Best Video Hosting Softwares 2022

Are you looking for software to upload and broadcast your content to the world? A video hosting service will suffice. It will assist you in using videos on your website to tell stories, connect with your audience, or sell your business.

However, with several video hosting websites to select from, how can you know the ideal one for you?

Let’s look at how to choose an ideal video hosting platform and also go over the best ones in the market today.

What is a Video Hosting Software, and How Does It Work?

Whenever you view a video on a company’s website, most likely, the video isn’t saved on that app’s server. The clip has been integrated on the firm’s site and preserved on a video hosting service.

A video hosting site is a platform where users can post and save video files, which others will subsequently play.

Users can upload their videos to a customized video server, watch them on the host’s site, or integrate them on another website.

What is the Purpose of Video Hosting?

While it is feasible to host movies on a private server, many users prefer to publish their media on a video hosting site for a myriad of purposes;

  • Efficiency – Most video hosting sites are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and technology to save and broadcast videos. The sites are also responsible for all background activities.
  • Distribution– You could easily circulate your clips to multiple targets and locations using a video hosting service.
  • Audience – Several video hosting services come with an audience eagerly awaiting new content.
  • Cost – Utilizing a video hosting provider can save you money on space and bandwidth.

Host Your Own Videos on Your Computer or Use a Video Hosting Platform?

You may assume that hosting your own clips is an intelligent way to cut costs and time; however, you’re mistaken.

7 Reasons Why Hosting Your Own Videos Is Never a Good Idea

Limit on data size and space

If you often upload monumental video recordings to a private web hosting system, you will soon exhaust the storage space provided by your hosting plan.

No privacy

The disadvantage of self-hosted media is that a hacker can quickly obtain your source code, unlike embedded videos.

As a result, self-hosted videos may be duplicated or replicated without your consent and published to platforms like YouTube as original content.


The fees for a website with a collection of self-hosted clips can readily exceed ten times the price of a standard WordPress website which costs $5/month or less.

Limited bandwidth

When you host numerous large clips, and several people want to view the same video simultaneously, you will overburden the internet supplier’s bandwidth.

Restricted compatibility and video formats

When you upload a clip to a video-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo, the service encodes it to a form compatible with most known web browsers.

However, once you submit your recordings to your video server, the range of formats they could be encoded is confined.

You’ll require various video conversions

Creating numerous data sizes and codecs necessitates converting your videos multiple times.

This process takes more time and demands special software. There is also a high chance that your clip will get distorted during the transition.

No promotional prospects

You don’t have access to some of the installed promotional features third-party sites provide.

Instead of having your video appear on a recommended watch list, you are responsible for attracting every viewer to your site and presenting your videos, which can be a challenging task.

What Determines a Competent Video Hosting Platform?

Now that we have established that using a video hosting platform is preferable to self hosting, let us look at what to consider when choosing an ideal host.

Simple-to-use user interface.

Video marketing necessitates ongoing efforts and space. A good video hosting service will allow you to manage your video files into neat folders.

Your hosting site may be all you require to save, watch, sync, and distribute your media files, thanks to an effortless cloud storage feature.

Simple-to-use software.

A video hosting platform that allows you to embed your clips easily is a godsend. You will effortlessly ingrain your content on your site, weblog, or landing pages.


Ensure that your video hosting service allows you to customize the media player if you wish to white-label it. Apart from that, you can accomplish the following:

  • Select a thumbnail
  • Determine the order in which your videos begin and conclude.
  • Customize the video’s speed, quality, play button, play bar, fullscreen, volume, and other control choices.

Has the ability to send email marketing campaigns.

It is important to keep in touch with your target market regardless of what business you’re in. An effective way to achieve this is through email.

To create video-rich email campaigns, you’ll require a video hosting solution that allows you to embed videos in emails.

Limited ads

When watching a Youtube clip, you’ll encounter numerous advertisements. However, you prefer that your viewers focus on your video rather than getting pulled away by distractions! That’s why you should pick a convenient video hosting platform.

Enables the creation of landing pages for videos

Your viewers will be more engaged with video landing pages than with other types of landing pages. Therefore, video hosting sites are ideal for adding interactive call-to-actions as part of your content funnel.

Incorporates SEO techniques

Video SEO refers to the capability of optimizing your video to be indexed and ranked by search engines. This makes them easily findable by viewers on the internet.

