TMDHosting Reviews 2022 – Not Bad, but What’s the Catch?

The Windows and Linux web hosting platforms have provided the clients with optimum all-time technical support from a web host. The TMDHosting platform has been able to gain immense popularity for all of its ambitious projects, which are all related to professional the serious web hosting companies. The TMDHosting platform has won multiple awards for its brilliant performances.

The dedicated hosting platform was named the excellent phpBB provider, along with the best CMS, made a simple provider for all of their hosting options. They were able to achieve all this in a year when they were launched. The company was named the PC Mag’s editor’s choice, and it has successfully powered more than 300,000 websites.

The hosting service providers have offered shared hosting, dedicated server, CPU cores, VPS hosting, ram, Cpanel, and cloud hosting plans per month. The cloud hosting TMDHosting has also provided the dedicated server programs for all reseller hosting and the affiliates for VPS hosting sites per month. Let’s see this incredible hosting provider’s features with reseller hosting and VPS hosting.

TMD hostung

It’s a fact that TMDHosting has gained good TMDHosting reviews for all the support they provide. But it is also a fact that the clients have reported issues in studies related to regular hosting and cloud hosting. Such reviews have gained concerns connected to the clients’ cancellation and refund policies as the host has some pros cons for the site. Clients have also reported that the TMDHosting support isn’t the best, but you will get what you will pay for in the VPS plan, ram, and CPU cores per month.

With any shared hosting plan, you will receive an efficient mixture of negative and positive reviews for the company. That is how all these businesses work. Like all the other hosting companies, you will be provided with the pros and cons of the TMDHosting service as well, and the company is not liked or hated by everyone.

The most crucial factor is finding whether the TMDHosting company is the web hosting company to be used by you, and the TMDHosting review will play a massive role in finding that out. You should have a look at all of the detailed information that we have discussed below to know whether TMDHosting will work for you or not.


TMDHosting Fully Managed Web Hosting

The shared hosting is fast, along with the well WordPress plans.

The TMDHosting offers its clients the best features that can be expected by all the other companies as well. The company provides the clients along with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, CPU cores, Cpanel, ram, website migration with a free domain name, a lot of open-source installers, along with the drag-and-drop website builder. TMD also offers the customers a lot more fascinating features. Let’s know more about these features.

Generous resource Allocations

Speaking about the brilliant hosting service company, TMDHosting is notable as it provides the clients with great sale prices, which also makes the company the cheapest hosting option for the clients. The features included here mainly include the unlimited SSD space, free domain name, and the total bandwidth, which have been involved in all of the basic plans.

The company does not yield you with that much brilliant performance as the other hosting companies might have been providing their clients with. But it is undoubtedly a fact that the TMDHosting review has provided their clients with a good value for money offer as you get what you are paying for.

Free daily backups

The websites are often used for professional as well as private work by most of their owners. The users have so many websites to handle, and it is quite likely that they might even forget about the relentless deadlines they are supposed to adhere to. Such users also skip to back their sites up, and sometimes due to that reason, only they have to recreate these sites.

The TMDHosting review has been able to provide the users with the free daily backup that is automatically handled by the company only so that the user has nothing to worry about and can enjoy the ease of use quality of the hosting provider. But it is also a better idea to always have your backup in case you need it for terms of service you can visit their site.

The fast page loading times

The web hosting services are offering their users the 16*faster speed of the loading after the combination of the three types of caching, which are the following APC, Varnish, and the OPCache that has been able to provide the users with the Solid State drives (SSDs) and RAM that will ensure that the pages of the site can load as fast as possible for the user. Although this feature alone would not make your website work quicker or look great, this feature can also increase the site’s page loading time.

The TMDHosting will comparatively have a faster page loading time than most web pages that do not offer such features for their users.

Live malware Protection

This company has been claiming to offer its users ‘Military-grade security” via all the Bit-ninja-powered firewall that is web-based protection. This can be a perfect choice if you want to be protected from all the breaches while running the e-commerce sites and personal data storage. Although there is no system like the malware protection system that has provided the clients with full-proof security, the web hosting provider has been able to offer better services than most of the other web hosts.

Ease of use

The account creation and the signup process are straightforward. You can quickly begin with the process of one-click installers once you have received your login, along with the drag and drop site builder. But the interface that the TMDHosting offers is a bit clunky.

The One-click Installation

The TMDHosting is providing one-click installers for the WordPress hosting and more than 300 apps that have been able to specialize in open-source hosting that involves almost everything from the PrestaShop the Joomla to the open cart and the WordPress hosting. It does not matter if the shared hosting plans are not providing you with the software installer you wish to use, as the right part will be that at least the web hosts will be able to support the software while you are uploading the installer using the FTP.

The Free domain name/ Website transfer

The web hosting company can take care of the services like migrating the pages and databases by themselves to not be bothered with much work. The TMDhosting company has its build, offering a pre-built software WordPress atmosphere for the users and protecting the user’s software by the cover firewall. So watching the software and the website transfer can be easily carried by the web hosting service, so you need not worry about that.

Account creation process

The shared hosting platform has been successfully able to establish the boarding process, which will make it comparatively easy to make out the comparison between all the packages so that you can clearly make the right decision and then move on further to purchase the package.

