16 Squarespace Alternatives For Every Kind of Website

Squarespace is one of the more well-known website builders. A quick Google search for website builders will show Squarespace among the first few entries.

Yet here you are, reading an article about the Squarespace alternatives, so you might not believe that Squarespace is the best website builder.

There are a lot of pros to Squarespace. It is a modern website builder with a sleek design and lots of great themes that will appeal to designers.

When you take an in-depth look at Squarespace, you may notice that it tries to be a complete solution. Like many other companies that attempt to execute this strategy, it tends to offer average or slightly above average performance in all the different services. More specialized services may provide the best ways to create a website in their particular area.

Your potential clients are business owners, designers, bloggers, and other creatives, or people looking to start e-commerce sites. They have specific problems, and so they are seeking specific solutions.

That line of thinking prompted me to break Squarespace down into its components and find the Squarespace alternatives that offer better versions of those components.

These alternatives might not be better than Squarespace overall, but they may be better for you, depending on what kind of problem you’re trying to solve.

First, let’s take a closer look at Squarespace’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we can make a more informed comparison to the alternatives.


Squarespace Strengths and Weaknesses

Squarespace, like any web builder, has strengths and weaknesses.


Here are the positives that Squarespace offers.

  • Great Templates – Squarespace excels when it comes to template themes. You would be hard-pressed to name another website builder out there that can match the range of options. I think Wix is a close second. In particular, if you’re looking to build a portfolio site, you can’t go wrong with Squarespace.
  • Great Ecommerce Features – Squarespace allows you to create a decent online store. You will be able to get features like abandoned cart recovery, customer logins, and even real-time shipping information.
  • Great Live Support – One of the things that stand out the most about Squarespace is their live chat support, which is both quick and responsive. If having live chat support is vital for you, you will appreciate this aspect of Squarespace.
  • Great for Blogging – Just about every website builder out there has something for bloggers. Squarespace, however, really makes an effort here, providing such things as podcast integration, scheduling, RSS, commenting, and trackbacks.
  • Great Developer Platform – This service also offers features such as editing the HTML and CSS files of your site. However, you don’t get a template editor with every theme, and only on specific plans. Once you edit your template, you don’t get any more support or updates for Squarespace.


  • The Editor Isn’t User-Friendly – The editor has a neat, minimalistic look. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to use. If you have tried the WYSIWYG editor on either Wix or Weebly, then Squarespace will feel unnecessarily complicated.
  • The Price Tag is Quite High – It’s no secret that Squarespace costs more than many of its alternatives. The most expensive plan is $40 a month, while the cheapest is $12 a month. You get a 14-day trial, but there is no free tier.
  • Pages Load a Little Slow – A real problem with Squarespace templates is that they can load quite slowly because of detailed background images and other site features, which won’t be good for your Google rankings or page speed.
  • The Templates Need Professional Quality Images – All the templates have professional-looking images, which is why they look so good. Once you start to replace them with low-resolution images, which most casual webmasters have, they don’t appear appealing anymore.
  • You Don’t get a Backup of Your Site – It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. If you lose your site, it is gone unless you have a copy of it saved somewhere.


16 Squarespace Alternatives

There are at least 10 great alternative Squarespace competitors, especially for specific niches. The other options are decent, but not as high-quality. I’ll start with the top 10 competitors to Squarespace and then list the remaining six.

Here is a breakdown of the top best options and what they are good at:

  1. Wix: Has great templates to rival Squarespace’s options
  2. Weebly: One of the most uncomplicated website builders to use
  3. Webnode: Great multilingual capability for websites
  4. WordPress: Great for professional bloggers
  5. Shopify: Best ecommerce platform
  6. Jimdo: A simple solution to website building
  7. Gator: One of the most flexible website builders and very friendly for novice webmasters
  8. Webflow: Great website builder for designers
  9.  Duda: Has excellent marketing capabilities
  10.  Strikingly: The top choice for building one-page websites


Wix: Has great templates to rival Squarespace

Wix Website Builder

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While Squarespace is famous, Wix remains the largest website building service in the world. The reason for its popularity is its ease of use when it comes to web design.

Furthermore, it offers more templates than any other provider (including Squarespace). If you are looking for websites like Squarespace, Wix is your best option.

