Vultr Review 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

Founded in 2014, Vultr’s only objective is to give its customers a reliable cloud computing environment spread around 17 different cities around the globe. The company empowers businesses by providing frictionless provisioning of storage, cloud, and single-tenant bare metal.

We like this web hosting company because it is led by veterans in the web hosting industry. The platform offers many things, from good customer support to high-performance SSD cloud servers.

In this Vultr review, we will tell you about our own experience with this cloud hosting provider and help you decide whether it is the right choice for your needs!

What Should You Expect From This Web Hosting Provider?

The first essential thing that differentiates this hosting company is its geographic footprint. Due to the 17 strategically chosen points of presence Vultr has, customers can choose a cloud environment close to their location (or to the location of their own clients.)

With Vultr, you’ll also get out-of-band console access on all bare metal servers. Moreover, the company supports many Windows, BSD, and Linux distributions and one-click apps that will allow you to swiftly launch WordPress blogs, development environments, game servers, and more.

Another thing you should expect is standard hourly billing. With Vultr, you can forget about long-term contracts with additional fees that pop up out of the blue. You also get unlimited operating system options allowing you to mount and upload any ISO on your cloud servers.

More About Vultr

Vultr was founded in 2014 by David Aninowsky with one single goal- to simplify the cloud. David’s experience in the managed infrastructure business and his team’s help made it possible for Vutr to quickly turn into the primary choice of many business owners.

Yes, the company is relatively new, but all the professionals working there have many years of experience, so we couldn’t wait to give the platform a try and give you our genuine opinion and thoughts about its value for money, customer service, control panel, features, and more.

As a provider of high-performance SSD cloud servers, Vultr must be efficient and reliable. And we actually believe it is (even though there were a few things we didn’t like that we’ll discuss later on in our review.) Vultr offers a standardized platform for all clients, and most importantly, the features provided are really worth the money.

Still, let’s take a deep look at everything you need to know about the company. This review will discuss the company’s pros and cons, pricing, customer support, and we’ll also give you our recommendations. Our review is impartial, and it is based on our experience and on all the other reviews we got and read. Let’s get started!

Vultr Features

Many other hosts (not only in the United States), such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and DigitalOcen, could offer you the same things as Vultr. Still, Vultr has a few things that make it stand out, and in this section of our review, we’ll take a closer look at each one:

A Highly Experienced Team

As we already mentioned, the team behind Vultr is highly qualified. In fact, the professionals working in the company are also the brains behind and Choopla, and this should be taken as proof that Vultr will be a really good host that indeed boasts a global footprint.

Custom Control Panel

All business owners want to spend less time managing their infrastructure and more time growing their online presence. That’s why most negative web hosting reviews are connected to problems with the custom control panel and its ease of use.

Cloud Server Control Panel Features Vultr

Luckily, Vultr knows that and has paid great attention to providing its clients with a feature-rich control panel that is easy to use. Vultr offers a comprehensible interface that will allow you to deploy high-performance servers worldwide and do it with style from any device you want.

Most of the features Vultr offers can be installed with one click, which saves you time and effort. You get to track server health, get a rapid response from a 24/7 technical support team, manage your team with ease, create API keys under your main account, and so much more! What’s more Vultr supports the CentOS control panel.

The second you click deploy, Vultr cloud hosting orchestration will spin up your instance in your wished data center. You can securely share and manage access and finally take control over your infrastructure. With just one portal, you can access settings management, servers, support, and more. It has never been easier!

Worldwide Network

Amsterdam, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Tokyo, you name the place…the chances are Vultr will have a data center there. Vultr is one of the largest worldwide networks, which is a huge advantage. Most hosting companies operate in the United States only, but not this one! With Vultr, you get to choose between 17 low latency locations.

Good Speed

Vultr wants to save its clients time and effort, which is evident from the very beginning since the initial activation process does not take longer than just a few minutes. All dedicated server instances include a burstable 10GbE high-speed network connection.

Moreover, the cloud hosting provider allows you to spin up a new instance with your chosen operating system in just a few seconds. You get plenty of one-click apps, an OS library, and a custom ISO. Vultr is not only easy to use but also super fast.

