Wix Review 2023: When (and when not) to use Wix!

Wix is designed to be easy to use for people of all skill levels, even those who aren’t well versed in programming. It makes an easy and affordable alternative to a traditional website builder. Its Editor workshops use drag-and-drop functionality, offering hundreds of templates that allow you to promote, buy, and sell through your site.

Whether you’re interested in building a personal portfolio or an online name for your business, you can scale your webpage to meet your needs. In this review article, we’ll answer your question about why Wix could be the best website builder for you.

Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using Wix:


  • Easy to navigate screens with a user-friendly setup
  • Affordable plans for work and personal needs
  • Comes highly recommended


  • Limited flexibility once a site goes live
  • Some webpage features require third-party apps
  • An overwhelming number of editing choices available

Wix Basics

Wix is one of the top destinations for people looking to build a website, both for personal use and for business purposes. It was founded by CEO Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan in the early 2000s with headquarters in Tel Aviv.

The site has more than 160 million users in 190 countries worldwide, thanks to its versatile, affordable, and user-friendly structure. Even those who consider themselves technology illiterate can create a fully functioning webpage in just minutes with Wix software.

No matter what your skill level might be when it comes to computers, it’s easy to understand and navigate the clean, simple layout of the Wix site. Dealing with Wix templates is also intuitive. It gives you full control of all creative aspects of your site, from colors to organizational setup.

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AI vs Template-Based Software

As a website builder, Wix is designed to help individuals to create a web page without any sense of complex HTML coding skills. There are two main types of website builders that people rely on today, including template-based editors and Artificial Intelligence, or AI, platforms.

Though Artificial Design Intelligence platforms may sound like the way of the future, they tend to offer fewer customization options and less control. The AI asks a series of questions about your needs and design preferences and automatically creates code that meets your specifications. This type of approach is often best for those looking to set up a quick and straightforward web page with automation.

On the other hand, Template-based options let you pick from a range of pre-designed website styles. You can then tweak each template to match your needs, changing both the design and the layout of your final site. It gives your home page a bit of a personal touch.

Wix is something of a hybrid between a classic template-based type approach and an AI website builder. You can choose from one of more than 500 different professional template options, using a drag-and-drop feature to make changes to each area, or you can let the Wix ADI service take care of all the heavy lifting.

Though Wix com isn’t the only drag-and-drop program, it’s certainly one of the most popular available. Wix has been helping individuals to build websites since around fourteen years ago. In that time, the site has perfected its interface to create a webpage that’s easy to use for everyone. Each element is adapted to create a user-friendly environment on all devices.

Motivation and Inspiration

You can find an example of all sorts of professional projects created using Wix. If you like, you can even model your home page after an existing website. Wix offers more industry-specific templates than any other website builder, from the design to the overall content. Some of the most common industries include:

  • Startups and small businesses
  • Cafes, and eateries
  • Hospitality, including hotels and resorts
  • Music and entertainment
  • Professional photography
  • Graphic design and art

There are endless possibilities for personal and professional web pages created using Wix. In this Wix review article, we’re going to dive deep into the best and worst aspects of Wix. Let us show you how people use the service and how it holds up to other website builders. We’ve created an expert review to tell you anything and everything you need to know about the Wix website building platform and answer any questions you might have.

Is Wix Easy to Use?

Wix provides a couple of different options for setting up your website and landing page. Your choice will depend primarily on how much time and detail you want to include in your site. You can try the standard Wix Editor function or choose the simpler Wix ADI route.

The Wix Editor uses an intuitive drag-and-drop method for those who want to customize their website. They can easily add, remove, resize, and reposition all pieces within a page with just a click of the mouse.


Wix ADI also allows for personalization but does not give you nearly as much control over fine details as the editor. After answering a few quick questions, Wix whips up unique websites for you in just minutes and with minimal time and effort. If you like, you can make final edits afterward.

Corvid by Wix

Wix also offers an option for those who are more familiar with computers and coding, such as Javascript. You can work with Corvid by Wix for even greater customization capabilities than the drag-and-drop editor. Wix Code allows you to dig down into the HTML code of individual designs and tweak them from within, creating a unique page.

