Best Wix Alternatives in 2022 (More Powerful and Reliable)

While Wix is among the top-rated website builders in the world, it may not be the top pick for everyone and every need.

If you are looking for a more suitable alternative to Wix for one reason or another, you’re in luck because there are many excellent website builder platforms available in 2022.

We have attempted to sort out the best alternatives for different needs, including business, blogging, ecommerce, and the best for design, ease of use, pricing, and more.

Here is a complete guide of the best Wix alternatives for 2022

The 9 Best Alternatives to Wix

  • Weebly – The best Wix alternative for business websites
  • GoDaddy – The best easy to use and time-saving online store website builder
  • SITE123 – The best easy to use and quick Wix alternative
  • – The best alternative to Wix for blogging or creatives
  • – The best Wix alternative for blogs
  • Squarespace – The Wix alternative with the best designs
  • Strikingly – The alternative to Wix, which provides the best value for money
  • Shopify  – The best ecommerce alternative to Wix
  • BigCommerce – The best Wix alternative for large-volume online stores

Our top three picks for the best Wix alternatives in 2022 are Weebly, Site123, and GoDaddy, which are all easy to use even by newbies, require little time and effort to set up a website, have integrated useful features like online sales and blogging, and more.

Weebly is our leader in the list because it combines effortless setup and ease-of-use with a wide range of valuable and top-quality tools and features.

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Are There Better Alternatives to Wix?

Wix is the most popular website builder platform, mainly because Wix offers ease of use, an intuitive interface and editor with drag-and-drop functionality, a wide choice of professional themes, multiple features, hundreds of apps, artificial design intelligence, and more. These beginner-friendly features make it easy for customers and small business owners to choose Wix.

If you perform a Google search right now and search for “best website builder,” you will most likely see Wix appearing in the top positions of the search results. This is possibly due not only to the SEO and marketing efforts of the Wix team but also to its popularity among users of all types worldwide.

But if you want a web builder platform with unlimited traffic and storage, or one with more apps or tools focused on SEO, or with features that Wix cannot offer, then you can opt for one of the other best website builders and leading alternatives to Wix.

Wix Competitors: The Top 9

After performing in-depth research and reviewing numerous popular website builder platforms, we came up with the following ultimate list of the best Wix competitors and substitutes for 2022:

  • Weebly – We picked Weebly as the best overall Wix com alternative for 2022. Weebly offers even more features and tools than Wix does, integrated within the subscription plans, which means that you won’t need to pay for or install third-party apps.
  • GoDaddy – this online store builder is our choice for one of the best Wix alternatives if you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to set up and start an online business website. GoDaddy, like Wix, uses ADI (artificial design intelligence) and will guide you through the setup process after you answer a few questions about your business, goals, and others.
  • SITE123 – this web builder also uses artificial intelligence and will help with your website creation in a matter of minutes after you enter answers to several simple questions. Needless to say, this will save you a lot of time and effort and is excellent for non-tech-savvy users. 
  • – is the best Wix free alternative website building solution for setting up and running a blog. The open-source and free website builder offers a wide variety of options for the design of your site as well as powerful blogging tools. It does require some coding skills.
  • – this is the best free Wix alternative for bloggers and website owners who want to take advantage of the powerful features and design options offered by the open-source, free platform but do not have too advanced coding skills.
  • Squarespace – this is one of the leading Wix alternatives if you want to create a unique website with a stunning design. It is suitable for both professional and personal websites and offers some striking themes and design options.
  • Strikingly – this is the Wix alternative to choose if you are a blogger or want to create and run a website on a minimal budget.
  • Shopify  – this is the top choice for any online store project and large and small business. Shopify is the most popular ecommerce website builder platform in the world and comes with a massive amount of integrated tools and features and hundreds of other apps to choose from.
  • BigCommerce – this is our suggestion for one of the best Wix com alternatives for large-sized businesses and all-round solutions for ecommerce sites. 

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Best Alternatives to Wix for Business Sites

As a result of our in-depth research and reviewing, we have chosen Weebly as the top best replacement for the Wix website building platform when it comes to business websites. Weebly offers its users even more integrated in-house tools and features than Wix. This means that, unlike with Wix, you won’t need to download, pay for, and install third-party apps for your online store. This can save you money, time, and effort.

