SimpleSite Review [2022]: Can Simple Still Get the Job Done?

As the name suggests, the SimpleSite website is quite a simple, essential, and straightforward website builder that has easily offered a specific platform for all the non-coders to come online. But honestly speaking, the SimpleSite website is not meant for everybody. It can be termed perfect for the users who have just begun coding and need a primary site in which they need not worry much about the designs’ quality.

If you need a full website, then, in that case, the SimpleSite website would not match your choices.

SimpleSite Pros and Cons


  • The SimpleSite offers a straightforward platform to be easily used.
  • This is considered to be the best to serve the purpose of mobile optimization.


  • The SimpleSite offers minimal features.
  • The free website builder is only able to provide minimal customer support.
  • The pricing plans do not provide value for money.
  • They have outdated designs, and the customization is restricted.

This is the correct place for you to gain more information related to the SimpleSite website builder. For the people with several doubts and questions related to SimpleSite com, this might be the interface where all of your questions will be answered. Let’s have a look at the incredible features that the website builder is offering.

Ease of use

SimpleSite website builder

While one is deciding which website builder, they should choose the ease of use becomes one of the main factors necessary for the perfect website builder. It is crucial that the English website builder that you choose matches and the technical skills you possess. By following these ways, the client will be able to enjoy the process of website building.

SimpleSite outstandingly works as it is straightforward to use. As the name suggests, the SimpleSite website builder lives up to the user’s expectations as it is concrete and provides the user with the most comfortable way of building the necessary websites. The website offers pleasure as the primary feature instead of perfection, which can be seen in the simple and less complicated editor.

But there are certain drawbacks too, like if you require some freedom to build a website and for the website designs, you might discover that the SimpleSite is a bit frustrating and is not easy to use. But this does not yield us with the result that it is that bad with the website design and creating websites, but the process is very frustrating and can give you a headache.

If you require more freedom, you should go for the other builders like Wix and Squarespace to suit the users’ requirements in a better way. But for the users who do not have much technical knowledge, the SimpleSite is brilliant and can offer a comfortable platform in which the editor is also not that complex. If, in the beginning, it asks you what kind of website you want to create. Either personal or the business site you choose, whichever you like in the free trial, if you don’t want to go with any of them, you can select ‘other.’

The SimpleSite is a great interface as it is also able to guide you through the complex process of website building efficiently. You select the color scheme, add some images, a domain name, a title, and then create a website login. This ultimate step will finalize your account, and then your site gets published. You can then again go back and finish all the editing process, which was still left.

The website building process is super easy, and beginners can understand it well. There are certain times when the free website’s simplicity becomes overly restrictive, and it can make it very difficult for the user to perform all the necessary tasks. While we were testing the process of building a website, we found that it took a long time to edit the text before publishing the site, which should otherwise have been easy.

There are claims from the site that the client can build a site within minutes while using their platform. But in reality, we discovered that it took more than two hours to get started with a website.

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Theme design and customization

SimpleSite Visual editor

The process of building a site using a simple design can be easy, but let us find out whether designing the looks of the website will also be a relatively simple process. The design can be clearly described in simple terms as templates, as this is what you will get when you pay the price for the cheap and straightforward editor. The designs in the SimpleSite website builder are somewhat outdated and are quite limited for customization purposes with the drag and drop editor.

Mostly all the other website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace provide the user with templates and design options for the site’s structure with templates. But the SimpleSite com works a bit differently from the other website builders. At SimpleSite, choose the personal/blog design options or go for the different options available. There is a pre-set theme that is automatically generated, and that can be customized. But if you go for the other business option, it will provide you with some editing themes.

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There are various ways to pursue building these sites, and you can provide specifications for such areas as for the business site, portfolio, or even the blogs or CV. Due to this reason, we legally guide you to go with the ‘business’ option no matter what type of site you’re trying to build, as, with that option, you can browse through all the themes that are provided along with the particular interface.

You can move to the customization part once you have the theme, as the process of customizing is fundamental. SimpleSite claims to be easy to use; it lets the user add all these elements like the text and the images easily to the interface.