Opinions of Wix

Most Wix users would agree that it is one of the best website builders today, with features designed to bring your website to life. Wix has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews and most users would recommend it to a friend interested in creating a website. Wix has a much better reputation than competitors like Weebly, Squarespace, or GoDaddy.

Positive Reviews

The main reason that Wix receives such glowing user reviews and comments from people around the globe is because of its versatility. Not only is the drag-and-drop editor easy to use, but it also allows for customization over any selection. Even beginners can have a new website up and running in just minutes.

Causes for Concern

The only drawback of Wix is that individuals can sometimes find the range of choices available to be much too overwhelming. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from, with even more extra features and toolsets. It can take some time to familiarize yourself with Wix and scroll through the many website styles that they have available. However, most would agree that Wix is hard to beat about creative control.

Who Uses Wix?

All types of people from around the globe and in various industries rely on Wix to create professional-looking websites. You only have to go to user reviews and video review options to see how popular the service has become since its inception.

However, just because the feedback says Wix is a popular choice doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for everyone. Here, we will go over the primary reasons for building a website and how Wix can help you. We’ll also discuss other options that may better suit your unique requirements.

Companies and Startups

Wix specializes in business websites for companies across a range of different sectors. If you’re a small business owner, you can find templates designed for industries ranging from law and finance to human resources.

There are endless styles to choose from to make a business website, and you can also find a wide range of features designed to help your business grow its web presence. As an owner, you can add contact forms, booking options, and more depending on how you want guests to use your website. There are also add-ons and third-party web applications specialized for different business applications. However, some might find that Squarespace or other competitors serve their needs better.

Online Retailers

Many companies and private sellers set up their websites or shop to handle Internet transactions and sell goods using e-commerce features offered by Wix, such as adding a shopping cart. You can create an online store that’s attractive and easy for guests to navigate. You can also set up a simple payment system that buyers and sellers can trust.

You can sell an unlimited number of different products or services through your Wix online e-commerce store. The webpage also allows you to set up coupon codes and rewards programs to help attract views. Wix helps you to set up short and long-term promotions as well. To send packages, you can manage shipping and handle through your site.

One of the best apps available for online storefronts is Ecwid, which helps track everything and manage transactions. This app allows you to look at guest checkout info and track each product and item sold through Wix stores.

Sellers can also analyze transactions through their online store using their Wix log. The site’s dashboard store analytics gives you easy access to your in-house database, including payments and invoices, monthly orders, inventory, and more. However, services such as Google Analytics are able to offer a more in-depth look.

Wix’s built-in tool options are best for companies with small margins. Those making monthly profits in six figures or more might want to look at a more powerful e-commerce website builder. Services such as Shopify or BigCommerce can scale up with larger online stores better than Wix.


Many people sign up with Wix to set up a personal website or job portfolios and develop their online presence. You can make a webpage for an important event, such as a wedding, birth, or graduation, create professional portfolios to help find job leads, or set up a blog where you can share posts and content with others around the world.

You can find a number of personal templates available on Wix, or you can modify a business website template to suit your needs. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to make selections and personalize your web page as much or as little as you like to create a look that’s truly “you.”

Wix may not be the best choice for those who are more interested in showing off pictures and videos rather than content. Squarespace is a better website builder for those who are looking to make a website that centers around photography or art. The designs focus more on aesthetics than simplicity, and many are specifically designed to help showcase the art of creatives like photographers and musicians.


Many Wix elements are designed with bloggers in mind. No matter what your specialty might be, you can find attractive template ideas for a wide range of hobbies and interests, from food and cooking to fashion and beauty. Whatever your passion might be, Wix has a solution for you.

With Wix, you can post blog entries, create categories, link to social media, and connect with fans and guests through comments. You can also set up a search bar for your website through Wix, which can be useful for those with large caches of blog posts.

While Wix is an ideal choice for many bloggers, it doesn’t offer all of the specialized areas that some might be looking for. Weebly can sometimes be a better choice for bloggers, thanks to the site’s advanced sharing, posting, and scheduling features.

Those Looking for Scalability

One of the main problems most individuals have with any website building platform is the inability to scale up as their webpage grows. As you gain more views, you need a website that can handle high traffic levels.

For the most part, Wix can scale up alongside you as your business or audience grows. The app market allows you to continually add new and exciting features to help enhance your website. The Wix app market releases new add-ons regularly to help improve the user experience.