Automatic Backups

Another thing Vultr offers is automatic backups. They are provided as an option on cloud compute instances and will add protection to your data. Backups are kept on a separate storage system in the same data center as the original instance. You can configure them to run monthly, weekly, or daily and you can convert them to snapshots.

The VPS active file system is included in those backups, but the same cannot be said about attached block storage. Services with enabled automatic backups have a 20% higher fee (hourly and/or monthly.)

Plenty of Hosting Options

Vultr offers three different types of hosting that we will discuss more thoroughly later on in our article:

Cloud Hosting by Vultr

  • Cloud Compute
  • Bare Metal
  • Dedicated Cloud
  • Kubernetes

You can take advantage of three other services: Block Storage, Object Storage, and Load Balancers. With block storage, you can create expandable storage volumes that are SSD-backed, redundant, and scalable. You can easily attach them to your cloud instance and enjoy their distributed design.

The second service, Object Storage, allows you to add scalable storage on demand and manage it using S3 API. In contrast, the last one gives you the option to deploy fully configured cloud-based load balancers and increase reliability on your applications.

Value For Money

When we decided to write a review about Vultr, we knew there would be one thing we would be definitely happy with- Vultr’s pricing and value for money. As you will see below in the pricing paragraph, our expectations turned out to be 100% true.

Vultr Hosting Options

As we already said, Vultr focuses on four different hosting services. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at each one of them, discussing details about it, as well as information on who should choose it and why.

Cloud Compute

The availability of high-capacity networks and low-cost storage devices and the adoption of service-orientated architecture has caused cloud computing to grow to an enormous extend. Vultr realizes that and provides its customers with cloud-based hosting ideal for web applications and development environments.

All users can choose operation system and get API access and root access to their server instance. The company’s feature-rich control panel is also a great advantage, and the best part is that it is super easy to operate. If you’re just getting started with advanced hosting, this is a great way to start. You also get to choose between basic compute and high-frequency compute.

Bare Metal Simplified

These servers are distinct physical servers meant for one “tenant” only. You do not share them with other users unless, of course, these other users work for you, and you grant them access. Each server may run any amount of work for you or have a couple of simultaneous users, but they are all dedicated to you. All logical servers offered for rental are functional servers and distinct physical pieces of hardware.

Bare Metal hosting plans are suitable for those of you with resource-intensive websites and applications. This hosting is a lot like dedicated hosting. However, with this type of hosting, you avoid the noisy neighbor effect and get complete control over your environment together with unrestricted access to all that’s offered by the physical hardware.

When it comes to the hosting services offered by Vultr, the best and most powerful one is precisely Bare Metal. It saves you the hassle of dealing with system administration and allows you to spin up additional resources in just a few minutes.

Dedicated Cloud Server

This virtual hosting solution is far more flexible than shared hosting and gives you complete control over the server, including choice of hardware, operating system, and more. Dedicated servers are mostly used by sites with a lot of traffic due to their relatively high price. However, using such a cloud hosting service guarantees you security, high performance, control, and email stability, so many people prefer it over other types.

Dedicated cloud hosting is pretty much the golden middle between the other two hosting services we discussed in our review. The best part is that if you don’t want an entire dedicated server, you can rent 75%, 50%, or 25% of it. Combine that with fast provisioning, DDoS protection, and hourly billing, and you got yourself the perfect deal!

Vultr Pricing and Hosting Plans

There are many positive Vultr reviews regarding the company’s pricing. People want a reliable host they can trust, but they also want affordability, and we get that.

Compute Instances Pricing

Here, you get 10 different public cloud server plans, the prices of which are formed on an hourly basis. This is a smart choice since it means users will be paying for what they actually use. Keep in mind that you will never have to pay more than 672 hours per month as there is a monthly limit capped at 28 days.

The first and most affordable public cloud server plan costs $2.50 per month ($0.004/hr) and includes 1 CPU, 10GB SSD storage, 512MB memory, and 0.50TB bandwidth for an IPv6 main address. If you want a higher CPU usage, the most expensive plan includes 24 core CPU, 96 GB memory, 1600GB SSD storage, and 15TB bandwidth. It costs $640 per month, which equals $0.952/hr.

