Webnode Reviews: Is It a Good Choice for 2022?

In the website creation area, Webnode is known as one of the most prominent players. It has at least 40 million registered users, and it is a vast number, which demonstrates its popularity. Webnode’s primary strength is their languages, and they support more than 20 languages. With Webnode, the users can even create a multilingual website. The Webnode website builder for small businesses also offers support in all of these languages for the user.

Recently Webnode.com also decided to launch their platform in the latest new version to replace the good old editor for good. This editor played a significant role in building the original version of the site WebsiteToolTester.

There have been many new improvements in their platform, including the direct editing experience and stunning designs like an online store by the host. They have also successfully added the brilliant shopping cart on the yet so fantastic website builder. We have discussed from the review below the pros and cons of the website builder to guide the customers with all the information required by them.

Webnode pricing

Webnode Pricing

  • Free: The free plan of the website building platform displays some small ads on the screen, and the domain name is not included. It can store up to 100 MB of data per month for review.
  • Limited: The price of the plan is $3.90 and it also lets you connect to your domain name. They have also included a Webnode link in the screen’s footer for $3.90 per month review for user ratings for people.
  • Mini: This pack begins at the price of $7.50 and has proven to be an excellent solution for all of the small projects requiring a professional email. The Webnode ad is still shown in this plan.
  • Standard: The standard plan for the website building platform begins at the price of $12.90 in terms of money and works as an ideal plan for all the websites that are professional and bilingual. This plan has gotten rid of all the ads.

The monthly prices that we have depicted above are based highly on the one-year contract. The domain for the website builder begins at the cost of $18.95 per year.

Pros of Webnode

  • An exceptional tool for SEO
  • Supports multilingual sites
  • Safe Backup and Restore system available

Cons of Webnode

  • Some critical features are not available
  • Basic structure
  • Limited support for eCommerce