While Wix is more scalable than many competitors, globally renowned websites may have trouble hosting. For large sites or powerful online retail platforms, Wix is not always the best choice. Instead, it’s best reserved for smaller niche operations.

About Wix Templates

Wix Templates

Wix Templates are professionally designed to have clean, sleek, and sophisticated layouts from the landing page onward. There are more than 500 options, with new ones being added regularly. Each has an original background with an example of a proper layout. You can ensure your website is in line with the latest trends by checking out the newest type of ideas to hit Wix.

Thanks to the wide variety of high-quality templates, you don’t need to know how to code to create a stylish website. You can find them organized into a range of categories, including business, blogging, health and wellness, and more. Templates for companies such as hotels and eateries also often allow for Wix bookings and appointments for any event.

All Wix themes also come ready to translate from a desktop version into a mobile app, so you can easily adapt your websites to suit a laptop or mobile view. The mobile editor will help you reach a wider market, and visitors will access your page remotely without any issues.

While there are hundreds of templates, it’s important to remember that Wix doesn’t allow you to select a new website template once it goes live. You can create a test site to help you pick out just the right template before committing. Before publishing your site, you can try out different looks to see what looks best on screen.

If you want to be able to alter your website’s look after the fact, you may want to consider using Squarespace as a solution. While its website editor is less versatile than Wix, Squarespace allows you to switch between templates whenever you want to shake things up for a change.

Customizing Your Site

Wixcom templates all come ready-made so that you can create a fully functional website in just minutes. However, you don’t have to stick to each design’s fonts, color palette, or other elements. If you want, you can keep default content after publishing, but many people choose to edit templates to create their own unique style.

Wix makes it easy to modify any template to match your needs. You can easily add and edit text, change font size, insert links, and move anything around as needed. It’s also easy to upload media from your personal photo galleries and video collections or add Wix music if you desire.

The Animation Button

The Animation Button can help bring your website to life by adding transitions and animations to different areas. You can utilize it to make pictures zoom in, have headers fade out, menus pop up, and much more. This can help capture a guest’s attention and direct it exactly where you want it to go.

Add-On Items

If you want to expand your website further, Wix gives you the ability to add features such as blog posts, menus, forms, video backgrounds, slideshows, and more. All customizations give you maximum control over your website’s design. If you don’t have an image of your own to add, Wix has an entire library of photos, gifs, and other graphics that you’re free to have on your site.

How to Build a Wix Website

As appealing as Wix templates might be, the real draw of this website builder is its user-friendly editing. In this Wix review article, we’re going to go over some of the site’s best parts and how you can use them to build a high-quality website. However, we only scratch the surface of the true freedom that Wix gives developers.

App Market

While Wix has a variety of handy tools, it can be somewhat limited for more advanced web builders. Many individuals turn to the Wix App Market to find third-party features to include on their website. You can find applications to add useful shopping features, chat message buttons, support widgets, and more.

Wix hotels and Wix restaurants can set up a booking system using a specialized app. Wix Bookings and reservations are easy to set up and arrange. You can also make a booking field for tickets, entries to a special event, and more.

There are more than 250 app options that can help you improve the look or functionality of your site. What’s more, new options are added every day to help you keep up with the latest trends in web design.

Wix apps are an incredibly popular feature among website builders in every industry. Individuals and companies install tens of thousands of apps each day, totaling millions of downloads every year, and the App Marketplace is only gaining popularity.

You can install Wix apps with a single click, allowing for hassle-free installation. Most are very similar to the plugins that WordPress is famous for.

Most third-party Wix applications are free to use, especially for basic features. However, those with premium features may charge accounts to access an extended range of functions. We will go over some of the most popular Wix add-ons and how they can help you improve your site.

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123FormBuilder  App

This cloud-based app helps individuals collect data for personal and professional websites. You can use 123FormBuilder to gather databases online and offline, giving you treasure troves of data to analyze behavior. This app is user-friendly and versatile, allowing you to create every kind of form, survey, questionnaire, and quiz you can think of.

The app platform makes it easy to create new forms without coding experience. You can ask your audience any question you like to get a rough guide on how they feel about your site. You can easily learn more about each user, helping you be more successful out on the market.

