Work at Home – 165 Best Freelance Jobs Websites in 2022

Do you just hate Mondays and loathe waiting in the traffic while you commute to and from work?

Well, things can easily become much easier and better for you if you become a freelancer.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the desire and perseverance to pursue a career as an internet-based freelancer.

By working from home or from wherever else you want, you can decide whether you will work on Mondays, or whether you will start work at 9:00 a.m. or not.

You won’t spend hours stuck in traffic and won’t have to deal with your boss or colleagues with whom you don’t get along anyway.

About 35% of the working people in the USA are freelancers, and companies are increasingly interested in hiring freelancers for various jobs.

Of course, if you prefer to have a reliable income source, you may still be able to work from home by finding a remote job too.

Here is a list of the best freelance and remote job websites, job boards, networks, and platforms. This should help get you started, and also help you get your first gigs and projects to work on from home, and to start earning money.

There are also specialized websites where you can find jobs as freelance translator, developer, designer, writer, artist, photographer, video editor, transcriber, and others at the end of this list.

For those of you who want to be freelancers but not necessarily work online, there are added offline related freelance job websites too.

General platforms, websites, and boards for freelancers and remote work


Upwork is without a doubt one of the most popular and trusted matchmaking job boards for connecting freelancers with customers.

You will be able to find just about any remote job including quick and small projects as well as long-term ones.

The best news is that there are jobs suitable for work from home for beginners as well as for experienced freelancers in any niche at Upwork.

You will get charged 5-20% for all transactions. But you will get a chance to choose among the thousands of job offers with 8,000 new ones posted every day.


Fiverr is another enormous online platform for micro-jobs. It is the perfect freelance platform to start from if you are just beginning as a freelancer.

At Fiverr you can find hundreds and thousands of businesses and people willing to pay you $5 for completing a specific task. You can take up as much as you like, and start building your portfolio.

Over time, you can raise your rates to more than $5 for a project and can actually make pretty good money by using Fiverr.


This is a curated market where you can find multiple different freelance opportunities in all kinds of fields.

You can enter the platform via invite-only, and you will need to present your work for approval before being admitted.


Freelancer is one of the best-known freelancer platforms on the Internet. Millions of businesses look for capable and talented people to complete various types of big and small jobs for them.

At Freelancer, you will need to compete with others, but given the fact that there are over 2.5 million businesses that post their job offers there, you are very likely to find the perfect remote task or project for you. The commission on which the website charges freelancers is 3 to 5 dollars or 3-5% of the money you earn.


This is a newsletter community which will send you freelancing gigs via e-mail every day. This will save you a lot of time searching for jobs by yourself. Folyo already has more than 7,800 subscribers, and the numbers are apparently growing.


Although it was originally made to serve mainly freelancers from the UK, today you can find thousands of job offers for remote work and for freelance gigs from around the world on Peopleperhour.

There are job offers suitable for copywriters, SEO experts, web designers, developers, and others.


Guru has over 1.5 million users registered, and thousands use the marketplace to find suitable freelance projects.

You can easily create your profile on the platform to showcase your skills and be easier to contact by potential clients.

The commission is about 9%, and you can get paid in milestones so you will have regular income while working on the projects from Guru.

The freelance jobs available suit IT, web and software, writing and translation, management and finance, architecture, legal, design, marketing, engineering, and others.


Flexjobs is one of the best-curated freelance websites. It offers easy thousands of telecommuting and remote job offers in 50 different categories.

All gigs are hand-screened thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about stumbling upon a scam at Flexjobs.

You will need to pay a minimum fee of just under $15 for access to the ads, and the site has more than 3.5 million users from around the world.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent prides itself on being the first freelancer marketplace that doesn’t charge any fees.

There are useful filters through which you can easily pinpoint the best gigs and contractors for you.

You can also subscribe to weekly newsletters with new job offers in the area of your interest.


Once you start working as a freelancer, you will quickly realize that the old saying “time is money” is really true.

With SolidGigs, you can subscribe to a weekly gig list that includes the top best freelance jobs posted on the board daily.

Needless to say, this can save you a lot of time searching for potential remote projects by yourself.

This will cost you $2 for the first month and $19 per month after that.

SolidGigs also has a huge library with freelance resources, courses, templates, interviews, scripts, and other tools that can help you land more gigs.