These templates also look great. If you compared them with Squarespace’s options, it would be pretty hard to decide which ones looked better.

Wix Pricing

Wix prices are also reasonable:

  • There is a free tier ($0 a month). You get lots of features with it, though you will have to settle for having ads displayed on your site. This deal is one of the better options among free alternatives
  • For $5 a month, you get to connect your domain name. However, this feature isn’t available in all countries, and you will still have to have ads on your site.
  • The Combo tier frees you of advertisements and only costs $13 a month.
  • The Unlimited level costs $17 a month and removes all storage and bandwidth limits.
  • The Business Basic Tier costs $22 a month and offers online payment and store features.
  • The highest tier is the VIP tier, which costs $39 a month and provides a ton of features, including a professional site review, email campaigns, and an online store.

Wix Strengths

  • Flexible Design – One of the greatest strengths of Wix is just how much control it gives you. You can tweak the templates with the Wix code and add visual components such as animation to improve the user experience.
  • There Is a Large App Market – Wix has a range of integrations. Wix has in-house apps, like Wix Hotels and Wix Bookings, and loads of third party integrations and apps that let you add a ton of features like HD video
  • They Offer Automatic Backups – This service makes Wix one of the best Squarespace alternatives. The fact that Wix offers automatic backups puts them way ahead of Squarespace in this area.
  • They Have Great Ecommerce Features – Wix offers roughly the same store features as Squarespace, which are good enough for small stores.
  • They Have Great Backup Features – Wix will track all of the changes you make to your site. You can restore your site to any previous point you want.

Wix Weaknesses

  • Wix Isn’t Great for Blogging – While the blogging tools are decent, it’s not as flexible as one might want it to be. Unlike Squarespace, the blog editor does not work very well.
  • The Navigation Menus Don’t Offer Much Depth – This is a problem that Squarespace has too. You only get one extra level of navigation on menus. If you’re planning on building a large site, this is going to be a problem.
  • The Templates Aren’t Completely Mobile Friendly – This is an area where Squarespace beats Wix. While Squarespace templates are fully mobile responsive, Wix templates aren’t.

Why is Wix a great alternative to Squarespace? The biggest reason for me is that you’re getting a website that’s just as good-looking as it would be with Squarespace. However, you get it for a much lower cost, and you have more control.

Weebly:  One of the most uncomplicated website builders to use

Free Website Weebly

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Weebly isn’t nearly as glamorous or fancy as Squarespace or Wix, but it offers excellent power despite its modest looks.

Weebly is a little like Wix’s less flashy cousin. That said, the winning point of Weebly is that it is beginner-friendly, mainly thanks to its drag-and-drop editor. You can choose from a few great templates, and the app center allows you to integrate apps and features into your pages. You have a firm foundation from which to build your website.

Weebly pricing

Weebly’s prices are also pretty friendly:

  • There’s a free tier for $0 per month, though Weebly runs ads.
  • The Connect tier costs $6 a month and allows you to connect your domain name and get 500MB of storage.
  • The Pro tier costs $12 a month and includes phone support, password-protected pages, and a video player.
  • The Business tier, which offers full e-commerce features, such as abandoned cart emails and shipping rates, costs $26 a month.

Weebly Strengths

  • Ease of Use – Weebly is an excellent choice for people looking to get started with web design. The learning curve is gentle and fast, and the drag-and-drop editor allows you to drag and drop components onto your web page simply and intuitively.
  • The Templates are Mobile Responsive – Weebly, just like Squarespace, has templates that look good on screens of all sizes. You don’t have to lift the hood and do the resizing yourself.
  • It’s Great for Large Sites –Weebly offers deep sub-navigation, which Wix and Squarespace don’t have. This feature makes it an excellent choice if you’re planning on building a large site with lots of pages.
  • Great for Ecommerce – Weebly is capable of running an online store that allows you to sell services and physical and digital products.

Weebly Weaknesses

  • Not Many Templates – While Weebly’s templates are attractive, they aren’t nearly as many as you get on Squarespace or Wix.
  • There Isn’t Much Flexibility for Design – The templates, while easy on the eye, do not give you complete control over the customization, content, and user experience.

