Must-Know Wix Statistics & Facts on the Popular CMS

Wix is a popular classic template-based website builder that employs an AI-based smart platform. Depending on your business genre and niche, you can choose from over 300 industry-specific free templates and additional premium templates for easy website building. As a simple drag-and-drop editor, Wix lets users design their site in many innovative ways.

Avishai Abrahami, along with Nadav Abrahami and their team, co-founded Wix in 2006.

CEO Avishai Abrahami and Tel Aviv extended key Wix features to simplify website builder and design features to offer a solution to users who aren’t very technology savvy or hold experience with website building. Functioning over various domains, countries, devices, and apps, Wix can design a comprehensive app interface design or site to optimize the owner’s and visitors’ experiences.

Here, we will discuss different Wix website stats in niche cases and how particular features have benefited typical users. You will also read about several facts and features that can help you assess which plan or feature can be the best option for your businesses’ website. Listed below are some top Wix Statistics from users worldwide, along with insights into how typical features fare for everyone for their personal or company site.

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Top Wix Statistics

Read along to assess different Wix Statistics and understand how you can observe your website statistics on Wix. The top aspects to consider are the website builder, website visit, themes and templates, the blog manager, and other features for business analytics.

Wix Website Builder Statistics

Free Website Builder Wix

The Wix Website Builder offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop option to build small websites and their own domains hosted for the purpose. This feature allowing ease-of-using makes Wix’s Website Building a popular choice within the App Market, with over 160 million websites having been hosted and designed via Wix. Wix website building features are optimized to show up equally responsive on mobiles all well.

Wix website builder is one of the more established ones for various languages in the market, popular in several countries with over 3.8 million websites made live via Wix. Some countries that Wix is predominantly prevalent in include its headquarters in Israel, which aligns with a great percentage of users in Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, Canada, and the US.

Wix website building allows the user to implement over 500 Wix templates, including some industry-specific ones. The hosting provider is completely free, which is always great for a business starting out with its sites. The user is also allowed bandwidth of 500MB of storage over the internet under a free plan. You can additionally access some smart assistant features for specific project types.

Statistics of users

Whether you are a professional looking to design a landing page or perhaps a niche blog looking to design blogging sites, Wix’s website-building features are well suited for all users. Some facts and revolving around Wix website building can allow understanding its benefits for customers:

  • Significant Wix statistics and users-specified facts indicate that 0.57% of the top 1 Million sites source back to be built using Wix.
  • Wix stands to be the 5th most popular in the top 1 Million hosted sites as well as the 10th most popular in the top 100k hosted sites category.
  • Wix shares have acquired +840% gains in the past years with up to $146,70 source worth in 2020.
  • With 1829 e-commerce sites covering a number up to 0.18%, Wix has great stats regarding website visits and performance pace.
  • With over 6.8 M searches, it ranks as one of the highest Google searches for website building.

Wix Visits Website Stats

The next section proceeds to show website-visit stats to understand the site source dynamics and how many visits can be accommodated as per the number required by your company.

Stats regarding the conversion rate, bounce rate, and other traffic details can be beneficial for users to fact-check for their own company. Visitor analytics on Wix offers pretty sophisticated features to users with 100% GDPR tracking and support for over 20 languages for people around the world.

The language options under the visitor analytics list include English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. Analyzing visit numbers on your website can assist in revealing several ground-level facts and statistics that can assist your company in surveying marketing trends and listing features and more functions essential for your customers.

Visitor analysis features source real-time recordings, visitor sessions, heatmaps, and conversion funnels to signify your users’ activities over the internet. These reflect insightful facts and statistics from your users and more feedback from apps for a target-based strategy for your brand.

Statistics of users

Numbers indicating these stats can indicate how these features serve multiple users over the internet. Specific facts regarding the percentage of users and data reflected for marketing and market analysis show anything and everything to do with the use of visitor analytics for businesses in different parts of the world:

  • Due to growing and accommodating features, Wix hit the 1 million user mark in 2009.
  • Consecutively, 10 million users were ascertained in 2011, which grew to 50 million in 2014.
  • Simultaneously over $40 million were raised in Series D funding by Wix in 2011.
  • The launch of the HTML5 editor brought in 25M users in 2012.
  • In 2013, Moment Me came into the picture to facilitate social marketing along with website building.

