Best SMTP Transactional Email Services Compared (2022)

Transactional email service is something that every business should prefer, whether you are a marketer and trying to build pleasing transactional emails or a developer creating a fast sending pipeline through API calls. You should be proficient enough to roll out your program quickly. Numerous things matter when choosing the right tool for transactional emails.

Quality of visuals, copy, each message timings, the quick calls to action, and much more. A  transactional email is basically an email sent to the receiver after a particular activity. Common transactional email types include password resets, confirmation emails, account creation notifications, welcome emails, purchase receipts, and other account alerts.

This type of email is completely distinct from marketing emails, which are typically sent to vendors to promote specific features or products. But to send these emails, you need to choose the virtuous platform without emptying your revenue. So let’s find out some of the best transactional email service platforms to use. Let’s begin!

Why is the Transactional email service important?

Every organization wants to engage its customers and subscribers with marketing emails, messages about new services, and product offerings or sales. The open rate for your send transactional emails far surpasses any other type of emails per month.

Once just sparse, useful messages that forward a business transaction’s details, transactional emails now bear multi-functional missiles that impact your company’s reputation, audience retention, revenue, and research. They do this without being unwanted or intrusive.

The most profitable and effective transactional email service includes order confirmation, shipping confirmations, and approvals for merchandise returns. Although sending emails per day is essential to engage customers/subscribers, why need to prefer an external email sending platform? Ultimately,  it is all about a simple plugin or a function that needs to be added to your site and helps you to send emails immediately.

This can be a simple mail activity in PHP,  wp_mail, or other iteration of the send mail method available. But you might face some problems with these perspectives, which includes the struggles which you may face with email delivery because the emails are directly sent from the server.

The dedicated IP addresses also play a crucial role, and in any case, if they have not been established for sending several quality emails, the problem might worsen. In any case, if you pick the default method for sending emails, then you must be sure to choose the least most common authentication methods in place.

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Is There Any Platform for Free Transaction Email Service?

Yes, there are free and paid platforms for email sending. Sadly these platforms are not from reputable email service providers (ESP) that would enable you to send enormous batches of emails without any fee. To enjoy the best transactional email sending services, you need to spend some part of your valuable money. As you know, it is not a continual business trade.

You’ll find many dependable ESPs giving generous free tiers for individual and small businesses without prejudice. With them, you can send transactional emails per month without any charges.

Use Gmail API to Send Emails.

Using Gmail APIs to send Emails is one of the most suitable options to represent sending transactional emails. The Gmail API is quite a restful email API that can easily access Gmail mailboxes and send emails.

Gmail API is the best option for authorized access to a user’s Gmail data and is used by most web applications. It is quite more efficient than sending emails from your server because it already comes with an excellent reputation.

The server receives your email API and will acknowledge that it is a google user connecting out. All these email APIs are automatically encrypted with the TLS, which easily enables you to add authentication methods to them. You probably desire to send email API from your office domain rather than your account.

There are usually two ways to send email API using your Gmail API:

  • You can send it from a draft by using the drafts. send method
  • You can send it directly by using the messages. Send method.#

Importance of choosing Transactional email services

Every company, or you can say every brand, is sending transactional messages and emails per month to stay connected with their subscribers and customers because most of the transactions are happening digitally. You cannot leave your clients waiting for the transaction details they made a few seconds ago. Email sending is an effective way to engage with your customers and keep them updated about their purchases.

That is why you need to keep a few things in your mind before sending transactional emails to your subscribers, taking help from a potential email sending service. You might not realize the time when you were last waiting for an OTP (One time password), shipping notification, password resets, order confirmation, and refund message or notification emails. It feels frustrating, right?

But you surely don’t want your customer to feel the same disappointment with your brand. Choosing the right email sending service can do wonders for your brand in many ways. Let’s see how:

  • It builds a relationship of trust and loyalty between your customers, providing the fastest communication.
  • It will help you speed up your business process -purchases, registrations, subscribers, or other activities.
  • It gives you high deliverability so that the essential transactional emails don’t go into the spam folder.
  • With such email-related services, you’ll get real-time data so that you can enjoy your emails strategy.

Things to Give Focus While Choosing Transactional Email Services

To win your customer’s heart, you should prefer email servers or an email provider that helps you to deal with all the technicalities. Here are some of the things which need to keep on focus while choosing any email server.

  • What is the essential feature included in your plan? Does your platform provide any email templates to you? How long can you go with marketing automation? Which analytical features are offered to you, and are they sufficient for you?
  • What type of emails are you going to send? Are they going to be just transaction-related emails, or do you want to send product or social media updates or newsletters regularly? There are plenty of benefits of having email tools for your outgoing emails rather than hewing tasks between different platforms.
  • You should also need to focus on the number of emails per month sent to the customers. What number of emails are you going to send, and how many clients are you thinking of sending a message to?
  • Check if you will be able to integrate a platform with your app or website? Are they providing sufficient documentation to provide you ease for the whole process?
  • How many added contacts/apps/emails are imposed by a platform?

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Top Transactional Email Service providers to know in 2022

Here are some of the essential things you should focus on before considering any email-related service. It is to understand what these services are providing you are what you are getting. We have listed some of the names that give you the best transactional messages or emails.

So let’s start!


SendGrid Email Delivery Service

It is effortless to send an email with Sendgrid and is considered one of the most prominent organizations in the transactional email sector and performs excellent with marketing such as a newsletter. Sendgrid is mainly meant for the developers that can use their documented API to integrate with plenty of libraries and frameworks.