Why is Weebly one of the best Squarespace competitors? Weebly can hold its own against Squarespace when it comes to blogging, SEO, and e-commerce features, though Squarespace wins when it comes to customization and range of available templates. Weebly has a significant advantage in its ability to build large sites.


Webnode: Great multilingual capability for websites

Webnode Free website builder

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While Webnode does not have the same popularity as some other website builders in the same niche, it is still quite prevalent, with over 30 million users.

Webnode’s greatest strength is its ability to support multilingual websites. It also has well-designed, modern-looking templates. That said, there are also a few areas where it falls short.

Webnode Pricing

Webnode’s prices are among the friendliest on this list.

  • The free tier offers 100MB of storage, though you will have to have display ads.
  • The Limited level gives you the ability to connect your domain, and it only costs $3.90 a month. You will, however, still have ad displays in your footer.
  • The Mini tier offers a free domain for one year, as well as a custom email. Though you will be paying $7.50 a month, your site will still have ads.
  • The Standard tier is the first tier with no ads. It offers up to 20 email accounts, supports two languages, and costs $12.90 a month.
  • The Profi tier is the highest, costing $22.90 a month. You get 100 email accounts and up to 5GB of storage.

Webnode Strengths

  • Multilingual Support – Webnode allows you to display your site in many different languages on the Standard or higher plans.
  • Great Looking Templates – Webnode’s templates look incredible, with lots of modern and professional designs available.
  • Email Features are Fantastic – Webnode shines in this area. It offers email accounts on many of its plans, which other website builders don’t do.

Webnode Weaknesses

  • The Blog Features Aren’t Competitive – If you’re into blogging, you might find Webnode’s blogging features lacking.
  • Some Key Features Are Missing –You don’t get a search bar or social media widgets. Also, there isn’t an app market, so you will probably miss out on the necessary functionality.

Why is Webnode a Good Alternative?

Webnode shines when it comes to multilingual sites and email accounts, which are missing in Squarespace.


WordPress: Great for Professional Bloggers

WordPress Website Builder

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WordPress is an internet giant, and it happens to be one of the most powerful website building solutions in the world. There is very little you can’t do with a WordPress site.

You get countless integrations and plugins, allowing you to add just about anything to your site. I should note here that I’m talking about the services that you access from WordPress.org, rather than WordPress.com. While WordPress.com is much easier to use than WordPress.org, it has far more restrictions.

In fact, on that same point, WordPress.org certainly isn’t the most accessible website-building solution to use out there. You do need some programming knowledge to customize your site.

The prices break down as follows:

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting plans

Hosting a WordPress.org site will cost you about $6 a month.

  • A template will cost you a one-time fee of around $50. There are free templates, but you will need to add code if you want to customize them.
  • Plugins can cost anywhere from nothing to $200 a year.
  • If you’re going to hire a developer to help you set your site up, expect to spend a minimum of $30 an hour.

WordPress Strengths

  • Unlimited Control Over Customization – With WordPress, there is no limit to customization. There is a plugin for just about anything you might want to do, whether you’re running a booking engine, a multilingual site, an e-commerce store, or a simple membership site with contact forms. You can even get a plugin to calculate affiliate commissions.
  • Unlimited Scalability – You can grow your website as large as you want, and you have complete control over everything.
  • You Only Get Charged Based On Your Usage – WordPress is free to use on its own, which means you will only be paying for extras.

WordPress Weaknesses

  • You Need To Be Tech-Savvy – Ease of use is not a WordPress strength. WordPress is a sophisticated content management system that needs you to be hands-on right from the start. If you don’t have the requisite coding knowledge to run things on your own, then you should be prepared to hire someone who knows CSS and HTML.
  • It Is Your Responsibility To Maintain Your Site – Other website builders handle maintenance and security updates. WordPress doesn’t do that. You will have to install updates and do regular site maintenance yourself.
  • You Don’t Get Support – Because it is a free tool, WordPress doesn’t offer any direct support. You can either look for the answers yourself or hire a WordPress developer to handle things for you. Also, you must arrange your own hosting services.

Why is WordPress an excellent alternative to Squarespace? If you are thinking of building a large website with complex requirements and customizations, it’s hard to beat WordPress.


