Best Website Builders for Musicians: Our Fine-Tuned Selection

Musicians in today’s world, which is ultra digital, have a substantial online audience platform. Many artists who have gained stardom and excellence in viewers’ eyes have been discovered via the online platform.

Famous singers and bands like 5 Seconds of summer, Justin Beiber, etc., are a few of the music industry’s loved musicians. They initially began their careers via the online platform for a musician.

To gain a massive audience and build your presence online, you require the best musician website builder. We have listed some of the top-rated music website builders in this article so that you can choose the one which is the most desirable for you as a musician.

The six best websites builders for the musician are:

There is a massive variety of musician website builders that are present out there in the market. But we have gathered some of the best sites for the DJs, musicians, bands, etc., for music.

  1. Squarespace: It is said to be the perfect platform for website music based on music.
  2. Wix: This is listed in the top-rated sites as it can be easily used for music.
  3. Weebly: This website builder is the best for the email market for music.
  4. Duda: It is quite famous for the simplicity of its templates for the website builder.
  5. Strikingly: These website designs are famous for constructing electronic press kits for music.
  6. Site123: This website builder is perfect for the integration of the Bandsintown for music.

Among all these best top-rated website builders, we found that Squarespace provides the user with high-quality templates and brilliant features, and they work out as excellent tools for musicians.

Wix is also fantastic as it allows the user with easily usable features like the editor, and it also delivers powerful analytics. The website stands at the third position in our list for the fantastic marketing features, and money spent on building the website builder with Weebly is not wasted.

Do I even need a website?

You must be planning to get a website builder launched. That must be one of the biggest reasons why you are going through this article. But along with that, there are so many features provided by the musician website builders you may want to consider.

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Creating your header image:

If you have your website, you can easily create your header image and establish your brand as you like. If you are considering creating Facebook or SoundCloud pages, then maybe you’ll only stay limited to the audience that can access these pages. These will not allow other non-users to access your page.

More Exposure:

More than 55% of the world’s population can easily access the internet. So the positive point can be that some of them will be able to have access to your facility of the music website, but obviously, some users may not be able to access the website builder. But one should always look on the brighter side.

You can always promote your upcoming gigs:

This is the easiest and the most popular way of attracting a crowd on your shows. You can keep your fans and followers updated about where you plan to play next and your upcoming songs by musician websites.

Book gigs:

The musician website building enables you to have a website for the musician, which can help the organizers of any event want to contact you for booking a show so that you can play for them.

Build your followers:

A website enables you to have a loyal audience with access to all your updates and information. Your audience can quickly join your website for musicians like how you have a community of followers on Instagram and other applications.

You can have extra income:

These website visitors can also buy your t-shirts for the tour you will launch, including mugs that can portray something symbolic from the great songs that have gained immense popularity. All this best stuff by musicians will help you achieve a considerable fan base and help you with the extra cash. You can also generate extra money with the help of selling your music. as a musician.

Best website builders for musicians

The above-mentioned six websites have been described below to get an idea about the various features of these best band websites for musician website builders and the brilliant functions they offer to the musician.

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Squarespace tops our list of the best website builder sites. This website builder is known to be perfect for creative work, and also Squarespace has topped the charts among all the other musician website editors.

This website builder is unbeatable because it provides its musician with very stylish templates and allows them to connect to social media without any trouble, making it easy for the users to access it. It also offers an excellent audio player that can play an essential role in promoting your best music work in all the possible band website examples.

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Pros and cons :


  • It provides users with all the helpful features that they require.
  • The templates are unique and have been designed by experts.


  • One cannot say that building the best website with Squarespace is that easy.


  • Audio blocks: You can easily add audio files in the customizable blocks for your content, and it also helps you add purchase links below the audio files directly.
  • Unfold app: You can create social content for your websites designed professionally to promote your content of the latest gigs and tracks, and sell merch.
  • Events pages: You can have website visitors in huge numbers when you plan at least 350 events on your band website examples in a month.
  • Email marketing: One can easily choose their preferred type of music website from the email layouts and match the website’s design and style with these layouts.