If you are thinking of sending emails to form your mobile application or website, it can be quickly done with the help of Sendgrid. This fantastic email service also features robust analytics and can process incoming emails.

The most amazing part about Sendgrid is that they provide 24/7 support to those on the free plan. If we talk about Sendgrid’s software’s functionality and performance, you’ll find it unique as it gives you a free plan that will serve most people.


Mailgun Transactional Email API Service

Mailgun is one of the most renowned service providers for transactional email, mainly among developers. To attain most of your email marketing campaign’s success, you should prefer email service providers like Mailgun, which comes with powerful features to automate your send.

It not only ensures you to provide the reliable delivery of email messages but also offers you excellent technical support for all your email marketing campaigns.

Mailgun cloud-based infrastructure scales with you so that you can worry less about the storage of your email and send unlimited emails to your customer.

It also provides you with the tool to validate your email address before sending messages. This will help you avoid useless bounces and improve the position of your domain.


Sendinblue Digital Marketing

Sendinblue is another name in the list of popular transactional email services. It is the best all-in-one tool for you as it does both transactional communication and marketing and can also send SMEs to enhance your marketing campaigns.

The best part about Sendinblue is that all channels can be configured from the same dashboard and can be triggered by another. It is best for email campaigns, SMS, marketing automation, and transactional emails. You can quickly escalate your sales and nurture your contacts by using the target workflows and scoring features.

Implementing your welcome email template or abandoned cart workflows will take only a few minutes. Sendinblue comes with the drag-and-drop editor and the ability to A/B test campaigns and numerous integrations with external tools such as eCommerce platforms or CRMs.

Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon SES (simple email service) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable transactional email service that enables you to send emails to any other application. You can use Amazon SES for an email service to support a number of emails sent per day, and cases, including mass email communication, transactional, or marketing.

The IP address deployment and email authentication options of Amazon SES help you protect sender reputation and higher deliverability while sending analytics measures that impact each email. It is considered as one of the innumerable service features in AWS and a most well-organized tool for sending emails and nothing else.

Sending emails to your customers can be quickly done by its Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP server) or API server, so you can say it is another tool committed only to coders. As already said, it is the most cost-effective option available in the market, especially for those who are using Amazon EC2 for hosting their application.

Mandrill by MailChimp

Mandrill Mailchimp

It is another renowned tool that focused scrupulously on providing transactional email services. You can buy Mandrill credits only if you have a paid MailChimp plan, so this is the only recommended tool if you are also fascinated with marketing communication. Mandrill is also famous for advanced tracking and the good deliverability of emails sent. It merges with MailChimp, making it easy to import contacts and set up proper apps automation.


Postmark Email Delivery Service SMTP API

Postmark provides services similar to Amazon SES. It does not offer you some of the great benefits of email sending, but it ensures you can do it correctly. It works to deliver every email you send in a few seconds. Additionally, you can effortlessly find 45 days older messages and keep your eye on their performance.

Postmark provides prominent delivery rates, but it is also a bit pricey. It allows you to collect all the important information about your customer in one place so that you can easily analyze which mail is opened and what others clicked on during your campaigns.


SendPulse Multi Channel Marketing Automation Platform

Another name in the competition of transactional email service is Sendpluse. SendPulse is popular in the market because they provide the best email services to their customers and provide SMS services, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and even web notifications.

If you want, you can combine all these channels in each campaign freely. It also helps developers and marketers send transactional emails via API or SMTP server. Apart from this, you will get 24/7 live support, a dedicated IP address, DKIM and SPF, custom tracking domains, and web books. It also provides a standard set of tools for tracking deliveries while analyzing their performance.


Mailjet Email Delivery Service

Mailjet, a robust email service provider, is famous among 1 lakh companies worldwide to track, send, and create their transactional and marketing emails. Mailjet has a flexible email infrastructure that can autoscale and has the power to share about 14M mails/hour and more with the help of their mail API, even at peak times. Mailjet comes with the drag-and-drop editor, enabling you to design fully responsive emails hassle-free.

One of the most notable key features of Mailjet is the ability to customize each email with segment lists and real customer data so you can always send the right email to your audience. One of the best parts of Mailjet is that it supports A/B testing with up to 10 variations of each email.


Sparkpost Email Delivery Platform

SparkPost is another reputable name that provides one of the best email services. SparkPost has had a reputation because of its up-to-date email campaign tracking. It is considered the world’s largest email sender, enabling businesses of all sizes to optimize and predict email performance by unifying deliverability analytics, vast data footprint, and fast delivery of emails sent.

It comes with features like real-time metrics that can be used to apply to your transactions and email marketing. It provides you tools for custom templates with HTML and newfangled conditional variables.


Pepipost AI Powered Email Delivery

Generally, Pepipost is a cloud-based email delivering service that helps businesses send a huge number of important emails like newsletters, notifications, updates, etc.

Pepipost is one of the most liked email delivery service providers because they only focus on what matters: useful analytics, deliverability, and pricing. Their highly scalable platform is capable enough to deliver billions of emails every hour with the best inbox rates. Its unique disruptive pricing model and easy integration make Pepipost an ideal email delivery partner for industry bigwigs.

Some Last Words

Are you facing a problem in sending transactional emails to the intended senders? If yes, this guide will help you send emails in no time without any hassle. So, go through all the required details and opt for any of the given transactional email facility providers that are famous around the world and have become the household name for many brands.

Thus, it is time to check all the provider details and its free plan from the above platforms and make your day bright!

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