How To Get 1,000 Daily Visitors To Your Website

Last Update – March 16th, 2017

1000 visitors a day

A website without visitors is a ghost town. It could be the best one in the industry, but no one will ever learn about it if there is no traffic. Use these tips to grow your traffic to 1,000+ visitors a day.

1. Great Domain

Your domain should be short and easy to remember. Don’t use hyphens and numbers. They make a domain hard to remember, and it also looks unprofessional.

2. Reliable Hosting

Most hosting companies oversell their services, and when you get high traffic your website will perform poorly, and user experience will suffer. Your website can even go offline when there are traffic peaks.

Use reliable hosting provider. Do a good research before you pick your host.

3. Create Epic Content

Do you provide real value with your content? I mean your mother and your cat may like it but is it really that good?

Put it on a test. Send targeted traffic to your article, infographic or video. You can use Facebook or Adwords ads. Depending on your industry $5-20 can bring tens to hundred’s visitors to your content.

Look at Google Analytics data and check how long they stay on your content. What is your bounce rate? If it is high something isn’t right.

4. Use social media

Create and manage active social accounts in the biggest social networks if you have the time. Tools like Buffer and  HootSuite will help you to save a ton of time managing multiple accounts at once.

powerhackPower Hack – Use the communities in the biggest social networks. For example Facebook and Linkedin Groups, Google+ groups, Twitter lists, and chats, Pinterest Boards, etc.

Mention respected people or brands in your content and let them know.  Mention them on Twitter and the social network of your choice.



Power Hack – When you share other people’s content on social media you still can get some chunk of the traffic. You can use services like It creates a call to action at the bottom of the page.

5. Youtube

Youtube is the 3rd most popular website in the world. Create videos and publish them on Youtube. You can repurpose your articles and transform them into videos. Don’t forget to use several appropriate hashtags. No idea what to use? Check what are the tags of the top ranking videos for your search.



Power Hack – spend some money promoting your video, this will boost its plays, likes comments, etc. This will boost your ranking on Youtube for the keyword you want to rank.

6. Repurpose Your Content

Squeeze the most of your article. Transform it to an Infographic, video,  slide presentation or even a podcast.

7. Republish Your Content

You can republish your best content on popular web blogging platforms such as Medium, Tumblr,, Triberr, LinkedIn Pulse and your Quora blog. Some Reddit sub-Reddits allow text posts as well.

8. Answer Questions on Quora


Quora – Data

Quora gets millions of visitors every month. This is insane traffic. The best part – it is highly targeted. The people who visit its Q&A have a problem and are interested how to solve it. Provide value in your answers and you will be rewarded.

The image below is a Google Analytics snapshot of recent traffic peak from several answers on Quora.

Channels Google Analytics

Google Analytics –


9. Guest Blogging

It allows you to reach a wider audience, to get traffic, links, and recognition. Guest blogging is time-consuming, and you will need to invest time or money to hire freelance writers, but still it is one of the most effective ways to get traffic.

10. Offer Freebies

Build a connection between you and your audience. Give something for free. It could be and information product such as how-to guide, ebook, course, etc.

If you offer a service, consider a free trial. This will also help you to get beta testers for free.

11. Grow Your Email List

Building a mailing list is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and make money later on when you have something to sell. The easiest way to grow your list is to give something for free in return for an email address.

12. Interview Influencers

Contact the top guys in your niche and simply ask them. Some will say No, but others may agree.

If the interview presents them, in a good light they will share it with their audience and contacts. Another big benefit is that people will start to associate you with top guys in your industry.

13. Comment On Top Blogs

Get more traffic with meaningful comments on relevant blogs in your niche. The first comments usually get more clicks.

Use services such as Feedly to create an RSS list of blogs in your niche. Don’t be promotional, everybody hates it already. Try to bring value in the conversation.

14. Fast Website

Your website speed will affect your organic Google rankings. Choose reliable hosting company, optimize your website for speed and consider using a CDN. Learn how to speed up your website.

15. Create a Free Online Course

Online education in on a rise for the last few years. Because it saves time and cost less. Start small and create a simple course first. Concentrate on a specific topic. Find a problem and offer a solution. Platforms such as Udemy and or are very popular, and you can get many students and traffic.

16. Be Persistent

Published regularly on your blog. A good rule of thumb is to publish at least 1-4 articles per month. Promote it constantly. Try different promotion channels SEO, Social Media, Paid marketing, etc. Find the best-performing channel and concentrate your resources there.

17. Outreach

One of the most powerful ways to get traffic if your content, product or service is really good. Create a list of influential people in your industry or niche.Drop them a line about a good piece of your content.

Is there any popular resource in your niche which is outdated or uncompleted?  Can you create a better one?  What are you waiting for? Resource pages are very popular and attract a lot of traffic and backlinks.

Check the backlinks of this resource in your niche and contact the people who linked to it. Use backlink research tools such as Ahrefs or SEO SpyGlass.

How To Get 1,000 Daily Visitors To Your Website

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