Shopify: Great for ecommerce

Start a Business Shopify

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Squarespace’s e-commerce capabilities are decent. However, it doesn’t compare to the scaling capabilities of Shopify. If you’re thinking of growing your online store to the point where you go international, have a loyalty program, or dropship, you’re better off going with Shopify.

Shopify has grown so large and famous in the e-commerce space that it has almost become synonymous with e-commerce. For many people around the world, you don’t open an e-commerce store anymore; you open a “Shopify store.” Given that the company supports over 800,000 active stores and brings in over $100b in revenue, this dynamic is not surprising.

Shopify Pricing online store

That said, the Shopify price range is expensive:

  • The most basic plan costs $29 a month.
  • The Shopify tier costs $79 a month and offers more features and lower transaction fees.
  • The Shopify Advanced Tier costs $299 a month and includes features like a shipping rate and tax calculator.
  • The Shopify Plus tier is an enterprise tool for large stores that starts at $2000 a month.

Shopify Strengths

  • Shopify is specific for an e-commerce site – Shopify is for e-commerce from the ground up. Every element, including shopping carts, site builders, and customer service, focuses on this particular niche.
  • Robust App Market – The Shopify app store allows you to add all sorts of functionality and feature elements, including shopping cart, shipping rate calculators, and fraud prevention.
  • Widespread Support and Popularity – A majority of online stores run on Shopify. It’s easy to find developers who specialize in Shopify stores. Also, in case you want to sell your store one day, most people prefer to buy stores that are already running on Shopify.

Shopify Weaknesses

  • Not As User Friendly As Squarespace – Squarespace websites are a lot easier to customize and style than Shopify Websites. You need more technical knowledge to work with Shopify.
  • Not Ideal for Blogging – While Squarespace integrates its e-commerce builder into the overall website builder, Shopify is only for e-commerce. If you just want to build a blog, Shopify is not for you.
  • Intimidating Pricing – Shopify’s pricing is such that you should only consider it if you’re sure about what you want. If you aren’t serious about e-commerce, you’re better off starting with Squarespace for e-commerce website design.


Jimdo: A simple solution to website building

Jimdo Website Builder

Jimdo isn’t as large as Wix or Squarespace, but it is easy to use. It happens to be one of the fastest website builders out there, allowing you to build a site and deploy it in a couple of hours at most.

The prices are also quite enticing:

  • The free Play tier comes with ads and is a subdomain of Jimdo.
  • The Start package costs $9 a month. It has no ads and offers a free domain for a year.
  • The Grow tier costs $15 a month and allows you to connect your domain name.
  • The Unlimited level costs $39 a month. It offers unlimited storage and professional design analysis.

Jimdo Strengths

  • It Is Very Easy to Use – If you’re a website beginner, this is a great place to start. The drag-and-drop editor is very user-friendly.
  •  You Can Build On Mobile – Jimdo has a mobile app that allows you to create and update your site from your smartphone or another mobile system. This feature can be great for small businesses or other people who operate on the go.

Jimdo Weaknesses

  • The Templates Aren’t Very Flexible – While the templates are mobile responsive, you don’t get control over the placement of the visual elements.
  • The Online Store Doesn’t Have Much Functionality – The online store options are limited. You don’t get to import or export products on spreadsheets, for example. If you’re looking to build an online store, I wouldn’t advise you to go for Jimdo.

Why is Jimdo? If you’re a small business owner and don’t have that much time to build a site, Jimdo would make an excellent option. The templates are modern and professional, the editor is easy to use, and the SEO capabilities are pretty decent.


Gator: One of the most flexible website builders and easy to use

HostGator Easy Website Builder

The Gator website builder is a product of HostGator, which has web hosting platforms that compete with providers like GoDaddy. Sure, this isn’t the most advanced website builder out there, but the templates are impressive, and the editor is easy to use.

HostGator Website Builder

The pricing also isn’t that bad:

  • The Express Start tier costs $3.84 a month and includes a domain name and free hosting.
  • The Express Site costs $5.99 a month and includes priority support.
  • The Express Store tier costs $9.22 a month and includes e-commerce functionality.