Maven is a crowdsourcing platform that has been online for over 10 years. It is focused on connecting employers and contractors with remote workers and freelancers in just about any line of business and all fields.


No, Craigslist is not just a place where you can sell that old bed or sofa of yours. The fact is, you can find all kinds of freelance gigs and jobs in the job posting section of the marketplace.

Most of the people who post job offers on Craigslist are looking for somebody to do the job as quickly as possible.

You can also search for job offers on Craigslist for other cities to find remote work too. offers projects for copywriters, developers, marketing experts, and designers, as well as data entry jobs, to mention just a few of the spheres of work you can find on this site.

You can register as a talent at, and the website will offer interested companies the chance to download your resume and contact you after paying a fee or subscribing to use their services.


You can find various jobs and gig offers in the line of research, writing, marketing, translation, data entry, and many others.

The crowdsourcing platform offers free registration for becoming a Clickworker, and once registered you will get access to all the job offers in your sphere or range of interest.


CloudPeeps may be a platform for freelance jobs that is more exclusive and hard to get on, but if you get accepted you will gain access to gigs in multiple spheres of work. also finding good quality remote work will be much easier once you are approved.

You can find marketing, writing, social media, SEO, PR, design, admin work, and other jobs on CloudPeeps.

You will need to pay a subscription fee which starts from $9 per month.


Indeed is a completely free search tool to look for freelance, remote, or any other job online.

It is easy to use, and also offers useful tools for job searching, as well as company reviews, resumes, and others.

The job search engine will save you hours of surfing through the different freelance platforms and will provide you with excellent opportunities to make money while working from home.

The Muse

The Muse is a platform that encompasses a searchable database of over 80,000 remote and non-remote jobs from around the world.

You can find just about any job you need by using this useful job search platform and its huge database.


Freelanced is a social network that is specifically designed for freelancers. You can easily set up your profile on the network, including your rates, and apply for job postings directly.

Your happy customers can give you “kudos” points for a job well done, which will appear on your profile and improve your reputation as a reliable and talented freelancer.

Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive will allow you to search through multiple remote jobs in customer service, web development, business, accounting, editing, management, human resources, marketing, call centers, customer service and many other categories in its database.

You can choose between part-time or full-time remote jobs without registration required.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is another telecommute job website that hand-screens all of the companies and remote jobs in its database.

This means that you will be at a lower risk of ending up with an illegal gig or a scam.

It is one of the biggest online databases for freelancers and is free to use and post ads.

Rat Race Rebellion

This platform is focused on helping people find suitable work-from-home jobs.

It currently has over 100,000 telecommute positions listed, which you can easily search through to find the best job.


This is a huge contract work marketplace with hundreds of different categories to choose from.

You can find remote jobs for designers, copywriters, translators, developers, consultants, and many others on Project4hire.

You will need to pay a 5% fee for the project, which will be refunded once the contractor pays.

Working Nomads

This website offers a curated list of remote job openings and ads from around the web.

Over 10,000 remote jobs are currently listed in 15 different categories on Working Nomads.

You can subscribe to a daily or weekly email newsletter that contains the top hand-picked ads for you, so you can save time for searching through the different marketplaces and job boards.


Remotive is a job board with thousands of freelance positions in sales, marketing, engineering, and other areas.

There are many large and leading companies that use Remotive to look for remote employees and freelancers.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter which will deliver fresh filtered job offers, as well as other useful advice on finding a great remote job.


Crowdsite organizes online contests for designers and brainstorming contests for products, brands, slogan,s and company names.

If you are a creative type or work as a designer you can easily apply with your idea for a logo or slogan, and earn some quick money when you win.


This is a remote job board focused on helping women to find return-to-work, flexible or full-time work after having children.

The website has hundreds of job offers but is focused on finding female employees only.

Just Answer

You can earn money by answering people’s questions on Just Answer.

You do need to be an expert in the field and will get paid for every answer you provide.

The topics on the site include legal matters, medical and veterinary questions, mechanics, electrical engineering, home improvement, education, computers and more.

So, if you want to earn some extra money by sharing your expertise and knowledge with others, sign up for Just Answer.


This is a job board that has all kinds of positions – remote and non-remote.

