The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

Any type of company from small scale to large scale unquestionably requires promoting their products or goods to expand their range and boundaries. This is called marketing. While this is true, it is also crucial for consumers or customers to get to know the features and details of any particular area or the whole, which is all the more reason for them to be acquainted with marketing.

There are different kinds of marketing, among which email marketing is dominant. Email marketing is on the rise today as the concept of email is familiar to a wide range of populations and makes it easier for companies to connect with the audience they require to deal with.

Email marketing these days has become an essential strategy in the digital marketing platform as it is a well-known platform and also as it also elevates the scope of both the customers as well as the company.

The idea of email assisting the growth and expansion of marketing may be an exaggeration, but the stats on the response it received will leave us with no doubt. There is more to an email than just pop-up notifications, and when used appropriately, it can be of utmost use in building up a company’s marketing strategy.

The list of statistics provided will help in getting an overview of information related to marketing, including the increase of traffic to your company or site, which in return assists in the increase in sales. So let’s cut to the chase and get into the details of email marketing statistics.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Statistics

Listed below are the email marketing statistics, which are some of the most prominent ways of expanding the business range and increasing traffic to the site by letting the customers and company individuals stay connected. This brief information lets you get a clear idea of the fundamentals of marketing and implementing ideas of email marketing.

Global Usage of Email

Email can get the simplest of jobs to the most complicated ones done as its usage is almost all over the world. It can be used in assisting necessary academic works as well as used as an essential strategic tool in the promotion of goods and marketing. Truth be told the widespread reality of email will never be something but naive to people until they look at the numbers of users who deal and use email for various purposes.

The number of users in 2019 adds up to 3.9 million, and estimated surveys proclaim that the number as of 2023 would be 4.3 billionwhich makes half the population of the world. These statistics make the success rate of email marketing even higher than ever.

No matter the size of the business you are doing or considering doing email has the power to structure the pattern of connection between the owner and the customer and makes it an easy way to connect and expand the audience or make new ones.

The benefit email offers is that less effort can yield more benefits and helps increase traffic for any site which results in the development of a company.

How to use it?

The answer to this is pretty obvious as most people consider email as a fact of everyday life and are involved in its usage no matter the different apps that are being generated or created lately. Using an email requires us to post our email id and then the ones who receive the body of the message simply click on send, and that’s how easy it is.

People usually check their emails as often as they check their phones, and the most interesting thing about email is that you need not worry about the type of audience you’re dealing with. It is because all age groups are very well familiar with this concept which makes the seller quite a lot easier to reach out to the customer without having to face any issues.

Emails sent daily are in billions

The fact that email usage is not old school and is not going down the road can be proved by the statistics or the numbers of its total users all over the world. The number of users alone will leave us astonished. In 2019 the emails sent and received were 293.6 billion and the expected figure as of 2022 is 347.3 billion, which points to efficiency and widespread usage.

These days there are hundreds and thousands of ways in which communication can be processed. However, still, the stats of the users of the email has never gone down. This makes a bet on email marketing high and also makes it an easy and familiar way to connect with people.

The potential growth in the numbers suggests that email marketing is never going down on the list of marketing which makes it a lot easier to depend on it.

How to use it?

The solution to that is quite apparent as a maximum of the human beings take into account email because the truth of normal lifestyles and continue using it irrespective of the distinctive apps which are being generated or created lately. Sending and receiving emails happens at the touch of a hand with basics steps which, as a result, increases the click-through rate.

The most interesting thing about using an Email in marketing is that it avails free usage and ensures the message reaches millions at a 0 cost. This makes the job much easier than it should be, especially when marketing is concerned.

The personalized subject lines can optimize the reach for mobile, desk, and laptop. Promotional emails can make the marketing channel expand at the same time as increasing consumers.

Legit return on investments in email

Email marketing offers a large scale of benefits, but the one that hits the top is the return of investment. This can be considered as one of the reasons why this domain in digital marketing gained unprecedented popularity.

This kind of marketing strategy helps level up productivity as the b2b email marketing statistics in the market are considered massively important for the benefit of the owner and the consumer.

The thing we need to know is that Return Of Investment (ROI) is a measure of how efficient or profitable investment is. There is a lot of difference between email marketing and social media, and clearly, email outnumbers the benefits and advantages of social media in marketing.

An interesting fact about the return of investment is that it has a 4400% ROI which implies gaining 42 dollars on every dollar you spent.

How to use it?

One can start email campaigns to increase the rate of return of investments and reach out to customers and recipients on a large scale with promotional emails and stay connected to them. Email engagement of companies with customers can be through mobile devices or computers.

Many campaigns are segmented so as to get an exact grip of the type of audience we are dealing with. These campaigns sending personalized emails can help in getting people to build long-lasting relations and in return, results in customer acquisition.

The ROI is generally calculated once a month, and the email marketing campaigns can affect the results in a month or year. There is a simple method to calculate campaign ROI or measuring the return of investment could be quite problematic.

(sales – invested)/invested.