Gator Strengths

  • Very Easy to Use – The Gator website builder is very intuitive. Anyone can learn it in a matter of minutes.
  • Great Templates – It has many templates and is probably only second to Wix in this area. Also, most look very modern and professional.
  • Version Control – Gator’s version control system allows you to maintain a record of all the changes you make to your site so that you can revert to a previous version if you make a mistake.

Gator Weaknesses

  • The SEO features aren’t The Best – The structure of the headings is subpar. For example, even when you have a heading on your page, it doesn’t translate into a <h1> tag in the source code.
  • Ecommerce Functionality Not Competitive – If you’re looking to launch an e-commerce store, then Gator shouldn’t be your go-to choice.
  • Blogging Features Aren’t That Great Either – The blogging module is just as basic as the e-commerce one.
  • Too Few Features – There are many missing functionalities, which you would expect from even the most basic website builder. For example, the password protection feature isn’t as robust as it should be.

Why is Gators? The main advantage of Gator is just how easy the design process is. It’s also way cheaper than Squarespace.

Strikingly: Great for building one-page websites

Free Website Builder Strikingly

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Strikingly has a simple focus: building beautiful single-page websites.

Of course, not everyone wants a one-page website. But for those who do, such as people building a landing page, event pages, personal portfolios, or simple stores, it might be just the right solution

Strikingly Pricing Plans

The prices are also quite attractive:

  • The Free Tier costs nothing, but it only allows you to create the most basic of sites.
  • The Limited tier costs $8 a month, but it will display ads and offers you up to five products in your store. It also comes with a domain if you pay yearly.
  • The Pro tier costs $16 a month and offers up to three sites, as well as advanced features like site search and password protection.
  • The VIP tier costs $49 a month and includes 500 products per site, English phone support, and account management.

Strikingly Strengths

  • Very Easy to Use Editor – You can easily tweak the layout of your site using the editor’s drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Includes a Domain – For yearly and two-year plans, you get a free domain on the paid plans.
  • Responsive Mobile Versions – The website templates are all quite responsive on mobile devices.

Strikingly Weaknesses

  • SEO isn’t perfect – While you do get some basic search engine optimization options, one-page sites aren’t the most SEO-friendly.
  • The Free Version is Limited – The free version is just there to let you understand how the tool works. You can’t make a site with features with the free plan.
  • Pricing is High – If you want no ads on your site, you need to pay for the Pro plan, which is more than you would pay to have ads removed elsewhere.

Why is Strikingly a good alternative? If all you want to do is build a single-page site, Strikingly is the ideal choice.


One.Com: A Low-Cost Option

One.com Websites

One.com is most commonly known for domains and web hosting. However, they also have a website builder as part of their services. It rates pretty well, with the most basic offering being very low-priced. It offers value for money if you’re looking for ease of use.

One.com Website Builder pricing

Here is the pricing:

  • The Starter tier is free and caters to sites with fewer than five pages
  • The Premium tier is free for the first year. After the promotion period, the cost is $7.49 a month and allows a maximum of 200 pages. It also includes backups.
  • The Business + Ecommerce tier is also free for the first year. After the promotion period, the cost is $11.49 a month and includes e-commerce features.

One.Com Strengths

  • Reasonable Pricing – If you have a simple site, then you will get great value for money.
  • The Website Templates Are Responsive – All the templates are mobile-ready and look pretty decent.
  •  Plans Include Email – All plans include an email address with your domain name.

One.Com Weaknesses

  • There Are Page Limits – Each plan limits the total number of pages you can have on your site, meaning you will have to upgrade to add more pages.
  •  Blogging Capabilities Are Lacking – You can add a blog, but you need to set it separately. It also won’t look the same as your site.
  • Feature Set Is Limited – There are limited extra features. You can’t add features such as Google Maps to your site.

Webflow: Great website builder for designers

Webflow website builder

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Webflow is for designers and developers. It is not as beginner-friendly as many of the other tools on this list.

That said, Webflow gives you lots of control over customization.

Webflow pricing plans

The prices for this web design platform are not too bad:

  • The Basic tier costs $12 a month. You get to use your custom domain and have up to 25,000 visitors a month.
  • The CMS tier costs $16 a month. You get 2000 CMS items and up to 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • The Business tier costs $36 a month. You get up to 1 million visitors a month and lots of pro features.

