24/7 private phone support.

The management of Volusion doesn’t usually deal with email marketing. The explanation they give is that they want to connect with the users directly and support them over a call. However, if a user is on the Personal plan Package, they could only get assistance digitally. Neither does this cover social media, so tweeting won’t help for sure.

Volusion Pricing Review

We ought to procure an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate charging $89.99 for all pricing plans, which defends the web from fraud or any kind of infringement. While on other sites, it serves mostly as a norm. That is an additional witty expense to worry about. Volusion’s packages were the most costly when compared with others.

Volusion Pricing Ecommerce Website

In the whole of these, the versatility and customizing tactic, power, and optimization were remarkable. They all deliver excellent in-built applications. Though they’re reasonably costly, you can drop in a few helpful software apps.

There is a 14-day free trial offered by Volusion and five plans.

  • Personal ($29/month).
  • Professional (79$/month).
  • Business (299$/month).
  • Prime (custom-made).

Verdict or Volusion Review

Volusion reviews indicate that it entirely relies on data for the most comprehensive inventory of just about any website creator. Although the superior advanced analytics allow you to handle and expand your store and increase your sales effectively, it is the best choice by no means for digital marketing.

The all-around winner is Shopify. In all other terms, in all regions, aside from marketing, it stays in the pack’s center. Its hallmark strengths are product images, the number of online payment getaway solutions, and the recommended goods functionality. Researchers only issued Volusion 3.9 points for a cause, though.

The website is complicated and confusing because anyone needs to order an SSL separately. It doesn’t make blogs, and it doesn’t have a specific niche. It does a decent job of selling stuff even if it is not among the best choices. If you’d like an excellently organized shop with certain fun features built into it, but you don’t have enough time to be imaginative, the reviews for Volusion recommend that you give it a try.

Volusion’s Price Structure: Is it Justified?

Volusion’s pricing plans were the most costly in the website builder survey. That being said, throughout all of them, the flexibility of customization, power, and company interoperability was remarkable. They all offer incredible in-built applications, though they’re reasonably pricey, and you can add some helpful software in.

Volusion is for you, but only if you’re an information and data-driven company owner who is in search of an eCommerce website creator with advanced and excellent analytics software. You must search somewhere else for something else, such as planning the storefront or writing blog posts.

Volusion is very pricey relative to many other websites, with pricing plans of up to $299 per month. We also need to buy an $89-99 SSL permit or certification on top of that. However, if we register for a year, this has a $13.50 per month alternative.

The inventory is hands down the best aspect of functionalities of Volusion. Mostly with the aid of some potential tools, such as a wide variety of commercial suggestions of products and products’ images, users can deliver limitless items when compared to Shopify, in which both need to be downloaded separately. Users may not, however, offer digital goods on Volusion.

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Where are People Using it?

  • Build something impressive because, according to a source, users can develop a unique customized store in moments with adaptive and sensitive themes and design templates and a robust site developer, without coding.
  • Sell products and do marketing with ease. Strong ecommerce functionalities provide users with what they need, like Control of inventories, Collecting Payment, Unlimited product possibilities.
  • Assists in remarkable business marketing. Meet more clients with in-built SEO control, newsletters, and a CRM framework and increase the revenue.
  • Experience easy access to our ecommerce professionals based in Austin, who come together to make you ultimately successful.


This Volusion review points to all its amazing functionalities and how people use Volusion for building ecommerce platforms or large online stores with operational shopping cart features and products. Now it’s up to you to opt for it or not!

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