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Website security seems to be becoming more important every day.

With hacks and exploits being regularly reported even in the mainstream news it’s obvious that this is a growing issue and one that is likely only to become worse as more businesses move online.

By the nature of exploits, there are often opportunities for hackers to gain access to your website, often through no fault of your own.

Your website might be using an API or a plugin that has a hole in their security, allowing the hackers access to the databases of anyone using those apps.

This is not a problem only for large and well-funded companies that are facing hacks; now smaller businesses are being blackmailed by hackers.

It’s often not enough to just protect against hacks; you need to be able to quickly resolve them and have backups in place to restore your site.

For most businesses, this sounds like gibberish. They have no idea what a DDoS attack is or how to remove malware.

This is where platforms like Sucuri are helpful. They are aimed at the non-technical website owner who wants to set-it and forget it.

A huge part of website security is about staying on top of changes in the industry and being vigilant of other attacks.

It’s unrealistic to expect a website owner to be able to keep an eye on the security industry as well as running their business.

However, when you have a specialized security company like Sucuri who have dedicated their lives to protecting websites, it becomes far easier.

They live and breathe security, meaning that they can be proactive about protecting their customers from growing threats.

On the other hand, a website owner likely wouldn’t know about the growing threat until it was far too late.

Then they have to splash the cash to have an expert come in and fix the problem when it could have been prevented in the first place.

What is Sucuri?

Sucuri is a security platform that consists of a suite of tools which are designed to offer you a fortress of website security.

Rather than just tackling one angle they offer a 360-degree suite to deal with prevention, protection, detection and rapid response.

With Sucuri you essentially have your own in-house security team, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

But because they have tens of thousands of customers they can spread their costs and therefore only charge you a small monthly fee.

Also, they can crowdsource research to have a better understanding of any potential threats.

Whether you’re working on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or a range of different platforms, Sucuri can offer you a professional hand to keep threats at bay.

You see, when you enable Sucuri, it acts as a filter for all the traffic coming to your site.

It must first go through their own cloud proxy firewall, before being sent through to your website.

This means that they can effectively block the attacks, only letting safe visitors ever reach your website.

This is awesome because it blocks the attacks before they are even able to reach your server, drastically decreasing the chance of a potential hack being successful.

Their team works to help large third-party plugins to be safer too.

This means that they have a rapid response to potential vulnerabilities, often patching their own firewall to protect you before the plugin owner can update their app.

What this means is that Sucuri can keep your website safe, even if the plugin or theme owner isn’t proactive.

We love Sucuri because they do website security the way it was meant to be done. They are thorough, proactive about updates and lightning fast to make changes to their platform.

Features & Benefits

Sucuri is far and away one of the top security platforms for websites using a CMS. But what makes them so great?

Well, more than anything, they have a huge platform that is full of tools and options that allow you to protect your site. Let’s take a look at them and explain what makes them so awesome.

Website Security and Detection

It’s not good enough to just be prepared for an attack; you need to be able to detect if any of the attacks are successful so that you can start to tackle them.

That’s why it’s been common place for laptops and PC’s to come pre-installed with malware and security detection software for years.

Proper detection starts with thorough research.

You need to know what you’re looking for and you need to be constantly making improvements to your detection system to keep up with any changes.

Sucuri has an intelligent signature based on code anomalies that will allow it to detect attacks with extremely few false flags.

This means that they have a substantial blacklist which they can consistently grow because of their huge client base.

This crowdsourcing of data means that if one of their customers is attacked, they can use that data to protect everybody else, drastically decreasing your chance of being damaged.

The Sucuri system will instantly scan for malware as soon as it is installed, hunting out any potential threats that are lingering in your website.

In this way, it sets itself up for success by making sure that it starts from a clean position.

Once this scan is done, it will default to performing two scans per day, constantly looking for changes in your system that could indicate malware.

You can also change the scan frequency to whatever suits you better.

Sucuri can block threats at the hosting and DNS level; this is much more effective than just blocking at the server level.

It also means that they can detect downtime and any changes to DNS, WHOIS or SSL certificates, giving you a much broader circle of protection.

In the unlikely event that any attack is discovered or malware is found on your server you’ll be notified quickly.

You can have the send you an email, an SMS message to your phone, a Slack message or even an RSS notification.

This makes sure that you’re notified of the problem ASAP and can work with their team to tackle the issue as quickly as possible.


Once any threat is detected, Sucuri will put their security analysts to work to help you, any time of day, no matter if it’s Christmas day or July 4th, their team will be there to help.