Webflow Strengths

  • The Design is Flexible – The flexibility you get in Webflow is unrivaled by any other website builder out there. You even get to use Javascript on your pages!
  • You Can Export Code – Webflow allows you to export your website designs as code so you can integrate them into your other apps.

Webflow Weaknesses

  • Steep Learning Curve – Webflow has a complicated user interface, and it is mostly for designers and developers.
  • Not Too Many Templates – You don’t get that many templates. The flip side of this is that you have a great deal of control over how to customize those templates.

Why is Webflow a good alternative to Squarespace? While Squarespace sites look great, Webflow offers much more control over site looks and functionality.

Duda: Has excellent marketing capabilities

Duda builder

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Duda was one of the very first website builders to implement mobile responsiveness in their templates. Nowadays, everyone is doing it, but Duda did keep up by adding other features along the way. These include multilingual sites and personalization tools, which allow you to curate content based on your visitors’ browsing behavior.

Duda pricing

Duda prices are as follows:

  • The Basic tier costs $14 and offers a single multilingual site, personalization, and up to 10 products for your store.
  • The Team tier costs $22 a month, offering roles and permissions for multiple users and clients.
  • The Site For Life tier offers all the editor, website features, and customization options for a one-off price of $299.

Duda Strengths

  • Great Editor – The drag-and-drop editor is one of the most intuitive editors out there.
  • Multilingual Support – If you want your website to display in multiple languages, then you will appreciate Duda.
  • Great Personalization Tools – Duda offers personalization and marketing tools, allowing you to curate your content for different visitors based on their behavior.

Duda Weaknesses

  • No App Market is Available – Duda doesn’t offer many options when it comes to third-party integrations and apps.
  • Pricing Is A Little Prohibitive – The most advanced features on Duda come at a pricey premium compared to comparable services like Wix.

Why is Duda one of the better alternatives to Squarespace? The multilingual support and personalization features are a great plus. They allow you to offer dynamic content in a way that you can’t with

 Mozello: Great for multilingual sites

Mozello website builder

Mozello is another solution for those looking for a website builder with multilingual support. Its advantage over other builders with similar features is that it lets you build a multilingual site for free. There are, however, a few drawbacks, including a lack of customization features.

The prices are as below:

  • The Free tier costs nothing, but you have to settle for display ads and a limited online store.
  •  The Premium tier costs $7 a month and allows you to connect a domain. You also get an online store with up to 30 products and 50GB of storage.
  • The Premium Plus tier costs $14 a month and lets you add unlimited products to your store.

Mozello Strengths

  • Supports Multilingual Sites – This is the only website builder on this list that allows you to build multilingual sites on the free plan.
  • Reasonable Pricing – The pricing is pretty competitive.
  • Offers An Online Store – You can try out the online store in the free plan, while the paid plans provide even more premium features.

Mozello Weaknesses

  • Not Many Features Included – This builder doesn’t have a lot of features that other builders offer.
  • The Editor Isn’t User Friendly – The editor isn’t as intuitive as some of the others on this list.

Why is Mozello a good alternative to Squarespace? Mozello not only offers support for multilingual sites, but it also lets you build them for free. It even enables you to run an online store for free.


WebStarts: Has a great free plan

WebStarts Free Website Builder

WebStarts may have a modest user base of just 4 million users, but it still has a free option with lots of great features. The editor certainly gives you lots of control over how you customize your site, and the higher tiers include great features, such as email and e-commerce.

  • The Free tier offers 1GB of storage and displays an ad.
  •  The Pro Plus plan costs $7.16 a month, is ad-free, and offers 5GB of storage. You don’t get a custom domain or SEO, though.
  • The Business plan costs $19.99 a month and offers full features, including an online store, a domain, and five email addresses.

WebStarts Strengths

  • Great Editor – The editor offers plenty of freedom to customize your site as you wish.
  • Live Customer Support is Available – Support is available on all plans, including the free one.

WebStarts Weaknesses

  • The Backend is old – It needs to get upgraded to reflect all the modern tools other website builders now have.
  • Pricing Isn’t Very Friendly – The pricing is higher than what you would pay elsewhere, and you aren’t even getting that much more.

Why is WebStarts a good website like Squarespace? The biggest advantage of WebStarts is the fact that they have a decent free plan.