You can sign up for a free trial and build a creative portfolio easily and quickly, as well as search for and apply for jobs at Krop.

There are positions available for artists, designers, developers, and many others.

MeFi Jobs

MeFi Jobs is a website where all job openings among the members of MetaFilter get shared.

You can easily search the job offerings and see how far away they are from you.

Career Builder

Career Builder is among the biggest online resources for available job openings.

It receives an astonishing 3 million new job posts every month and includes over 80 million applicants.

With Career Builder, you can find just about any remote job you are looking for.


iFreelance is a freelancer platform with job offers for marketers, writers, and coders.

It is among the few platforms which will not charge you a fee or commission for the jobs and projects you land.


This website has proclaimed itself the number one site for micro-jobs.

Similarly to Fiverr, you can find various offers and opportunities to earn money for completing quick and simple tasks.

You can find gigs related to business, graphic design, music, video, audio, online marketing, tech, programming, animation, translation, writing and more at Damongo.

LinkedIn ProFinder

Currently available only in the US, LinkedIn ProFinder helps companies and businesses find the most suitable independent or freelance professionals near them.

So, if you haven’t done it already, create a great LinkedIn profile page and showcase your abilities, experience, and your work for others to see.

You can apply to become a freelancer at by sending the team your resume and a description of your abilities, experience, and others.

If you are approved, you will be listed as a suitable candidate every time a contractor is looking for a freelancer on the platform.

You can also bid to participate in projects and freelance gigs in the spheres of copywriting, SEO marketing, graphic design, website development, logo design, mobile app development, data entry, customer support, and many more.

College Recruiter

This platform is focused on helping students or recent graduates to find entry-level, seasonal, internship, or part-time freelance jobs.

These can become excellent starting points and beginner jobs if you are still in college or have just graduated.


This remote job platform is another excellent online resource for people wanting to work from home or become digital nomads.

Workew offers hundreds of job opportunities in 9 different categories.

Applying for a position is very quick and easy.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is another comprehensive remote job board.

It includes jobs in the fields of programming, copywriting, customer support, design, contracting and many others.

The website has over 2.5 million visitors every month.


This is a platform that connects businesses and startups with talented remote employees from all over the globe.

The focus of Outsourcely is on long-term engagements which makes it the perfect place to start if you are looking for a long-term, reliable remote job with a steady income.

You do not have to pay a commission or fee for your earnings. But you may want to sign up to have a featured profile for $10 a month so that you come up at the top when a company is searching for the best potential person for their position.

Thanks to its handy set of filters and its great newsletter, is one of the most popular remote job websites.

You can search for remote jobs in accounting, customer service, data entry, design, developer, editing, healthcare, HR, legal, marketing, teaching, virtual assistant, writing, project manager and many other categories. You can sign up to receive daily alerts for the jobs which could be of interest to you. has a useful blog with tips for remote lifestyles and work.


If you want to spend your life and precious time doing good, then Idealist is the perfect place to look for the right remote job.

This website connects idealists from around the globe and offers remote job opportunities posted by over 120,000 organizations.

With this website, you can move from the intention to do good to action – and start doing good for a living.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs was established back in 2005 and is one of the oldest remote job platforms on the web.

This is the leading job board for hiring developers, designers, and creative professionals. It is used by companies like Tesla, Mercedes, New York Times and others.

You can search for remote jobs and find full and part-time jobs for marketing, writing, development, and design offered by thousands of companies.


As the name of the website suggests, EuropeRemotely lists remote job positions based in Europe. You can find job offers for programming, marketing and sales, design, customer support, and many others.

It has a wonderfully minimalist design and useful filters so you can quickly and easily find the jobs which suit you.


If you are fascinated by innovative startups and will love to get a remote job for such a company, then AngelList is the website for you.

It is the largest such board that contains offers for remote jobs in startups in the field of sales, operations, development, management, marketing, design, and more.

The employers offer salaries and equity for their potential employees.

Remote OK

You can search among the over 31,000 remote jobs available at Remote OK. The jobs you can find are for programmers, copywriters, designers, developers, project managers, customer support, and others.

This remote job platform has more than 1 million monthly visits.

It also has over 54 thousand potential applicants for jobs.

Infinite Nomad

This website is dedicated to helping digital nomads finding the perfect jobs.

