Best Really Free Website Builders for Photographers

Creating a photography website and letting people know about it is not easy. Still, now you have these free photography website developers who will help you create a photography website that will be easy to use.

These websites will help you create the best web design, website templates, and different options to boost your photography business. They will make a stunning photography site that will be rich with photos and will be easy to use for new clients. These experts make sure that the display of the photography website is attractive.

These services will also make it affordable for you to get it done. They have a drag and drop interface as the website needs it. The photography websites are generally very professionally designed, making them suitable for your online store.

If you are an enthusiastic photographer and want to make your photography website, you will find all the answers to your questions in this article. The only thing you need to do is be patient and stay tuned till the end.

Hence, let’s start our quest to find the best website builder for passionate photographers.

Which Website Builder Is Ideal for Your Photography site?

Many aspects go into consideration when searching for the best one out of all. The same thing applies to you while searching for the best website for your photography business. To narrow your search and get a suitable photography website builder to showcase your professional photography skills, we have listed some significant criteria you should look for.

Flawless designs and neat templates: The suitable photography website builders for your portfolio should emphasize the photo and less on the text size. Since the photo has to be in the limelight, the templates which support larger photographs and small texts and make your portfolio pop out are the best ones to opt for.

Search for clean designs and sharp features, then shortlist the website builders matching your judgment criteria.

Customization: Your photography business reflects your personality because the photographs that you click describe your likes and dislikes. Hence, search for a free photography website where customization is possible. Experiment with the themes, layouts, and other features available and develop a website that suits your personality and gels well with your photography portfolio.

Uniquely customize your site to establish your web presence through your photo website.

Bulk Image Uploader: The next criteria of shortlisting are the maximum capacity of a photography site to upload your photos. It is always better to look for websites that enable you to upload many photographs at a time to save time and not have to repeat the entire process.

Search for the sites that allow you to upload photos in huge bulks and save you time.

Ease of use: A website should be easy to use and should provide you with all the required support. You don’t have to enter a single line of coding to set up your photography business. Hence, search for the site that offers ease of use and the needed support and resources.

Opt for the site with a drag-and-drop interface to help you with your work and make it much more comfortable.

Device Friendly

Now, this aspect is the crucial one. Not every person uses a desktop to view your page, and with the advent of mobile devices, the fanbase of smartphones and tablets has increased. Make sure you create your website to be viewed on the desktop screen and any small-screened mobile device.

Look for website builders that enable you to optimize your page and make it mobile-friendly.

Free Photography Website Builders

Below are 6 free photography website builders offering all the necessary resources and features for building your portfolio and a free website for your photography business. Each site is different from the others in its own way; hence you need to glance at all the website builders.

So, take your time and scrutinize each of them carefully and then opt for the one you find easy to work on and suitable for creating your photography portfolio.


Wix Website Builder

With more than 40 templates to choose from that are neat and clean and a site that gives you a preview of how your final page will look, Wix offers you attention-grabbing galleries.

However, many questions surround Wix. Is it free, or does it charge anything? Well, the answer is it is entirely free! Yes, Wix provides an open plan to its users and lets them create galleries filled with high-quality photos.

Besides, Wix provides you with a secure platform to host your photo websites without any trust issues. It is so reliable that all photographers prefer Wix over any other website. You only need to be careful about the bandwidth and storage limit, which is a maximum of 500MB.

Wix is the most reliable website builder and has most of the characteristics that an ideal free Photography Website builder has.

The most vital aspect of any website is the white space, for it makes your content look organized, and the photos in between make it pop out. If you want to customize your online store’s site with less textual content and more images carefully organized on the free templates, Wix is the way to go.

As a beginner, you will find Wix to be incredibly easy to use. The only drawback is that you cannot edit it once you have designed your web page and put it online. This lack of re-editing may be a big hurdle in your success and may ruin your hard work. Thus, ensure that you have put all the required elements on your site to attract new clients and then make it live.

Top features of Wix


Before we proceed further and hastily choose Wix, let’s have a glance at its features.

Attractive Galleries

Wix Photography Website Templates

You get a selection of templates, gallery layouts, and vibrant effects in Wix, enabling you to create your portfolio and keep your clients easily and audience engrossed in your project. Use a suitable layout that matches your personality and the theme of your photography business.