Email utility for content distribution

A return of investment is a strong email marketing strategy b2b marketers and companies undoubtedly prefer it as a productive content distribution method. Distributing and circulating content assisted by email has been a lot easier and effective, which made this a most reliable strategy to depend on for the b2b marketers or other company owners.

The recent statistics show that nearly 87 percent are depending on email marketing for the distribution of content, and that has relatively increased click-through rates. Holding email marketing campaigns are not the only thing pleasing marketers; they involve paid collaborations to promote their content and expand their reach.

Email marketing assists in a productive way of content distribution which in turn results in excellent content performance and audience engagement. It was proven that 9 out of 10 marketers are forthcoming to grow through their content’s email metrics like the number of downloads, click-through rates, open rates which helps them determine the kind of content which increases website traffic. It is one of the best email stats.

How to use it?

Email marketing for the distribution of content organically is used by nearly 9 out of 10 marketers. There are many ways to make the content attention-seeking, using your signature in promotion of content like did you know the #1 brand? Check it here.

You could use your archived content to promote your new product or any new information. Working with influencers to collaborate also has a lot of impact as their circle of the audience would be will be coming across your promotions, and that would have a lot of impacts.

To increase website traffic, you need to consider the click-through rates of your marketing emails, click-through rates always help in scrutinizing the content to what people need or expect.

Growth in business with email marketing

People quite often speculate that with the increase in different mediums to advertise or promote, email has lost its merit, but that is not true. Researches conducted lately prove that no matter how useful other platforms might be, an email will never lose its value as it is also advantageous and tops the chart.

Email marketing somehow manages to top when it comes in comparison with paid search, organic search, social media. The recent data unfolds that nearly 81 percent of people in small and midsize business firms depend on email.

How to use it?

There are many ways to put email marketing in use to grow business, and every firm’s usage is different according to their needs. If one can be able to decide what the requirement is and use email marketing accordingly, it has a positive impact on the growth of the business.

  • The email could be extremely helpful in promoting any kind of product or service in detail in a way that could create an impact and influence the customers.
  • It helps in gaining the customer’s trust and build long-lasting relationships between the seller and the consumer.
  • This way, one can also get to deal with the issues faced by a customer and rectify and have a one on one trust-based relationship.
  • Automation of emails can be of great assistance to follow up and keep up with the previous tasks and customers.
  • It helps in generating web traffic and a lot more.
  • Email marketing can assist in partnerships and collaborations to take forward the business.
  • The effort and investment in email marketing are relatively less than many other mediums which makes it easier to get the work done.
  • Once the site or service turns credible to the customer you can have the flow of benefits like getting offered paid partnership and increase in web traffic etc.
  • It could always bring in new customers.

Welcome Emails Attract High Email Open Rate

The mere statement defines it all as open ways can make best strategy work as it gives the count of the people opening our mails and that as a result allows us to generate content according to audiences interests and can increase the web traffic of the site.

There are many marketing statistics using email, and this one has a pretty good capacity to get the work done and increase the average open rate.

Marketing emails have the typical reputation of boring people, and that needs to be eliminated by a good head start, and that would be welcome emails which can present the gist of the company or service to the one receiving it.

Subject lines have a way of making people intrigued, and that can be used as our pro by advertising and promoting content in such a way that it persuades people.

The average response a welcome email receives as per recent statistics is 82 percent which is far higher than the average open rate of an email which is 21 percent. With this advantage, a seller could procure the benefit of having high chances of open rates and return helps us build a chance to hold campaigns to increase the audience.

Important information related to the services and products provided can be mentioned in the welcome emails to make them more intriguing and attractive.

How to use it?

Every individual’s way or company’s way of making an email interesting and intriguing could be different, but the following few tips could be of great help in gathering an audience and increasing web traffic.

That increase of web traffic and increase in average email open rate could be possible if we can manage to add a little personalized touch to the email that needs to be delivered like adding the receives name or making the subject lines short and interesting. This can gain customers as well as increase email engagement.

Many email users hold email campaigns to deal with b2b marketers and make segmented campaigns and segmented emails to everyone as per their interests but forget to add the little intriguing things that are needed.

Welcome email mostly comes under personalized emails rather than transactional emails which is why it requires careful attention. Transactional emails are more like a one-time thing between the sender and the recipient and do not require special care.

There is also a unique advantage of sending email campaigns on workdays and after lunch.

Personalized emails give a personal touch

The emails are opened by the users or recipients only when they find them interesting and intriguing, and it results in higher open rates. Many consumers expect a personalized email that gives them a feeling of concern and interest from the sellers. The important thing we need to know is that by adding a personal touch to the email we are instilling loyalty and builds long-lasting relationships between the sender and recipient.

As we have seen in all the previous email statistics the average open rates are on the line between 20 to 21 percent and personalizing your emails can guarantee you an increase in the percentage to 50 percent and also has a significant impact. This strategy could get your business or email campaigns and open rates to a higher level.

It can make a difference when you add the name of the customer or send greetings or messages and add an engaging email subject line and also add marketing automation can increase the customers. This way, the emails are opened.

