Webydo Review 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

Webydo is a well-respected website builder that is created by designers for designers! The company is part of the code-free website builders and is made mainly for the experienced web designers out there. It does not cater to small businesses and offers a powerful feature set ideal for creating a stylish, sharp web page.

Webydo does not really offer the full set of features as a giant like Wix does. Still, the company is earnest about providing a reliable, responsive, no-code-required site builder that experienced web designers can use.

If you’re a small business owner or a beginner, Webydo might not be the perfect fit for you. However, if you have experience in web design and website building and you want to create a polished business site or an online store, website builders like Webydo are always a good choice!

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Webydo Highlights

Webydo Website builder

  • Webydo is not really suitable for beginners- The learning curve is steep, and the prices are relatively high.
  • Great design management system- Designers are not limited when it comes to themes and get to use various web design tools.
  • Mobile-responsive design- All of the pages created will have complete functionality on hand-held devices.

Despite the steep learning curve, Webydo has received plenty of positive online reviews praising its features that support e-Commerce, performance, customer support, and plans. Since we wanted to see for ourselves what Webydo offers, we decided to take the platform out for a test drive! We took a close look under the hood and created this Webydo review to help you decide if the platform is suitable for you or not.

Ideal For

Webydo Website designer

We’ve all heard the saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, Webydo is just the next proof that this is one hundred percent true. Back in 2012, when the company was founded, business owners had to pay web developers to write codes for their websites. Tired of that fact, co-founders Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz decided they need to do something to change things!

That’s how the idea of Webydo was born, a code-free web builder that is affordable and frees up funds. Nowadays, Webydo is used by web designers to create and, of course, manage various websites for their clients without having to pay developers to write codes.

Having all of the above mentioned in mind, we can conclude that Webydo is best used by digital agencies and web design professionals that prefer creative design over code-based development. We can’t ignore the fact that Webydo’s user interface looks the same as Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, a web designer familiar with the industry standards and marketing tools will feel right at home at the platform’s controls.

Basically, Webydo websites are software programs. These software programs convert the visual images into codes that are displayed on the Web. Webydo has, in essence, given way more administrative power to all the web designers out there.

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Webydo Templates

Webydo Themes

Plenty of other online reviews states that the number of templates offered by Webydo is rather limited. However, we’re quite pleased with the content management system and the HTML-based design management system of the platform and can say that users can definitely benefit from it.

WithWebydo, you choose a functionality template rather than a web design theme. The good thing is that you get numerous customization opportunities and can approach the different elements in many ways. This is only logical since, as we already mentioned, Webydo is made specifically for web designers rather than people who look for a DIY website builder.

Since social media integration is essential nowadays, we also like the fact that Webydo allows for that. Moreover, all of the themes are responsive on mobile devices. Once you start working with this site builder, you get three starting points. The first one is called “inspiration,” and it gives you an idea of where different design elements could be on your page, mirroring the theme you have chosen.

The second one is called “Wireframe,” and it provides you with a basic structure of your page. The last and our favorite option is the “Blank canvas.” This is pretty much the paradise for any passionate web designer since it is the place where all creative ideas can finally come to life.

Webydo Ease of Use

The whole idea behind Webydo is creating a place where experienced web designers who are familiar with Adobe suite can create the best site possible. For that reason, the platform is not suitable for novice site builders. However, if this is not your first time creating a website, you will be surprised by the ease of use offered by the platform.

You get to use various toolbars with numerous design tools, and the control panel is also not that difficult to maneuver. With Webydo, you can bring any design to life. After you’re done with “Design mode” and choose “Content mode,” the platform automatically converts the design you created into an HTML code. Then, the control panel is transformed into a CMS (Content Management System), and you can quickly update content without making any changes to the design.

Another thing we really enjoyed was the wide variety of free, open-source web fonts. The drag-and-drop control that Webydo offers is also easy to use, allowing you to upload everything from shapes, videos, and images to galleries, widgets, and texts.

Speaking of text, we should also mention the text editor that saves you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to make small changes and apply them on a global scale. Webydo has a steep learning curve, and this is mainly due to the many design tools offered by the platform. Still, users with some design experience won’t find it tough to master!

