Video Marketing Statistics: What You Must Know for 2021

Have you started a new vlogging channel but not able to increase your subscribers? Don’t worry! We are here for your rescue. With 2021 rolling in and technology at its peak, it is no wonder that people seek every answer to their questions on the internet. Though millions of articles are present on all possible queries, reading a lengthy article not only tires your eyes but makes it difficult for you to correlate things.

Videos, on the other hand, are concise and convey a large message in a short span. Are you still skeptical about investing in video marketing? Well, you shouldn’t be because this is the right time to invest in video making and its marketing.

Before we jump into the statistics section, let’s have a brief idea of what kind of videos you should make for your video marketing. Explainer videos are the most common of all. They form a great way to explain to your consumers what type of service you provide and how they benefit. You can use an explainer video on your landing page to let your visitors know you better.

Besides, the other kinds of video contents include:

  • Tutorials
  • Video Blogs (Vlogs)
  • Live streams
  • Advertisement
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews or product demos

So you see what a wide range of options you have to make your video. You can use any of these types to successfully create excellent and engaging video content and carry on your video campaigns.

Now, without any further delay, let’s know about the different video marketing statistics that, when implemented in your video, generates high revenue and more views.

Top 4 Video Marketing Statistics

Listed below are the top 4 stats on video marketing, which you need to know about. These video marketing stats will help you to make good video content and garner more subscribers effortlessly. Many marketers use these stats to earn their place in the world of digital marketing and flourish.

The ROI of Video Marketing Statistics

The first thing that strikes your mind while thinking about video marketing is the question that is video making worthy enough to invest in? The answer is yes, and the studies have verified it. A survey by Wyzowl conducted this year found that 89% of all video marketers use videos on their websites because it gives them higher returns on investments (ROI). Another 83% of these marketers said that using a video is an excellent way to increase your lead generation.

These figures here show you the trailer. The entire picture is enormous and cannot be described using mere numbers. Online videos generate massive consumer internet traffic, along with sales. These statistics about video marketing show how helpful videos are to expand your business and gain more customers.

How to use it?

The benefits of a video are never-ending, and no wonder they are so popular. The entire internet is flooded with videos of different types, and you can refer to one whenever you want some help. Many marketers say video is the best way to make your consumers understand what you are trying to say, and it effectively works.

If you want to increase your sales and get higher returns on your investments, use video content instead of writing. Because actions are more impactful than words, consumers want to see all types of videos to resolve their queries. Watching a video is convenient and less time-consuming.

Tiger fitness, a video making firm, says that video marketing enabled it to create a vast fan base and get an ROI of 60%. This amount of ROI is much more than any other industry, and thus, the majority of businesses use videos to increase sales and generate revenue.

Consumers and Online Video

Wyzowl states that the average time of the people watching videos on the video platform is 16 hours weekly. Besides, 84% of the people watching a brand s video are tempted to purchase that product or the service provided.

According to Google, 6 out of every 10 people prefer watching online videos rather than the television in their homes. Another company, Invisia, states that mobile video consumption increases per annum by a rate of 100%, which shows that millions of videos are watched worldwide, and the demand is high.

Many businesses use video to expand their brands and reach their target audience, while 81% of them use it as a marketing tool in their marketing campaigns. Besides, internet users also take help from the videos to make their online purchases. Since Youtube backs the second position after Google in terms of popularity, it makes people land there to learn new things or look for help.

You will be surprised to know that Youtube’s watch time increased more than 5 times for shopping online. The situation is such that people watch 1 billion hours of video or even more on Youtube every day. These figures show how online video is becoming helpful for people worldwide.

They watch online videos for entertainment, learning, shopping, and many other things. The videos online will be close to 1 million minutes in the coming years, crossing the internet per second.

How to use it?

The importance of video in this technology ridden world is enormous, and we all can swear by this fact. People watch online videos every day on Youtube to get what they want. An online video has a mass following, and 59% of the people say that they would prefer to watch videos instead of reading a book because they find it more engaging.

