Weebly Websites Examples

According to general perception, if you don’t have web development experience, you will face many challenges while creating your website. You can get professional help to develop your websites, but it isn’t cheap, especially if you are a small business owner.

This is where Weebly and similar companies might help you. With the help of Weebly, creating blogs and websites has become a lot easier. You don’t need to have coding expertise to develop an attractive website, and these Weebly website examples would prove that.

Weebly Websites

Weebly is a website-creating tool that allows anyone to create a striking website without any coding experience. You will be able to create Weebly websites that will allow your visitors to explore the content quickly and without facing any challenges. You can see various Weebly website examples on the net. These Weebly websites range from simple blogs to full-fledged e-commerce stores.

Many times, creating something new requires inspiration. According to the businesses they are associated with, let us go through a few popular Weebly website examples to understand what your e-commerce or blog site should feel like. These sites are listed according to their categories.

E-Commerce Weebly Website Examples

Here are some of the best e-commerce websites made with Weebly.

Douk Snowboards

Douk Snowboards

If you are looking forward to creating a website dedicated to winter sports, then Douk Snowboards is the best inspiration source. It offers various features to its customers, including custom designs and services. All this was made possible with the help of Weebly.

If you have a similar project in your mind, you will benefit greatly by growing through this Weebly website and looking at its theme. Within a few steps, you will create your very own web store without any need to work with HTML or PHP or code anything.

The Box Bros

The Box Bros Handmade

The Box Bros is a popular website for people who want to get customized hand-made for special occasions. The creators of Box Bros relied heavily on Weebly to create their website. The website is hosted and managed through Weebly and is functioning flawlessly. The site loads fast and has minimal downtime.

As an entrepreneur without any web development experience, The Box Bros’ creator wanted a way to create the website quickly and effectively. He found that Weebly is the way to go to create an e-commerce website with minimal effort.

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Raquel Orozco

Raquel Orozco is a popular fashion brand based in Spain. However, their global success has a lot to do with their website. With the Weebly website’s help, the people behind Raquel Orozco managed to create their profile and popularize it across the globe.

The work behind the site aims to provide an elegant design and offers lots of details without making things complicated. If you are looking for a fine example of a fashion store website, Raquel Orozco is a great place to start creating if you want to create a good-looking online fashion store.

Fiel Sol

Fiel Sol is a brilliant example of creating an online store dedicated to jewelry with Weebly. The website has an intriguing design and offers different sections depending on the customer’s needs.

Navigating through these sections is easy, and the website works perfectly on different browsers and platforms. It is a great example of a business website that shows what it is all about.

Cusky Beats

It is an elegantly designed website related to music. The homepage offers all the relevant information, and navigating through various sub-pages is quick and easy. The design is optimized to work flawlessly on different devices and web browsers.

Examples of Weebly Websites Dedicated to Travelling

If you want Weebly website examples for a tours and travels website, here the ones you should go through to get inspiration.

Icelandic Expeditions


Icelandic Expeditions is the site you need to visit before creating your own website dedicated to travel and tourism with Weebly. Icelandic Expeditions got the certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor (in 2017), which is the most popular website dedicated to tourism in Iceland. They used Weebly to create and maintain an informative and gorgeous-looking website. It is easy to access and navigate and works flawlessly on various browsers and platforms.


Castovacatios is another magnificent website made using Weebly. It is a great example of how a travel website should, especially for newbies in the industry. If you started a new travel agency or have to design a business website for a travel and tours company, Castovacations would be a great source of inspiration. It has an amazing design and theme to attract visitors. It is easy to access and navigate, as well. There are numerous other examples out there, and you should check out a few of them as well.

Music Artists’ Websites Made Using Weebly

For those of you, who plan to develop websites related to music through Weebly, here are some Weebly websites made by musicians.

Brighton Music

Brighton Music

Brighton Music is a site made by Brighton Secondary School in South Australia. This is one of the greatest examples of how Weebly can be used to make web pages dedicated to music.

As a website made for a school, Brighton Music had to offer resources for students, parents, and teachers. With the help of Weebly, the school managed to create an impressive website quickly and without paying a lot of money.

Weebly Creative/ Design Agency Websites

Weebly provides great options for people who want a website for their design agency or portfolio site but don’t know much about web design. Weebly is one of the easiest to use site builders for that purpose.

Here are a few of the popular websites dedicated to design agencies if you are looking for examples of websites dedicated to design agencies. Take inspiration from these sites to create yours, and you will get lots of attention on any post made on your website.

Brand ID

Brand ID is a popular website dedicated to designing, and it is made with the help of Weebly. The site has an elegant and fresh look and doesn’t overwhelm the visitors with the information. It shows the relevant information as the user navigates through the homepage or any sub-page.

Weebly is the platform that helped the website creators achieve this goal by offering ready-made design elements and features. The menu is easy to access, and any action can be performed with minimal effort. Overall, it is one of the best examples of business sites for designing companies.

Photography Websites with Weebly

Let us take a look at the perfect example of a photography website made with Weebly.

Leo Edwards Photography

Leo Edwards Photography is arguably the most popular photography and video page made using Weebly. The creator chose a template from various options and themes and modified it to fit his needs. The work required was minimal, and the results, superb.

All the data that is relevant is present in easy-to-access locations on the home page. The website is made to appeal to the visitors, and they could find contact information, services information, and post made by the site owner quickly.


Q. What is a Weebly Website?

A. A Weebly website is a site made using Weebly, one of the most popular free-to-use website builders in the market. It helps you to create classy and elegant websites without knowing anything about web design. It helps you create professional sites in no time at all.

Q. Is Wix or Weebly better?

A. Wix and Weebly, along with WordPress, are some of the most popular platforms for creating an online store or other website websites. Both have similar approaches and similar results. It all boils down to user preferences. It would be a great idea to check the features of both platforms. You can decide which platform to choose, depending on your needs.

Q. How do I search for a website on Weebly?

A. Searching for a website on Weebly is simple. You need to enter the search bar topic, and Weebly would provide website examples related to that topic for your reference or as a template. These examples offer lots of information to help you create your very own website.

Q. What companies use Weebly?

A. Weebly is one of the most often used web builders in the market. As a result, many companies, some mentioned in this list, use it to create and maintain their websites. Many popular blog sites, as listed in our examples, also use Weebly as the running platform.


Weebly is an excellent platform to design your website without any web development experience. You don’t need to hire a consultant and learn something related to web development to create a website.

We have named a few of the best websites from different categories to provide you inspiration for your own site. Go through these examples to understand more about how a website of a certain kind should and feel.

All you need to create a website is to perform a few actions, and you are set to go. Selecting themes is quick and easy. The services offered are similar to WordPress and other platforms.

With the help of Weebly, you can use a combination of elements to create a website the way you want it to look.

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