It is easy and intuitive to use, and you will find some of the best hand-picked job offers for remote part-time or full-time jobs and gigs at Infinite Nomad.


This platform has a huge database of more than 100,000 remote workers. It also has a wide range of categories that you can easily filter and search through to end up with the remote job of your dreams.


Monster offers a worldwide online employment solution for people looking for freelance and remote jobs, as well as for employers looking for the best people to hire.

The job board was established decades ago, and you can find suitable positions in any line of work, as well as take advantage of the recruitment, career management, and talent management services and products available at Monster.


Remote4Me is another website that lists only remote job offers in different categories. You can find excellent opportunities to work from home as a developer, copywriter, designer, HR, project manager, accountant, salesperson and many more.

It is one of those websites which stands behind its goal to offer only completely remote job positions to its client.


Remotees is not a true job board, but rather a website which aggregates all of the remote job offers so you can save time from having to browse through the hundreds of other remote job boards already available online.


This website is dedicated to providing remote and other job opportunities for women.

Ladies can find all sorts of job offers – part or full time which they can handle from home, or remotely in the specialized remote or flexible job offer section of PowerToFly.


WFH stands for work from home. The We Work Remotely website has an extensive job board where people from around the globe can find and apply for various remote positions in the sphere of design, management, administration, programming, customer support, products, copywriting and many others.


Jobspresso offers remote and freelance jobs for people in all lines of work.

The website claims that all of the jobs listed are handpicked and reviewed before being presented to potential employees.

You can upload your resume so that potential employers can find you easily.

You can also follow the Twitter account or the Facebook page of Jobspresso to receive daily updates about the positions which may interest you.

100 Telecommute Jobs

100 Telecommute Jobs list hundreds of telecommuting and home jobs suitable for people with all types and levels of education, experience, and interests.

All of the job postings in over 120 categories are completely remote, and you don’t have to pay a fee for getting access or applying for them.

Remotely Awesome Jobs

Remotely Awesome Jobs is the largest curated list of remote jobs in the field of technology on the web.

You can find all of the current offerings for working from home thanks to this online engine which crawls through the hundreds of job boards to find the best offers by technology companies looking for hiring remote employees.


Nodesk offers a wide collection of carefully selected resources for people working from home. Apart from finding the latest remote job offers on the website, you can also take advantage of the thousands of articles, resources, blogs and communities dedicated to people who are working from home.


This platform has various interesting and carefully selected remote job offers in the IT business. These are posted on their Facebook page. Employers too can trust Hundred5 to connect them with the best developers, writers, marketers, data analysts and SEO managers for the positions they have open.


If you love making handcrafted products at home, you can also make money out of your hobby by promoting your beautiful homemade products on Etsy.

This is an excellent way to turn what you really love doing into a full-time job from home.


eBay is the largest auction website where everyone can sell just about anything. Whether you are looking for ways to make money from your own electronics, gadgets, apparel, or others, or to sell products, eBay is an easy way to reach potential customers from around the world and sell your things safely.


If you want to delve into e-commerce and make money from products you have, or you want to resell or dropship, Shopify is the perfect platform to use. It is easy to use and to create your online store, and start making money from home.


ServiceScape was established and launched in 2000, and today is one of the most popular global marketplaces for freelancers. Its focus is on writing, graphic design, editing, and translating but you can find a project which you can complete from home in just about any sphere.

This is another huge job board, which has a dedicated freelance section.

It is easy to search and filter through the results to find the perfect project or job you can complete from the comfort of your own home.

Specialized websites for freelance tutoring

If you have skills that are teachable and are willing to tutor others online, you can easily become a well-paid tutor or coach from home.

There are so many people, including children and their parents, students and others willing to pay for online tutoring lessons in just about any area.

Because of the increasing popularity of online tutoring, there are many websites dedicated to providing these services, where you can apply for becoming an online tutor, including:

This is the number one online tutoring website that has delivered over 15 million tutoring sessions. You can apply for becoming a tutor and start coaching and teaching children in over 40 subjects. Earn money while helping kids improve their grades, prepare for tests and do their homework via

Chegg Tutors

Join this online tutoring platform and start earning at least $20 per hour of teaching. As you build your reputation, you will increase your earnings by working from home or from anywhere you like.