In terms of high-frequency compute cloud services, offers 7 options. The cheapest one is $6 per month and features 1024 MB memory, 1 CPU, 1 TB bandwidth, and 32 GB SSD storage. For $256/mo, you can get 768 GB SSD, 48 GB memory, and 8 TB bandwidth.

Bare Metal Pricing

Currently, Vultr has one plan only for this hosting, E3-1270v6. It costs $120 per month, which means $0.179/ho. This plan includes 32768MB memory, 2x 240 GB SSD, 4 cores- 8 threads, 5000GB bandwidth, 10GbE Ethernet, and E3-1270v6 processor. Very soon, you’ll get 2 more package suggestions that will mobilize the power of your non-virtualized, single-tenant hardware, so wait for our next review that will give you info about them as well.

Dedicated Product Line Pricing

If you want to finally say goodbye to noisy neighbors, Vultr gives you 4 opportunities to choose from. The first one, offering 120 GB SSD storage, costs $60 per month ($0.089/ho). With this dedicated server plan, you’ll get 2vCPU, 10 TB bandwidth, 8192MB memory.

For 0.179/ho ($120 per month) you can take advantage of 2 x 120GB SSD, 16 384MB memory, 20 TB bandwidth, and 4 vCPU. IF you wish to rent 75% or 100% of a server, you can opt for the last two choices. The plan that offers 3x 120GB SSD costs $180/mo, and the plan with 4 x 120 GB SSD- $240 per month. With the latter, customers get 40 TB bandwidth and 32 768 MB memory.

Customer Support

Vultr has a worldwide presence, which means it pays great attention to customer service. The quickest way to reach the company’s support team is via their ticketing system. We were pleased with their response time, even though some user reviews state they make take longer than most web hosts to answer.

Aside from a ticketing system, customers can take advantage of a great FAQ section with many different questions and answers. There’s also an email provided if you decide you want to write the support team a letter explaining your issue.

Vultr is also active on social media, especially on Twitter, where it has so many followers (not so much on Facebook). However, we were displeased that there is no live chat and phone number available 24/7, and any person who has used Vultr will agree with us and our review!

What Are The Advantages of Vultr?

Let’s summarise all the pros we mentioned in our Vultr review:

  • A custom control panel that is straightforward
  • Great speed
  • Huge worldwide network
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Excellent security
  • Variety of data centers
  • Affordable plans
  • Fast Intel Core
  • Solid State Drives
  • You pay for what you get

What Are The Disadvantages of Vultr?

Even though we believe Vultr is everything but a “garbage company,” there are a few cons worth mentioning:

  • No live chat support
  • No phone support
  • Only 3 types of hosting

These disadvantages are being mentioned not only in our Vultr review but also in other user reviews, so the company should really consider them. Still, the cons are not that many, and we can calmly say we were pleased with what we got from Vultr.

Vultr Alternatives

Here are some other hosts you can check out:

This is a simple cloud computing platform with many intriguing features such as shared private networking, floating IP addresses, and more.

  • Linode

Linode is a company with excellent user support, guaranteed safety, and pricing that is very close to Vultr’s.

Check our comparison between Linode and DigitalOcean and find out which is better?

  • Rackspace

With more than 6 000 employees and offices in various locations worldwide, Rackspace serves over 300 000 happy customers.

Wrap Up

We did this review to help you decide whether Vultr is a good choice for you or not. We personally tried the host, and even though we have some recommendations regarding the user support, we can’t really complain about anything else.

Yes, the host specializes in 3 types of hosting only, but it does it so well that we don’t even believe this is 100% a disadvantage. The company’s plans are affordable (as you can see in our review) and include all the needed features.

We are pleased with the control panel and its ease of use. Moreover, Vultr offers the latest generation Intel CPUs, solid-state drives, full “root” access, a dedicated IP address, and custom ISOs. What else could you possibly want? One-click apps and DDoS protection? Well, you got that as well!

Vultr guarantees consistent performance, and we do not hesitate to recommend it to those looking for an SSD cloud server! During the period we tried it, we did not experience any latency or packet loss, and we were delighted with what we got!

That’s why, as a conclusion of this review, we would say Vultr is definitely worth the try!

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