You’ll be able to embed your clips on other websites

Most basic video hosting sites do not provide adaptive video players by default. That’s why choosing a video hosting software that allows your films to scale across all browsers and devices works better. This allows your viewers to find clips on a variety of screen sizes.

Displays statistics

What if you had a video hosting platform that allowed you to monitor the performance of your recordings? So, hunt for a video host which can offer you meaningful data about your crowd’s behavior.

The information on your highest-performing content, as well as a complete study of your visitors’ consumption period, locality, and behavior, can enable you to engage effectively with your market.

Automated video-rich snippets

Snippets not only help you get more video views but also boost your website’s visibility and google ranking.

Choose a video hosting service that eliminates the need to manually apply Structured Data Markup to your website.


If you give your content a passcode, you can make videos without worrying about malicious individuals seeing them. Therefore, if sharing confidential clips is a priority for you, ensure you choose a host that can allow you to protect your content.

Top 10 Video Hosting Sites

There are many options for you; nonetheless, your wallet, demands, and how you utilize media on your website will determine the ideal server for you.

Some video servers are more concerned with virality and dissemination, while others focus on leveraging video to boost your advertising strategy. Still, others provide more in-depth statistics and lead capturing capabilities.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best video hosting services available online.

To get you started, these are the included sites in our list;

  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Jetpack (WordPress Video host)
  • Wistia
  • VooPlayer
  • Brightcove
  • Sproutvideo
  • Uscreen

Free Video Hosting

Let’s look more closely at YouTube and other free video hosting alternatives in the section below.


It’s not without reason, given that YouTube is a gigantic site and the world’s largest free video hosting service.

You can upload videos of up to 256 GB, and everyone can find them. Nevertheless, you can keep your videos hidden or unlisted such that only those who have the URL can see them.

YouTube also allows users to live stream directly to a crowd, with the videos being saved on the user’s channel afterward.

Even better, you can earn an income from advertisements on the video hosting platform. However, Youtube disables these ads for premium users.

These users also have access to YouTube Originals, a premium Music Service, and the capacity to download and listen in the backdrop.


Free for primary users and $11.99/month for premium users.


  • It’s both accessible and well-liked.
  • The visibility you’ll get on YouTube right now is unrivaled on any other site.
  • To raise brand recognition, this is an excellent starting point.


  • Too many ads may steal attention from your videos.

Appropriate for:

YouTube is the video hosting platform with the most users. Consequently, if you desire to raise your views or brand visibility, publish your content on it.


Like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube, Dailymotion has a client base that allows more individuals to search and view your content.

People can look for videos using the search button on the top or scrolling through classifications like ‘Topic of the Moment’ and ‘Featured.’

Dailymotion is free. Rather than relying on ad revenue (like Facebook and YouTube does), it helps visitors monetize their clips using pre-roll and in-stream advertisements.

It’s a large site with over 300 million members worldwide, enjoying an average of 3.5 billion clips each month. This characteristic makes it ideal for raising brand exposure.

Dailymotion is a solid rival to YouTube, the sole leader of internet video. Likewise, you could get significant exposure via Dailymotion.


Free for Beginners, and (Custom pricing) for Advanced users.


  • A huge number of viewers to boost your following
  • Uses copyright tools to evade DMCA
  • Other than videos it can also accommodate texts and images.


  • No revenue or advertising tools are available.

Appropriate for:

This software is ideal for content creators looking for a host that can boost their following.


Vimeo is known as a site for users devoted to video hosting. It earned this status by being the only service that offered a genuinely top-notch video hosting platform, for free, for a long time.

It, especially, became a favorite among animators and filmmakers as a result of this. While Vimeo no longer has a quality advantage over YouTube, it’s still the third most popular video hosting service on the internet.


Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium are the four paid membership categories, with monthly fees ranging from $7 to $75.


  • Excellent DRM and security solutions.
  • There will be no advertisements in your clips unless you specifically request for them.
  • Option to download videos
  • High codec and bandwidth


  • Fewer number of viewers compared to Youtube.

Appropriate for;

The software is suitable for creative professionals who wish to sell their skills and express their ideas to an interested audience.


Companies and groups can use Facebook’s “Watch” and “Live” features to host and stream content.