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Rating Details

  1. Ease of use:  With the assistance of the drag and drop editor, you can add sections, for example, the price list and the content elements, for example, the text, images, videos, pages, etc. The programming is not that intuitive, so it will require some time for you to get used to the site’s working.
  2. Choice and Flexibility of Design in templates: The website builders provide the user with responsive designs with so many varieties to choose from. But the user cannot tweak through their CSS or HTML. Each section of the Webnode can be given a neat crystal look with the customization feature of changing the background color. Users cannot change the template and save all the content simultaneously. Whenever you edit the template, you are more likely to lose the content.
  3. Free Advertisement: The standard plan or the website builder’s minimum plan can offer a premium package that is not interrupted by the ads and allows users to have an ad-free experience.
  4. Languages: Webnode is an incredible platform for web hosting and comprises at least 20 languages. The most significant advantage is that the Webnode is also supported by the multilingual feature, which can also help the language versions different for your website.
  5. Features
  • Having your domain name (example .net or .com): The customer can register via the web or easily redirect the existing domain. The mini-plan of the website builders is conclusive of the free domain for the first year. The Webnode reviews are excellent as it has brilliant features that have added the SSL encryption in all of the plans for the web hosting site to easily have access to the plans that can run on the HTTPS.
  • Depth of navigation: The Webnode is comprised of three levels of the depth of navigation or the three sublevels by the website builders, which are easy to use.
  • Widgets(smaller tools that can also add functionality): The Webnode also has some drawbacks as it majorly lacks having some of the features like the virtual widgets, for instance, the social likes and shares, the site search box, and even some more. The app store is also not a part of the Webnode like it is in Weebly and the Wix.
  • Monetization: The customer can also add the Adsense support with the HTML element by stars reviews.
  • ECommerce: The Webnode is comprised of an excellent E-commerce solution that has been integrated within it. The Webnode free version comes with the basic features, but it still lacks the major advanced features like integrated label printing and the real shipping price. Such advanced features have only been added in the Standard and the profi plans. If you seriously need to require e-commerce, you should consider looking for Webnode alternatives for business Webnode reviews.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Mostly, the customers are used to customizing the title tags, meta-descriptions, and also the URLs with the SEO features. The Webnode is known to generate a sitemap automatically. Not all templates are 100% SEO-friendly for heading structure, and it is yet not possible to create a 301 redirect with the Webnode features as per reviews in terms of ease of use.
  • Blog: The blog posts for the website Webnode are not that bad as it comes with the necessary features, such as the categories and the content. The editor from the site builder is also known to be quite flexible.
  • Visitor Statistics: The website builder Webnode has an ease of use reporting system integrated for the statistics. If you consider integrating Google analytics, you require the Standard plan or the profi plan.
  • Contact form: The free website’s contact form is also excellent—their many customization options along with the advanced form fields like the date pickers and the drop-down menus. The customers can also upload their files on the business or personal platform.
  • Password protection and member areas: The external newsletter systems can be easily integrated with the review’s password protection tools. For example, Mailerlite and Mailchimp can be combined with the HTML element via the web pages.
  • Add HTML code: With the assistance of a feature like the HTML, code users can add many other widgets and efficient tools for the 1-star review.
  • Storage space: The Webnode website can also be efficiently restored to the previous version of the website. But this feature can only be included in the standard and the Profi plans. The small business’s standard plan has up to 5 backups, whereas the Profi plan comprises unlimited backups, which is brilliant for review.
  • Support: You can get started with the fantastic knowledge base and email information present for the user rating review. The questions related to the technical support can also be answered quickly within no time by the customer service for social media users. Still, the answers provided to the users do not satisfy them sometimes. The help files are also not very comprehensive that is provided by the customer service to use Webnode.
  • Fun factor: The Webnode review massively lacks some of the critical features and significant functionality reviews. The features that are included in the Webnode study are too simple for the website builder. For example, the image galleries are very easy to use, but they also have their rights reserved for search engines.
  • Simple drag and drop editor:  The Webnode site editor is comprised of a tool with the help of which one quickly learns about the Webnode review’s working. Webnode allows you to add your content with the drag and drop editor’s support after updating their sites to the latest versions of the software. The content can be easily added to the desired location with the tool’s service before the open menu. Once you are done with adding the blocks to the pages of the product site, you can easily drag the content around to create layouts with details. The support team does not gives real freedom to just drag and drop the content around the grid. But in terms of making the layouts, the editor offers the users efficient flexibility.
  • Templates: Webnode can offer brilliant templates for the efficient working of the site using Webnode for business and related work. It is comprised of over 100 options for the template. It is essential to find the perfect template for the product as the customization options are a bit limited, even for the third party. You can easily add or remove the elements by merely rearranging them with the block editor’s help. In terms of the font and color, the user does not have many options for customization. You also don’t have any freedom to select your website’s color, which is also a huge drawback. The customer support team also only provides limited support to people with a message or contact us. The headings, subheadings, and icons can be customized with the complementary color option, which has only five or six colors present when it was last updated.

Overall Rating: According to the Webnode review, the Webnode can offer a limited range of features for the time being. For example, vast areas of one of the best sites require improvement in e-commerce and should consider integrating social media widgets for almost all sites. They are also planning to add many more features to the small business site for future requirements.

Bottom line

Webnode Free website builder

Webnode is well known for its robust templates. The website builder shave made it relatively easy to be able to create a website with multilingual languages. The templates offered by the site owners have also gained a lot of praise in the reviews. Compared with the previous version of Webnode, Webnode seems to provide great features in the present time. Webnode is amongst the very few sites that allow you to create backup copies for the website.

The Webnode also lacks some of the primary functions like an excellent blog, an efficient app store, and no search function. The Webnode templates also depict some shortcomings for the SEO that you should know while you are thinking of using Webnode. Webnode, for example, the odd heading structure.

If you require a site without any self-promoting banner for the Webnode, then go with the Standard or the Profi plan. They can also customize the storage and the bandwidth product limits that they have been offering to the latest versions of the Webnode limits for the offers with the lowest plans.

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