Sucuri is known for their excellent support team which responds rapidly and has the in-depth knowledge that they need to deal with your problems correctly the first time.

Each of their plans includes unlimited amounts of malware removal, making sure that your website is clean at all times.

They can access your database and flush out any malicious code, restoring your website to its previous state, often within an hour.

Not only do they deal with malware, but they’ll also represent you to have warnings removed.

You’ll find that antivirus companies prevent their customers from accessing websites that they believe are hacked.

Therefore, if you ever are attacked with malware, you might be blacklisted by these companies.

Sucuri will take it upon themselves to contact these companies and submit removal requests, certifying that they’ve dealt with the problem and that the website is now safe.


As well as proactively monitoring for threats and dealing with any successful attacks, Sucuri will automatically be blocking any attacks that try to reach your site.

With Sucuri you’ll rarely receive any reports of malware or hacks, nor will you often have to deal with problems, because almost everything is blocked by their protection system.

Their firewall is particularly robust and will block attacks.

They can filter the types of traffic which are going to your site, only letting through legitimate visitors and preventing access to anything else.

Two of the most common attacks are brute force attacks and DDoS attacks.

A brute force attempt is when hackers use tools to guess your password hundreds or thousands of times automatically.

Sucuri can protect against this by limiting the amount of login attempts and detecting obscure behavior.

Similarly, DDoS attacks are often undertaken by programs that tell a huge network of computers to make thousands of requests from a website.

This can cause it to crash, meaning significant downtime and therefore money lost. Sucuri uses their firewall to black layer 3, 4 and seven attacks from DDoS networks.


Believe it or not, Sucuri is also going to make your website faster.

You might have thought that a platform this sophisticated would add bloat to your site and slow it down, but you’ll be pleased to hear that their system on average reduces page load times by 70%.

70% is massive. That’s the difference between 4 seconds and 1.2 seconds, i.e. the difference between a slow response and a blazingly fast load speed.

Sucuri is dedicated to using the most rapid technology that they can get their hands on.

They understand that in this day and age users expect a snappy response with almost no load time.

To accomplish this, they have built multiple data centers around the world, meaning you can connect to a local server.

Each of these data centers is built using the best hardware on the market and their own proprietary technology to ensure a split second response time.

Sucuri will also give you the option of configuring your website to allow for smart caching options, Gzip compression, and CDN usage.

All of these can help to serve a smaller page to your end user, in a shorter period, meaning that they don’t have to wait as long.


No matter how hard anybody tries, eventually something will slip through, and you need to be prepared for this to happen.

Sucuri is very realistic about their security, and that’s why they have implemented regular backups to deal with this exact scenario.

This Sucuri backup solution is integrated into their platform and will ensure that your entire site is being regularly downloaded and stored in a safe location.

The best thing about this is that their support staff have access to it, meaning they can rapidly upload the backup and have your site up and running again within a short period.

What Makes them Unique?

More than anything, Sucuri stands-out from the competition because of their in-depth reports, research, and guides that they offer to the public.

They are often one of the first companies to report on large hacks and to explain what the solution is.

This industry leading response and knowledge is what allows them to create the best security possible and to keep your business safe from potential threats.


Sucuri is available in three different price plans; Basic, Pro, and Business.

Basic is $199.99 per year and will give 12-hour response time to malware scanning, hack repair, malware removal and blacklist monitoring.

Looking at the price tables, you’ll see that all price plans offer complete protection. The main difference is the response time that they guarantee and the type of support available.

Their Pro plan is the most popular and is $299.99 per year. It cuts the response time in half to 6-hours and gives you a custom SSL Cert and PCI Compliance report.

Finally, the Business plan is $499.99 per year and shatters the response time of the other two plans, giving you a fix within 30-minutes.

Not only that but you’ll also be able to contact customer support through their instant chat.

What Could Be Better?

Overall, it’s tough to find anything that they could improve on.

On the lower end of the price package, the 12-hour response time is slow, especially when you consider that it’s obvious that they can fix problems within 30-minutes.

We would like to see this time cut to 6-hours on the low end, with the Pro package halved to 3-hours.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sucuri is an excellent platform that gives you and your team access to a complete suite of security tools.

Not only that but you’ll also be able to benefit from the network effect of being protected by a company with thousands of clients.

This drastically reduces the chance of your website being impacted by the same exploits as another customer.

Overall, if you’re looking for a security option that won’t break the bank, Sucuri is an excellent choice and is likely to remain a dominant force for years to come.

Diclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Sucuri.

Sucuri – Secure Your Website

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