This is another popular online tutoring website that you can apply for and start earning money from home. You can teach students online and get paid per hour or based on monthly packages.

In most cases, you will need to have a Master’s degree and be ready to work for at least 4 hours a day to get approved as an online tutor.


To become a remote online tutor at Skooli you need to have either a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification, ESL or another language qualification, a teaching license or a master’s degree or Ph.D.


You can joint TutorMe and start making money by tutoring students online from home. The minimum rate is $16 per hour, and you can teach children and people online in subjects like math, social science, foreign languages, computer science, history, and many more.


GoPeer is a tutoring site that has state-of-the-art tools for leading your online lessons via an easy to use audio-visual platform. You can easily earn money by tutoring anyone who is willing to pay for your knowledge and teaching via GoPeer.


You can use Preply to find students willing to hire you for online lessons. You can set your own hourly rate and start working right away.


Wyzant is another online platform where you can find students willing to pay for your online lessons. The website offers hundreds of jobs which are renewed every day.

If you want to be an online coach, you should join The platform offers training and the leading behavior coaching certification, as well as business opportunities to all people willing to work as coaches from home. List your services and skills on your profile, and the clients will contact you.

On this website, you can create your personal teaching page and start teaching online immediately.

Savvy will handle all of your payments and ensure that you get paid even if the lesson is canceled in the last minute.

Websites and platforms for freelance writers

Freelance writers can make quite a lot of money from writing for others. If you want to try your luck as a freelance writer, you will need to start building your portfolio and client list.

The platforms and websites which are the best places to land jobs as a freelance writer include:

Online Writing Jobs

You can find some excellent writing gigs at this site, including blogging, research reports, blogging, article writing, and many more.


This online platform for professional writers exists since 2005. You can start earning money and find clients by signing up to be one of the writers at Textbroker.


This is an online database containing hundreds of open positions for writing, as well as for print, photography, broadcast and digital media jobs. Some of them are for remote jobs, in case you prefer to work from home.


This is one of the biggest online freelance marketplaces for writers and writing jobs.

You can search through the multiple micro-jobs and gigs on the site and start earning money by writing from home.


This is the place to go if you want to apply for telecommute writing or editing jobs. It is specialized for media professionals and features thousands of open job positions and projects including PR content, book editing and more.

The Shelf

The shelf is an excellent platform for freelance writers and bloggers looking for new customers and helps businesses and individuals get the writing work they need.

Problogger Jobs

This is a job board with hundreds of open positions for bloggers. You can also find blogging projects in all kinds of niches.


This is one of the most popular platforms for writers, content creators, and editors. You can find hundreds of open positions for full-time remote jobs as well as for freelance writing and editing projects.

All Freelance Writing Jobs

At this freelance writing job board, you can find writing jobs within a certain pay range. You can also subscribe to the jobs feed and get all the new offers that could be of interest to you in real-time.

Freedom With Writing

Sign up for their newsletter to receive all of the excellent writing opportunities in your inbox, and apply to work with Freedom With Writing. If you get approved, you will be able to make good money from working at home.


If you want to find the best online jobs for freelance technical writers, then Due is the best platform you should opt for. The rate you will need to pay the website is only 2.8% of your earnings.


You can find well-paid freelance writing jobs at PubLoft starting at $150 per post and will get paid once every two weeks for a worry-free homework experience.


This is a top-quality agency style platform for freelance writers that will help find clients for you and ensure that you focus on your writing rather than job searching and negotiating.

This is one of the oldest marketplaces where you can find customers for your content and written work easily and quickly.

This platform is suitable both for newbies and experienced copywriters where you can land the perfect jobs for making money from home by writing.

Freelance Writing Gigs

This is a carefully curated job board for freelance writers that is updated on a daily basis, where you can find clients for your work.

Blogging Pro

You can find a freelance project for blogging, editing, copywriting and other related work on this superb website for freelance writers.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writers from all over the world with all types of skills and experience levels can find suitable jobs on this completely free website.


This is one of the best platforms for freelance writers to find the best jobs online in all niches and of all types.

Job boards, networks, and platforms for designers

For those of you looking to work from home as designers, there are multiple websites where you can find superb remote jobs and design gigs to apply for.

99 Designs

You can take part in the contests for logos, book covers, websites, and other designs at 99 Designs and get paid for your creativity.