How to use it?

The way of making an email exciting and intriguing for any person or organization could be different, but following a few tips could greatly help gather audiences and increase web traffic.

It might be possible to increase web traffic and the average email open rate if we can add a little personalized touch to the email that needs to be sent, such as adding the name received or making the subject lines short and interesting. This could benefit clients as well as email engagement increasing open rated and marketing statistics.

Abandoned cart emails are a potential strategy

There are many email marketing statistics that guarantee the potential growth of a business and this is one of those and is extremely useful for gathering customers and diverting their attention and it also makes sure to build a trusting relationship and higher open rate of emails and help in successful sending of email campaigns and makes marketing emails and any mails sent interesting.

Abandoned cart items are those that have gotten through a phase of the checkout and then left forgotten without purchasing. In this case, a business firm can send abandoned cart emails and remind the customer as well as gain the chances of retrieving the purchase.

There is an important technique in delivering cart emails that requires the sender to send 3 cart emails which results in a 69 percent chance of the customer retrieving the purchase and could make more effect than a single email. These are usually follow up emails.

How to use it?

These abandoned cart emails are generally sent as follow up emails reminding the customer and also gaining chances of the customers or the email recipient retrieving the product left in the cart.

This strategy can help in showcasing interest, concern, credibility about the customer, and reminding them of the left product that they went so close to purchasing but had forgotten. This helps in building a strong, trustworthy relationship between a seller and the email recipients. It shows loyalty to the firm and the customers at its finest and helps in maintaining a long term relationship. It can also help in boosting up your business, open rates, marketing statistics, and customers.

Emails of interaction build up trust

Along with eye-catchy email subject line strategy and marketing automation and optimized for mobile setting email marketing stats for email recipients in mobile devices, the emails sent are expected to be interactive and customer friendly in this day.

It is completely wrong if you think to get over with the customers and marketers just by content marketing and simple professional format writing and sending email marketing campaign. Apart from segmented emails and email marketing ROI consumers are expecting sellers or business firms to be more engaging cooperative. All these are optimized for mobile devices.

Recent reports have shown that the increase in open and click rates of emails have drastically increased by 300 percent by the addition of videos, GIF, and many different slides which makes the email more intriguing.

The optimized mobile use has its advantages. Consumers seem to be quite satisfied by the engaging strategy of an email campaign, mobile email marketing, segmented email, content marketing, and overall stats on email marketing.

The email campaign, which is interactive and engaging rather than formal, can have relatively high chances of email marketing ROI(return on investment). It also increases the consumers’ and customer’s satisfaction, growth in marketing statistics, and great response to the emails sent, and high click and open rates.

How to use it?

One of the most crucial things to remember when dealing with interactive emails is to be updated on current status and information. Adding or incorporating polls, reviews, the quiz can make the email even more engaging and interesting. Incorporating photos, sliders, GIF’s can make the email attention-seeking.

The addition of menus to the emails can make it more engaging as well as increases the click-through rates, and it is also optimized for mobile devices and can improve conversion rates.

Marketers say that sending emails for content marketing or segmented email can have more impact when sent in the form of interactive emails and those segmented emails gather the attention and retention of various consumers and turn them into clients eventually.

Sending emails must not be the sole criteria of marketers, but instead, they should be focusing on finding a way to engage with consumers.

Customers like the firms that revert with updates

One of the statistics of email marketing is that the updates sent to clients or consumers should be consistent and frequent. Customers like the brands or firms which have the habit of sending updates and promotions consistently.

Recent reports also claimed that 49 percent of consumers would like update sent or promotional videos sent every week. They would like to receive updates and information regularly.

Sending a segmented email to recipients can make much difference as it helps to make sure that the recipients check their email on a regular basis and stay connected to the firm. Marketers have to make sure to be continuous in promoting their organizations to remind people about their products and services.

Along with catchy subject line email marketing, email marketers have the concern of handling and improving the email marketing stats or statistics. A marketing email should be such a way that it makes the clients or customers check their email for updates regularly.

How to use it?

Email marketing stats or emails statistics include dealing with customers in a reliable and credible to make sure to build a lasting relationship between the firm and the recipient or between the marketers a the receivers. Email marketers these days have a lot of scope and strategies to potentially grow their business and improve their services.

As far as a subject line is concerned, a subject line must be intriguing and information oriented. The subject line is the important thing noticed in emails. Emails are expected not to be boring but to be informative and intriguing by the marketers as well as customers.

Email marketing statistics are extremely useful in determining solutions to common problems faced by both the customers and marketers. Emails sent by marketers need to be attention-seeking, and the firms need to make sure to be consistent with their updates on promotional videos and other stuff which can increase the open rate of emails.

The open rate of emails depends on how constant and intriguing the emails are.


Now that you are well-aware of all the facts associated with email marketing, it is finally time to analyze all the important factors from these statistics on email marketing that hold more value in bringing excellent changes in no time. We hope you will easily get the best of all the points without any hassle and use them to witness exceptional changes.

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