Wix Themes and Templates Stats

Wix Templates

You can use various themes and templates within your apps and site via Wix. The number of templates available on the Wix free plan is sufficient for most users, and more can be accessed under premium plans. Specific statistics indicate the number of websites that have used these templates from the Wix source that have functioned proficiently to gain more traffic and profits than an individually rendered site.

Over 86% of users rely on multi-page websites featured via Wix. Also, more users are looking to express diversity in designing these pages. Whether you are catering to DMR based platforms or perhaps want to assess DMR brand statistics for the same, Wix can be a great source for any number of insightful details for this.

Many Wix templates can be accessed for different purposes by users for DMR platforms or other specific list uses. There are templates targeted for an online store, landing pages, Music, Video, Creative Arts, and several other templates in the Wix list for more community users.

Statistics of users

Here are several facts, figures, and stats, to show how themes and templates can make users’ market presence relevant, along with having set benefits for the marketing aspects of the company. The list of stats below also indicates why the app market and different subscribers and customers rely on Wix as their channel for website rendering. These facts include:

  • The popular and easy-to-implement template features have helped raise Wix’s net worth to $672 Million.
  • The total revenue generation is capped at $290.10 Million for Wix websites.
  • With over 2.9 Million paid subscribers, a total of 110 Million users is ascertained.
  • Wix stands to be the most Wix-based website, with around 55.33 Million visitations in the last 6 months.
  • Wix- e-commerce usage is capped at 332,000 users.
  • AI-based solutions for Wix were first launched in 2016 and were extensively well- received.

Wix Blog Manager Stats

wix blogging

For those dealing exclusively in blogs, affiliates, and more, a list of features is a must-have for users who target their major number of users through the same. With the Wix blogging manager, you can efficiently edit, add, and manage all your blog posts. Six simple steps can be followed to start a blog for free and access more features.

You can view the facts for the number of website visitations and traffic-related metrics for the last week, 3-months as well as last year. These users’ facts are collected from the first day of your website going live.

These facts are essential to understand strategies to promote your brand, source an online store, or other ideas for users. Wix allows you to analyze these blogging statistics and implement these facts to extend a highly personalized and source a good quality website for your users.

Statistics of users

Facts regarding Wix Blogs Manager show the use of relevant Wix plan for exclusive blogging management over the internet. A user can access well-structured reports about their blog subscribers, who are the primary source to share their brand’s work for an organic marketing and more. These users facts and analytics include:

  • Over 190 country users employ Wix to optimize their blogging and website creation experiences.
  • 45,000 new sign-ups are made for using Wix features, including blogging management daily.
  • The WixAppMarket, Wix Hotels, Wix Shoutout, Wix Stores, Wix Music, and Wix Ed are statistically 6 of the most popular products.
  • For blogging-related and other features, 82% of Wix using folks remain subscribed for 1 year or longer.

Wix Analytics Statistics

Analytical features are essential for all website users to fine-tune their strategies and boost their brand presence. Users can analyze specific aspects of their website to make effective decisions for their strategic tactics. Typically, users can monitor site traffic, Wix bookings, Wix stores, and Wix blog analysis.

The Wix dashboard features several reporting and traffic metric features to give you an insight into your site’s performance. With info from this source, your strategy can be adjusted as per changing trends. Wix Site’s traffic trends also present such info about low or high bounce rates on your brand site’s interface.

“By source” is an additional function for insightful info into direct access, searches, referrals, Facebook, Instagram, or other sources. This extends to the type of device being used, whether a desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet device. Info from such a source can allow you to understand your audience and tune your platform as per their preferences.