The app also allows you to host live streams on personal pages and groups. However, only Facebook Pages can post on-demand “Facebook Watch” recordings.

Companies and businesses just getting their feet wet in live streaming frequently use Facebook Live because it is a free app.

Nonetheless, Facebook presents several hurdles in revenue, video duration limits, and video ownership, among other issues.


The application is available for free.


  • It is free
  • The site is well known among viewers.
  • Live chat encourages interaction.
  • Makes use of an existing following.


  • No alternatives for monetization.
  • Live videos have time restrictions.
  • It’s challenging to get rid of Facebook’s ads.

Appropriate for;

New content creators with a limited budget.

Also, many presenters that use sponsored streaming options link their websites to Facebook to multicast.

This act enables them to reach out to their current Facebook followers while also taking advantage of the professional features of a video hosting service.

Paid Video Hosting Site

From no-frills, non-branded, elevated video hosting platforms to data-driven branding solutions for businesses, there’s something for everyone on this list.

We’ve set down the best-paid video hosting choices for organizations below.

Jetpack VideoPress

This video hosting service is tailor-made for WordPress members.

Jetpack is a set of WordPress plugins that enhance a website’s performance and security. It also offers marketing solutions to help with SEO.

However, not everyone is aware of its video hosting capability, maybe because it’s utilized mostly by content creators.

The software offers unlimited logins; hence you can incorporate as many users as you would like if you’re dealing with a team.

It also comes with a customizable player that is free of advertisements. Not only could you alter the player’s designs, but also add your logo.

VideoPress takes advantage of a worldwide CDN to ensure that your clips load quickly regardless of where viewers watch them.

The system is mobile-friendly; therefore, your videos will play smoothly on tablets and phones. You can also adjust the bandwidth and select from various playback speeds.

This host supports the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature. Jetpack Stats will let you know the number of visitors who clicked on your site.


($7.77/month, payable annually)


  • Bespoke embedded video player with no ads.
  • Unrestricted video hosting.
  • Video stats are available in the WordPress dashboard.


  • No developed functions for the premium package.
  • No ready-made following to tap into.

Appropriate for;

The software is suitable for those with a paid Jetpack membership for their WordPress sites.


It is a popular video hosting site worth checking out, as it includes all the resources you’ll require to use videos for advertising your products or services.

Wistia has a comprehensive analytics interface that includes graphs of interaction, viewer-based monitoring, and media heatmaps. This tool can assist companies in making excellent marketing video samples.

There’s also an A/B testing option that allows viewers to compare two clips and gain information on how well they’ll perform on the site.

The platform features additional capabilities such as unlimited views, remarks, and password management, making it an excellent choice for teamwork.

Wistia’s free plan gives customers 200 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month, approximately 250 subscribers, and three videos to share, each of which can be around 8 GB in size.


Wistia has three different subscription tiers: free, pro ($99 per month), and Premium ($199 per month).


  • No advertisements.
  • A completely customizable embed player.
  • The site will display other clips from your account
  • Includes Facebook/Instagram audience segments.
  • Individualized branding.
  • Synchronizes with CRM systems.


  • Quite expensive.
  • No innate audience.

Appropriate for;

Marketing experts and data-driven firms who want to leverage video to promote growth.


This powerful video hosting service is mostly geared for marketers rather than personalized vlogs.

It provides excellent video insights, assists in creating bespoke audiences, and collects leads. It’s a one-stop store for incorporating advertising into your marketing plan.

VooPlayer offers a complete toolkit for utilizing video to yield income and leads. You can customize the media player and branding to expand your following, gather information, and even host competitions for your fans.

If you’re primarily interested in publishing videos for branding and marketing purposes, VooPlayer should be at the top of your list.


1 GB free storage, $14/month for 25GB space, and 100GB space for $62/month


  • No advertisements.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Customizable branding.
  • Absolute power over the embedded media player.
  • Heatmaps and interactive video analytics.
  • Efficient lead generation gates to capture leads.
  • Pay-per-view gates let you earn from clip views.
  • Permits you to organize your video content properly.
  • Audience platform that works with advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and Google.


  • Quite complicated to use.

Appropriate for;

  • Businesses that depend on prolonged sales cycles and leads.
  • Data-driven firms that deliver customized services.
  • Digital marketers with a lengthy period of work expertise.