The plans which are provided by the Squarespace style also include other features other than the powerful music features, which are conclusive of the SSL security. A custom domain is free for the first year, and storage and bandwidth are unlimited.


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The Squarespace band website design is very successful and has made up to the first spot in our list of the top-rated websites for template designs and builder research. In terms of the music website builder, Squarespace was able to achieve 4.9/5 for its design flexibility.

Squarespace can deliver all sleek, modern, and creatively controlled templates. They fit right in the first spot as they can provide creative expressions desired by the website users. The best website offers a way to six music-specific templates and images, but one can always customize Squarespace’s template for their purpose.

However, there are certain drawbacks to this powerful tool: it may seem a bit difficult to use compared to the other website builder websites like the Wix. The Wix was able to score 3.5/5, and the Squarespace scored 4.3/5 in terms of their easy-using features.

The Wix has an entirely intuitive editor compared to the Squarespace builder and image, which provides one with a drag and drop facility, but you do not need to know about the code.


Squarespace Pricing Plans

The most easily accessible plan from Squarespace is available for $12 per month, and when you buy it for a year, it will cost you $16 from month to month. If you wish to add the eCommerce feature to your Squarespace website, you will have to pay $26 per month for the eCommerce plan, and for the advanced plan, you will have to pay $40 per month.

The best part about these eCommerce plans is that you can sell as many products with eCommerce as you wish, but with the advanced plan, you will benefit from the extra features.


Wix Website Builder

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Wix is a viral website for artists. While researching website builders, you may have learned a bit about Wix. The drag and drop editor of the Wix site has gained appreciation from the users, and the site also offers the users an extensive collection of their applications. These tools are useful for users who have just begun working to build professional website content.

Wix pros and cons


  • The Wix website offers its users a free plan.
  • The editor can be easily used by beginners who have just started building a professional website.
  • In-depth stats are delivered by Wix’s music analytics, enhancing Wix’s performance.


  • The color palette template of the site cannot be changed once the site has gone live.
  • Squarespace provides the user with more stylish templates as compared to Wix.


The Wix is a well-known best site editor for music website construction and is conclusive of the following features.

  • Wix Music Tool: One can easily upload their music on the site and sell the downloads and images without giving any commission to the Wix things.
  • Wix analytics for music: These things enable the users to quickly review their highest-played statistics, the most downloads, and the music tracks that have generated the highest revenue.
  • Wix shoutout: It provides the user with strong email marketing.

Wix and all these fantastic features also offer its users the best cheapest plan, which is often referred to as the combo plan as it can show 2GB bandwidth, 3 GB storage, and video minutes of up to 30 with a mailing list. If you are considering just beginning your website designs as a band or as an artist, then the combo plan will be excellent for you as it delivers all the necessary features.

Suppose you start gaining popularity and experience an increase in visitors. In that case, you can switch to the best inexpensive unlimited plan offered by Wix, which includes total bandwidth, one hour video, and a 10 GB storage facility. The best plan is also inclusive of a free domain name initially for the first year.


Wix Templates

Wix comprises templates that can be efficiently designed and customized, which is why this site builder is in our top position in terms of its ease of use. It is effortless to use the drag and drop editor. If you require a better experience with the editor, you can easily access the Wix ADI tool website designs, a site that has been made to answer all the questions that one might have while using the editor.

There are other sites too, which can also be easily used, like the Duda and the Site123. Still, even among these sites, then Wix is the best as it is a combination of powerful features and ease of accessibility for people.



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The Wix site also works on the free model to quickly get the best access to the site with its features without spending any money, but you will be bothered by the advertising. So if you need to get rid of the advertisements, you can upgrade your site to the site builder’s paid plan. The paid plan will also remove the automated domain name with ‘Wix site’ content.

