The 18 Most Popular Types of Blogs: Which one is yours?

Are you contemplating starting a blog but are not sure where to start and where you are heading to?

You are not alone. Starting a brand new blog takes some research and a lot of thought, especially if you are planning on making money from it.

A successful blog needs to be targeted appropriately towards a niche audience, but it also needs to be about something you are interested in and experienced in.

Blogging can be an enriching experience – both emotionally and financially, but it requires commitment, persistence, and a lot of writing regarding a particular subject or theme. Of course, after you have decided what type of blog you want to start, you must pick an appropriate topic, improve the website performance, optimize SEO, and so on. But deciding what to write about is the first essential step for any successful blog.

Here are some of the most common types of blogs, as well as the information they usually contain, so you can get an idea of which type would best suit your needs, your experience, and your interests.

Fashion Blogs

Fargo photography website example

Fashion is a subject that has always interested a broad audience of all ages and from all parts of the world. This is why it comes to no surprise that fashion blogs are among the most popular type.

Because fashion is such a massive industry with a broad audience, becoming a fashion blogger could be a unique perspective for making money online. Alongside your blogging, you may receive various perks, invitations to events, merchandise, sponsorship deals with leading fashion brands, and other bonuses.

To start a fashion blog, you will need to have an interest in and a sense of style, the latest trends, and fashion.

The range of subjects you can cover is pretty broad, as is the potential audience.

You will need to be creative and offer your readers something new and trendy to get more subscribers and draw a larger audience.

Food and Healthy Eating Blogs

The growing army of foodies worldwide is always hungry and ready for new interesting recipes, restaurant reviews, and ideas on eating healthier, exotic foods.

This is why food blogs are also very popular.

Food blogs can also cover a very wide range of topics, including healthy eating, local cuisine, exotic gourmet, baking, cooking for the holidays, cooking basics for beginners, dieting, and many more.

You can also include your personal reviews of the restaurants you have visited.

As you draw more readers, you can expand the topics by adding your own secret family recipes or recipes and experiences with eating while traveling the world too.

The secret behind creating a successful food blog is to establish yourself as a food expert, or an expert in a particular type of cuisine.

Travel Blogs

With all the attractive prices for air travel via budget airlines and the opportunity to book your own place to stay through peer-to-peer networks like Airbnb, traveling has become much more accessible to a broader group of people – young and older.

Starting a travel blog can be a successful endeavor if you manage to capture the audience’s attention with your interesting stories about unknown and exciting places and destinations to visit.

You can attract a wider audience to your travel blog by writing about attractive travel offers, discounts for flights and hotels, or writing about exotic dream destinations. You can also help your readers decide where to spend their vacation or holidays, let them know about your personal experiences and adventures, and so on.

Apart from being able to make money by promoting different packages, hotels, rentals, and others, you, as a blogger, may be able to snatch some fabulous discounts for your own travels from sponsors and business partners as well.

Lifestyle Blogs

These are easily the most popular type of blogs there are online right now. Topics can include a wide range of subjects such as art, culture, crafts, local events, music, news, politics, human interest stories, and many more.

By starting a successful lifestyle blog, you can easily establish yourself as an influencer. If you succeed, you will be invited to write for other websites, speak at events, become a business partner, and work with organizations that aim to help and improve the world we live in.

Music and Musical Artist Blogs

Being such a huge industry, music is another theme that interests a global audience.

The good news is that you can start a music blog about whatever type of music you prefer, such as pop, jazz, alternative, indie, hip-hop, and many others. You can even dedicate your blog to a particularly popular band or singer.

If you decide to blog about today’s biggest stars, you may be facing some serious competition. But you can always find a musical niche that is not so popular and is not covered by so many other blogs and websites and become the leader in that specific niche.

Fitness and Health Blogs

With more people taking steps to lead more healthy and active lifestyles, there is a vast niche potential if you start a fitness or health blog.

You can write about the different diet plans, supplements, exercises, and workouts, as well as other information about being healthy and fit.

Some experienced fitness and health bloggers make a lot of money by offering their online fitness courses, consults and classes. You can also start your own online fitness or health community.

You can write about the latest scientific discoveries regarding nutrition, fitness, and health, as well as topics like how to lose weight, how to get fit, how to choose a diet and stick to it, how to cook for a specific diet, how to make the most out of your workout and so on.

DIY Project Blogs

There are so many weekend warriors and people who love working on new DIY projects that you can be quite successful if you decide to start a DIY related blog.

You can inform your readers about ideas for improving their indoors, outdoors, landscaping, as well as give them useful home maintenance and repair tips. Your DIY blog may also include subjects like working on specific projects for crafting, interior design, woodworking, construction and repair, and many more.

Sports Blogs

Sports are another subject which brings together huge groups of people from around the world.

You can start up a sports blog covering the particular sport, team, or athlete of your interest, your national sport, or covering worldwide sports news.