You can showcase your work at Behance and also find a great job on the site’s job board for graphic designers, digital artists, and various others.


Show your work at Dribble to find customers and to get feedback from other designers. You can also check out the work of the competition and find a remote job offered by serious employers on the job board.

Design Crowd

This is another competition based platform for design projects. You can apply for the various competitions posted in 42 different design categories.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a site where freelance creatives and developers can find excellent online job opportunities. You can set your own price once you get approved as a service provider.


If you already have a portfolio, you can sign up for Coroflot and post it on the website for clients to see. Coroflot will make a connection with the clients for you.

Smashing Magazine

At Smashing Magazine freelance designers and developers can find the best jobs with the most suitable time commitments.


This is a platform for creatives of all kinds. It is easy to sign up and you can start browsing through the job offers immediately.

Working Not Working

This is a high-quality freelance community that accepts very few applicants, but if you make it through the application you can start earning serious money from gigs and customers like Google, Facebook, and Apple.

WordPress Jobs

At this official WordPress job board, you can find jobs related to WordPress theme, design, and development, as well as other related jobs.


This is another platform where you can find suitable freelance jobs related to WordPress.


This is another contest based crowdsourcing marketplace for designers. You need to submit your slogan, logo or other work, and if you win – you get paid by the client.


This is one of the largest graphic design marketplaces where you can receive money if your design wins a contest.


This is a private online community where you can find a job or referrals from other freelance designers.

Networks and platforms for freelance photographers

If you are an aspiring or professional photographer, you can make money from your photos and your services, by selling your photos, or selling your services as a photographer. there are multiple websites where you can find customers and projects for your freelance photographer work.

Creative Jobs Central

This platform for freelance photographers does require a premium membership payment. But it will provide you with jobs in your area, and will weed out the competition so that you can land the job, if you are experienced enough.

Photography Jobs Finder

You can upload your resume for others to see, and search through the remote and local photography jobs available on this job board.

Photography Jobs Online

This is more of a marketplace for photographs than a job board. So if you have photos that you are willing to sell, submit them and see what happens. You can earn up to $125 per photograph.

Freelance Photographer Jobs

At this job board, you will get access to aggregated photography job posts from all around the web – all of them curated and screened.

Get Photography Jobs

You can easily search for freelance photography jobs based on state and location on this US photography job board.

The Creative Loft

You can search through the huge database for photography jobs, and look for the type of project you want to work on, including weddings, portraits, studio, travel, technical photography and more.

iStockPhoto  and Shutterstock

You can also get money by selling stock photos to these websites. You will receive royalties every time somebody licenses one of your photos. This is an excellent way to make some passive income.

Job boards, platforms, websites and networks for freelance or remote developers

Working from home as a developer can be an excellent financial endeavor. There are so many full-time, part-time and flexible jobs available for developers, as well as individual projects which you can work on from home.

Check out the above websites for designers, because the two often get lumped together. is one of the most prestigious freelance developers and engineering platforms on the web. Both the companies and the freelancers get screened, and you can land a job for leading companies like Cisco, Amazon, Tesla, and Zappos, who use the services of this job board.


You can find all kinds of freelance projects and jobs related to designing, developing and building websites at Lorem. You need to be approved by the team to become a freelancer with them and can earn from 25 to 250 dollars per quick gig.


If you are experienced in Joomla, OScommerce, Drupal, Magento, Vbulletin or WordPress, you can find all kinds of freelance gigs and bid on them at Joomlancers.


Hirable will pre-screen you, and if you get approved the team will start connecting you with customers for short and long-term freelance developer projects.

Rent a Coder

This website is free to sign up, and you can find all kinds of freelance gigs for coders at Rent a Coder.

10x Management

This site is perfect for tech freelancers within all niches and specialties. It is a great starting place for beginners and for experienced freelance developers alike.


At GitHub you can showcase your products and work for potential customers to see. This is the largest online community for developers, so you should definitely join in if you want to become a successful freelance developer.


This platform is focused on developers of apps, software, and website. It uses AI to match suitable freelancers with projects and companies. If you are approved, you can get to work with the tech giants.


This is a marketplace where you can find jobs for developers for every programming language in the world. Keep in mind that you need to be approved to start browsing through the jobs and getting a chance of landing one or more of them.