With clients like BBC, Dunkin’ Donuts, and even Ford, you should be convinced that you’re in safe hands when working with Brightcove.

Unlike other networks, the platform’s packages are divided into usage rather than costs. One is for advertising, another for business, and the other for revenue.

With possibilities for ad insertion and a membership business model, Brightcove is entirely focused on helping customers improve the profitability of their clips.

Also, it claims to offer the greatest HTML5 player in the business, with speed 70% quicker than other media players! It also provides powerful live-stream features, differentiating it from other video hosting platforms.

MAPs (Marketing Automation Platforms) and CRMs, such as Wirewax, HubSpot, and Hapyak, are also integrated with the system.


Brightcove offers numerous custom-cost streaming plans at high pricing points, as it primarily targets enterprise-level customers.


  • Lets users own and sell their private video ad inventory.
  • Allows viewers to watch videos directly on your website or app.
  • Has a content management procedure that is fit for large organizations.
  • Synchronizations for efficient advertising automation


  • Costly
  • Quite difficult to use

Appropriate for;

The software is right for businesses looking to integrate digital video in their marketing attempts.


SproutVideo assists businesses in building simple websites to showcase their media content. You can utilize this platform to also provide instructions to your colleagues or provide free videos to your viewers.

You can select a design from the available six options before adding your site’s logo and name.

The Options tab lets you change the theme hues, pick the number of videos to display on every page, and whether or not the clips should be autoplay.

In addition to social sharing features, you may include a Contact and About page on your website.

All clips on SproutVideo are password protected by default, meaning visitors must log in to watch. You can also opt to make some videos secret or public.

Regardless of the permission principle of SproutVideo, embedded videos will be available to the general public if you press the allow button.


Monthly rates start at $59.99


  • You can collect leads from the videos.
  • Interactive video analytics will enable you to earn more insight.
  • Audit logs let you keep track of revisions.
  • Permissions are dependent on functions.
  • You can make as many different video players as you want.
  • You can create your playlist.


  • A bit tricky to maneuver

Appropriate for;

  • Enterprises that depend on leads and have protracted sales processes.
  • Digital marketers with plenty of experience.


This video site has everything you need. It assists with video hosting, arranges your material, and provides revenue alternatives.

You can launch OTT (over-the-top) programs using Uscreen Homepage. These are applications that help you broadcast media on your phone or TV.

As a result, your films will be available on Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, Roku, Android, iOS, and other similar platforms. The icing is that you don’t require coding experience to accomplish this.

Uscreen also provides a fantastic live streaming option that you can monetize with a pay-per-view (PPV) paywall.

You can also sell subscription packages for your live stream recordings. Playlists, episodes, and chapters are all possible to build. Also, while you’re still live, you can engage with your viewers through live chat.

They will benefit from the Uscreen player’s use of HTML5, which allows rapid full HD autoplay. The player also supports the VTT captions and employs a global CDN, enabling you to reach your fanbase easily.

Picture-in-picture mode is also included on this site. The software is compatible with almost every gadget as well.


UscreenPlus, Basic and Growth plan ranges from $9.99 to $14.99 a month.


  • With excellent documentation, it’s simple to use.
  • Advertising and monetization options abound.
  • A video CMS and player are included.
  • Many analytics are available.


  • Pretty expensive.

Appropriate for;

Educators and company owners that intend to launch a video course.

Which is the Most Effective Video Hosting Platform?

Your video hosting and company demands will determine which service is the best.

Would you like an ad-free video host to incorporate into your WordPress site effortlessly? Vimeo is perhaps the best option because of its customizable player and low monthly fee.

You can use it for your video requirements if you’re a premium Jetpack subscriber.

In case you’re looking for in-depth analytics, personalization, and lead generation, Wistia and vooPlayer are your best bet.

Brightcove is the ideal solution for businesses, while Uscreen is the top alternative for presenting an online video program.

YouTube and Facebook are the ideal platforms if you want to achieve a higher fan base with high-quality video content.

The bottom line is that you cannot pinpoint the best video hosting platform as an ideal solution because it depends on your video objectives and budget.

Final Thoughts

Cheers! You made it to the end. We now expect you to have a better familiarity with the video hosting platform you want to use.

Another point worth highlighting is that you are not tied to only one platform. You can host your video on many outlets. Indeed, the more locations available, the better!

It’s now up to you to make a choice.

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