BisectHosting Review 2022 is considered one of the best available websites that deliver the most flexible server hosting, mainly for Bedrock and Minecraft Java. They ensure that every user has the best experience to easily incorporate mod packs and mods to Minecraft servers.

Aside from that, BisectHosting also provides numerous features for someone looking for a host server for website hosting, voice servers, and a lot more. If you’re a hardcore gamer and searching for a host server to connect to ten other games, do not worry, BisectHosting also got you covered.

Not to mention, they deliver reasonably-priced services and a user-friendly interface for you to quickly start and connect your server. That said, if you plan to subscribe to a website that provides the best server hosting, BisectHosting is definitely a better option. In this article, let us know more about Bisecthosting, its features, as well as plan and pricing.

Budget-friendly Minecraft server Hosting

If you want to make your gaming dreams into reality, subscribing to BisectHosting is the best answer to that. This website has a lot of incredible services and plans to offer, which come with budget-friendly prices. It delivers many perks, but it also has a few drawbacks. With that said, let us discover the pros and cons of BisectHosting.


  • Proven to deliver the best, fast server. You are guaranteed not to experience lags while playing.
  • Has well-trained support that is available 24/7.
  • Specialized in Minecraft, which means you can expect to have the best experience while playing.
  • Offers a lot of different locations.


  • Has very slow customer service.
  • The premium plan is pricey.
  • Occasionally, there is server downtime to experience.

Plans and pricing

If you plan to subscribe only to server hosting for Minecraft, BisectHosting provides up to 40 packages for everyone who wishes to subscribe to Minecraft server hosting. Twenty of these packages belong to the budget range, while the remaining half falls within the premium versions. Prices vary from which range the package belongs to, and you can always check each plan and pricing before subscribing.

Even if you opt for packages under the budget range, it is still packed with many features necessary for playing Minecraft. These features include free MySQL, custom JAR support, free subdomain, and so on. The most budget-friendly plan under the budget range will charge you around $2.99 in a month. The good thing is that it will already provide you with 1024MB RAM and support as many as 12 slots.

In addition to that, BisectHosting also offers other worthy packages for multiplayer games that are well-known and trendy these days. These games include:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Terraria
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Valheim
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Team Fortress 2
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Arma 3
  • Rust

Another great thing about BisectHosting is that it also offers a few server hosting not just for games but for website server hosting. You can access and subscribe to their plans and packages offered, such as shared hosting, which costs $2.99 per month, a VPS, which costs around $4 per month, and a server hosting solution pricing around $109 per month.

Furthermore, you can also access their 3-day money refund policy for all of their available server hosting packages, except for the dedicated plan. Even though it may seem sub-par to the usual standards offered in the industry, at least they have provided something planned like this.

When it comes to payment methods, they accept payments via Paypal, credit cards, and Paysafecard. It’s all up to which payment channel you want to utilize to send your payment.

Ease of use

Previous users of BisectHosting, who subscribed to their plans and packages, have acclaimed that they experience a lot of ease that they can immediately solve and address any discommode that may emerge.

Having a smooth and stable virtual game room is crucial whether you’re a pro or a newbie Minecraft player. And with BisectHosting providing this feature is indeed worthy of investment. For sure, you do not want to have a lag room while playing Minecraft as it consumes piles of downtime.

You can also easily pick a plan and package they offer that falls within your budget. Their support is more than willing to assist you in choosing which package is best for your needs. And given that they offer lots and lots of plans and packages, finding the right one for you is hugely possible.

Apart from that, once you have picked your desired package and signed up for Minecraft’s server hosting plan, BisectHosting also delivers to you a very user-friendly panel for easy use and navigation.

Speed and experience

BisectHosting should deliver an almost perfect performance to be considered one of the best providers of Minecraft server hosting, especially since they also claim to utilize SSDs to run all of their server hosting for different games.