The quality of your images

When you opt for any photography website builder, the most crucial thing you should look for is that the site doesn’t fade your photos’ colors. This fading may lead to your business’s downfall, which you don’t want at any cost.

Wix doesn’t lead to the fading of your work and maintains the quality throughout. The tools present on this site help you make the images sharp and clear, which is the demand of any photography website.

Attractive effects

A photography website has photos and images in it aligned and organized in a planned format. Since this layout is standard, every photographer will find that his website will be no different. To make your site a little bit unique and give it your personal touch, you can use Wix. Anyone who opts for Wix will get unique templates and tools to customize his site and add visual effects to it.

By doing so, you can attract new clients to visit your site and expand your business. Put animations, videos, and moving pictures to grab your visitor’s attention and keep him hooked.

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SITE123 website builder


Do you want an easy-to-use free photography website builder that lets you create your portfolio or a picture gallery in a short time? If you are a photographer who likes clicking photos but finds uploading and arranging them a challenging process, SITE123 is a website that makes your tiresome job a little easier.

This beginner-friendly photography website builder provides an effortless building process for your photography business portfolio. Besides, the customer support that SITE123 has is incredible and assists you 24/7.

With a selection of more than 10 different templates from which you can choose your favorite, this website builder lets you customize them to match your taste. Moreover, all the templates present on this site are mobile-friendly. It means that you can build mobile device-friendly photography websites without any restrictions.

Besides, if you want to sell your photos and set up a photography e-Commerce store, you can do the same with SITE123. Build a lucrative website for your online store using SITE123, gain clients, and sell the images you displayed on your business website.

Top features of SITE123

The top features of this photography website builder are listed below. If you are a hard-working photographer and want to sell your work, and earn money, scan these features and get started.

The Gallery layouts

SITE123 Free Website Builder Templates

Every photographer wants to have his gallery full of attractive images. While other websites restrict you to one or two galleries, this website offers you 8 galleries to stack your photographs. Unlike the standard square gallery layout, you will find a round grid that is different and sets your galleries apart from others.

Also, attractive photos are lined up in the gallery to increase your customers and your e-Commerce business benefits because for every purchase, they will keep coming back to your galleries.

High-end Image Display

The images on your website appear larger, more precise, and sharper. The color is vibrant, and so is the image quality. If you want your gallery to look attractive and attract new clients each day and your images to talk to the audience, opt for this website builder and suggest the same to all your friend photographers.

Bulk Image Upload

Uploading tons of images in one go is real bliss. Most of the free website builders put a maximum limitation on the number of photos that you can upload at a time. This limitation is not present in SITE123. You can upload your entire portfolio and devote the remaining time to other work.

Custom Image Gallery

How will your clients find the images that they are looking for? To make it easy for you and your clients, SITE123 offers customization options wherein you can segregate all your photographs and stack them under different categories. So, if someone wants animal images, he can get all the other animals’ photos in a single place.



The next one on this free website builders’ list is Squarespace, which has won many hearts with its stunning features. If you are concerned about whether this website builder will build a mobile-friendly website, you can be all assured. Squarespace provides innumerable designer templates to meet every photographer’s style and taste, all of which are mobile-friendly.

So, you can get clients both from your desktop website as well as your mobile website. By using Squarespace, you can expect your images and photos to be spotless and of high quality. Squarespace’s professional and polished look to your portfolio is worth noticing. With its free plan, you get all the required tools and features to make an outstanding photo gallery.

It provides you the ease of use and is the top-notch platform preferred by many professional photographers. Moreover, there are no limitations imposed on the storage capacity and bandwidth. Hence, you can store as many images as you want in your portfolio and build a website that ranks at the top of the search engines.

Top features of Squarespace

Squarespace is the only photography website creator that provides you with all the necessary features, even in their free and basic plans. Hence, even if you don’t have a flexible budget, you can work with all the features Squarespace provides. Let’s look at the fantastic features that it endows you with.

Excellent SEO

This site provides you with useful tools to optimize your photography website in the best possible way so that it ranks higher on the search engine, and more clients visit your site. Besides, you also get the apt tools to add tags to your pictures and briefly describe the same.