The very cheap plan from Wix, which is referred to as the combo plan, requires the user to pay a minimal amount of just $13 per month when the billing is done annually for people. Another inexpensive method from Wix is the unlimited plan, which may cost you $17 per month.


Free Website Weebly

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Weebly is also a brilliant website design and creation website building spot with its paid plan beginning from the rate of $6 per month and the fantastic features that the site has to offer for people. But the plans also require you to install various add ons separately. Among these add ons, some are for free while the others may cost you a bit as they are the advanced features.

In short, people will have to pay nearly the same price for the similar features offered by the Wix and the Squarespace team.

Weebly pros and cons


  • It provides us with powerful features for the artist’s email web marketing.
  • The features are available at relatively affordable prices on the web.
  • You can also edit your template for artists even after your site has gone live.


  • This platform, however, is not very easy to use by artists.
  • The designs for the site are not that fascinatingly customizable for music glue.


Weebly is an excellent musician website developing platform team which provides the users with the following impressive features.

The site is responsible for web promoting campaigns via email for fans. One can make full use of the type drag and drop email builder, which can help the users create excellent campaigns for their music. One can also attract a crowd of website visitors to their band websites by engaging the visitors via fantastic video backgrounds and artists’ performances.

The site offers its users brilliant features that can help create designer messages even for users who do not know all the coding skills, so they offer a band website with marketing features via email for artists. You can also have access to the stats for your campaigns via email marketing, which can help you import contacts from Gmail, Mailchimp, and yahoo.

Weebly can deliver easily accessible features for beginners, but when compared to Squarespace and Wix, Weebly might fall short of features. In our research, Weebly is in third place in terms of the features provided by them, and they scored 4.3/5. The drawback comments of Weebly include not being able to book directly for the event of the singer. In place of that, you might have to pay extra charges for an app to offer such features.


Weebly Free Website Builder

The templates from Weebly are relatively simple, clean, and also responsive. The features provide us with an additional benefit as the image will be in the center stage. Still, it also comes with the drawback that it won’t allow you to have the same freedom for innovative features or even for the Squarespace builder designing ability.

You have at least 50 theme comments to choose from, and you can edit the theme of your band website designs any time you want to, and that can work for you even if the band website has gone live.



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Weebly has topped the research chart in terms of the pricing category as the band website is a good scorer in terms of value for money. You can get the best features from Weebly by accessing its paid plan, which is provided for $6 per month for the Personal plan, $12 per month for the professional program, and if you want to yield a high performing website, then you may go with the $26 per month performance plan.

We can say that the personal plan by Weebly is the most inexpensive. Still, we highly recommend the paid professional plan because it will deliver the most outstanding features for your musician websites, including SSL security and the fantastic quality of unlimited storage on the band page.

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Duda builder

For the musicians’ band website builder, this website has been at the fourth position in our list for the top band website discussed in the article, which is more likely to top due to its ease of use features 4.1/5 in our research for a website builder. Duda can be a bit pricier than the other musician website builders for the element it provides to its users. So in terms of money, Duda scored 3.2/5 in our research for the musician band websites examples.

Duda pros and cons


  • The Duda band website design for photos is straightforward to use and can quickly get online band websites.
  • The audio can also be easily integrated.
  • Duda can provide us with a template band website design way that is quite flexible, which can be integrated with the unique features available at one of the best band website designs.


  • At Duda, we are offered fewer features than the other sites that we are paying for, which deliver more features at the same price.
  • There are not many built-in features that are provided to us by the band web way.


The musician band website editor delivers unique features like the audio widget to easily upload audio files and information from the mobile device with files from Mixcloud and the SoundCloud content to your web.

The features like the video background will enable you to show your performance on the web screen. However, Duda will not provide you with that many features like the other image band website builders we have listed above. So in the aspect of the features, the Duda stands fourth in our research list and has scored 3.6/5.

Duda offered terrific features, which are of great use, like the messages that can be easily triggered to pop up, and this may also include special notes to gain more fans. It also offers free SSL security for an image.