We got a highly satisfactory result upon testing and checking BisectHosting’s speed, particularly its primary website. This checking was done using a GT Metrix to discover if this website is truly in a good performance. The result is near-perfect with almost 99% speed performance.

After doing a test for a month on the BisectHosting speed server, we came up with a result near 100%. Truth be told, a one-month perfect performance does not guarantee a whole year’s best performance. However, one thing is for sure, it is definitely a far better start.


As claimed by many users of BisectHosting, the website’s customer support team is one of their greatest value propositions. Not only that their support team is available 24/7 to assist and guide you, but they are also very resourceful, very respectful, and very responsive to every question and approach of their customers.

As aforementioned, it is one of the best perks of BisectHosting.The support team is reachable by sending a support ticket or messaging them live chat. Once they have read your concerns, they will immediately address them and provide the assistance you need.

On the off chance that you want to navigate the features independently and be more self-reliant, you can also find a lot of useful information in the website’s knowledge base. Simply browse on that section to discover major and very important data. Today, it has a total of 139 articles that are separated into 10 categories. There are sections for Game Servers, Billing Panel, Minecraft Servers, Domain Management, and more.

Another great thing is that all of the published guides and articles are easily understandable and simple to follow with some images and video tutorials from the website’s very own official Youtube channel. You can actually find numerous how-to videos at BisectHosting Youtube channel to learn from.

The competition

Although BisectHosting comes with many perks and packages that are definitely on the top level, we still can’t deny the fact that it can’t cater to the needs of every person. That said, we also wanted you to search for the best alternative for BisectHosting with these five more options. Consider checking this review and comparison with BisectHosting and other available servers.


When we compare Shockbyte to BisectHosting, they are quite similar in features, pricing, and support. However, of course, some differences are very evident.

Shockbyte is more popular to users since it has proven to deliver the best response time, low lags, and latency when it comes to the whole performance. However, the brighter side of BisectHosting is that it comes with a “dream team” of customer support and offers more SSL certifications, unlimited domains, and backups.

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is famous for its incredible mod services and server hosting for Minecraft. But it is also almost similar to what BisectHosting can offer to its users. The only thing is that Apex Hosting is more pricey than BisectHosting, with its cheapest server hosting for Minecraft that costs around $4.49 in a month. But one of its perks is they offer longer days of returning funds to their users.


Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate, a free domain registration, and a free CDN once you have subscribed to its cheapest plan, which is $2.95 in a month. These features are actually quite hard to beat since they also deliver a top speed and no occasional lag issue. But the great thing about BisectHosting is that they are more than just a game server provider. This website also offers a shared website hosting for anyone who needs it with several attractive features and reasonable prices.


If you are searching for a more user-friendly and packed with incredible perks server providers, HostGator is actually one of the best alternatives for both Bluehost and BisectHosting. Although it also offers cheaper plans and packages, the site does not compromise its users’ quality. It happens to deliver a wide variety of useful features such as a free SSL certificate, a free domain registration, a free website transfer, a free script transfer, a free one-click installation, and a free MySQL.

In addition to that, HostGator also provides a one and a half refund policy in which it guarantees to bring back its customers’ money. That said, it is also a great site to subscribe to your server hosting for your games.

GG Servers

Last but certainly not least, GG servers is one of the best server hosting providers out there. They offer NVMe storage as well as an unmetered SSD to their customers. This only implies that their customers can actually upload numerous files as they want during their game. This service provider also offers 24/7 customer support just like BisectHosting and delivers services like access for Java and Bedrock Minecraft Editions and so on.

Final verdict

BisectHosting, without a doubt, is home to some of the best packages and plans for server hosting of your games and website. They deliver a lot of perks and benefits to their users, including the best speed performance. They also offer a user-friendly interface for their customers’ easy navigation to the website. Plus, they also have the best customer support that can cater to your needs 24/7.

That being said, if you are searching for a website to subscribe for a server hosting plan, this BisectHosting is a worthy investment.

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