You can also add your blogs on the photography site and keep your audience hooked to your article till the end. With such excellent SEO tools, you can expand your e-Commerce business and influence other photographers with your outstanding work.


If you want to share information with your clients through the medium of stock photographs and written content, this creator is the best option. You can use this platform to add your blogs to your photography business. Along with the array of templates you get, you can add RSS Feed, unlimited pages to your photography website, and do many more things.

Hence, waste no time and sign up on this platform today to create the best and most fantastic photography website and stack all your pictures on display. Make your fellow photographers jealous and take your business to new heights.


Squarespace Photography Templates

This free website creator is known for its beautiful array of attractive templates. There is a vast choice you get, and you can opt for anyone who suits your requirements. You get flexibility in designing, and customization is something that Squarespace is known for.

Unlike Wix, you can edit your web design and customize the templates at any point in time, even after your website goes live. You will be amazed to see how beautifully your pictures are displayed on your photography website, which will make you come back to this website builder every time you want to create one.

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Free Website Weebly

The show stopper has stepped in, and by no chance should you miss it. If you are worried that your budget won’t allow you to build a stunning photography website that you always wanted, it’s time you should not worry about the same.

Weebly makes your website building a lot easier, and that is why it is the best free website for photographers who want to build their customized photo galleries online but at a lower price.

You need to pay extra for extra features and marketing tools, which is a significant drawback of Weebly. You don’t get a wide range of templates to select one that meets your website theme. You can’t categorize the pictures, which makes it challenging for the visitors to find what they need.

You only get a portfolio category to display your pictures on the website. Despite the significant drawback, Weebly is highly preferred because it provides you with the essential features that have to be there on a photography website.

Weebly is the only platform that offers you full liberty to organize and place your pictures and their brief descriptions as you wish. This feature is unavailable on any other medium, which is a huge plus point that Weebly has. This feature attracts more and more photographers each day, which has led to its success overnight.

Top Features of Weebly

To make your portfolio worth noticing and attract more visitors to your sites, Weebly has some unique features that help you achieve these desires. Without any further ado, let’s quickly scan through these top features of Weebly.

Mobile App

Have you heard of any website builder that has its on-the-go app? Weebly excels in this race because it has a mobile version of itself in a small application. This app is made to enhance the user experience. So, you can effortlessly edit your pages, add more elements to them, sell products, or promote your brand through this small app. It comes in handy when you cannot access the heavy Pc and want to make some urgent changes.

Image Editing Options

The free plan of this free website offers you incredible picture editing options. There is no need to deploy any third party to edit your pictures and make them ready for upload. This platform has a built-in editor, enabling you to instantly edit your pictures and upload them on your website.

Flexible Gallery Builder

Weebly Themes

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Want your picture gallery to stand out? Then seek help from the fascinating gallery building tools of Weebly. Use visual effects and a custom background while building your portfolio gallery. Polish it and present a professionally designed portfolio to your visitors. You can use more options and features present in the editor and create a custom gallery of your pictures.

App integrations that help your website do more activities

Weebly has its exclusive app store where you will find all the necessary apps that will help you to build your photography website using this website builder. You can integrate other third-party apps to your photography website that are available in this store. There are 50 such integrative apps present in the app store.

You can build social media icons through social media integration, design the Instagram feed layout, create a custom domain name for your website to promote your brand, etc.

WordPress Website Builder

The king of the website builder community is WordPress. It is the most preferred photography website creator by all photographers. The customization features available on this platform are bang on, and it is the most significant feature responsible for the widespread popularity of WordPress.

There are innumerable templates available on this platform, which, even if used, will make you ask for more. However, there is a demerit, which is the need for basic coding knowledge. With this knowledge, you can outstand others and shine in the photography website challenge.

WordPress is not meant for beginners because of its technicalities. So, after a brief experience in this field, you can jump to this platform and be the king like it is.

WordPress doesn’t have any plan called ‘free plan’ because it can be used for free. You only need to sign up and start your work right away. Since it’s free, your website will feature your domain name along with

If you plan to get a Custom domain name for your photography website, then the free plan may not be useful. You will have to opt for a paid option to get your desired custom domain name for your brand or the website.

Top features of WordPress

Since WordPress is a free website building platform, it comes with many features to fulfill all the requirements of a photographer who wants to build a photography website. Let’s have a look at WordPress.