But it is also complicated to edit and arrange the theme and the text once you’re page has gone live. One can easily switch the site’s layout after the publishing is over. But the thing you cannot do is go back to the interface and select a new theme. The only customization available after the site has gone live is the customization of the theme’s layout that was chosen before.

We can consider an example of a simple site like Playmobil. The client can construct an excellent-looking site, but customization features are within specific restrictions brought forth earlier. The Lego is more similar to the other sites like the Wix and the Squarespace as they are easy to be used by beginners. These website builders offer more freedom, impressive results, and brilliant imagination for large and small businesses.


Get started with SimpleSite

The website visitors will quickly notice the features, which counts as a long-term difference for your site. Such features are going to decide the growth and success of your site. But, sadly, the SimpleSite can offer only a limited range of parts by the SimpleSite, which makes it a bit less ideal for being the ambitious website in the race for the SimpleSite features.

However, the website features like hobby websites and interesting buddy projects are useful. The free plan, which the SimpleSite is offering, is incredible. The open plan can provide users with features like mobile optimization and eCommerce, which are becoming standard value.

Generous Ecommerce

The SimpleSite is an excellent platform as it lets the user win in terms of their features. With their free plans, the clients can sell a maximum of five products. The capability of E-commerce is only limited to paying customers.

It is thus offering them along with a charge which makes SimpleSite incredible for even the competitors.

This platform can be termed as perfect if you wish to sell a few items, but we do not recommend this platform if you consider beginning an e-commerce store. It is not recommended because it is not that scalable as it does not provide the user with the required tools that can help you manage the store.

If you wish to unlock the unlimited products for your online store products, you can upgrade the paid plan to one of the most expensive E-commerce plans, which begins with $30.49 per month.

This is a massive price for using our product, and at such a price, a person can use much better replacements for the e-commerce platform like Shopify and even the BigCommerce. These alternatives cost around $30 per month. These platforms have the most powerful features for the online e-commerce store.

In the end, we would like to say that the SimpleSite is quite efficient along with its five products e-commerce SimpleSite review. These features for the free plans provided by the SimpleSite ultimately make the e-commerce features platform an excellent choice for generating money from the user’s hobbies.

Such an offer with great ease of use is quite rare, so the clients should be able to make full use of it.

On-the-Go-Mobile Optimization

Mostly all the website builders have provided their users with the mobile-optimized-templates, which will make your SimpleSite website look amazing on the screen automatically.

The on-the-go mobile website editor by SimpleSite has proven its efficiency for the clients as it is a rare feature provided by the company for its clients.

The client will easily edit and manage the mobile site without downloading any app or without the need for plugins. You can move and tap around the phone or tablet screen, and then you will be okay.

Professional Email Addresses

When you are buying a domain from SimpleSite, you are provided with the five personal email addresses included in the package for the user. The perks of having these personalized email addresses are that in place of, you will now have an email address with

This feature makes SimpleSite stand out from the other web website builder. Such a part helps in establishing a professional image for the user.

SimpleSite provides the user with three main advantages while using its site. But the online store also lacks some of the basic features you are likely to expect to be present in the most effective website builder.

Poor SEO

You need to understand the concept of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Without SEO, the website will not be present in Google’s search results of the top ten websites.

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Non-Existent App market

There is no app market in the SimpleSite, which means you will have to rely on the site’s in-built features. The other website builders like Squarespace do not have any app market. Still, they successfully provide the users with the top quality features, which the SimpleSite review says they do not offer.

Outdated Social media integration

There are many features like embedding the social buttons template to share the website and many social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Modern marketing has a primary factor in its contribution, which is the social media template.

The website seems to be the appropriate place for visitors to stay updated with their online profiles. In terms of features, the SimpleSite cannot offer much compared to what the competitors of the SimpleSite can offer to people or to everyone.

Help and Support

One might overlook the help and support provided by the website builder in choosing the appropriate website builder for the user in terms of customer service. It is suggested to check the website before purchasing any of its paid plans for customer service.

The customer support team will deal with any problems you might face. The group’s response time is nearly two working days, which is not okay if your issue needs urgent attention.

The SimpleSite reviews for customer support are not that good as the SimpleSite has not provided the customers with any phone number on the customer support page.