Duda designs

At least 98 mobile-responsive templates are offered by the web presence, which is easily customizable. It is conclusive of the drag and drops editor things and the website design sections, enhancing building the website design. The template name is also definitive of the audio and the video widgets, which will help you integrate more work for the website.

But if you are looking for better design freedom, the band website Squarespace will offer you more features. The templates of the Duda are quite flexible than the other band websites, but still, they are unable to be on the top of our list. You can add a personal touch to your web design content with the help of color overlays and the various font styles provided by the music website.


Duda pricing

Duda’s plans begin with at least $14 per month, which is perfect for those who are just starting to build a music website name. Suppose you are looking forward to establishing your website name. In that case, it is recommended to use the additional tools provided by Duda to attract more customers to your musician website. You can get these paid plans for $22 per month.

Although it may seem that $22 per month is too much for all the features you are getting with the Duda, the other music website offers nearly the same features at a low price.


Free Website Builder Strikingly

Strikingly is a comparatively clean and easily usable musician website designed while keeping the beginners in mind. People who otherwise have no tech knowledge but are still willing to create their website can easily create their web designs using this music website.

Strikingly the pros and cons


  • The setup of the music website is quite fast.
  • SoundCloud can be integrated easily.
  • The interface for the music website was created by keeping in mind the beginners.


  • It does not offer flexibility for web design.
  • It provides a comparatively low value for the money score.


Strikingly offers press kit support by the electronic press. The users should be able to download the press kit from the band website. One can also include the photos, media, bio, and other social media links to ensure a web presence.

The SoundCloud files are embedded on the music website. It helps you with its electronic press kit, which is a valuable asset for the musicians as it will help them enhance their digital presence with the music website. The other features offered by the Strikingly music website include a free domain for the initial year.

The storage limit for up to 1-10 GB and the bandwidth can range from 50 GB to unlimited.


Strikingly Free Website Builder Designs

It offers well-designed templates for its easily navigable users, which means your music website will get working in just some time. There are several images, and content sections are laid in advance by the web design content. The only drawback is that it won’t deliver you with that much creative control for music. The terms of design flexibility strikingly for music were able to make up to the second position with a band website content score of 2.9/5 in our research.


There are at least three paid plans that are being offered by the strikingly for content. The limited plan begins at $8 per month, and the Pro plan will cost you $16 per month, whereas the VIP plan will be $49 per month. The pricing range of this website content is relatively cheap when compared to the other music websites. But in the aspect of the value of money, strikingly was able to stand last in our list as it offers low web design, and the templates are also elementary in the limited plan.


SITE123 website builder

Site123 is the perfect website for building the right presence in one of the best website design building fields. The editor provided by them is straightforward to use. However, if you want to use this website for a long time, you might want to switch to other brand pages as the easy and faster information does not always provide you with the best features.

Site123 Pros and cons


  • The SoundCloud integration and the bands in town integration can be done quickly.
  • The editor and templates provide users with good results that are easy to use.
  • It is best to come online with another contact form quickly.


  • The template designs cannot be customized and designed personally using photos on site builder.
  • Once the website has gone live, you cannot change the template.


The Bandsintown integration allows you to have your profile like a page on the website, customized by your team. You can also add your page as a SoundCloud profile, which can attract a crowd from all over the world. You can sell ticket designs for your concerts and events on your website. Your fans’ love will make your music glue to them and yield great results for your website.

Although this band website is not rich in its features, it still provides you with a free domain with 10 GB storage and 5 GB bandwidth.


SITE123 Free Website Builder Templates

In terms of ease of use in the music industry, the website could score 4.0/5, which means it will rock the music industry with the band websites it will provide. It also guides you along your every step, be it on a mobile device. The only drawback of using the music website builder is that you cannot personalize these templates.


SITE123 Pricing

The plans start at $7.80, although it offers you a free plan also. So you can try the open plan to test the band websites for some time. So, in short, this is the website builder for the band website for social media.

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