People spend a lot of time watching videos, and it becomes necessary to provide them videos every day. However, you need to remember that the quality of the different types of videos that you offer to your consumers should be high, and the content should be informative. A study reveals that 75% of people didn’t purchase the product that they wanted, depending on the video quality as it was low.

Also, make short videos as lengthy videos don’t appeal to your consumers because they need quick solutions. Marketers use short length videos, which are less than 3 minutes, and it was found that 68% of people watched them. Also, include captions in your videos, especially if you are running video ads because most people prefer watching videos with their audio turned off.

Hence, keep your video informative and short to appeal to your customers. Put marketing efforts to get more retention rates and generate leads . Be motivated and give your customers the best you can.

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

Almost the entire population worldwide except a few is present on mobile devices. Mobile video marketing becomes essential for you because that is how you can reach more people. This marketing strategy will yield good results because consumers love to watch videos on a mobile device. The reason is the easy accessibility and convenience.

According to the research, 75% of all the videos available on the digital platform are viewed on mobile phones. Moreover, 92% of the videos watched on mobile devices get more shares than text and gain immense popularity. Mobile marketing is the best way to increase your brand awareness and reach more people in a short span. By using videos, many marketing professionals have improved their brands’ online presence.

How to use it?

People want to see more video content every day to stay entertained or learn about a product or service. Consumers want to seek answers to their questions using videos because they find them more engaging and understandable than texts.

Mobile devices are the most preferred device to watch videos online because they are easily accessible, and thus the video that is mobile optimized has higher view rates. Video marketers say that Youtube is an excellent platform for using video as a marketing tool. Video ads, product videos, tutorials, video blogs, etc. all make their way into this platform.

70% of all the videos are viewed on Youtube using a mobile device. If you want to make your video marketing efforts fruitful and garner more internet traffic, put videos daily on Youtube or any other digital platform. By posting videos daily, your conversion rate will increase, so your sales, business, and brands’ name.

This video marketing strategy is more effective because marketers say that internet users spend about 40 minutes per day watching Youtube videos on their smartphones or tablets. Hence, use mobile marketing as your marketing tool to get the desired results.

Social Media Video Marketing Statistics

By now, you must have understood the importance of video, but these stats about video marketing will make it more clear to you. Video marketers are now focusing more on their video content than ever before. Nowadays, live video on social media platforms is gaining more video views, and consumers also love it.

Facebook, the old and the most influential social media platform get 8 billion video views per day, which is higher than any other social media posts. The type of content you put in your video is crucial and gets more attention than any other posts with the text and images combined.

Facebook is one of the main hubs where small businesses and marketers with a new brand are found. They share their video content or indulge in photo promotions to increase their sales and generate leads. Studies reveal that 90% of all the brands practicing digital marketing use this marketing strategy to post video ads on Youtube or Facebook per week.

On the other hand, 80% of the marketers say video marketing on Instagram stories helps them in their brand promotion more effectively. Hence, a social video is one of the most impactful ways to make a name on the digital platform and get more internet video traffic.

How to use it?

Social media will stay for a longer duration, and thus the social video is more influential these days. Data show that 81% of B2B marketers believe in using video content on Facebook or any other social media for video marketing. These video marketing statistics help them achieve their goals. You can post a live video on social media to reach your audience and influence them.

Using video is more impactful than text, and this marketing strategy of video marketing on social media will earn you brownie points and help you establish your name. Your sales will rise, and so will the number of subscribers because social media is a huge platform, and most of the population can be found here.

Some Final Words

These video marketing statistics suggest that marketing video trends in the coming years will increase many folds. Text articles will disappear, and video content will be in vogue. A video is more influential because you can understand better, and the images remain in our memory for longer than the texts. Hence, try to make out the most of these moving pictures to grow your business.

If you are not aware, you need to know that a website has 53 times more chances of ranking higher in Google if it contains videos more than the written content. Besides, your website’s conversion rates increase by 80% because people love watching videos, and useful video content attracts more traffic.

Most marketers implement this strategy to invite their customers and build up prospects of converting them. These marketers gain more success, and this is the key to their websites’ high rankings.

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