This is another website where you can find customers looking for WordPress experts for themes, plugins and more.

Programmer Meet Designer

You can easily browse through all of the available projects and positions for freelance programmers, designers, and developers on this website. You can filter your search through skillset required, deadline and budget.


This is a curated platform that pairs experienced software developers with contractors for job positions and for long-term freelance projects.


At Topcoder you can compete or work with other developers on projects by leading tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and others.

Stack Overflow

This is one of the most widely used job boards where employers look for freelance developers and tech employees. You can find both location-based and remote positions at Stack Overflow.


This is a searchable database with a multitude of engineering and IT jobs. You can search by keywords and location, as well as find remote jobs on Sologig.

Ruby Now

If you specialize in Ruby on Rails, then this job board is the place to find your next remote job or freelance project.


This is a search platform for all kinds of tech jobs. You can search by keywords, location or job title to find the perfect job for you.


This is a freelance platform based in Germany where you can find all sorts of freelance contract positions in the IT business from all over the world.

Websites for freelance marketers

If you are good at marketing and want to work from home using your marketing skills, you can check out the general freelance platforms and websites from above, or go to these specialized ones to find that perfect job or projects for you.

People Per Hour

You can sign up for this platform for marketers, SEO experts, and software engineers, and you can get paired with contractors, as well as make your work known to people looking for experts like you on PPH.


Aquent will make all the connections for you. It is focused on marketing, so if you are looking for the best remote marketing job or position, this is the place to apply for.


This platform helps freelance marketing professionals get connected to potential customers who are in need of their expertise.

Websites for finding remote jobs for virtual assistants

If you are ready to work at home as a virtual assistant, and handle your customer’s emails, bookings, data entry, and other tasks, you can check out the general freelance platforms and boards for job opportunities, and also some which are focused on virtual assistant jobs.


This company offers its customers virtual personal assistance, so it is a great opportunity to apply for if you want to work from home as a virtual assistant.

Time Etc.

Time Etc. sources freelance virtual assistants and will help you land that perfect remote job you have been dreaming of.


You can apply to work as a virtual assistant at ClickWorker and get access to the job board. Many companies post VA job openings for data entry, research, writing and others, so you can easily find a job that suits you.

VA Networking

Get connected with other virtual assistants, and access to all useful resources as well as the extensive job board at VA Networking. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner.

Assistant Match

This website will find the perfect client for you. This will save you time and effort for searching for a job as a virtual assistant. Assistant Match also offers training for beginners in VA.


Zirtual hires freelance virtual assistants full time and even offers benefits. You should check out their job board for the positions available if you want a long-term reliable income source.

Fancy Hands

This is another company that hires virtual assistants for its customers. You can find all kinds of VA jobs and get paid for the different tasks you can handle.

Websites for job offers for freelance salespeople

If you are experienced in sales and can sell just about anything, why not make money by becoming a freelance salesperson from home?

Here are some of the websites which can help you find suitable jobs:


At ZipRecruiter, you can find a job to perform part-time sales for some of the leading companies as a freelancer. You can earn from $500 to $10,000 a month by receiving a part-time salary or a commission for the sales you make.

Red Hat

Red Hat works with high-level clients, so if you are an experienced salesperson you can check out the offers for such positions they have.

Salesforce App Exchange Job Board

This is the leading CRM tool for all kinds of companies. At the job board of the website, you can find job offers by the companies using Salesforce, where there are often positions for freelance salespeople available.

Platforms, networks and job boards for freelance video editors

If you are experienced in video editing and have the needed hardware and software, you can easily work from home as a freelance video editor.

Here are some specialized websites where you can find suitable jobs and projects for your remote work.


This platform is for TV and film production work only. You can apply and have your portfolio uploaded for others to see. Mandy is suitable for experienced video editors, and the competition is pretty serious.

Production Hub

You can pay about $5 per month to get access to Production Hub, present yourself and find suitable jobs and projects in the video editing field.

Stage 32

You can search for suitable jobs on the site’s job board, but Stage 32 is also a perfect place to showcase your work and skills and network with others to make useful contacts and find more gigs.

This is a carefully curated network for creatives, such as directors, copywriters, editors, motion artists, photographers, and other professionals. You will be screened thoroughly before you are accepted to the network. Once you get in, you can start building connections and finding job opportunities.

