25 Beautiful Examples of Squarespace Websites [2022]

If you’re considering using Squarespace to host your digital presence, consider what others have done. Think about a few different templates that you might utilize in your own company. Then, you can create the fields you want to give the feel that you have in your mind.

Whether you focus on music, blog posts, or products, you can offer what you want with the right template. Soon, you can attract people all over the web to your digital space. Consider the features and design that the firms below have when setting up your modules and digital functionality. These Squarespace example sites should give you some inspiration.


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Spoken Layer

SpokenLayer Leader in Short Form Audio

Spoken Layer provides voice services to places like Google and Amazon, and they host their website with the template York. Spoken Layer offers tools for businesses and media, so you can select the type of services you need right from their homepage.


KIPFERL Austrian Cakes Wines

The Squarespace website for Kipferl uses the Aubrey template, and it’s for the coffee shop in Austria. They include photos of the shop and a menu so that you can decide on your order before you go. That can help customers visit the shop more than if there wasn’t a product menu.

Be Aligned

Be Aligned Web Design

Be Aligned is a website design company that focuses on helping brands with their website’s design and text. You can view their portfolio and contact them to help with your business needs, and you can contact them to get more information. They use the template called Brine.

Studio Joho

Studio Joho

If you want to use a custom theme, check out Studio Joho to understand what you can do. The company works on animation for everything from movies to apps. You can check out their about page and the place with their work for an even better concept of how you can customize everything.

Architecture in Formation


Combining the right theme with this host can work well for professional firms and other companies. Architecture in Formation uses the Forte theme for their online presence and displays their work in the background. If you want a professional-looking site, take this as your inspiration.

Beta Takaki

Beta Takaki

Beta Takaki uses the Bedford template to show how they help users with the right digital layout. She includes her work and case studies so that potential clients can get a feel for what Beta Takaki can do. The author has an excellent explanation right as you get to her site to understand her goal.

Citra Solv

Citra Solv

Citra Solv has an online presence built on the Bedford template, and you can tell it looks very different from Beta Takaki’s version. Customizing your theme is essential for any website design platform, and you can make it your own online space. Citra Solv showcases its products so that visitors can learn more.

Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley Art

The Supply template is what Mike Kelley has to publish his art online. He uses encryption so that you can buy his works securely. And you can see the price of each one before you buy.

Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Julia Kuzmenko McKim is a photographer who hosts her photography online. She uses the Galapagos template to create the appearance and to bring attention to her photos.



Another way to use the Bedford template comes from Sanara. The luxury hotel lets you book your stay, whether you’re in NYC or on the other side of the world. Consider how they lay stuff out when creating your blog.

Always Bring Sunscreen

Always Bring Sunscreen

The Bedford template is popular among Squarespace example sites, and Always Bring Sunscreen is another option for ideas on creating your online brand. They have an excellent top bar that makes it easy for others to find what they need.

Maker City LA

Maker City LA

The best Squarespace templates must include Bedford because Maker City LA also utilizes it. The space caters to professionals, either for an individual desk or a larger office. Consider how they set up the visual aspect when creating yours.


Atlantic Oscillations

Quantic, also known as Atlantic Oscillations, has used the Marquee template for its presence.



Automata have a custom template, so you can see what they do before you set up your network.

White Bear Yard

WBY Space

White Bear Yard has an online presence for its London-based coworking space. If you want to showcase pictures of people at your location, consider this resource.

Ruben Stom Design

Ruben Stom Design

The Brine template is perfect for Ruben Stom Design and similar companies. Consider how they utilize it before you create with Brine.

Edible Boston

Edible Boston

Edible Boston is among the many examples for someone wanting to create a food blog with the Farro template. You can include pictures of a restaurant and include items that you eat or cook.

Blue Dog

Blue Dog

Blue Dog is a restaurant in New York, and they utilize their digital network to show off their locations, and they have a gallery with imagery of the place. They have the Tremont template.

Musician: Steve Benjamins

Steve Benjamins

On the topic of music websites, Steve Benjamins is worth checking out. He uses the Maple template to show off his new music and other projects.

Fighting Eel


Fighting Eel has used the Mercer template to show their digital offerings, such as clothing. If you want to create a fashion store, study how they lay their products out. Think about what you can do for your clothing.

Devon Stank

Squarespace Developer Harrisburg Web Design

The designer and developer Devon Stank has also used the Mercer template to create websites for himself and his clients. He has a list at the top so that you can browse the things he offers.

Knapsack Creative

Knapsack Creative keeps things simple yet appealing with the Nueva template. They have a clean aesthetic, and you can get a lot of ideas from the site. You can look at what they create for another way to utilize Squarespace websites.


From Squarespace website

St. Roch Market

St. Roch Market, now known as Politan Row, uses the Horizon template to showcase what they offer. Their business centers around food, so their navigation bar includes links to vendors and events. You can scroll to see their photography, which consists of the food they have and their Instagram feed.

Good, Cheap and Fast

Good, Cheap and Fast come from a data scientist, and he includes resources and blogs for how to get things more cheaply. You can check out Good, Cheap, and Fast for deals and insight for your pages.

SJK Audio

The Mercer template helps SJK Audio display its music and studio on the web. If you want a simple option, consider this for your digital presence.

Design Inspiration

The best website templates will depend on what you need and want for your digital presence. Whether you’re an individual or run a professional firm, Squarespace can help you create the interface with the details you want.

Whether you want to create an article each week, a video, or promote fashion collections, you can do that. You can select the template that suits you so that you can provide information, tips, and other types of content. From images to a course to a productivity series, you can offer something for your audience.

So get ready to launch to a user speaking English because this host has a domain for individuals and firms in all industries.

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