Google Sites Review: Is It Still a Worthy Website Builder?

If you decide upon website-building, you may find reviews of the Google Sites in your quest for the finest site builders available today. You’d assume a website builder with a Google brand underneath should be strong, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Also, it must have the best reviews. Google has always agreed that it can do almost anything connected to the world’s internet, from social media to email, best demonstrated in every Google app.

It’s essential to remember that Google does not have website builder features. It has 2 website builders, one of whom has been operating for over a decade.

They’re not offering as many services as you would expect from the internet giant sites. There’s a lack of SEO tools, themes, or the option to customize many pieces. Still, they fit best with other Google products, including the cooperative quality of all Google resources.

Though the Google Sites review highlights some of its constraints, it began as a wiki project tool: an online project text, internal business sites, and other inner ventures. Although the organization has enhanced it in later upgrades, it still doesn’t move better than the original.

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Is Google Suite assimilation sufficient?

The primary allure in Google Sites is its seamless link to all Google products. Absent are many regular web builder characteristics. Most important are the SEO tools and the capacity to insert third-party applications. There were already some great features, but they don’t make Google Site an effective site builder to operate with key players.

Incorporate material from the Google Application

Your site is linked to Google accounts via your email, so you can immediately access everything stored on Google Drive. You can integrate files on pages, and they will occur as a synopsis of the top photo. You can control the length of every thumbnail and connect it to graphs, pdf files, charts, etc. You can attach to files – be ready to place the access rights so that the correct subscribers can access them. This is valuable when collating projecting files, resources, and other documents related to a project.

Scan Google Image or YouTube Right from the Interface

Adding documents to one individual Google Drive is helpful but not unanticipated. Google prefers to communicate all its goods. What truly impresses is the capacity to find YouTube and Google Images directly from the Google Site interface.

If you wish to incorporate a video, you wouldn’t need to use a different tab on your web browser. You can search from the pop-up and place the clip anywhere if you prefer on your pages. You could even perform an identical Google Image Search. The whole search box scans the pictures that are labeled for promotional reuse. This implies that you can lawfully use them without charging money. Ensure that promotional reuse is allowed (because Google warns that the filter is not perfect) and give money to the origin if required by the holder.

The constructed Google Image Search can scan outcomes by their main color. This function is on any device, and it’s beneficial when looking for pictures to complement the color scheme of your layout.

Cooperate on  reallocation

You can offer to proofread entries to work with team members. Those with availability can be edited in real-time, as in Google Docs. This is a massive boon to cooperation, no matter what you work on. You will also have substantial control over who can perceive your website. Google Sites may only be authored to certain individuals or groups, like your existing staff or whole organization. Of course, you could also make it accessible to prove as a standard website in online searches.

Banners for announcing

This feature is handy. You can add a customized banner to the site to position it across the website or on a page.

Banner customization options are restricted to color and message. Yet, it’s easy to give users critical info or guide them to a helpful site to become initiated on your website.

Fluid Design Page

Many consumer feedback of Google Sites would inform you that the website building industry has faced a new threat as of late.

With the advent of technology gaining traction, a growing number of users are using their smartphones to browse the internet. To express it mildly, online shopping or even enjoying sports, too much of what’s been credited to PCs or laptops is now available on your mobile. The browsers know that quite well. In exchange, they try to display their user websites designed to appear appealing on a computer, tablet, or phone. This is a tremendous burden on the web builder, referring to fluid and responsive design templates.

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Two Versions of Google Sites

Classic Google Sites

Classic Google Sites has been operating since 2006. This was when Google acquired an industrial software called JotSpot. Its former website builder software (Google Page Creator) was then transferred to the current builder framework and renamed Classic Google Pages.

This tool aims to allow people a way to create collective sites or corporate intranets themselves. So, project wikis, project trackers, training materials, and consumer portals are what Classic Google Sites do best.