Creative Cow Job Search

This is a huge job board which is specialized in TV and film production. You can browse the job offers by category or keyword.  You can also subscribe to the site’s e-mail newsletter and get sent all relevant jobs on a regular basis.


At this freelance platform, you can search for jobs and projects, and also apply for working as a video editing freelancer.

Freelance jobs for artists, actors, musicians, voice actors

If you are the artistic type, musician, actor, artist or other, you can still make money by working from home.

Here are some of the specialized job boards, and websites to look for suitable projects and jobs:

The Voice Realm

You can get paid for your freelance voice-over work by signing in to The Voice Realm, and getting paired with potential customers. will help connect you with brands and companies which are looking for voice actors for their projects. You can sign up and create your profile for free.


This is a video and TV production platform which helps get people in the industry connected into perfect teams for different projects. The platform will take care of the money and file transfer, as well as scheduling management for you, so you can focus on the job.


You can sell your songs or music for film and TV productions and shows at Musicbed.

Music Vine

This is another music licensing program where you can showcase your music and offer it to filmmakers.


You can find a job working as a songwriter, session musician or producer via SoundBetter.

Art Wanted

You can show and sell your artwork or photographs at Art Wanted to customers from around the world. You can also network with other artists.

Remote and freelance opportunities for transcribers

Since so many audios are been recorded on a daily basis, there is a constant need for transcribers.

If you have the patience to listen to the same audio many times and can transcribe what is being said you can earn money by being a freelance transcriber from home.

Here are some of the websites where you are most likely to find work as a freelance transcriber:


Sign up for TranscribeMe and you will get transcription jobs suitable for your experience and skill set.


Crowdsurf offers on-demand transcription and captioning services, so you can sign up to work as a freelance transcriber. You can also browse through the job board at Crowdsurf to find suitable gigs for yourself.


Tigerfish is a company that has been in the transcription business for over two decades. You can apply for becoming an online transcriber, and if approved you can start work remotely immediately and be given jobs to complete from home.


At Rev, you will find hundreds of transcription jobs to choose from – freelance and others. You can join the team of transcription freelancers who work for the company as well.


You can also apply to become a remote transcriber for Quicktate. You will be get paid per word.

Job boards, and opportunities for freelance or remote proofreaders

If you are absolutely impeccable in English grammar and have an eye for detail, you can make a living by working at home as a proofreader or editor.

Here are some of the platforms and websites to check out for proofreading jobs:


You can apply for joining the team of proofreaders at the leading online proofreading and editing service.


At Scribendi you can apply a proofreader or editor on a freelance basis. If you have the experience and skill set you will be able to work for one of the most popular online proofreading and editing services.


You can earn between $500 and $3,000 per month for editing if you get approved by ProofreadingPal for the job. The application is not too complicated, but you will need to pass a timed examination if approved.


You can earn money from home by proofreading, editing, grammar checking, and other similar tasks if you are approved by Gramlee to work for them.

Websites and networks for freelance translators

You can find multiple freelance gigs, projects and jobs for translators in all of the general freelance job boards, platforms, and networks, but there are some specialized ones that are focused on connecting freelance or remote translators with potential customers, including:


This is a membership-based website for freelance translators, where you can search through hundreds of translation gigs and projects. No matter which languages you know, this is an excellent place to go for freelance translation work.

Translators Café

This is another superb platform where freelance translators can land jobs, as well as communicate with one another. You can also find useful info on finding better projects and translating jobs at Translators Café.

Local and offline freelance job websites

Because working from home is not all about working form your computer, here are some websites which will help you be your own boss, and work for yourself offline or locally:

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This crowdsourcing service offers various micro-tasks that you can do for a fee. You can perform simple tasks like doing local odd jobs, deliveries, as well as performing simple tasks like short translations, and others.


This app connects people with others willing to help them perform simple chores like walking their dogs, mowing their lawns, performing plumbing work and others.


Find offline and online local freelance jobs at LocalSolo.


Offer your offline or online freelance service on bark, where people from your area are looking for people like you.

Final words

Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect job or the best gigs which you can complete from home. Becoming a freelancer is an amazingly freeing experience. Although it may have its ups and downs, once you get into it, and start getting better gigs and more clients, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits from being your own boss and working from home.

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