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With Weebly, you will get to choose among the massive range of ecommerce tools and features. It also has a straightforward and time-saving drag-and-drop builder interface, which will allow any user – beginner or pro to build their site effortlessly.

You can also choose among the vast choice of available photo galleries, forms, email marketing tools, and much more to add to your online store on Weebly.

You can also choose among the many professionally designed themes, divided into categories, suitable for all types of large and small businesses and unlimited products.

Even though our experience has shown that Wix is the more accessible platform to use, Weebly is still intuitive and is designed for use by people with zero coding knowledge and skills.

If you are striving for the easiest Wix substitute, we recommend using GoDaddy. GoDaddy uses artificial design intelligence and will guide you through the website design and content building process in a matter of minutes.

No matter what type of website you plan to build, GoDaddy will have a template and main features set up and ready for you after you answer a few basic questions.

Still, when it comes to the best all-round alternative or Wix, our choice is Weebly. It is a platform suitable for developing and growing any type of online business site.

You can try Weebly for free here or choose one of its available subscription plans offered at very reasonable prices starting from $5 a month to up to $25 per month.

Which Website Builders Are Easier to Use Than Wix?

If you are not experienced with building and running websites or are non-tech-savvy, you may be wondering which of the best Wix alternatives to pick. Our top pick for the easiest and fastest website builder and one of the top Wix competitors is SITE123.

SITE123 is a website builder platform that is quite similar to Wix and GoDaddy as it uses ADI to help users build the best websites for their needs as quickly as possible. 

With the artificial design intelligence feature, all you will have to do is answer several questions about your website plans and goals, and SITE123 will set up the best template with the best features for your specific needs. This will save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you have zero coding skills and are not particularly tech-savvy.

SITE123 will really help you set up the website of your dreams in just 1-2-3 steps and seconds.
Not only does it help set up the structure and basics of your website, but SITE123 also has a drag-and-drop interface. This will allow you to tweak and customize your website by simply dragging and dropping features, images, and other elements to the place where you want them to be.

Also, SITE123 has amazing and timely customer support and help, including a live chat, which you can use to stay in constant contact and get immediate assistance during the setup process or after you have your website up and running.

Suppose you love the ADI feature offered by SITE123 and Wix, but want to take a look at another alternative. In that case, the good news is that the GoDaddy website builder platform also uses artificial design intelligence to help its users build the best website or online store.

If, on the other hand, you want to be allowed to customize, tweak, and create a unique website, then you may want to opt for the Strikingly site builder. While the website setup offered by Strikingly is still quick and easy and will take just 15 minutes, Strikingly also offers easy-to-use editing tools that you can use to customize, switch, move and edit the themes, features, and other elements of your website’s design. This will provide you with the satisfaction of creating the website you have envisioned without any coding skills required and without having to start from the basics.

With either of these three website builder platforms, you can build a website as stress-free and as quickly as possible.

While GoDaddy and SITE123 are excellent Wix alternatives for users looking for a platform with ADI, Strikingly is still among the easiest to use. Still, it also provides creative freedom to its users, even if they are not tech-savvy at all with its simple and yet efficient drag-and-drop builder design.

Best Wix Competitor for Blogging

If you are looking for the best Wix alternatives for your blogging website, we recommend or is the popular original, open-source, free platform, while has an easier to use and more streamlined interface and powerful blogging tools and features that have made WordPress so popular worldwide.

Neither of the two is a traditional website builder, but is the one that feels more like a site builder and is the blogging platform that is simpler to use. is a free website builder alternative designed and aimed at bloggers specifically and is the best option for setting up and running any blog type. But it does have a steeper learning curve as compared to other conventional website builders.

It includes all the tools that a blogger will need to run and popularize the blog, including analytics specific to blogging, comment adding, setting up RSS feeds, category displaying, archiving older blog posts, and many more. Many of these features are not supported by Wix (RSS feeds and archiving), so if you are looking for the best website builders specifically for blogging, then is the best option on the market.

Which Website Builder Is Better than Wix for Design?

A website’s design is especially vital if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract and keep visitors to your site. This is why design is essential for the success of any site – be it a personal, blog, portfolio, business, or online store.