The support page only consists of the postal address, email, and a list of specific FAQs. For more information, you can view the SimpleSite review and the blog for SimpleSite. But particular problems require technical support from the team, so you need to contact them to resolve your issues.


There are three plans from which the clients can easily choose for their requirements: The primary, E-commerce, and the Pro plans. The Basic plans from SimpleSite are completely free, and the Pro plans will cost the clients nearly $15.49 per month, and the eCommerce plans will cost around $30.49 per month for the online businesses.

If you feel that these prices are high, you can also save some money by paying the price annually.

Basic plan

The basic plans from the SimpleSite review will allow you to construct nearly 15 pages and sell around five products, which deliver the user with a limited choice for the design features.

In this basic plan, the advertisements will be there to promote the SimpleSite on the platform of the website reviews. This is the primary reason why we do not recommend the free plans to our users as the completely free website will be trafficked with many ads.

Thus the SimpleSite is ideal to be used as a hobby site.

Pro plan

In the pro plan, all these advertisements have been removed, and it also allows the user to create unlimited pages with the help of the fantastic features provided in the pack.

The user also unlocks access to all the incredible design options in this paid plan. With all these features, the user can use all the unlimited images and the minutes of the video. It also delivers the clients with a free domain and as many as five email addresses. This pack is purposely designed to be used by professional websites for private or personal business.

E-commerce plan

The e-commerce pack is conclusive of the extra feature as compared to the pro plan by the SimpleSite. Mostly all of the features are quite similar. There are only a few differences.

With the Ecommerce plan, the user can sell unlimited products via your website. So, this solution is considered to be the best for mainly online stores. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee for all of the paid plans so that you can try these plans from the simple site without any risk.

Even though the free plan has many limitations, we recommend our customers go with a completely free program. The plan is generous as it allows the client to sell the product online as the product should feel like buying to the customer. This plan is ideal for all mobile users and is also a brilliant option for hobby websites.

The SimpleSite consists of many outdated designs and lacks many options for the customization of the website. The plans that are paid cannot offer the user any value for money, and that happens more in the case of the other builders like the Wix and the Weebly. If you are beginning with your own opinions and ease of use on the SimpleSite platform, you consider any of the suggested alternatives.

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Our Final thoughts for the SimpleSite reviews

This platform of SimpleSite, in our opinion, has proved in every other way that to use this platform, nobody requires any technical skills for building the website with someone.

Although we did find it in reviews that the clients were not that happy about their concept of simplicity, taking all over the SimpleSite platform. No doubt the SimpleSite platform has defined the ease of use incorrect terms.

Still, it has also resulted in the loss of many of the basic options for something like customizing the personalized site as it limits the editing tools for the customer, which leads them to frustration.

We thoroughly went through all of the customization options provided by SimpleSite, like the ease of use, help, support, pricing, design, etc.

We found out that SimpleSite is very useful, but it is not that intuitive and lacks all the necessary options. But then again, it makes up for all of those options with the free domain name and e-commerce with the scarce opportunity of the mobile editing provided for the users by the SimpleSite.


What is the easiest website builder for beginners?

There are something like hidden gems at the SimpleSite that make it an appropriate choice for the customers. It is also considered a brilliant choice for something for beginners who want to begin working with their personal and hobby websites to sell some products side by side.

But if you require a platform with more stylish designs and scalable options, we will suggest going along with some other website builders.

Which is the best free website builder?

Wix is considered the best site builder for those who have just begun to use these platforms to build a site. The fastest platforms like GoDaddy help you boost your speed if you require more speed to start your online business.

But we would like to say that SimpleSite cannot compete with all of the other data builders. The SimpleSite works with a clear motto, which indicates that the main aim of the SimpleSite is that the client should find the site enjoyable and feel as if he is playing a game or something.

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How can I make a simple website for free?

The site has been wholly hosted for the clients, so they do not need to hire an extra hosting provider for their online store platform. Even though the users are using the free plan, they still do not need to worry about the hosting provider.

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Is Simple Site free?

The clients are also provided with the domain name along with the signup for all the paid plans. You can also have a free domain name and free schedules with other formats like the

The SimpleSite is not recommended by us to be used by people looking for some serious working site as other site builders are very friendly for the users.

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