In the former case, you may even be able to score a sponsorship deal or get paid for writing for a particular team, sports organization, or athlete by them.

In the latter, you can spread your sports news content even further by sharing your content on social media like Twitter.

This type of blog is suitable for those of you who are passionate about a particular team, athlete, or sport.

Financial and Money Blogs

The majority of the people around the world would love to know how to make more money, how to manage their finances better, and how to save more money.

This is why starting a financial blog is a very good idea.

You can start your finance blog targeted at individuals, families, startups, businesses, or investors, depending on your expertise in the area.

There are subjects that interest just about anybody related to finances and money, such as retirement planning, saving advice, investment tips, long-term financial planning, capital building, insurance, loaning money, and many more.

Political Blogs

If you are ready to deal with a lot of passionate readers, some of which may support you, but others will oppose you, then you may think about starting your own political blog.

Politics is something that many people are very passionate about.

You can cover various topics like the latest political news, events, and offer your personal analysis as well.

If you are passionate about a specific party or politician, you may even strike a deal with them to blog for them and thus attract more potential voters and supporters of the cause.

But as mentioned at the beginning, you should be ready to deal with some passionate clashing views and opposing opinions if you decide to start a political blog.

Parenting Blogs

Since children do not come with instructions when they are born into the world, more and more parents are looking for the best advice on parenting online.

This is especially true for new parents.

If you have already raised one or more children, and you feel confident about the subject, you can start up your own parenting blog.

It can be focused on parenting a specific age group of children, or on catering to specific nutritional needs, on education, special needs, and various other subjects that interest young and old parents around the world.

Many frustrated parents will be thanking you for this effort, and you may be able to sell various products, courses, or promote different products and services to your audience, and get paid for them too.

Business Blogs

If you are an expert in the world of business or a particular line of business, you may start your own business blog.

You can strike a deal and start working for a specific company or organization by writing and managing their blog.

You can also start up your own business blog with business advice, business news, business ideas and other areas of interest.

After all, it is business that drives the world, so if you are good at it, you will definitely be gaining a wide audience for your blog.

Personal Blogs

If you find that your friends love listening to your stories, or looking at your photos and videos from your life and adventures, then it may be a good idea to start up your own personal blog.

This type of blog focuses on the personal experiences, daily life, emotions, travels, and adventures of the writer.

You can write about your daily life, your goals, your plans, or anything that your audience might be interested in.

You can also add your photos and videos of your adventures, which always helps when developing a successful personal blog.

Movie Blogs

The movie industry is another leading industry that has an ever-increasing global audience.

If you love movies, you can start your own blog with your personal reviews about particular movies, shows, actors, and events. You can also inform your readers of the upcoming titles, new releases, and films to look forward to.

Successful movie bloggers often get invitations or other opportunities to watch the new releases prior to the global premieres, which is a huge plus for passionate movie fans.

Car and Automotive Blogs

If you are crazy about cars and love reading and knowing everything about the old and the newest vehicles, then why not start your own car or automotive blog?

You can write about vintage cars, the latest cars, offer your own car reviews, add stories about car maintenance and driving tips, as well as help people choose the best car for their needs.

There is a wide variety of subjects you can interest your audience with, including reviews and news about sports cars, luxury vehicles, racing, vintage cars, restoring cars, tuning cars, and many more.

News Blogs

If you are a journalism student or a newbie journalist, starting your own news blog is the perfect way to start practicing what you have learned, and starting building on your CV.

You can choose to cover local news, global news, news in fields like science, technology, health, politics, environment and so on.

Remember, in order to attract more people to read your news blog, you should be able to provide your readers with your own perspective and analysis in certain opinion pieces in your blog, as well. This is what will make it different from all other news blogs out there.

Pet and Animal Blogs

Just like with parenting blogs, pet blogs also have the potential for a huge worldwide following. Because there are so many pet parents and animal lovers around the world, there are a lot of opportunities to attract many readers to your pet or animal-related blog.

You can partner up with a pet product retailer or brand, a local animal rescue organization, a pet groomer, or a vet in your area and work on attracting more potential customers, volunteers, or people who can help the cause.

Of course, you can also focus on a specific type of animal, breed, or another subject that many other pet owners and pet lovers are probably interested in too.

Gaming Blogs

You can start a blog focusing on a specific game or different games, and you can be pretty sure that you will attract a lot of members of the ever-growing gaming community.

You can write about new games, the latest gaming news, gaming events, reviews, certain gaming cheats and hacks, gaming hardware, apparel, culture, and many more.

Final words

Once you have found your specific niche, you should start planning on the best strategies for starting a successful blog. You should also get ready for some serious work, because successful blogging requires quite a lot of work and persistence in order to gain a broad audience, popularity, and start making money from it.

Good luck with your new blog!

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