FlipBooks App

FlipBooks helps countless companies, advertisers, artists, musicians, and more to show off printed materials online. You can change pictures, PDFs, and more into digital versions that come ready to publish. It prevents your guests from having to download files, instead allowing them to see everything straight from your website. You can try the free version for access to basic design features, or pay extra for premium options.

There is a seemingly endless variety of apps available on the Wix App Market. To find out more about each, click on it to see a short description, a video demonstration, and reviews from other Wix subscribers. You can consider this feedback and decide whether or not a particular app is right for you before you commit to downloading or paying for it.

Seek Out Support

If you’re new to Wix or not sure how to use a certain feature, the site contains hints and tips on how to use all of the different options available to you. Try opening information dialog boxes by selecting the small question mark boxes found in the Wix Editor. Choosing one of these will tell you everything and anything you need to know about the attached feature. Some even offer helpful video tutorial functions and screenshot captures to give you a step-by-step explanation for the different tools.

You can also search for help on different topics directly by looking through the Wix Help Center. Here, you’ll find answers to all of the main user questions on topics such as editing, analytics, and more.

For expert assistance, you can reach a Wix representative directly via phone number or email, through live chat support is currently unavailable. You can find contact forms and contact information through the Contact Page. A customer service support team is available on the phone from Monday to Thursday between 5 AM and 5 PM EST. You can also try to reach Wix for an immediate response by reaching out on Twitter.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for an available technician to solve an issue. If you’re having trouble, you can also turn to the official Wix forum for information, advice, and screenshots. Here, you can chat with users who may have more experience with the program than you and get instructions on doing different project steps. You may also want to look up reviews written by the Wix community, as online reviews can offer useful and honest feedback.

Integrate Domains and Social Accounts

All of the Premium Plan options offered through Wix include the cost of custom domain names for the first year that your website is live. You can claim a unique and memorable domain that you’ll own exclusively so long as you renew the domain annually. If you already have a website, Wix allows you to seamlessly transfer a domain name. All you have to do is upgrade to a Premium Plan to connect your domain name to your Wix site.

In the era of social media, it can be a challenge to build a healthy online reputation without turning to a place such as Instagram. Wix makes it just as easy to integrate your social media accounts into your site as it does domains. You can add buttons to allow guests to like and share your posts or feeds. This can help to increase your number of followers while also driving more readers towards your website.

For buyers and sellers operating through a Wix website, it’s a good idea to note that the platform doesn’t allow for multi-channel selling of products or items. If this is important for your business or side-hustle, you may be better off looking at website-building platforms such as Shopify or BigCommerce. Both of these allow you to sell products through channels such as Facebook Marketplace and more.

Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of ranking your website on popular search engines such as Google or Bing. Wix has specially designed services to help you maximize SEO within your website and improve your search ranking. You can create a keyword-loaded meta description, customize URL codes, create internal links, and more, even if you aren’t necessarily an SEO wiz.

If you want to take things further, you can also find Wix SEO apps through the Wix Marketplace. These can help you utilize keywords effectively and improve your search rankings using tried and tested techniques. While Wix is one of the best website builders for doing this, Weebly is also a good choice for those who want to boost search rankings.

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Keep Your Site Secure

Online security and privacy should be a primary concern for you and your online guests. Wix helps to keep your website safe by equipping it with a built-in Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate. This helps to protect your site from malicious attacks and puts site visitors at ease. You can tell that SSL protects Wix sites by the small padlock icon that appears in the browser window.

Wix also helps keep you safe against accidental data loss, whether due to a cyberattack, a power outage, or a simple mistake. The site uses an autosave feature to ensure that your website is regularly backed up to its storage servers. If you ever lose progress, it only takes a few clicks to completely restore databanks, emails, images, and more with backups from the Wix storage server.

Using Wix Ascend for Marketing

Ascend is Wix’s all-in-one solution for companies looking to gain more online followers and attract new customers. It offers options to help with email marketing and customer management, including automation, chat and connectivity options, and promotional assistance. With Ascend, you can build your online branding and create a name for yourself or your company.

Unlike platforms such as Squarespace and Weebly, Wix provides you with comprehensive marketing tools specifically geared to help companies grow. You can tackle your online marketing strategy from multiple angles, from email marketing campaigns and social media to SEO content. You can access both the tools and know-how you need to reach thousands of potential clients, mainly through email addresses, and improve customer relationships.

