Best Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics For 2021

After having a well-designed web page incorporated with all the website statistics, you will observe huge traffic getting driven to your site. But the story doesn’t end here because even if the numbers are enormous, the conversion rate is less. Have you ever wondered why the visitors are not getting converted? Well, the problem lies in your website itself.

When the customers land on your landing page and fulfill the desired goal, whether signing up, filling a form, or purchasing any product, they become a convert and no longer remain an ordinary website visitor.

The percentage of the converted website traffic gives you the conversion rate. You must be noticing that your website visitors spend an appropriate amount of time on your landing pages but not getting converted. Since you have overlooked the most crucial step while designing a new landing page, you find it challenging to increase conversions.

Conversion rate optimization statistics (CRO strategy) play a significant role in enhancing your landing page performance and improving your web pages’ conversions. Conversion rate optimization helps in expanding your business.

Getting traffic to your website is relatively easy compared to conversion, which bothers many eCommerce business people. The pain point in eCommerce sales is conversion, which will end you up in the middle of nowhere if neglected.

In the world of Digital Marketing, CRO is new but holds the most importance. Without it, businesses won’t grow, and everything will be stagnant.

To improve your conversion rates and flourish your business, we have brought you 8 top conversion rate optimization strategies. These strategies will help you grow and get higher conversion rates in no time. So, let’s start without wasting further time.

Top 8 Conversion Rate Optimization Stats

Listed below are the eight crucial conversion rate optimization programs that will help you lead you the way to the highest conversion in a short span. Let’s check them out.

34.36% Click-through rate was found in pages ranking first on Google Search Results

The first question is, how did they reach the top rankings? The answer is by applying SEO statistics. These landing pages, which ranked first in Google’s search results, backed those positions using SEO techniques.

Web designing, regular audits, correct keyword density, and the organic search led them to that position. Besides, they also made their websites mobile-friendly, enabling people to access those sites through their mobile devices and do their activities on the move. It helped them in getting traffic to their pages, and so their click-through rates increased.

How to use it?

Your page’s ranking on Google holds a lot of significance. The more you rank, the more customers your page will be attracting. While the first position pages have a 34.36% CTR, those in the second and third positions have 10%. It drops as your ranking decreases. Hence, make sure that you optimize your website incorporating all the SEO techniques.

Rely on organic search more rather than paid search to get more clicks and traffic. Also, organic search yields multiple times more leads than what you get from outbound activities.

Conversion Rate Statistics For eCommerce

Desktops contribute to around 3.9% of conversions for eCommerce, followed by 3.54% from tablets and 1.88% from mobile devices. If you look at the data, you will find that desktops are preferred over a mobile device for online purchases. Even though the small gadget is in trend, desktops are the reason for decent conversion rates at eCommerce platforms.

This reverse preference is the discomfort faced by the consumers who checkout or stack their carts. Besides, many sites are not mobile optimized, which poses another accessibility issue. The data reveal that even if a mobile-friendly site makes a 1-second delay in responding, the conversion rate drops by 7%.

You will be surprised to know that people don’t like to convert to tablets or smartphones due to the small screen. Instead, they are always on their toes to convert while using a desktop. Filling lead forms becomes much more comfortable when you use a large screen, and that’s why purchases are more on these devices.

How to use it?

If you own an eCommerce store, you must make all the efforts to enhance the user experience and build an all device-friendly site that can be accessed by all. Besides, equip your site with the most preferred checkout process that is known to every internet user.

You are a newbie in eCommerce and want to open a store; you need to know which item will improve conversion. Sporting goods experience the lowest conversion, which is around 2.35%, while food and beverages experience the highest. If you own a store to sell food and beverages, you can aim at 4.95% conversions. These products are then followed by pharmaceutics and electronic goods.

No documented CRO Strategy was found with 68% of Small businesses.

The small business setups don’t have a documented strategy with them. This absence of a perfectly laid out conversion rate stat reduces their conversion rates as they cannot make out what went wrong and rectify it. Without the corresponding results, they don’t get to know if what they did was right or led them nowhere.

Many top marketers have a conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan in hand, making them successful. However, 22% percent of the marketers across all industries and businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

How to use it?

According to WordStream, if you have a planned layout of conversion rate optimization stats, you will get higher conversion rates effortlessly. These stats enable you to know how you are doing and what you need to improve. The results that you get by using specific tools provide you many ways to improve. Using these conversion optimization tools, you can enhance your conversion rates and be at the top.

Landing Page Optimization Statistics

If you are searching for the best tools to boost your current conversion rate, landing pages are the perfect optimization tool. But before you use them, you need to scrutinize whether they work or not. Firstly, you need to improve the landing page performance to attract the target audience.

To get more insights, let’s look at some data and figures listed below to have a better understanding.

  • 48% of marketers create a brand new landing page for their campaigns. This new creation is one of their best marketing strategies because these pages are targeted more.
  • If you increase the number of landing pages, the leads increase by 55%.
  • By building a website having more than 40 landing pages, your leads increase 12 times.
  • If you reduce 11 form fields to 4 form fields, you will notice 120% lead generation.

These are some of the stats that show how companies use landing pages to benefit from them and generate huge conversions. Besides the increase and decrease in the landing pages, testing them is also crucial.