If the design is among your top priorities, and you are looking for the best Wix replacement, we suggest Squarespace.

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Squarespace offers a massive collection of professionally designed themes of all types and all topics and industries.

The website builder will help you create a professional-looking website with a balanced structure and look. Unlike Wix, thanks to its easy drag-and-drop editor feature and its endless customization options, users can get carried away when designing their websites.

The templates on Squarespace have well-structured sections, blocks, and spacers, which will help even inexperienced users design their own website in a professional and aesthetic-looking manner.

According to our research of Squarespace, it takes the number one spot among all other website builders in the design, brand, and user experience categories and has one of the most striking and aesthetically pleasing designs of all.

You can get started and try out Squarespace now.

Which Wix Competitor Is Best Value for Money?

For users looking for the best deal on the market and for the Wix replacement that offers the best value for money, we recommend Strikingly.

Strikingly is a relatively new alternative to Wix, but it is the one that offers the best value for the money asked and is especially suitable for medium and small businesses on a tight budget.

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The website builder offers one of the easiest setups for users with zero coding skills.
It comes with a free plan which offers 500MB storage, 5GB bandwidth, a domain, and 24/7 support.

Strikingly also has Limited, Pro, and VIP subscription plans, which start from $8/month and up to $49/month with a one-year subscription.

The platform offers a wide range of great-looking templates, excellent features, which include blogging tools, a Simple Store with 5 to 500 products per site, and more.

Strikingly also provides its users with helpful 24/7 customer support, and best of all, will not pressure you to upgrade from the free plan if you don’t want to.

Thanks to its completely free plan and affordable prices with big discounts if you pay yearly, for 2, 3, or 5 years, Strikingly is the best deal you can find when looking for the best value for money other than Wix.

The Strikingly free plan is an excellent option if you want to create a simple one-page website, and you will be able to choose among the wide selection of templates and set up and start running your website in just about 15 minutes. The templates offered are suitable for all types of websites, businesses, topics, and styles.

The best news is that even the Strikingly free plan and the quick setup process will lead to creating a professional-looking website.

Thanks to the integrated Simple Store feature, even in the Free plan, you can start selling products online immediately with a website built via Strikingly. With the Free plan, you can add only 1 product to your Simple Store website, but then again, you can sell unlimited volumes of that product.

If you want to sell more different products, you will need to upgrade to the Pro, Limited, or VIP plans on Strikingly. For a larger volume or quickly growing online retail business, you may want to switch to Shopify instead.

The Simple Blog features included in the Strikingly plans, including the free one, are also top-notch. They include RSS feeds, social bookmarking, comments, categories, search, and others. This makes Strikingly a better option for bloggers who find WordPress too technical and complicated to use.

The Strikingly templates are simpler compared to Wix and the other website builders on this list. If you want more artistic designs and greater creative control for designing your website, you may want to opt for Squarespace or WordPress instead of Strikingly.

Still, if you are not so worried about having an option to go wild with the design of your website, Strikingly is a superb, easy and fast to use, and affordable website builder that comes with a completely free plan which you can use infinitely.

It is the website builder that offers the best value for money.

You can try out Strikingly here.

Best Ecommerce Alternative to Wix

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If you want to find the best ecommerce solution other than Wix for your online store business plan, then the definite winner is Shopify.

Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform that is host to more than 1 million online stores and retailers.

Shopify is the most popular ecommerce builder and offers its users to easily set up, edit, and customize their online stores just like Wix does. Still, it also has integrated powerful ecommerce tools, as well as a large assortment of additional apps and advanced features that you can install from its extensive app store.

Some of the sales tools which are provided by Shopify and which are not available for Wix users include features like multi-channel integration for syncing your store with your social media profiles and with the large online marketplaces, as well as abandoned cart notification, customer logins for storing credit card payment details, bulk product importing, creating and managing discount codes, SEO tools, and more.

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While Wix too has some ecommerce tools and features, they are much more limited than those built-in and offered by Shopify, especially those which entrepreneurs will need to grow their businesses, expand their sales and enhance their online brand and business presence.

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On the other hand, when it comes to customizing the design of the webpage, Shopify is not as customizable as Wix is. Also, you will be charged with additional transaction fees for any sales made via a third-party payment gateway.