Ascend is available to business owners as a separate Wix subscription. Choices range from between $9 and $45 per month, depending on how inclusive of a service you need. There are three different options to suit any venture and any budget.

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Wix Ascend Price Tier Options

Allowed Contributors1 person5 peopleUnlimited users
Number of Lead Capture Forms50 forms150 formsUnlimited forms
Monthly Email Marketing Campaigns5 campaigns20 campaignsUnlimited campaigns
Monthly Email Allowance9,500 emails50,000 emails1,000,000 emails
Monthly Social Media Campaigns5 posts20 postsUnlimited posts

Wix Ascend pricing options are scalable. As your company grows, you can change price tiers to access more tools, like email marketing. The Unlimited Plan can support even larger companies with a large client base. This plan also allows for unlimited contributors, making it ideal for growing companies with multiple members.

Wix Pricing

If you’re looking for just the basic features of Wix, you can sign up for a free plan costing nothing. You don’t need to pay a cent to use tools such as the Wix editor or much of the available website templates. It’s one of the most comprehensive free plans of any website building platform. You can build, manage, and maintain your website Wix for free, though you will have to put up with irritants such as Wix ads and a Wix domain.

Wix Pricing 2022: What Plan to Pick and What to Avoid?

If you like, you can treat the free plan as a trial before upgrading. Wix has a choice of four Premium Plans for personal use. These plans are ideal for work such as blogs and portfolios. Prices range between $13 and $39 per month, depending on which features you’re looking for. All options include a free domain for a full year, but only the higher-end choices include benefits such as no bandwidth limit for better speeds, ad removal, and VIP support.

The Wix Pro Plan offers some of the best value for your money, costing $22 per month. Pro is geared towards individuals and small companies who are looking to expand their brand online. The plan offers a free and professional logo design worth up to $50 and access to all Ascend marketing options to help small companies grow. While it may seem like a small thing, a logo can make or break a business. A good logo makes your venture stand out against the rest.

Wix provides a choice between several Business and eCommerce options for larger companies as well. Cost ranges between $23 and $49, and like their other plans, the higher up your commerce plan, the more features you can access. Wix’s most popular plan is the Business Unlimited Plan, which offers unlimited bandwidth, access to help and support features, and compatibility with marketplace apps.

The Wix Enterprise Plan offers customizable solutions for companies that plan to scale up. It’s their most expensive plan and $500 per month, but it offers unparalleled digital support for companies developing their online presence.

While costs are advertised as monthly, you can save money by paying an annual Wix fee instead. If you pay for one to two years upfront, you can end up saving as much as 43% per year. The site also offers a money-back guarantee so you can confidently purchase a Premium plan. If you’re not happy with everything, you have two weeks to request your money back in full. In general, though, Wix is cheaper than using a professional builder.

If you join the Wix Affiliate Program, you’ll earn affiliate commissions for attracting new customers to the platform. Simply post affiliate links and endorsements to attract new customers to the site, and earn $100 for every Premium user that joins the site.

Final Thoughts on Wix

Wix’s popularity comes as a surprise to no one. It is a top destination for companies and individuals alike who are looking to create a high-quality website. You can build a variety of specialized sites that span across just about every business. What’s more, it’s a breeze to set up a fully functional website, even for beginners, with no expertise or coding classes needed.

Hundreds of designer templates and other resources help you get the look you want regardless of your skill with a computer. An intuitive drag-and-drop editor helps you arrange your website any way you like, from the overall theme right down to the navigation menu.

Wix offers free accounts in addition to affordable premium features. You can sign up for a personal or business account to create a custom-built website that looks like a professional website builder made it. A Premium plan also allows you to create a domain for your website.

We highly recommend Wix to anyone who is looking for help developing their webpage. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, Wix can help you to build a website that you’re proud of. For eCommerce market platforms and online companies, Wix provides a variety of SEO tools and marketing options along with third-party apps to choose from.

While we’re thrilled to give a Wix shoutout, it’s not necessarily ideal for everybody. Some individuals may want to look into other web builder options if they’re looking to make moves such as swap around templates or scale up ecommerce operations. Platforms such as Squarespace, Weebly, and GoDaddy have better tools for these functions than Wix does. You may also want to look into hiring site builders to create a sleek and professional web design.