Statistics of users

Statistics regarding site analytics can be instrumental in understanding the patterns and use-case for site share trends, subscribers analytics, and user facts and stats over the internet. Analyzing how your website is performing is an under-rated yet important aspect that can speak volumes regarding what needs to be done and what needs to be changed to improve the performance of your enterprise. How your company could implement these robust analytical features are clear indications owing to the following facts:

  • 413,358 Wix websites are paid for by brands to optimize analytical features. Out of these, a total of 105,199 are based in the US.
  • With 154 million Wix users worldwide, 4.3 million users rely on Wix’s premium functions.
  • The WixApp features over 44,000 downloads daily, owing to sophisticated statistics and insightful metrics.
  • More than 22 million mobile-based websites, on average, are built using Wix.

Wix Statistics Revenue and Plans

Revenue generation is naturally one of the primary objectives of brands, which can benefit significantly from web features targeted for this specific purpose. Wix offers such target features that can be used to keep track of profit generation trends from an authentic source for your digital interactions.

There are different pricing plans and options available at Wix, in addition to the free features and templates made available. Three different pricing plans are available through Wix, which are listed as follows:

Beginner Subscription

The beginner’s subscription lets you explore basic features alongside an introductory Wix website building course at $15, valid for 3 months. This includes 6 classes and several online resources.

Pro Subscription

The Pro subscription is targeted towards freelancers, creatives, and bloggers. It is available at $10, valid for 12 months. This includes 6 classes per month, 1 guest pass, free Wi-Fi, and several online resources.

VIP Subscription

With the VIP subscription, you can get unlimited access to professional content and resources. Available for $30 per month, this subscription provides 8 classes per month, 3 guest passes, free Wi-Fi, priority support, and all online resources.

Statistics of users

How financial aspects and users plan work can be insightful for your company to assess market trends and marketing aspects to optimize the interface for your customers. Wix offers users site interaction to track finances within the apps while also tacking the subscribers’ contribution who use your app in the market.

You can always rely on the free version in the initial stages and later choose the pricing that suits your specific venture’s requirements. You could even switch between different pricing options as per the growing and diminishing statures of your enterprise or online presence. This list of facts indicated these market and marketing avenues for an optimized website life and functionality:

  • Wix pricing features a free website creation option with Wix Ads, excluding an exclusive domain name.
  • A Connect Domain can be made available with your website for $1.08 with Wix Ads. This is featured only for certain locations.
  • Optimized storage for small ventures can be availed for $1.69 along with up to 10GB of web space with the unlimited addition for $2.50
  • Wix’s e-commerce function can be availed for an additional $3.05 for your online store. This function is readily available with the above-mentioned full VIP unlimited pricing.

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Final Words

Thus, Wix is a user-friendly and primarily free website building platform that you can count on to build interactive, professional-looking websites with independent domains and easy to update features for the site if you’re looking to build a website of your own without any technical experience or skills on your hands.

The stats mentioned earlier unravel the various aspects of Wix website building and the features you can make available through the platform. Whether one talks about functions to create the actual website with complete creative control or the later functionality of the same, Wix checks both boxes and proves to be extremely convenient to different folks trying to build websites with a different set of skills.

Despite being one of the most popular website builders amidst various competitors, there are several pros and cons to using Wix to build business sites. The optimized usage of this tool depends on your data, the number of expected subscribers, languages you’d like to employ, and several other marketing aspects for your company.

Being a cloud-based service, Wix simplifies the system load associated with website building without you having to worry about hosting, financial analysis, and other details on site visitors. The primary benefit of having a platform like Wix is to get started with website building for the moment without any web development knowledge or coding skills.

This template-based provision has attracted many owners to rely on Wix, which simplifies the technical interface while still giving them the creative vision to create a professional-looking website.

This article answers relevant questions regarding what feature poses a prospective solution for your company requirements and which services wouldn’t hit the mark for you.

A Wix website can serve the purpose of your businesses’ blogs, online forums, and online stores with several features in place. There are set limitations of template alteration, exporting digital products, and featuring a specific option such as multi-currency selling.

There might also be significant response issues over a certain limit for your company sites. Consider the above-provided information to answer some of these questions to understand which Wix plan would suit your app or website. Happy website building!

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