Ucraft Review 2023 Ease of Use, Pricing, & Features

Ucraft Review

Over the last few years, Ucraft has grown in popularity. With over a million members, it is now one of the most popular website-building platforms. 

It is a drag-and-drop website builder that anybody can use to create a professional, active website. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, designer, blogger, or website host, the platform will help you create an ideal website. You can choose from various templates and customize them with your preferred text and graphics.

Ucraft Pros and Cons


  • Ucrafts’ templates are trendy and straightforward.
  • Integration of Square POS with a team collaboration tool and a blogging platform.
  • HTML and CSS code can be edited.
  • Pages with password protection and search engine optimization software.
  • Pocket friendly 
  • A pro shop that can sell over 1000 products.
  • The website is entirely responsive and multilingual.


  • There’s no basic image editing, like rotation, undo doesn’t work, and items occasionally vanish.
  •  There is no built-in reporting for site traffic.
  • There is no direct phone assistance.
  • There are only a few integrations and no exclusive area for members.

Is it Easy to Use Ucraft?

Yes, it’s easy. You’ll be prompted to choose a template once you’ve decided which plan you’d like to start with. It is advisable to start with the free plan to feel what it is like to use the platform. You can then move on to a more suitable and convenient plan. 

Ucraft’s templates are organized in subcategories, making it simple to pick one that suits your needs. They feature an in-built, industry-specific functionality and tidy layout.

You begin by selecting a template like you would with almost any DIY website builder. The layouts are elegant, colorful, and beautiful. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on a template, you may visit a dummy website. With a single click on the given template, you can see how your content is likely to appear.

The procedure is divided into steps, and the Progress tab displays a percentage completion rate. Upload Your Brand, Modify Your Settings, Update Your Content, and Explore with Colors according to your brand are the steps you have to go through. 

You can watch a short visualization video on YouTube to learn how to edit your site by adding blocks and Elements.


All of the templates are organized by sector and include several useful features and a clean design. After you’ve picked a template, you may customize it by adding extra features such as contact icons, chat and support, hyperlinks and invitation buttons. 

Ucraft’s website builder is not a bog-standard drag-and-drop builder; it has a wide range of templates to choose from – 63 in total. All the designs are super functional, straightforward, clean, and modern, allowing your backdrop photos to blend in nicely and professionally. If you’re a freelancer, painter, designer, photographer, or another form of artist, Ucraft could be a fantastic fit for your needs.

Competitors such as WordPress provide more templates, but 63 is still a lot. 

Additionally, social media integration is inclusive. To make your website more functional, you are granted access to several third-party integrations, including chat and support. This ensures your users have a good experience even when browsing your site with a smartphone or tablet.

Ucraft Core Features


Would you like to link Ucraft to your social media app? The website builder has numerous connectors with popular software programs. You may also link your Ucraft website to any social media account you have. 

You can easily display an Instagram story on your website. If you’re a content creator, designer, or another form of artist, this is very beneficial. 

But even so, I should point out that Ucraft doesn’t quite offer a wide range of integrations, such as Zapier. This is quite a significant flaw.

Website Editor

The diversity of capabilities offered by the website editor are amazing. You can establish a multilingual website, communicate with your crew, modify Html code, establish encryption key sites, use forms to collect lead data, design a company logo, just to mention a few.

Web Designer

Ucraft is a website designer that provides efficient, modern templates and images to suit your preference. All of the styles are fully functional and editable. 

There are over 100 pre-configured features, such as contact icons, registers, review areas, FAQs, slideshows, and e-commerce sites. You may also download personalized blocks to use on other projects, change the formatting for various sites and apply effects to elements.


Ucraft has an in-built ecommerce feature. You have the option of selling both virtual and physical goods or services. It offers more than 50 payment channels, 20 delivery and shipping options, and several complex ecommerce tools.


You’ll need a good custom domain name and fast website hosting to have a professional online presence and sell to visitors. 

Get your domain directly from Ucraft, or link a domain from another source, connect multiple domain names, then use a different domain for each language version in your site. Additionally, each dominion URL is secured by a free SSL cert.

Blogging Tool

You can use categories and tags to organize your blog content. Create, schedule and publish your blogs using the Ucraft blogging tool. Customized URLs, RSS feed for your updates, a comments system, and featured posts are all included.

Search Engine Optimization Tool

With search engine optimization and building trust, you can rank better in google and other search engines once you have a reputable web hosting service. Each page’s title and title tags can be edited using the SEO tool. 

Create a redirect, sitemap, adjust URLs, ai robots.txt file, and add image alt-tags, among other things.

Ucraft Search Engine Optimization tools guarantee that your site is easily found by most of the primary search engines. It allows Google Analytics integration to your webpage, which will enable you to determine load time and the amount of traffic to your site.