Webydo Pricing

Webydo Pricing Plans

Webydo offers four pricing plans that include everything a designer might need to create the perfect site. The first plan, “Pro,” is meant for an individual web designer who wants to start their web design business. It allows you to work on up to 10 sites and includes free hosting, client billing, and email support.

Webydo gives you a choice to pay monthly or annually. If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, the Pro plan will cost you $90/mo. However, if you choose the annual plan, you get a 20% discount, and the price is $75 per month, which saves you a lot of money in the long term.

The second plan, “Team,” is the most popular plan suitable for a team of 3 designers. It costs $150 per month for the annual deal and $180 per month if you pay monthly. This suggestion includes free hosting and CMS for 30 sites. You once again get client billing, but there are also full onboarding and setup and white label CMS and branding.

The “Agency” plan is ideal for a team of up to 10 web designers. If you choose the annual deal, the plan will cost you $400/mo. For this money, you get free hosting and CMS for 100 websites, a customer template generator, 100 site exports, client billing, and a full white label and site code. Moreover, the plan includes a dedicated account manager.

The last plan is the “Enterprise” one. It is also the most expensive one and to sign up for it, you will have to call the company, and they will give you the details regarding the pricing. We can tell you that this suggestion includes all of the above-mentioned features (unlimited) + custom support.

All of the pricing plans offered by Webydo include SEO tools and SEO-oriented design workflow, unlimited web and custom fonts, Parallax scrolling animator, blog post-management, and more. Unlike some other hosting providers and website builders out there, Webydo no longer has a free, limited version.

However, Webydo offers a free 30-day trial of all their plans, so this is still something! You will need a credit card or a PayPal account to register, but you will not be charged anything within the free trial. You can also cancel at any time. During that free trial, you will also be able to attach a custom domain name. That way Google can start to index your site.

Another thing that differentiates Webydo from all other hosting companies out there is the fact that it offers discounted academic plans for students. As long as you have valid credentials, Webydo will help you grow as a designer and create a website that will look and feel user-friendly and professional.

Webydo Mobile Responsiveness

Despite the plenty of features offered by the platform, its mobile responsiveness is the thing that makes it the number one choice of so many users. With Webydo, users can easily control all of the static versions of your site by using one single dashboard.

This is great because it means you will not need a separate control panel for every screen type. With Webydo, you are able to create a design for each device that your website might appear on. Webydo realizes the importance of mobile responsiveness, and that’s why it lets you create pages that look exceptionally well on everything from a smartphone to a laptop.

Webydo E-commerce

Up until now, we really couldn’t think of anything negative to say about Webydo. However, in terms of E-commerce, the platform still has a couple of things to work on. Basically, we didn’t like the fact that the platform does not have built-in e-commerce capabilities and uses the services of a third party.

To open an online store with Webydo, you will have to use a third-party shopping cart and payment gateway: Ecwid E-Commerce widget. Ecwid is a mobile-friendly E-commerce solution that accepts many payment types and offers everything you need to create the best online store: excellent stock control, great product descriptions, media-rich categories, and more.

Even though Ecwid is strongly integrated with the design studio, we would have preferred it if the company offered some in-house eCommerce functionality. If you agree with us, you could always suggest that by using the “vote for a feature” option available on their site.

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Webydo Top Pros and Cons

The possibilities Webydo offers to its users are limitless, and that makes it a top-of-the-line site builder. Still, every single thing in this world has its pros and cons, and Webydo does too. Here are the top pros and cons we believe anyone should be aware of:

Webydo Pros:

  • As a designer, you won’t have to use cookie-cutter templates, but you can use your creativity
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Webydo offers many SEO tools, white-label branding, and a drag-and-drop control
  • Webydo is ideal for a group of designers working on online stores and business websites
  • Webydo is a code-free platform

Webydo Cons:

  • The learning curve is steep, and if you’re a beginner, you may find it difficult to work with the platform
  • There are no built-in E-commerce features
  • It does not offer as many widgets as other website builders do
  • The plans offered are a bit more expensive than normal

Webydo Customer Support

If you prefer to work on your own without seeking the help of others, you will love Webydo’s video knowledge base full of different tutorials. It is ideal for builder-related issues, and you can quickly find the answers to your questions. The knowledge base of Webydo helps you elevate your creative spirit by providing you with information on many embedments and add-ons. You can find information on how to add Google Analytics, Google webmaster verification code, and other add-ons.