Innumerable Themes

Bold Photography WordPress theme WordPress org

There is a theme library in WordPress. This theme library consists of numerous themes for your portfolio and photography website. You can scan through the library and use the one that matches your taste and gives your photography website a new look. Your brand should speak up for itself through the medium of the theme of your website.

Community support

WordPress has a small social network community joining millions of people worldwide with each other. So, with so many people in touch with each other, you get the opportunity to interact with them and enhance your web building experience and knowledge. Also, you get the necessary support and resources and can consult with experienced people when in need.

Built-in SEO

To enhance your user experience and expand your brand name, WordPress has built-in SEO that enables your photography website to rank higher on Google.. Without much effort, you can find your page doing well and coming to everyone’s notice.

Thanks to the SEO feature that WordPress has, your task is reduced considerably. All your pages are appropriately optimized and tailored accordingly. This feature is very significant, and undeniably, WordPress has won so many hearts.

If you want your photography website to attain the top rank in the search engines, ensure that you sign up with WordPress today. With the paid plans, you can get a proper domain name for your website, which will again help you achieve your dreams.


Zyro Website Builder

Zyro believes in teamwork, which is why it is another favorite of millions of photographers worldwide. If you use this website builder, you only have to deal with your pictures and edit their appearance. Other than that, the texts and the performance of your webpage will be tackled by Zyro.

Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is present in Zyro. It tracks your page’s performance and optimizes it accordingly to match the requirements of the web visitors.

It is the perfect website builder that any beginner would want to opt for. You need not be a tech geek or a pro coder to use this builder because it does everything for you. It has a free SSL certificate, innumerable templates that are mobile-friendly, and a beginner-friendly editor that makes your website-building experience memorable.

Top features of Zyro

Zyro Photography Website Templates

Let’s glance at the top features of Zyro, which will help you know this platform better and exploit it for your benefit.

AI content writer

In Zyro, you need not write any content for your website separately. The AI content Writer of Zyro does that work for you. It takes ideas from other websites that match your niche and compiles them to form suitable content for your text.

Visitor Tracking

The AI also tracks the activities of your visitors. It notes how your visitors are browsing your website and what element catches their attention. This information jotted by the AI helps you to optimize your page and make the necessary changes so that the next time any visitor visits your site, he can be intrigued to get converted.

Unlimited bandwidth and Storage

Since there is no limitation on the bandwidth and storage space, you can store innumerable pictures on your website and use them differently. The unlimited storage space and bandwidth come in handy when you have many photographs under different categories, and you don’t want to miss any picture that you have clicked.

Final Verdict

Your photography business and the website are the reflections of your personality, and they display what kind of a person you are. Your website speaks on your behalf, and you should ensure that it looks professional and classy at the same time.

These website builders listed above are the shortlisted ones that we found worth sharing with you. They all have different features and are suitable for different types of websites, all related to photography. Let’s summarize and categorize them based on their function.



If you want customization flexibility and a cheap brand promoting tool, Wix is the way to go. It is free and enables you to promote your business brand and customize your website using unique contemporary templates and themes.


If you don’t know how to code or don’t have any technical background, SITE123 is the best option for you. It is beginner-friendly and provides you the ease of use.


For a professional look and well-organized gallery, Squarespace does the wonder. You get suitable layouts and themes to choose from to create your designer portfolio.

Even though these websites specialize in a specific area, you can still opt for them for all your needs. Your website will turn out to be an attention-grabbing picture portfolio that will attract massive traffic irrespective of the web builders’ specialization.


Which site is the best for new photographers?

Wix is the best platform for newbie photographers for it provides you with various templates and layouts. You can use these options to develop a stunning photography website and impress others with your work.

However, on the same side of the page, Squarespace leads when user experience is concerned. You get a free trial of 14 days, which is not present in Wix. This free trial allows you to understand the functioning of this platform and test it. If you don’t find it suitable, then you can move on to the next platform. Since both the platforms are equally good, you can opt for anyone you find ideal for your work.

Can I sell my pictures using my photography website?

Platforms like Site123 let you sell the pictures that you have on your website. Since it supports eCommerce platforms, it becomes easier for you to get customers and make money through your talent.

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