Old Google Pages (called “Classic sites”) are still open. The business websites aimed to be ready to switch to the new website, Google sites, sometime in 2018. As for the news, specific sites have been able to move, but not all.

New Google Sites

In 2016, Google’s website builder was last updated to match most of Google’s architecture and features and other website builders’ effectiveness. The New Google Sites view is a lot better than the Google Classic Sites and provides ease of use. Yet, it is extremely restricted regarding what consumers can create with it.

New Google Sites is still under development. Google engineers aim to re-integrate the usability and service missing among Google Classic and New. Google has developed a site transformation tool to support those who want to create a website using the Google sites Classic edition. This improvisation in google analytics allows people to build a new version of their website on new platforms, with all migrated data. Users may then post this to a unique URL or substitute the original URL with new sites.

Initially, you weren’t allowed to do it, contributing to a time-consuming method of copying and pasting anything from one place to another.

Good Customization Operations

Consumer reviews of Google Sites do remember that the platform fails in contrast to several top website builders out there. Bearing insight into the limited usability of GS, it continues to provide few pretty cool customization options.

To begin with, on the right side, scrolling down a bit, you’ll find a lot of various things that can be applied to your tab. These are not restricted, to-buttons, schedules, maps, sheets, material tables, etc. Besides, you can tailor any of these aspects to your taste. After you’ve put them on the site, you’ll be allowed to switch them around, raise or reduce their size, etc.

The Google Sites user reviews note that the GS theme choices are relatively rare. Yet, they are still effortless to apply, no matter how much you have already personalized your website.


Google Sites provides only 9 base models with terms such as “Portfolio,” “Project,” and “Team” – titles that reflect the specific purpose of the framework. These Google sites are not intended to highlight items or promote your e-Commerce store or small business. They are planned for a smaller-scale e-Commerce online store like the ‘team.’

We’re not thinking about full artistic expression, of course. For example, you can switch text colors but can’t select from various fonts. The font styles are limited to only a handful of choices, such as heavy, classic, light.

One thing to like about the templates at Google sites is that the filler text includes guidance and text guidelines. It gives you a small help while also showing you what the site looks like when you post it.

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Ease of Use

Does Google Site have a User-Friendly interface like various Google Apps?

Google is excellent at recognizing the desires of consumers and addressing them efficiently. This goes to Google Pages, which provides an intuitive, simplified interface, not including a bunch of clutter. There are several aspects that Google makes these tools easy to utilize.

Effortless interface

Google Site editor interface seems very cool, and it’s almost reassuring to utilize. It is safe of clumsiness and widening menus, concentrating only on necessities. There’s only a place to search for what you want, so it’s straight, and you could begin creating your sites quickly using the builder software and the editor. Google Sites editor is well structured.

Pre-existing layouts

Google Sites utilizes a drag-drop editor in the grid layout. You can transfer the components you need, but they will still snap the current grid to balance. You can choose independent content to create your layout, or you could pick from a limited set of existing templates to save effort and time.

Design templates for Google Sites streamline the design journey

If you decide to create your layout, invest some hours investigating the various content blocks you can incorporate – there are interesting things I haven’t found in many website builders. These involve collapsible text, a list of content, and a holder block that one may subsequently build in with embedded material from your Google Drive or other websites.


Free of Cost

Google Sites offers free services. What’s the deal here?

Google Site is entirely free of charge and works with Google Account. Each function and feature is accessible free of charge on individual profiles (except 24/7 support). Google Account will also have unlimited space and the option to attach five URLs to the page. You’re also not going to look at any Google advertising or logos on the posted article. If there’s a catch, you’re going to have what you spend for. Google Sites is a collaborative and demonstrative platform than a fully functional website designer.

It also has custom domain name options that attract a broader range of users.


Release your new Google Site project and it will allow access to a quite limited and tasteless editor.

The majority of the screen taken from the synopsis of the existing page. Other site builders will usually provide a template to assist you. However, New Sites keeps you with a header and a great deal of white space. You can change or erase the header in case you don’t need it.