SSL Certificate

Each website account has a secure sockets layer that safeguards personal data and reassures visitors that your site is safe and reliable.

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 Ucraft Logo Maker

The logo maker from Ucraft is free. If you’re launching a company and don’t have a logo, Ucraft can help out. After answering a few questions such as, your preferable colors and type of business, the website will automatically create a logo for you. 

What Features is Ucraft Missing?

  •  It does not provide direct phone assistance.
  • Lacks standard photo editing tools like undo or back button (if you make a mistake, you have to start again).
  • You have to pay or source for a domain (most website builders offer at least six months’ free domain).
  • It may not be easy to use Ucraft especially for novice website creators. It takes a little bit more time to learn how to use it.
  • Does not provide privacy for subscribed members.

Help & Support

Ucraft’s customer support is excellent. They are responsive and can generally solve problems as fast as possible. The individuals in charge of the support chat are helpful and informative.

You can contact them via chat or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’re using live chat, you will get a reply in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, Ucraft currently doesn’t provide direct phone assistance. 

Alternatively, you can solve most issues by yourself if you spend enough time on the Ucraft website, as the AI will engage you and ask if you need assistance. This will lead you to a comprehensive help page with lessons on topics such as Breaking Ground, Developer Options, and Logo Creation. 

You can also read through Ucraft’s Q&A page for answers to popular questions.


Ucraft offers four premium options and a free plan if you are budget cautious. A 14-day free trial is also available, whereby you are not required to provide your credit card details. 

Once you are satisfied with the website builder,  you can purchase your preferred plan. The charges vary depending on whether you want a monthly or annual subscription plan.

Annual Subscriptions

$10 per month for a professional website

$21 per month for the pro shop

$69 per month for unlimited

Monthly Subscriptions 

$11,76 per month for a professional website

$24,7 per month for the pro shop

$81,17 per month for unlimited

Free Website

This particular option is entirely free! Ucraft’s fundamental functions, including all templates, will be available. 

However, there is a hidden cost – like most free things. Your DNS server must end in.ucraft.com, which would not appear professional for your site. As a result, this option is suitable for people who require a personal website, such as a journal or a party website. 

Pro Website

In our opinion, the pro plan is perfect for small, service-based organizations. It could benefit a  hairdresser, photojournalist, or life coach.

You gain access to all of Ucraft’s apps and services in addition to getting rid of the garish Ucraft logo. This includes online shopping, selling up to 50 different products for $10 per month. You can also make your site multilingual by translating it into other languages.

Pro Shop

This is where an online store will be more appropriate than a website. For $21/month, Ucraft allows you to sell up to 1,000 different products, alter invoices, reverse charge VAT, and enable discount coupons.

The package also includes a store management app to keep your business running smoothly. This plan is designed for ecommerce companies who are either expanding or selling a small number of products. It will, therefore, be most beneficial to someone who sells prints, such as an artist or a professional photographer.

BigCommerce Plan

This subscription to an ecommerce website builder allows you access to everything Ucraft has to offer. The significant difference between the Big Commerce and Pro Shop packages is that you can sell an unlimited number of products. Additionally, you can sell on social media and markets like eBay. 

This plan is designed for intermediate store owners who want a platform to keep up with them.

Note: The BigCommerce plan refers to a package under Ucraft and not the renowned BigCommerce website builder.


Ucraft is a website builder that transforms your ideas into online reality in the simplest ways. It aims to make website creation more accessible and faster while maintaining a high level of quality. 

As a result, the website builder is perfect for anyone who wants to create a stunning website or promote their ideas, businesses, or events! 

Ucraft has a “drag and drop” function that makes designing internet pages enjoyable and straightforward.

The fact that Ucraft offers a free package works in their favor. What’s more, it is simple to use if you are familiar with websites. You won’t have too much trouble navigating the editor, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy. 

Perhaps, most importantly, Ucraft places a strong emphasis on visuals. Thus, this platform may appeal to creative workers.


How Scalable is Ucraft?

If you own a small business or need a personal website, the answer is it is impressively scalable. You can begin with the free plan and upgrade when need be. 

Business owners and online marketplaces may, however, reach a limit.

Are there any Other Website Builders Aimed at Creatives?

Yes. Wix, a free website builder with comprehensive customization, ecommerce options, and a new, Photoshop-like interface, allows you to create stunning websites without spending a dollar.

GoDaddy is the most straightforward and efficient website builder, especially if you are a newbie. It is also pocket friendly.

What is the Best Free Website Builder?

A great website builder should be simple and straightforward. Wix, GoDaddy, Ucraft and WordPress are among the best-rated website builders.

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