The company also has a FAQs section and community forum that are very helpful. Using the support page, you can find a phone number available 24/7 that allows you to contact Webydo’s experienced staff and directly ask your questions. Moreover, you can use the live-chat option or submit a help ticket if you’re issue is not that urgent.

One thing really separates Webydo from all other web hosting companies and site builders, and that is their self-improvement desire. The company allows its users to suggest a feature they want to be added, vote for an existing suggestion, and report a bug. This is great since that way, the company gets precious feedback from its users. In fact, that’s how the Parallax scrolling Animator was added to the company’s features.

Webydo SEO Tools

We really love that Webydo allows you to drag and drop elements onto your canvas, saving you time and effort. However, the SEO features offered by the company were even more impressive. With Webydo, you get an SEO-oriented design workflow and many advanced SEO options, and the best part is they are included in all of the company’s plans.

The fact that there is no extra charge for this benefit is why so many designers choose to work with Webydo. You can redirect visitors from your old website to your brand new page, add Google analytics and webmaster tools, create meta tags for your different pages, and so much more.

Using a website builder with various SEO tools is essential since that helps you increase your site’s organic traffic and maintain high conversion rates. In order to fully understand the SEO fundamentals, you can visit Webydo’s blog section and read the interesting articles provided there.

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Webydo Hosting

Hosting providers usually offer site-building services. However, not all site builders offer hosting services. That’s another thing we like about Webydo- it not only help you create the best website possible but also gives you the needed place to host it! Moreover, it does it for free! Yes, that’s right! All of Webydo’s plans include free hosting and a dynamic content management system (CMS).

Webydo Email Options

Unfortunately, Webydo does not offer a dedicated email feature. Still, you can add email hosting with your personal domain manually, straight through Webydo’s dashboard. You just have to follow a few quick steps. Click on the domain and email tab, choose the number of mailboxes and the payment plan you want, read the Terms & Conditions and click “Order.” Once your account is created via the email software setup, you even get the option to add a newsletter sign-up spot on your page.

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Webydo Reviews

Webydo is a website builder loved by many, and honestly, we are not surprised! Most of the reviews we have read, including our own Webydo review, are positive regarding the main benefits and features of the company. Since the need for writing a code is eliminated, this website builder saves users plenty of time and effort.

People are happy with customer service as well, mainly because of the fact that there are live chat and an extensive knowledge base. However, there are a few negative reviews regarding the ease of use. These come mainly from people with no experience in website building, so we get their point of view. Still, Webydo is not part of the DIY website builders. It is orientated towards experienced designers who know their way around creating a site and can work with the features provided.

We also encountered a few negative reviews connected to the fact that Webydo does not have some basic built-in functions like email and e-commerce typically included in the packages of other hosting companies and website builders for free. The good news is that Webydo really pays attention to its customers’ needs and demands, so we hope that soon, these features will be added to their plans.


In the hands of the right user, Webydo is an excellent design tool. Seasoned design professionals and photoshop artists will find this website builder easy to use and will have no trouble creating sophisticated, functional web pages that attract the eye.

As we already explained in our review, with Webydo, users can launch a responsive site, take advantage of built-in CMS, parallax scrolling animator, web fonts, drag-and-drop control, and so much more! Users can drop in any video and change the viewing experience to their liking. The platform also provides all the information needed to learn how to work with it!

Overall, we were pleased with the plans offered by the website builder, even though they are a bit more expensive than the ones of other companies. The cheapest one that is suitable for 1 designer only costs $75 per month annually and $90 per month if you choose to pay monthly. This may seem a bit much for some, and we totally agree.

On the other hand, the fact that Webydo is a code-free website builder is also a great advantage! All plans include great SEO options and 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, and the possibility of creating a white-label service is also a significant advantage.

In terms of features, Webydo offers almost everything users will need. Still, we would like to see more built-in widgets and features and elusive eCommerce capabilities. We were happy with the performance, speed, and security of the sites we created with Webydo, and in the end, we would recommend it to all users who are still wondering what platform to use! We really hope that our honest review has been helpful!

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