That being said, it’s hard to beat Wix in terms of control and flexibility. We’re also a fan of their support options, including the online Help Desk. Anyone can get started building your webpage without spending any money. Even if you do decide to purchase a Premium plan, you can rest easy knowing that a two-week money-back guarantee protects you. If you have an idea for a website, joining the Wix community can bring your vision to life.


Here, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions that Wix users have about the service. You can learn more about whether or not Wix is the right choice for your new website. If your question isn’t answered here, you may be able to learn more by accessing the Wix Help Center.

Is Wix Better Than Using a Web Developer?

Some businesses opt to hire an expert website builder to create and manage their webpage. If you choose the right website builder, this can be a good option for those who like to keep things hands-off. However, a website developer can be expensive. You also sacrifice control of your website, as all changes have to pass through your website builder, which might be a problem for some who prefer to be in charge.

Wix is better than turning to a professional website builder for those with tight finances. You can keep your expenses down by opting for a free plan. Even if you choose to upgrade to Premium, the annual cost of a Wix subscription is significantly less than the cost of paying a website builder. By using Wix instead of a website builder, you also maintain creative control over everything on your webpage.

Are Wix and WordPress Compatible?

If you’ve been looking into how to build a website, you may have heard of WordPress in your research. It is a long-standing, open-source service that helps people to set up a webpage, particularly a blog with ease.

While Wix and WordPress com share certain similarities, they’re two completely different site design platforms. While WordPress focuses on blog creation and content management, Wix aims to provide an all-in-one solution to create a high-end webpage with ease. In general, you’ll use one or the other, but not both. You can only create and host a blog or webpage through a single platform at a time.

Is Wix Really Free?

If you’re looking to build a basic webpage, Wix has a free plan that won’t surprise you with any hidden costs or fees. You can be rest assured that the Wix free plan will give you anything you need without charging you a dime. However, if you want access to everything, you may have to upgrade to a paid Premium Plan. All of these options include the cost of web hosting in the monthly fee, as well as domain costs and security features. If you don’t upgrade, your webpage will include a Wix domain as well as ads.

Is Wix Available in More than One Language?

Wix users come from around the globe, and as such, the site is available in multiple languages besides English. You can also create a multilingual webpage to reach guests living worldwide. If you want to include translations, you can use a new tool that the webpage recently introduced known as Wix Multilingual. You can translate anything from SEO settings to text images into a language of your choosing.

How Many People Can Access a Wix Account?

Wix accounts aren’t limited to a single user. You can allow multiple individuals to edit your site if you like without having to pay any extra fees. If you want to prevent unwanted alterations, you can limit access to certain pages of your webpage as needed. This allows you to have anything from one computing helper to an entire team to assign tasks and help build a successful site.

Why Is Wix Bad?

Most people tend to rate their experience with Wix highly, but it’s not always the best web development platform for everybody. Like any other service, Wix does have its downside. Wix has limited e-commerce capabilities and may not be the right choice for larger online retailers. Additionally, you can’t change templates once a webpage goes live, which may be off-putting to those looking for more flexibility in functionality. Some developers do better using subscription services such as Squarespace or Weebly.

Is Wix Any Good?

Wix consistently ranks as one of the top website building platforms available today for both business and personal use. It offers more versatility and greater creative control than most of its competitors. As a drag-and-drop editor, Wix makes it easy and intuitive to move different aspects of a page around. The site also gives a choice between more than 500 expert templates as well as third-party Wix app options on the App Market. You can create a business site or use Wix to make portfolios, art exhibits, blogs, and more.

What’s more, Wix provides a range of plans to suit any need and any financial plan. If you want to save money, you can access many features with a free account. However, Wix also offers tiered premium options for a small monthly or annual fee. You can access additional features designed to help you better manage your webpage.

Is Wix Better than WordPress?

While WordPress is often the best site builder for bloggers, Wix gives you much more design freedom in the type of website you can create. It’s a better choice for most businesses and ecommerce services, especially smaller companies. In addition, Wix tends to be better for personal pages that revolve around features such as pictures or gifs as opposed to text.

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