The toolbar on the right shows an unimpressive series of widgets. Particular page components are restricted to text, splitters, and images. The willingness to incorporate URLs and HTML code could assist you in inserting more. Many options include encoding material from other Google services and applications: YouTube, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and Forms

Customer Support

Google Sites is so limited funding for this. There are zero live chat or automated chat solutions. If you get problems, you’ll need to focus on the aid document collection and the group aid forum.

The supporting materials are reasonably detailed, but it is still noticed that questions could not be addressed. The Group Aid Forum is smashing – there are several common questions, and those you might address by reading support.

This support model might sound strange for a big organization like Google, but it is different for Google Sites,, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. You will not expect support for a spreadsheet program or word processing; it is simply an addition to the toolsets. There are 24/7 services accessible to those that belong to a G Suite, a collection of business tools that adds some extra part to the regular free Google Application documents.


Are Google Sites completely free?

Google Sites is fascinating. Oh, yes! They have a free website builder to use.

This is probably the most significant advantage that Google Sites has. Creating various website pages and distributing them to extend your projects or even using this website for business purposes is free to use.

Can I earn money from Google Sites?

If you have a website on Google Sites, you must be interested in earning money from Google AdSense. AdSense enables site owners to view relevant website advertising and earn income from their traffic. It also allows visitors to identify items of concern to them based on those pages’ contents.

AdSense presents advertisements that are important to the substance of the site. You can conveniently customize the look and feel of the advertisements that fit your website. For example, if your site is about shoes, you might be able to view advertisements for shoe designers. If a section on your site is about crockery, you will see advertisements for glass dealers on that website.

Why do we not recommend Google Sites?

There are several reasons owing to which we consider you going for another website builder for new sites rather than Google Sites. Some of these reasons for not using Google Sites are explained below

Not a Real site Builder

The biggest downside to Google Sites is the reality that it’s not a valid website builder. Now, this isn’t likely too big an issue if you’re searching for a visual tool that will help you with some particular projects. That s because the “site builder” label is still being applied to Google Sites.

No substantial Templates

If you want to utilize Google Sites to make super-original and eye-catching data in mind, you will most definitely be dissatisfied.

You understand that the website builder has no templates per seat, which is certainly not how most other legal website builders use templates. Instead, GS is offering some different themes” for your website.

However, the themes allow a lot to be desired. They adjust some fonts and basic page design info, but they still don’t affect the pages’ overall appearance. Yeah, an assertion can be made that this is what the templates are for, but it is digressing with a minimal number of layouts, too; there’s tiny space for creating a unique site.

Are Google sites any good?

Suppose you’ve done so well in the Google Sites analysis. In that case, the site has probably captured your attention for one purpose or another. You may have initially expected to read about a genuine, fully-fledged website builder.

Google Sites is a useful resource for many of the particular projects you’re operating on. After all, you can adjust your protection settings so that only you can reach the web.

However, this is where the subject of Google Business Pages comes in when it relates to partnerships. You see, the service is relatively famous with smaller companies who want to handle their projects collaboratively and uncomplicatedly.

Google Sites is not a valid website creator. It’s useful for managing various projects and building specific, low-key pages. Yet, it won’t be enough for someone who needs to create an authentic, fully functioning website. For this reason, you’re supposed to get a look at a few of the better website builders on the current market. Website builders like Zyro and Squarespace can allow you to construct a different and usable site.

That being said, many users of Google Sites are finding that the site has its benefits. If you disregard the limited theme option pool and the designer’s actual shortcomings, this builder will welcome you with a user-friendly project planning tool.

And the most significant feature of it is that the service of Google Sites is free to access. No subscription payments, no secret pricing plans – all you have to do is sign in to your Google Account, and you can begin building your page in no time.

Even if you select a website creator that fits your preferences and tastes, always note that you can use Google Sites as a valuable tool in addition to having and retaining a website. So get started with this free website today!

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