How to use it?

Creating a landing page is not a very big task, but testing and putting it into work is. When you are creating landing pages, ensure that you design long-form pages. These pages generate 220% leads and attract visitors more. Test your landing pages with A/B tests and include Call To Action buttons.

Make your landing pages more attractive by using conversion rate optimizers. Include videos and to make your landing pages much more interactive. People use landing pages with videos as they increase conversions by 86%. If you want to improve conversions further, you can remove all the navigation bars from your landing pages to boost the rates up to 100%.

Sales Optimization Stats

Another best way to boost the conversions is by using sales conversion rate statistics. It is possible by getting hold of the B2B companies. This industry has a 13.28% average conversion rate. Besides, 62% of these companies also have fewer landing pages but still have high conversions. Professional or finance B2B marketers generate the highest average conversion rate of 10%, while the non-profit B2B marketers generate the least average conversion rate, which is only 2%.

How to use it?

You can use marketing automation tools to nurture your prospects and generate leads up to 451%. By using marketing automation, the B2B industries have noticed 50% of lead generation. Converting your leads into sales is beneficial when you are applying sales optimization stat. 2,200 American companies carried out a study in which they found that if a lead is reached within 1 hour, there are seven times more chances to convert it. So try to contact your lead as soon as possible, not to miss the opportunity.

CRO Spending Statistics

While you have a beautifully designed website for appealing to your visitors, you should decide how much you want to spend on your CRO statistics to enhance your conversion rates. This stat is important because you will be investing your efforts, time, and money to grow your site and gain from it. If the reverse happens, your entire investment will flow down the drain. Let’s look at some stats to know what marketers say about the expenditure on CRO.

Many companies spend a lot on gaining traffic by investing in web designing and SEO, but they don’t invest much in conversions. Stats reveal that most of the top converting companies spend a lot on gaining customers, but they don’t increase the conversion rate. For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them into customers. This figure is insane if you understand the importance of conversion optimization.

Adobe says, to generate massive amounts of revenue by conversions, top converting companies invest 5% of their budgets on optimization. Since they know what is essential, they invest accordingly and gain huge revenue.

Nowadays, CRO tools are getting advanced with each passing day, and this steady progress influences many companies and agencies to spend more on those for increasing their conversions. These companies use CRO tools and pay around $2000 for conversion optimization.

How to use it?

To increase your website’s conversion rate, use these conversion rate optimization techniques that the companies mentioned above use.

These days, businesses are investing more in CRO because of the utmost importance that it has. For the innumerable benefits that CRO provides, marketers say that they have started increasing their budget, and 55.5% of companies have already done it.

Marketing Sherpa conducted a survey where 7 in every ten marketers practice CRO use results of experiments. They either inform the consumers offline or use other marketing initiatives like deploying other departments to boost their conversion rate. Marketing Sherpa says that this is the most effortless way to increase the prospects of conversion optimization.

Ad and Blog posts Conversion rate stats

Advertisements are the most efficient method by which you can attract traffic and increase your conversion rates. Though organic searches offer high rates but these advertisement channels, despite being paid, are no less than them. Social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google are the most competitive businesses in this industry.

To date, 36.3% of marketers have spent money on ads on Google, while 19.3% of marketers have done the same on social media platforms like Facebook, and this is a fact.

A blog post, on the other hand, is the best content marketing platform across all industries. Social media also plays a significant role in helping user-generated content marketing. There are more chances of generating leads in a blog post than the paid search advertising. Besides, anchor text performs better and helps increase the lead. By using anchor text, you can generate 121% more leads.

How to use it?

Google and Facebook are the two most used internet platforms, where many people are found. If you want to enhance your conversion rates, you will not find a better place than these to start from. Invest in them to advertise about your brand and seek the attention of innumerable people. Customize your website according to their needs and allure them to get converted.

Secondly, invest in 1 to 2 content writers if you choose the way of the articles and blogs. Give more importance to user-generated content as they increase the rate by 161%. Study the customer journey analysis to make improvements. Also, prefer anchor text CTAs more as they yield better results than the ordinary CTA buttons. Using these techniques, you can increase your leads and generate massive revenue.

Conversion Rate Testing Statistics

Marketers say that CRO is the best process and is never-ending. It is getting better every day, and the benefits it provides are worth investing in. To generate good revenue, you need to test your landing pages and marketing materials, and A/B testing helps majorly.

56% of marketers prefer A/B testing because it provides them with two versions of the same material and opt for the material with higher rates. 61% of companies with beautifully designed landing pages use A/B testing to boost their rates and generate a fair amount of revenue. Stats reveal that correct testing methods and precise targeting strategies can raise your website’s conversion rates to 300%.

Another survey showed how a campaigning team optimized their landing pages and used A/ B testing to generate more than $60 billion. Also, 44% of companies use split testing software for landing page testing, and they admitted it. A/B tests are the highly effective testing procedures that help you test your landing page and its working.

How to use it?

A/B testing helps you choose the best version, which will yield higher rates from the clones of the same material. This testing increases your conversion chances and allures more audience to your market and gets them converted. Hence, to enhance your rates and flourish in the industry, make sure you test your materials regularly and use the best out of them.

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