But for ecommerce and online businesses looking to boost their sales and scale their online businesses, Shopify is the best Wix ecommerce alternative out there.

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You can try Shopify for 14 days for free here.

In case you are the head of a larger business, another website builder you should consider using is BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a web builder platform that offers its users some of the best and more powerful tools for boosting their online sales, including tools for creating promo campaigns, multi-channel integration with Facebook and other social media, the ability to create wish lists, and many more features and functionalities which can help boost your business.

BigCommerce is the best Wix alternative and an overall option for entrepreneurs striving to scale their businesses and who don’t mind investing in this scaling and growth.

You can try BigCommerce’s 15-day free trial here.

What Is the Best All-Round Alternative to Wix?

So, in the end, if you are still wondering which website builder is the best overall Wix competitor, then our answer is Weebly.

Weebly has a wide range of built-in features and some of the best SEO tools, which will allow you to set up, run, and popularize your website with minimal effort and investment.

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The subscription plans offered by Weebly start at $0 per month, and there are paid websites and online store plans available for budgets of all sizes and needs. Weebly offers one of the best bangs for the buck, and even though it is not as simple to use as Wix, it is still a website builder that is approachable even for people with no coding or web development experience.

Weebly also offers excellent ecommerce plans, tools, and features for those of you looking for the best Wix alternatives for setting up an online store.

Weebly comes with dynamic mobile responsive website templates, so your website will look great and be easy to navigate and use on a screen of any size. This means that you will be able to take advantage of the increasing number of people who choose to use their mobile phones or tablets for online shopping and browsing too.

Weebly offers a free custom domain name and SSL certification.
While Weebly is our top pick for the best all-round alternative, other platforms like are also worth mentioning.

The open-source platform is the basis of more than 30% of all of the existing websites worldwide, but with WordPress org, you will need to rely on self-hosting and look for a hosting service and pay for a domain name. Also, you will need to have some coding skills and experience to set up your website with WordPress org. And unfortunately, you cannot rely on instant customer support when you build a website with WordPress org.

If you are not afraid of the more complicated interface, steeper learning curve, and source code skills, or the separate hosting setup, is the best choice. gives you endless customization options and thousands of plugins and tools you can add. WordPress is the platform that allows for creating the most complex websites, but if you have the necessary coding skills or have the budget to hire an experienced developer.

Suppose you are interested in trying out WordPress but are not sure about the hosting provider you should opt for. In that case, we recommend the Bluehost service, especially its WordPress hosting plan or WooCommerce plan for hosting.

Best Alternatives to Wix: Conclusion

Wix is rightfully one of the top-rated and most popular website builders worldwide. But while it is often the first option that comes to mind when someone plans on setting up a new website, Wix is most definitely not the only option available on the market.

As you can see, there are some superb Wix alternatives, some of which are better than Wix when it comes to specific website types, features, and tools.

The best Wix substitute and the best web builder option depend on the type of website you want to build and run and your skill level and budget.

Our top choice for the best all-around Wix substitute is Weebly, with its huge range of tools and features, including SEO tools and ecommerce functions making it the best option for business websites. is the best replacement for Wix if you have coding skills and are a fan of WordPress.

Shopify is the best choice for ecommerce of all sizes, while BigCommerce pricing plans are best suited for the largest businesses looking for further growth and expansion.

When it comes to design, our choice for the best Wix competitor is Squarespace. The easiest to use alternatives to Wix are SITE123 and GoDaddy. At the same time, Strikingly offers the best value for the money.

9 Best Alternatives to Wix: Recap

  • Weebly – The best option for business websites
  • GoDaddy – The best easy to use and time-saving ecommerce website builder
  • SITE123 – The best quick and easy to use Wix substitute
  • – The best Wix competitor for blogging or creatives
  • – The best Wix alternative for blogs
  • Squarespace – The site builder with the best designs
  • Strikingly – The Wix substitute, which provides the best value for money
  • Shopify  – The best ecommerce alternative to Wix
  • BigCommerce – The best choice for large-volume online stores

So, it is clear that a web builder is suitable for any need, budget, skill level, and preference.

These Wix alternatives and Wix itself are the best services for setting up and starting a website in 2022.

So, all that is left is to pick the most suitable online store or site builder for your specific needs and start working on your new website right away!

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