Mobirise: You can install this one on your computers

If you would like to have the option to work on your website offline, Mobirise is a great solution. You can install the website builder on both PC and Mac computers. You will, however, need to understand FTP to configure a local server.

Mobirise Strengths

  • You Can Build Offline – Mobirise allows you to build your website without an internet connection. You only need that when it comes time to publish.
  • Has A Great Freemium Model – With Mobirise, you can build a complete site for free with some basic features. You would need to pay for hosting and other extra features, however.

Mobirise Weaknesses

  • The Changes Are Slower – Since it’s not a web-based tool, publishing changes to your site will be slower.
  • You Need An FTP Connection – You will need some knowledge of FTP to host your website. This requirement makes this option difficult for beginners.

Why is Mobirise a good alternative to Squarespace? If you like building your site online, this tool is an excellent option since it’s easier than the Squarespace Developer Platform, and you can work offline.

Bookmark: Great for AI websites

Bookmark No code Website Builder

Bookmark’s ADI feature, or Artificial Design Intelligence, asks you a few questions and then builds a site for you based on your answers. You get a custom site with colors and a complete theme that you can start using right away.

Wix and Jimdo offer ADI, but Bookmark specializes in this type of design.

The prices are not cheap, but competitive:

  • The Free tier displays ads and comes with 500MB of storage. This value is decent for a Squarespace-free alternative.
  •  The Professional tier costs $11.99 a month, is ad-free, and comes with unlimited pages and bandwidth.
  • The Business tier costs $24.99 a month and includes an online store.

Bookmark Strengths

  • It Is Very Simple – All you have to do is answer a few questions and get a working website that you can edit.
  • All Websites Are Responsive – All designs are mobile-responsive out of the box.

Bookmark Weaknesses

  • The AI is Not Perfect – While Bookmark should design the perfect website for you based on your answers, there is no guarantee that you will love the result. You may still have to adapt your design.
  • Pricing is A Bit High –  The pricing is a little more expensive than what you would pay with other website builders.

Why is Bookmark? If you love the idea of having your website generated automatically, then Bookmark should be the right choice.

Weblium: Very nice designs

Weblium Website Builder

Weblium calls itself a next-generation website builder. It has an AI design supervisor on its website builder, which will adjust such things as fonts, colors, and formatting. The result is design consistency and a professional-looking site.

  • The Free website builder plan includes Weblium branding and a Weblium domain.
  •  The Pro plan costs $8.25 a month with an annual plan. It offers cloud hosting, marketing and SEO tools, and an SSL certificate.
  • The Agency plan has custom pricing available upon request for clients needing five or more sites.

Weblium Strengths

  • Great Templates –  Weblium has a large selection of fantastic-looking templates. Their templates for tech and business websites are especially attractive.
  • Great Flexibility With Template Blocks – You can customize individual content blocks or sections on your site, choosing from lots of different layouts.
  • Lots of Design Options – The editor allows you to apply color palettes to the whole site and add Unsplash stock photos to your site.

Weblium Weaknesses

  • The Blog Isn’t Very Good – There are a few blog features, such as adding posts and feeds, but the functionality isn’t on par with other options.
  • The Subscription Forms Are Complicated – There isn’t any pre-designed option to add a subscription form as a content block.
  •  You Don’t Get An Online Store – It is not currently possible to run an online store on Weblium.

Why is Webliums? If you’re looking for a website builder that lets you design a high-quality website quickly, with lots of ready layouts, Weblium is an excellent option.


Which Alternative To Squarespace Should I Pick?

As you can see, there are multiple options for the best Squarespace alternatives that enable you to build just about any type of website. Here’s a roundup of what’s good for what. Hopefully, you can find the best website builder for your needs:

  • Wix and Shopify for an ecommerce platform
  •  Weebly and WordPress for blogs
  •  Weebly for large sites
  •  Webnode, Duda, and Mozello for multilingual sites
  •  Weebly, Jimdo, and Weblium for ease of use
  •  Strikingly for one-page sites
  •  Jimdo, Wix, and Bookmark for AI-assisted design.
  •  One.Com and Webnode for cheap, simple sites
  •  Webflow and Wix for designers and developers
  •  WordPress for complete control

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