Specific web hosts might keep you waiting for nearly 48 hours in accessing the web hosting account when you are done with making the purchase. Unlike these companies, TMDHosting offers typical verification of the account. They will also deliver you with a setup account in some minutes, which is a good factor. So this shared hosting plan will be the right choice for those who are always in a hurry.

Connecting the domain and WordPress installing process

It is fascinating to browse through the free domain name and own the domain name for yourselves too. So that within no time, you will be able to run your hosting packages. Once the domain has been connected, the Cpanel will allow the user to install WordPress within just some clicks.

The platform of the TMDHosting is very user-friendly in the whole process, the customer service can be easily accessed, and the user will not get stuck in any of the processes. The web hosting platform has also guided the users to have assistance from customer support and be directed at each step. You can click here for much information about the procedure with grades and information about installing the WordPress hosting.


99.99% Uptime guarantee

TMD Hosting Data Centers

The Uptime guarantee is 99.99%, the main reason it has more focus on security, making it possible to keep the costs low. These factors are common for all companies. It is a known fact that the TMDHosting does not carry a good reputation with the performance they have provided to their users. However, they have promised their users that they will improve the load times, but they fail to do it every time.

Mostly all the other hosting plan hosts offer 99.99% uptime, but the TMDHosting fails to adhere to it. A small part of the reason is that they are entirely concentrated in the clause that allows the customers to have several day money-back guarantees. If you consider that uptime is crucial for your web host website’s efficient working, you should thoroughly go through all of their reviews before you co-forward and purchase their packages.

Due to these concerns related to uptime and loading speeds, you need to check the hosting plans yourself before purchasing. There have been several test runs along with the Sucuri Page loading test. By viewing the results, we concluded that the TMDHosting offers the user faster connection time. In regions like Western Europe, the TMDHosting has provided the first byte and full speeds faster and more significant. The main reasons for the going down of the sites are dependent on where the servers have their location.

These reasons do not conclude that the TMDHosting platform is not worth your use. But it will be useful if you paid a little attention to all the limitations of the web hosting site with referral links. If you require constant uptime and under critical pressure, you need to be attentive and consult a hosting provider. If you are mostly selling to Western Europe and don’t have a huge budget to hire a specialist, you should consider sticking with the TMDHosting only.


24/7 support, but it’s not always the most dedicated

The crucial factor which makes TMDHosting popular is its 24/7/365 customer support. But one should stay alert as the TMDHosting often does not provide the user with what it promises to be one of the ‘the most dedicated.’

We have seen a few clients complaining regarding the inefficient fix and the occasional incompetence. They also sometimes mistakenly restore the incorrect version of the customer’s website. Customer support might help you deal with all of these issues, but they cannot go the extra distance and help the user. Below we have discussed the support provided by the customer support team in various fields.

Live chat

Our experience with the live chat was excellent as the team responded within no time, and they were also very polite. All my pre-sales questions were answered efficiently by the agent, and overall the customer service was good in terms of response time and support TMDHosting.

Email support

The email support team is also very efficient. They replied to us within 10 minutes and answered all the questions and doubts about the customer support efficiency provided to all customers. The operator seemed very polite and helpful.

Support Ticket

The support ticket is not for the non-customers, and once you are done creating your account, you are provided with the option of submitting the tickets through the admin. The agents also replied to all of our doubts within minutes related to the one-click installer. The customer service was good overall.


TMD Hosting Pricing

TMDHosting has offered their host’s reasonable web hosting plans along with the 65% off on the sale. The users can avail of the benefits of their shared hosting plans for a minimum price per month. The TMDHosting can accept all the payment forms like the Visa, Mastercard, Discover cards, American Express, PayPal, and bank transfers.

There is a wide variety of plans offered by the web host, and these hosting plans come along with varying features. In such a scenario, you will want to ensure that you select an appropriate program for you before purchasing the project.

Cancellation and refunds

If you do not want to continue with their services, you can cancel the plan, and the TMDHosting also provides the clients with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This feature of a 60-day money-back guarantee can prove helpful if the user gets stuck while trying the various plans.

What is the TMDHosting cost?

The plans at the TMDHosting begin at $2.95 for shared hosting and at $79.97 per month for dedicated servers. The price will depend on the type of TMDHosting method chosen by you.

Which TMDHosting plan is the best?

It is highly recommended to begin with the cheap plans per month as you can upgrade to the expensive plans later. The web hosting TMDHosting can quickly assist you in the process of migration. However, it will take time to see a rise in the number of visitors to your site.

Bottom line

The services offered by the TMDHosting are not perfect and are likely to come across ex-customers who are not satisfied with what the company offers. But it is also crucial that the hosting type deliver the clients with excellent features in a pocket-friendly budget, such as the daily backups and dedicated servers features.

You can benefit from the services provided by TMDHosting, but you need to pick the plan that suits all your requirements; otherwise, you will not be satisfied with their services. The company’s extensive support does not hold a good reputation even though the engineers are just a call away and are always ready to help the clients with all obstacles they face.

In the end, we will say that at TMDHosting, you will be delivered with features for what you are paying. Don’t have unrealistic expectations with TMDHosting plan reviews as the data centers won’t let you down, but you should not believe them sometimes. Do not expect too much out of what the company offers. We hope that in this guide, we were able to answer all of your questions and doubts. It is also recommended that you go through all alternative companies too before arriving at any decisions.

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